A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces zodiac sign dates: February 19 – March 20

Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Ruling Planets: Jupiter and Neptune

House: 12th

Polarity: Negative

Symbol: Twin Fishes

Power Color: Light green

Birthstones: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Bloodstone

Key Traits: Empathetic, Sensitive, Creative

Desires: Peace of mind, Deep relationships,

Compatible Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn

Mantra: “Survival of the Fittest”                                                                                  

Pisces zodiac sign in a Nutshell


Pisces is the closing Zodiac sign. 

Having the most creative mind among the Zodiacs, Pisces is heralded as the Artist among them.

Known to be Creative, Gentle, and Emotional, They are best at nurturing any relationship or hobby. Just like twin fishes swimming in a pond, Pisces is one with the current. Thus, they’re good at adapting and continuously going with the flow.

Being a Pisces includes having the traits of a Visionary: idealistic, imaginative, and sensitive.

However, too much of these, and Pisces become Indecisive, volatile, and restless. Thus, they have to strive for emotional and spiritual balance continually.

Element & Modality for Pisces zodiac signs

Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Like the life-sustaining water, Pisces provides the best support to the people around them.  Their capacity for empathy and boundless sensitivity guides them in understanding the needs of their loved ones.

Complementary to its element, Pisces is also a Mutable sign. Known for their adaptability and flexibility, Mutable signs are a good match for ever-changing lifestyles.

Mutable water signs, with their hunger for change and improvement, can become restless when following routinary ways of life. Thus, Pisces often flows with the water, allowing intuition to guide them. 


pisces spirit animal is the wolf in astrology

Pisces’ spirit animal is the Wolf.   

Present on an abundance of environments, Wolves are the most adaptive land predators in the world. Be it the empty tundra or the lush forests, extremities do not stop wolves from surviving.

Like a wolf, Pisces flourishes in all kinds of situations. Healthy and cozy environments create a kind and gentle Pisces, while Harsh and stressful ones produce hostile and aggressive Pisces.  Ultimately, it is the environment that determines the nature of a Pisces.

When presented with sudden change and movement in their lives, Pisces uses their inner wolves to thrive and prosper.

Intelligent, adaptive, and slick, Pisces is the embodiment of the wolf. Thus, they are often present in all places; in every nook and canny.

Ruling Planet

Pisces is one of the few Zodiacs that is ruled by two planets; Neptune and Jupiter 

On the one hand, Neptune is known by the Romans as the God of the Sea and the Deep. It rules the sea of emotion and the deep creativity that emanates on Pisces. Neptune also promotes illusion and fantasy. Thus being dreamy and imaginative is typical for Pisces.

On the other hand, Jupiter is the principal god of Roman Mythology. Jupiter’s omnipotence is in attendance to Pisces’ ability to expand to all places.

Being under two ruling planets, Pisces can exhibit duality in their emotions, moods, and dispositions. As such, Pisces is an extreme sign, bouncing between love and hate.

Core Strengths

#1: Creativity

Creativity is a monument of Pisces. 

Their limitless imagination allows for some breathtaking work. From menial actions like daydreaming to complex tasks like painting, Pisces’ creativity will surely emerge.

Hence, Pisces is commonly seen in art and literature, flaunting their creativity to the world.

#2: Empathy

It is always difficult to put oneself in another’s shoes.

But not for Pisces.

As a water sign, Pisces has a deep connection with emotion itself. They can easily detect changes in mood and spirit. Thus, they are one of the best listeners among the Zodiacs. 

Sharing one’s ups and downs with a Pisces is never a bad idea. 

#3: Adaptability

As the Mutable water, Pisces’ ability to adapt is next to none. 

They are the first ones to accept change. Focusing their energy on flexibility rather than resistance, they welcome change as part of their lives. Pisces are destined to move forward, never locked in the past.

Thus, it is common to discover Pisces as the most experienced in a field. Because no matter the environment, no matter the conditions, Pisces always survives.

Core Weaknesses

#1: Duality

There will always be a shadow in the presence of light.

Pisces exhibits a duality similar to Gemini.  For every hint of empathy, there is a possibility of judgment. In exchange for their creativity, there will be unrealism. And for their adaptability, they can lose direction.

With that, it will be difficult to understand them. Thus,  Pisces remains to be an enigma to others.

