A fundamental guide to knowing your Zodiac sign in Nepali

Knowing your Zodiac sign in Nepali may be the last thing in your mind. Heck, by this point, you now know your Western, Jyotish, and Chinese astrological readings! 

But there is a certain charm to this astrological tradition. Not to mention, there is a sense of mystery around it. 

While it is (more or less) confined within Nepal’s highlands, Nepali Astrology is slowly gaining foreigners’ attention. 

Unfortunately, there are only too few internet resources about this beautiful tradition. But what we do know about it is enough to make us book a flight to its homeland! 

Read on if you want to discover your Nepalese Zodiac Sign!

Where does Nepali Astrology come from? 

mountains and a river in nepal. A great place to think astrology and zodiac signs

While its name says where Nepali Astrology comes from, its roots come from a wholly different place. 

Partly because of its location and cultural ties in South Asia,  Nepali Astrology is very similar to Vedic Astrology

This fact must not come as a surprise since the foundations of Nepali Astrology is the Vedas.  As mentioned in the article on Vedic Astrology the Vedas are among the holiest texts for Hindus. 

Why haven’t you heard of Nepal and Astrology before? 

Nepali Astrology isn’t as famous as its neighbor’s, partly because not many foreigners have been to its mountainous home country. 

Finding internet resources about this astrological tradition can also be challenging. Many websites about Nepali Astrology are in the Nepali script. 

But a large factor for this is the fact that it is the Vedic Astrology’s younger sibling. Because of this, many expert astrologers on Nepali Astrology are also masters of the Vedic tradition. 

How is Nepali Astrology different? 

Nepalese temple with prayer flags

Like any younger sibling, Nepali Astrology carved its unique path. For one, it doesn’t use the sidereal calculations. 

Instead,  it uses the sun as the basis of its calculations.  If this sounds familiar, this is because this method is also the one used in Western Astrology. 

The Nepalese call the sun Surya Narayan and believed to be the source of everything. Because it is at the center of our solar system, the sun is also directing everything that happens in the universe. 

As the  Chachyu or eye of the Supreme Being, the sun determines the fate of all creatures. Thus, the Nepali Calendar, called  Bikram Sambat, revolves around the movement of the Zodiacs around the sun

The Bikram Sambat determines festivals, harvests, and even life events. Even the government recognizes it as one of the nation’s official calendars.   

Okay, so what is your zodiac sign in nepali? 

Nepalese temple with eyes nepali astrology

As mentioned, the Zodiacs are an essential part of Nepali Astrology. The entire mix is known to the Nepalese as  Raashi and often equated with their English counterparts. 

Here’s a quick rundown of all 12 of them: 

1. Mesh (Aries)

People born under Mesh are born warriors. They are unafraid of any challenges that may come on their way and are known as capable leaders. 

2. Brish (Taurus)

Those born under the sign of Brish are responsible and reliable. A sense of dignity and stability is what keeps them grounded in what they believe in. 

3. Mithun (Gemini)

Mithun-born individuals are highly sociable and well-liked. For them, the world is one big playground, and their curious, playful nature is set on learning all about it. 

4. Karkat (Cancer)

The people born under Karkat have a reputation as the “caretakers” of the Zodiac. They highly value safety and comfort and find security with those they love.   

5. Simha (Leo)

Simhas have a distinct dignified aura. Like the Himalayas’ ferocious yet lithe snow lions, they are proud, charismatic, and a pleasure to behold. 

6. Kanya (Virgo)

The people who are born under Kanya are often labeled as meek and humble. They have a solid sense of duty and are also responsible and intuitive. 

7. Tula (Libra)

Those born under Tula are natural judges. They have a finely-tuned sense of morality and commit themselves to noble goals for the benefit of mankind. 

8. Brishchik (Scorpio)

Brishchik-borns have a reputation for being mysterious and unfeeling. But beyond their facade is a deeply passionate and intense character that is often hard to describe. 

9. Dhanu (Sagittarius)

The individuals born under Dhanu are wild and independent. Their “wild child” character is also reinforced by a thirst for knowledge and experiences. 

10. Makar (Capricorn)

Makars are serious, brooding, and engrossed in their responsibilities. Yet they are also confident, goal-driven, and ambitious. 

11. Kumbha (Aquarius)

The people born under Kumbha are weird- in a good way. They are inventive and innovative and put the well-being of others on the top of their priorities. 

12. Meen (Pisces)

People born under Meen have their heads in the clouds- literally (Nepal is home to Mount Everest after all) and figuratively! They are dreamers and creators, preferring to let life take them where they need to be. 

Like most astrological traditions, a birth chart is vital to Nepali Astrology.  This birth chart is the Cheena  (this word also translates to horoscope). 

It is a tradition for parents to call in an astrologer as soon as a baby is born.  This way, the family is aware of how they can help the child become their very best. 

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