Astrological Houses 101: Moon Sign Compatibility

Hey there! Are you curious about your moon sign? Do you want to find out what moon sign you are most compatible with? Your moon sign is on your natal birth chart, along with your other star alignments.

Your moon sign represents your emotional side. It explains why you react to a situation negatively or positively. 

This covers your feelings of joy, anger, jealousy, fears, confidence, and many more. Your reflex to react in a situation is not coincidental, and your moon sign explains why you are behaving in a certain way that makes you different from others. 

It is very important to know what moon sign you are most compatible with. This makes it a lot easier for you to find somebody who can handle your ups and downs.

Moon sign compatibility is necessary if you are looking for a relationship with a future potential romantic partner! You will know the things you have in common and both your distinct pet-peeves.

Your sun sign influences you more than your moon sign as it goes deep down to your ego that forms your identity. Your sun rising centers the very being that is your “true self.” You must know both of your sun, moon, and rising if you are planning for a lifetime commitment as it helps to build your relationship smoothly.

Moon Sign Compatibility, and How to Check Compatibility Using your Sun, Moon, and Rising

Moon Sign Compatibility

A real soul connection between two people can be tricky and vague. We cannot figure out if everything we feel is real or everything is in our mind. This is how astrology helps us in finding compatible partners while also finding ourselves. This is through a sense of understanding our emotions and individuality.

To check your moon sign compatibility, first, you must know your Natal (Birth) Chart. You have to place the date of your birth, time, and location. The more specific your information is, the more accurate your alignments will be. There are online calculators that can give you an accurate and complete Natal (Birth) Chart.

You also need to know your other person’s natal chart to know the signs to pair up with on the compatibility calculator. Again, your partner can get their natal chart through an online calculator.

Below are the explanations and readings of compatibility on both your moon signs.

“Which Sign is Used for Romance Compatibility within Sun, Moon, and Rising?”

Romance compatibility on your sun sign deeply matters if you and your partner have matching elements on your sun sign. If you have sun signs on the same category of the horoscope elements on fire, earth, air, and water, then you and your partner are highly compatible than those that are not. 

Knowing your partner’s natal chart is significant for you to assess your differences and similarities. You should know each other’s natal chart as it determines a healthy and well-balanced relationship.  

The moon sign is also very important as it is necessary for people looking for a long-haul human connection. The moon rules your emotion. This contributes much to your actions or your responsive traits, which is very telling in the outcome of your relationships with people. This applies to both romantic and platonic relationships.

Your ascendants and lunar nodes are also important. The synchronization of both you and your partners’ sun and moon signs show basic harmony. This is a good factor in maintaining or starting a committed relationship. 

Your rising sign is different or almost detached from your sun and moon signs. Similarities between rising signs work on first impressions and initial meetings. It is disconnected from the viewpoint of your sun and moon signs. 

Rising signs are all about passion. Its objective only goes beyond up to short term meetings. Your rising sign is different and separate from your sun and moon sign since it does not require the parties’ emotional evaluations.

Be on guard as compatibility between moon or sun signs does not always mean a harmonious outcome. It might be the very reason why your relationship is on the rocks! Sometimes differences between two people can also be worth celebrating as some personal issues such as shortcomings from one person is compensated by the other. 

What Compatibility is Best for Moon Signs?

Moon Sign Compatibility in Astrology


If your moon sign lies on Aries, you are highly compatible with a person whose moon sign is in Leo and Sagittarius. 

Moons in Aries in partnership with a Moon sign in  Leo value their independence and are self-reliant. These signs rarely ask for any help from their partner.

However, they both secretly desire attention from each other and they both like to be the dominant one in the relationship. They respect each other for that matter. 

Moon in Sagittarius and Moon in Aries connection is a harmonious one. They both seek independence and are respectful of each other’s emotional needs and decisions. Moon in Sagittarius also provides a calming environment for the Moon in Aries when it is provoked. Both are also very competitive and enjoy intellectual conversations with each other.


Moon placed on Virgo and Capricorn highly complement the moon in Taurus

Virgo and Taurus like to make bread, to garden, to sculpt and carve wood, and to camp. These are heartwarming activities for these good-natured signs. Both are cautious and not impulsive; they tend to think things through before deciding.  

Taurus’ consistent personality is an advantage to Virgo who tends to worry a lot. 

Taurus and Capricorn also go well together in terms of practical affairs. Both are dependent and responsible when in a relationship. 

Moon in Capricorn is very hardworking, has self-discipline and is self-sufficient. Taurus has their plans, but they never forget to enjoy affection, which helps Capricorn express his/her sensuality side more.


Gemini moon is highly compatible towards people whose moon is in Libra and Aquarius

Gemini and Libra are most likely to be reasonable than to be emotional. Both solve problems logically and always find a way to make an outcome fair for each other.