#2: Overthinking

Pisces are overthinkers.

As Visionaries, they tend to overthink all aspects of their lives. From something as simple as their clothing to as complex as their career path, they tend to overanalyze things. Thus, it is quite difficult for them to find inner peace. 

Furthermore, due to their overthinking, Pisces cannot make decisions on the fly. They must sit down and dedicate some time to forge a decision.

Thus, Pisces must learn to control their thoughts so that they can continue moving forward.

#3: Mood Swings

Pisces embraces change in all aspects of their lives; not even their emotions are safe from this.

Recognized as having fragile feelings, Pisces has the reputation of having unstable emotions. Often described as riding an emotional roller coaster, Pisces is all too familiar with mood swings. From being cheerful to being inconsolable, all these can change in a matter of seconds.

Due to this, other Signs are advised to tread carefully when talking to a Pisces. Remember,  they can take offense from a single remark or even a friendly joke.

Career Paths for Pisces

Pisces is surprisingly compatible with all fields due to their ability to adapt.

However, fields that require creativity, empathy, deep thinking, and dreaminess allow a Pisces to shine.

That said, Pisces are superstars in art, literature, consultancy, science, and law.

First up, the limitless imagination and constant daydreaming of Pisces allow them to glimmer in art and literature. Whether it is painting, acting, or even sculpting, their creativity will always manifest.

Second, Pisces’ tendency to daydream makes them good contenders in the field of literature. Either in the comfort of their homes or while commuting towards work, daydreaming a fantasy world will be simple for these reflective people.

Third, Pisces’ empathy allows them to be effective consultants. Able to connect to clients emotionally, they can easily tailor a solution based on their needs.

Lastly, their amplitude to overthink proves to be useful in science and law. These fields require complex thinking and meticulous attention to detail, both natural to a Pisces.

As a Pisces, capitalizing on your creativity and emotion will make way for a bountiful harvest.

Pisces in Love


Pisces is a sensitive and emotional lover

As a water sign, Pisces is known to be the submissive one in a relationship. Following their partner’s lead, they often stay quiet and let their emotions do the talking.

From cheerfully kissing you on the forehead to throwing plates out of anger, dating a Pisces will always be “unpredictable.” While they are best being loved, they can also be the worst when abused!

Added, Pisces is also known to be extremely deep and profound.

Whether it is packing your lunch, sending you random messages, or even opening the door for you, their actions have deep emotional meanings. Decoding the messages behind these actions will require you to be on the same emotional level with your partner.

Furthermore, communication with a Pisces will never be a problem. Their empathy allows them to understand their partner thoroughly. Sometimes, not even a single word needs to be said for Pisces to comprehend what you’re going through.

If you want to experience that ‘rollercoaster of emotions,’ don’t think twice of sparking a relationship with Pisces!

Best Healing Crystals for Pisces


Pisces’ personality is turbulent. They tend to be grounded at times, but they become emotionally detached when something hurts or pains them. 

Thus, Amethyst is an excellent accompanying stone for Pisces. This stone will bring out Pisces’ balance as it promotes inner peace, relieves stress, and pushes the healing of mind and soul.


Possessing the power of imagination, this crystal allows Pisces to have very creative ideas. 

That said, an Aquamarine’s ocean-like hue brings clarity of mind and calmness of the heart, enough to counter Pisces’ self-doubt.

Moreover, Aquamarine also encourages gentle energy, which further nurtures Pisces’ natural connection to emotion.


Being the Mutable water sign, Pisces is a master of adaptation.

However, adapting to harsh and stressful environments often leaves them in a state of corruption and volatility.

Thus, Bloodstone will be the perfect cleanser for Pisces. Absorbing the environment’s negative energy while grounding and protecting the bearer, Pisces doesn’t have to worry anymore!

10 Tips and Tricks for Pisces

#1: Capitalize on your Creativity

As a natural Artist, you are blessed with tremendous creativity.

Always pushing to color the world, you will need to find channels to materialize your creativity. At some point, not even daydreaming will be enough to quench your imaginative thirst.

To solve this, you can try to learn new skills that can further improve your innate talent. Don’t limit yourself on areas where you think you’ll excel. Instead, try to break your boundaries by exploring even the most trivial endeavors. 

