A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Virgo Sign

Virgo zodiac sign dates: August 23 to September 21

Element: Earth

Modality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Mercury

House: 6th

Polarity: Negative

Symbol: Maiden

Power Color: Orange, Yellow

Healing Crystals: Blue Tourmaline, Okenite, Moss Agate

Key Traits: Modest, Loyal, Analytical

Desires: Order, Discreteness, Connection

Compatible Signs: Cancer, Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio

Mantra: “I live life on my own terms.”

Virgo zodiac sign in a Nutshell


Virgo is the sixth among the Zodiacs.

Known to be the perfectionist amongst the astrological signs, Virgo yearns for accuracy and precision.

Defined as humble, efficient, and reliable, they are best at organizing. Like their symbol, the maiden, they are lowkey and hardworking. These individuals highly value their duty to themselves and others.

Virgo embodies the characteristics of a deep-thinking person: observant, kind, and logical.

However, Virgo is known to be obsessive, shy, and critical. They hate too much attention and tend to notice even the slightest errors. For them, any mistake is a mortal sin!

Element & Modality

Element: Earth

Modality: Mutable

As the Earth is grounded firmly and gives what life needs, Virgo embodies an efficient worker’s characteristics. Be it life goals, career, or even hobbies, they are logical and practical.

Along with having the Earth as their element, they are also of the Mutable modality: meaning, they use their intellect to make things better and do it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Unfortunately, these qualities come with a few strings attached.

Mutable earth signs tend to criticize harshly even the smallest of mistakes. Thus, Virgo has to remember that “to err is human; to forgive, divine.”

Spirit Animal/Symbolisms

The Maiden is the sole symbol of Virgo.

Described as kind and selfless, and she shares her characteristics with those born under her. They are among the most reliable kind of people in the world!

They are highly organized and proficient at work. Nothing satisfies a Virgo more than a job well done!

Generous and hardworking, they make the best out of everything.

Ruling Planet


Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury.

Known as the messenger of the gods, Mercury makes sure to impart the heavens’ wisdom to the right people who need to hear it. He knows precisely when and where to manifest these messages!

Like Mercury himself, Virgo is precise. No detail is too small for their perceptive minds.

Core Strengths

#1: Modest

Humility is a virtue that Virgo practices in everything.

Like the maiden, they do things because they believe it is their noble duty to do so. They don’t like to flaunt what they have and scorn arrogance.

Because of this, Virgo prefers to do things lowkey.

#2: Loyal

Kindness and commitment make Virgo a friend to all.

As one of the profoundly emotional signs, they dedicate themselves to the things and people they value. They are understanding and empathetic to those in need.

#3: Analytical

Virgo loves getting tasks. Nothing beats a useful mental exercise!

They deliver nothing but high-quality in everything they do. Naturally, this is due to Virgo’s inquisitive, curious, and orderly manner of work.

They are experts in what they do, in part to their fixed attention in their field.

Core Weaknesses

#1: Obsessive

Being hyperattentive, they pay attention to every single detail in their work.

This trait of Virgo can be destructive as it causes them to overthink and overwork. Their want to attain nothing but perfection makes them unwilling to rest and rethink what they are doing.

This also makes them concerned about things that are insignificant at best.

#2: Shy

Virgo is known to stay backstage and keep a low profile. The limelight isn’t just for them!

Unfortunately, they sometimes lack confidence in themselves and may sometimes get wrongly labeled as quiet and withdrawn. Their shyness also prevents them from discovering their potentials and makes them settle for obscurity.

This may lead to them feeling othered or, at worse, misunderstood and close themselves off from people that they want to connect.

#3: Critical

They may be kind and gentle, but they can be the harshest critics.

As said earlier, Virgo tends to zero-in on the finest details. Their eye for it makes them notice the slightest error. Combined with their high intelligence and analytical skills, this makes them capable yet unmerciful commentators. If anything, they are the strictest judges anywhere!