Gemini and Libra like to socialize. They crave companionship. Gemini moon likely uses humor in situations to battle against unwanted emotions and Libra always tries to resolve conflicts and be happy in a relationship.

Gemini and Aquarius take relationships more intellectually than romantically. They are looking for somebody to converse with, make and share ideas. Intellectual conversations are very important to both signs. Gemini and Aquarius like to talk more about their emotions leading them to understand each other more.


Moon in Scorpio and Pisces are most compatible with people who have their moon in Cancer

Cancer and Scorpio are very emotional signs as they are both ruled by the water element. There is a complete union with your partner as you try to understand each others’ feelings.

Just like Scorpio. Pisces is also ruled by the water element making it a compatible partner for Cancer. 

Moon in Pisces and Cancer have a strong emotional attachment. These two signs do not have any problems when it comes to communication. Peace is important to both signs and both share the same tendency to escape pressure and stress from the world. 

They enjoy meaningful activities like meditating, listening to music, and living in a place where nature surrounds. Oh, what a dreamy relationship! 


Leo Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon in Leo and Aries make such an independent couple. 

Both are dependable but may hide weaknesses or deny assistance. The two signs desire attention and adoration,  allowing their strong personas to grow into a power couple. 

Moon in Sagittarius is also compatible with people that have Leo on their moon. They are very lively and quick to make friends.

The two moon signs have their differences and Sagittarius could hurt Leo’s pride because of its bluntness. But they can work on things they have and lack in a relationship.


Moon in Virgo finds itself compatible with those who have their moon sign on Taurus and Capricorn. Virgo and Taurus know how to analyze a situation to find a better solution. 

Taurus dislike changes in their personal lives and are slow into making decisions. This trait helps the moon in Virgo personalities who worry too much. 

Virgo and Capricorn understand each other well as they respond to situations similarly. Both moon signs are hardworking, practical, strong individuals.

Pleasure comes in second to work-life. They prioritize their material needs. They like to be logical in dealing with their life and relationship.

They both value being faithful in a relationship. It is advisable for them to relax and not forget that they should not take life too seriously. .


People that have Libra as their moon sign are likely to be more compatible with people who have Gemini and Aquarius on their moon sign. 

Libra and Gemini do not like to engage in situations emotionally and they solve a problem in a relationship logically and reasonably. Both signs do not want unrestrained feelings going as far as avoiding emotions like anger and sadness. They are also known to be great socializers which both find interesting and electrifying in each other.

Moon signs in Libra and Aquarius have a more relaxed environment in their relationship. Their bonding centers on common interests such as books and conversations that intrigue them. Libras are very concerned with their public image and Aquarius levels this out by having an independent and rebellious image.


Scorpio as a water element sign is compatible with moon signs that are also ruled by water which are Cancer and Pisces

Water ruled elements are emotional and focus more on their intuitions and care for other persons’ feelings than theirs. They love and give security to each other. Moon signs that are ruled by water are sensitive and cautious which makes a very fulfilling partner to each of them.


Moon in Aries and Leo are the best partners for a person whose moon is in Sagittarius.  

Aries and Sagittarius do not acknowledge dependency and practices individuality. This brings harmony as both know how to understand their need for freedom in a relationship.

Moon in Leo is also independent and does not like to rely on other people. Harmony exists when a Moon sign Leo and Sagittarius engage in a committed relationship. Both enjoy various activities such as games, sports, and gambling. There are differences between the two, but the loyalty and love between moon signs make up for it.


Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon signs in Taurus and Virgo are good partners for people who have Capricorn as their moon sign. 

Capricorn and Taurus moon signs value their security and material needs are essential. Their differences complement each other, and they teach each other a few things on how to live life in balance. Capricorn is a hardworking individual while Taurus somehow gives a relaxing and fun environment to a Capricorns’ life. 

Virgo and Capricorn understand each other well. They have a strong need for material security and prefer to solve tribulations logically rather than intuitively. Together they trust each other and rely on each other for assistance.


Moon Aquarius to Moon Libra and Gemini have a relationship where each intellectual pursuit is acknowledged and being independent is valued. 

Moon signs that are ruled by the air element enjoy companionships that challenge them intellectually. For these signs, being fair, logical, and free is encouraged. Their same ideologies on human life help them understand each other in a committed relationship.


Cancer and Scorpio Moon signs bring harmony to a Pisces moon sign. 

These signs are intuitive and they know how to understand each other. They are physically receptive that is needed to make a relationship last. These sensitive signs bring harmony and peace in their relationship by understanding their partners and resolving conflicts quickly. 

Scorpio, however, might hold onto some secretive resentments and hurt feelings but Pisces try to make peace than to fight with their significant other. 

Pisces and Cancer also are very compatible as they handle fights with gentleness and thoughtfulness.

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