Everything you need to know about your moon sign


If you ask anyone what their sign is, they can probably tell you at the drop of a hat. 

But ask them what their moon sign is, and chances are they would respond with a blank stare and a “Huh?”

This right here is an outrage.

When it comes to traditional Western Astrology, the sun gets a lot of love. And on the other side of that, the moon often gets a bad rap.

They say that the moon is unlucky. They say that it brings the crazy out in people. Several ancient cultures have literally stopped fighting in the middle of a war to wait out eclipses.

Heck, even the word lunatic came from the Latin word luna, which means moon

And don’t get me started on werewolves.

But what many people don’t realize is that the moon is an integral part of determining your astrological personality. When the ancient cultures decided that the moon and its phases brought insanity, they were on to something there.

See, your sun sign is a representation of your outward zodiac personality. It doesn’t change much, and it’s fairly consistent throughout your life. 

Your moon sign, however, is a lot more dynamic than that. It represents your inner drives and emotions. It determines the nature of the deep thoughts you keep to yourself. The moon controls the ebb and flow of your mindset like it controls the tides of the earth.

You can determine your sun sign by merely referring to your birth date. Learning about your moon sign is a little more involved. Since the moon moves through the signs so quickly, you will need the day of your birth and the specific time of your birth.

If you want to know more about your moon sign, you can always ask an astrologer to chart it out for you, or you could use an online moon sign calculator.

Depending on its phase, the moon can signify different things and affect the moon signs differently.


The New Moon represents new beginnings. In this phase, the moon is completely invisible.

The Waxing Crescent Moon represents setting intentions. Waxing means that the moon is coming into view, and crescent means that only less than half the moon is visible.

The First Quarter Moon represents making decisions out of those intentions. First Quarter means that exactly one-quarter of the moon is visible. 

The Waxing Gibbous Moon represents the polishing of these decisions. Waxing means that the moon is coming into view, and gibbous means that more than half the moon is visible.

The Full Moon represents the resolution of these decisions. In this phase, the moon is fully visible.

The Waning Gibbous Moon signifies thankfulness in general. Waning means that the moon disappears from view, and gibbous means that more than half the moon is visible.

The Third Quarter Moon represents forgiveness towards transgressions. The third Quarter means that the opposite quarter of the moon is visible.

The Waning Crescent Moon represents surrender to the forces beyond us. Waning means that the moon disappears from view, and crescent means that only less than half the moon is visible.

And it all comes back to the New Moon, and the cycle begins anew.

Moon Signs And What They Mean About Your Astrological Sign


People born under the Aries moon sign live without fear of what others think of them. 

Aries’ are not afraid to hurt some feelings when they need to speak out about something, and they will not shy away from conflict. Couple with their “my way or the highway” style of conflict resolution, they will not hesitate to bludgeon you with the cold hard facts. 

Aries’ burn bright and burn quickly. So while they do let their emotions burst out spectacularly, they sputter out just as fast. Not only that, but they also do not hold grudges afterward. 

All in all, Aries’ are perfectly fine working and relying on themselves. They do not look to bother other people with their problems and even feel stifled when subject to other peoples’ rules.


People born under the Taurus moon sign are practical when it comes to their emotions. They sincerely enjoy structure and simplicity. 

They can be quite content with a peaceful, stable routine, and they like to indulge in simple sensory pleasures. With this love for routine, Taurus does not like change, and they especially do not like it when something comes along to disrupt their established patterns.

This love for the calm and quiet, and their practical advice make Taurus’ popular with their friends.

Whether it be a comfortable routine or valuable people, Taurus’ are wont to let go of anything.


People born under the Gemini moon sign are frequently at odds with their emotions. They choose to pick apart their feelings and analyze them rationally instead of merely going through the motions. 

They are quick on the uptake and are curious at heart. This fascination with the world manifests in Geminis’ relationships with other people. They are quite empathetic and will often try to lighten the mood when a friend is feeling down. 

Furthermore, while other signs balk at the unknown, Geminis revel in it. They take comfort in the fact that there are so many things to discover. Because of this, they tend to recreate themselves often and throw themselves at new experiences with gusto.


People born under the Cancer moon sign are sensitive to emotions. While they are very attuned to their feelings, they do not trust anyone else to share what they truly feel deep down. That said, they like to take the time to care for themselves emotionally whenever they feel down.

If there is a shift in the feelings of anyone around them, Cancers are most likely to notice. Due to their sensitivity and high levels of empathy, they tend to be very protective of the ones they love. They enjoy the feeling of being needed by other people and thrive on the affection they receive in return.