Career Paths for Virgo

Put a Virgo behind a disarranged desk, set down two, maybe three piles of paperwork, and leave them for half a day. When you come back, you will see by the neatest, most well-thought-of work area ever- and half the paperwork is complete!

Orderly, detail-oriented, and diligent, there is perhaps no other Zodiac sign that could match their work ethic (except Capricorn).

As people who value neatness and putting things in their right places, they would work well in a profession that requires efficiency and organization. Their career choices could range from a professional organizer, executive assistant, and librarian/ curator. These jobs highly value order in chaos, and when others could no longer make sense of their environment, Virgo can swoop in and save the day.

Their love for the smallest details will also serve them well in jobs that require analysis and research. Computer engineering, researcher (either natural or social sciences will work for them!), even an accountant is an available option. Their inquisitive nature and a fine eye for the minor bugs or data discrepancy are their most vital weapons in these careers.

Lastly, their hardworking and “duty over self” mentality would make them capable of jobs that focus on health and wellness. The medical field is a good choice for Virgo. In particular, becoming a nutritionist, fitness coach, or naturopathy seems to be a sound choice.

Virgo will indeed thrive in careers that highlight the usage of their key traits. Driven to succeed with an aim for perfection, Virgo can ace these jobs. Doing so will bring prosperity and satisfaction for this wise, intelligent, and compassionate zodiac sign. Not to mention, they will stay committed to their work for as long as they can!

Virgo in Love


Virgo is a committed and an “act more, talk less” lover.

They are loyal and nurturing to the person they love. These individuals are willing to go the distance for their partners to show their love.

Since they are the mutable earth, Virgo will find ways to keep a relationship going. They will show their love, rather than just rely on sweet speech.

As the low-key person in a relationship, Virgo doesn’t like to display their romance in social media. They prefer to show their affection through concerning themselves with the wellbeing of their partner. Intimacy through giving their partner gifts and attention, and making their partner feel secure is their primary love language.

But Virgo has to remember that their partner has flaws, and not all things will go the way they planned.

Being perfectionists, they would scrutinize the smallest shortcoming of their lover. Maybe their partner forgot to take out the trash, and now their garbage cans are filled to the brim. They would take that a bit too seriously and make an issue out of it.

Their affinity for order might also affect their relationship. If things don’t work out the way they envisioned it to be, they see it as a significant problem and cause them, to put it mildly, freak out.

Yet, Virgo is willing to sacrifice. Nothing is too big for them to make sure that their partner is okay and feels safe and secure.

If ever you and your Virgo lover are not on good terms, show that you are willing to make up through your actions. Help out in household chores, show your concern on how they’re doing at work, and promise that you won’t make the same mistake again. Make sure you keep your word!

Having a Virgo in your life will surely get you the most loyal and caring relationship that you’ll ever have!

Best Healing Crystals for Virgo

Blue Tourmaline

As the Ascendant stone for Virgo, it boosts their confidence in themselves and their work.

It also gives an additional benefit of empowering their compassionate and selfless side. It helps keep them going and not lose the commitment to serve.


They may have everything organized, but sometimes their minds can get too chaotic because of the number of things they have to do. It also doesn’t help that their perfectionist attitude can sometimes get the best of themselves.

Because of its ties to the Crown Chakra, Okenite can help a Virgo have a clear mind to do their work effectively. It also encourages their critical nature to tone down and understand why something is happening in their life.

Moss Agate


Virgo is a deep thinker yet tends to invalidate their own emotions. It keeps them from being honest with themselves.

Moss Agate can then help them reconnect with their inner self. It also aids them in nurturing their spiritual and physical health and achieving their personal goals.

10 Tips and Tricks for Virgo

#1: Most things are not worth stressing over

You may have heard this before numerous times. But still, you can’t help but freak out at the slightest thought of a particular thing.

Clear your mind and ask yourself: how much impact does that thing have on your life or someone else’s?

Say you have that one wrong sent message to your high school crush. You may have said “xoxo!” or something of that sort. Years later, you still duck out of the high school reunion because you think that this person sees you as some stupid person who texted cheesy stuff.