Skills such as painting, singing, writing, and drawing are only a few of the many ways to capitalize on your creativity. And even in these areas, there are many ways for you to expand on boundlessly! 

#2: You should control your emotions; not the other way around  

Being a water sign, you are deeply connected to the emotional plane.

Quickly sensing the changes in mood and atmosphere, keeping in touch with emotion is always a breeze for you.

However, this sensitivity comes with a drawback: being too rooted with the emotional plane makes you delicate and oversentimental. This drawback will control your decisions, relationships, and the entirety of your life.

Thus, taking a breather every once in a while allows you to recollect yourself and keep your emotions at bay.

#3: Test the waters first

As a Mutable sign, Pisces is flexible. 

Thus, you can thrive and survive anywhere, and you welcome change in your life. Due to this, you are prone to changing directly and abruptly. This, in turn, disrupts your direction and pace in life.

Learn to be familiar with the changes first. Being adaptive doesn’t mean that you can’t slow down. Instead, taking the time to test the changes should be a precautionary measure for mutable signs.

#4: It’s better to give than to receive

You are very generous to the people close to you. Giving more than what’s enough, you always want to ensure that your loved ones are secure and comfortable. Without hesitation, you’re ready to spare even your precious time for them. 

Although, this goes without saying that sometimes you also want that generosity to be reciprocated.

However, you have to be aware that other signs might find it impossible to match your level of generosity. Thus, Keep in mind that whatever you are giving must be given out of love and without anything in return.

#5: Love yourself!

Pisces are known to be incredibly selfless, putting others before themselves.

With this, you sometimes forget yourself. You always take care of your loved ones and seldom prioritizing yourself. You always go out of your comfort zone to help someone or to do something kind.

The amount of love you are giving is immeasurable. So don’t forget to leave some for yourself!

Treat yourself! Watch a movie, Travel your heart out, buy new clothes, or even take time alone to replenish your energies!

Love yourself, and everything else will follow!

#6: Don’t lose sight of reality

You are a Visionary.

You aim to move past the known barriers of life. You envision what is ideal for you, others, and the world at large. You dream of the perfect conditions for everyone.

Because you always imagine the ideal, every so often, you lose grasp of what is reality. You get caught up thinking about the future. You lose sight of the present.

Learn to appreciate what is around you! Remember this mantra:

           “You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

#7: Voice out!

Water signs are known to be submissive and emotional. 

You let your actions and emotions do the talking. From being a yes-man at work, to silently showing your frustrations in a relationship, Pisces are beings of few words.

This tendency of being silent is often taken advantage of by other dominant signs. While letting others read behind the lines often leads to misinterpretation.

 To prevent this, exercise speaking up! Don’t let the frustrations bottle in! Speak to your emotions!

#8: Be careful with your Advice

Pisces is a trusted confidant among the Zodiacs.

With your large capacity for empathy, people will flock to you for your advice.

People trust you so much that they are willing to follow mindlessly. Whether it’s a problem in their relationships, career, or even in their physical wellbeing, they follow your advice like a stone-bound rule.

That said, you should be careful with the recommendations and suggestions you are feeding them. A single mistake on your part will impact their lives enough to ruin it.

To stop this from happening, try to give open-ended advice. Never let your words drive their lives. Instead, let your words be the guiding light they need in their times of need!

#9: Know who to trust 

You are compassionate and gentle.

These qualities attract people unto you like bees to honey. The number of individuals who want to be inside your circle will be uncountable. Because of this, you will have a hard time keeping track of who is genuine and who’s wearing a façade.

Given this world’s nature, it is safe to have a healthy amount of doubt in dealing with people. Always remember that not everyone will be your friend. After all, too much kindness will hurt you in the end! 

You have to be careful in choosing who to trust to avoid being used in the long run. By employing a healthy level of vigilance, you can sort out those with evil intentions. 

#10: Expand your horizons!

As a sign ruled by Jupiter, It is only natural for you to have the desire to expand.

Ways to satisfy this desire would be to learn new skills.

Take on painting! Watch some videos and start your way to being the modern Picasso!

Learn to play music! Attend some classes and play your heart out!

Practice your writing! A short story or a novel might come out of this. Who knows, this might be your new career! If still left unsatisfied, you can always travel the earth! Make new friends! Whatever your broadening method is, no boundaries will be left standing once you decide to expand your horizons!

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