People born under the Leo moon sign are confident and have a healthy amount of self-respect. However, they still need the validation of other people so that they can feel emotionally safe.

Leos inextricably link their inner peace with their outer image. This link means that they want to be different. They know that they have something to show to the world, and they want to show it. They will dig deep, grit their teeth, and plow through adversity to get there.

While they thrive on the praise and attention that their deeds generate, they are not necessarily narcissistic. They are natural leaders and sought out companions because they do not merely rise to the top alone. It is true that they wish to be admired and respected. However, they would also go through trials and hardships to uplift everyone around them.  


People born under the Virgo moon sign often feel the need for accomplishment. There is no greater satisfaction for them than the feeling of crossing off the last task on their to-do list. 

Much like doctors who are skilled in diagnosing illnesses, Virgos have a knack for seeing the sicknesses in the world. With their robust intuition, they help the others around them improve their current life situations. This arrangement works out just fine for them because Virgos take satisfaction in helping people out. 

Furthermore, they can take that intuition and apply to their own life. While they are independent and loving it, they also profoundly appreciate it whenever someone returns the favor.


People born under the Libra moon sign put a premium on peace and balance. They do not like rocking the boat too much.  They are perfectly happy celebrating what they have in common with others instead of butting heads over what they don’t.

They are flexible and are averse to conflict. This loss-aversion usually causes Libras to hide their true feelings and opinions from others when they feel like it may cause a disagreement.

Libras are very particular about their relationships with the people they care about. While they are sensitive to other people’s opinions, they find great fulfillment when those people see them in a good light. They also cherish the small details of their interactions with others.


People born under the Scorpio moon sign are very private about their feelings. One would be hard-pressed to gain insight into a Scorpio’s inner thoughts without their prior consent.

But don’t let that fool you. While Scorpios hide their true intentions, they are very interested in knowing what’s going on with other people. When someone new enters their life, they will automatically go into detective mode and try to figure out what makes them tick.

Know that all this cloak and dagger stuff is only necessary for a Scorpio because they are terrified of being betrayed. They hold their cards close to their chests until they deem someone worthy of their trust.


People born under the Sagittarius moon sign are vim and vigor personified. They are more comfortable adopting a devil-may-care attitude towards their negative feelings instead of marinating in them. 

They are impulsive and fiery. Sagittarius’ make their own way and play by their own rules. If you don’t like it, then you’d better step aside. However, when the going gets rough, and things start to spiral out of their control, they try to run away from their feelings. Though they turn to escapism and reckless behavior, the emotions usually remain even after their adventures.

With that said, Sagittarius’ are more comfortable with like-minded people who just want to kick back and take things easy. After all, they think that nothing spoils the mood more than some unwarranted introspection.


People born under the Capricorn moon sign are machines. Well, not literally, 

but they are too rational for their own good. Stuck in the structures of their own making, they can find it challenging to find time for their emotional release.

Capricorns thrive on organization and boundaries. Because of this, they have a hard time letting things go emotionally.

Unfortunately, Capricorns feel ferociously independent and do not want to share their problems with others. They feel like other people don’t need the added stress. Ironically, they are more than willing to extend a helping hand and listening ear to other people. But they will fight tooth and nail before asking for that same kind of help from others.


People born under the Aquarius moon sign attune themselves to their community. Instead of reflecting on their personal feelings, they would much rather concern themselves with others’ feelings.

They think in terms of the bigger picture, and this shows in the way they act. Aquarius feel fulfilled when they rebel against social injustice. They fuel themselves with the struggle of championing a higher cause.

Somewhat ironically, they tend to be awkward and flighty regarding the day to day feelings of the people around them. They aren’t neglectful, and they aren’t malicious. It feels like their personal life and work issues are so small compared to the looming threats that society faces today.


People born under the Pisces moon sign prefer to look at what is right with the world. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and choose to be optimistic about everything. They will smile at the world and believe that everyone is acting with good intentions. They also believe that every bad thing has a silver lining.

Pisces’ are naturally compelled to care for other people. They will invest themselves in the lives of everyone they come across and will help anyone who asks no matter what. This compulsion can sometimes lead to burnout when they don’t heed their own emotional aches and pains.

While they find fulfillment in emotionally supporting everyone else, the effort still wears down on them. Pisces will need time alone to recuperate from time to time. They may indulge in their hobbies, which are usually creative.

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