That person may have remembered it, but did it profoundly affect your life? What about his? Chances are it didn’t, and you should stop obsessing over it (and hey, it’s been ten years!).

#2: Your confidence can help others

You don’t like the spotlight- and that’s okay! Most of the time, it’s better to stay away from all the chaotic things that come with attention.

However, you may be hiding a talent worth sharing with your reclusive nature. If you stay in that shell, you may not be able to share that talent with others whom you can potentially help with that skill.

Remember that the attention you’re receiving is not just because of yourself, but also because of the people whose lives you can touch with that ability of yours.

#3: Mellow down on the critique

Humans are imperfect, and so are you.

There is nothing terrible in looking out for errors or the overseen mistakes, but you also need to think that people have feelings and may get hurt if your comments may be a bit too harsh.

Critiques are there to help people improve on what they have done. Try toning down your language when doing so to make it more productive and beneficial.

This also goes for yourself when your output turns out to be short of perfect. Be kinder to yourself and others. Focus on improvement, rather than on pulling people down over one (maybe insignificant) mistake. 

#4: Find pride in what you do

Humility is an excellent trait to have. But as the great Aristotle himself has said, just as too much arrogance is harmful, too much humility is also not good.

What you do is worth being proud of, especially when it aims to help others. The new learning platform you have just developed, your original organizational method, even the new diet you created for your patient- all that is worth the flex!

#5: Give yourself a break

Virgo is known to be nurturing and selfless. You don’t think twice about pushing yourself twice as hard for those that you love.

However, do not forget yourself. You only have one body to do all the things you want to do. Take a break whenever you want to! Doing self-love isn’t vanity, especially when it’s a way to rest yourself for another day.

Remember that you cannot serve others if you cannot help yourself. Or as the old saying goes: you cannot give what you don’t have.

#6: Things are not exactly smooth sailing- and it’s okay!

Planning everything down to the last detail is your forte. No loopholes can escape your sight!

But life has this thing of not going the way we want to. This is in part of things that you have no control over.

It is okay to be disappointed but take care not to drown yourself in self-loathing because “you should have seen this coming.” Unless you are clairvoyant, you cannot see the future (and for a good reason).

Let life take its course. You may be surprised by where it will take you.

#7: Loosen up once in a while

Being prim and proper is characteristic of a Virgo. Being well-behaved has its perks!

Sometimes though, it can be a bit suffocating. You may want to try something out, but you are afraid of pushing through because your image may be at risk.

Take that invitation for a night out. Scream at the top of your lungs while you ride that zipline. A little fun never hurt anyone!

#8: Don’t overanalyze!

For the most part, having a great insight is a gift. It allows you to see how things add up and help you in anticipating what comes next.

Not everything, though, is not worth the analysis. Many things should be taken at face value. For example, you see your male friend with this particular woman for a week straight. You also noticed how affectionate they were (but didn’t hold hands).

You eventually concluded that your friend is seeing a new woman. However, it turns out that they are just very close cousins!

As any young person will tell you, “Stop reaching, it’s not that deep!”

#9: Accept your (and others’) flaws

Everyone has that one flaw that they try so hard to let go, yet so ingrained in their character that it’s a permanent part of themselves.

Some people may be a bit clumsy, others forgetful. Many are easily scared, and some are in a constant state of having one last brain cell remaining.

These flaws make people unique in their quirky ways. It’s not always a fun thing to have, but understanding people’s imperfections will help you appreciate them. It will also help you accept yourself and be kinder towards those with shortcomings.

#10: Your feelings are valid- always!

You may be a selfless, loving person, but it doesn’t mean that you should let hurts and fears go under the wraps.

The entire internet may hate pineapple on pizza, but you know, in your heart of hearts, that it’s one of the most extraordinary things that humankind invented. You may also dislike a particular politician, while almost everyone thinks he’s godsent.

Your humility and modesty should not prevent you from thinking that what you feel towards some people and things is wrong. Your feelings may not always be positive, but the fact that it is natural makes it in all sense of the word very much valid.

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