What Does your Ascendant Sign Mean and How does it affect you?

Ascendant sign meaning?

birthday cake to illustrate your date of birth and its implications to find out your ascendant sign

Picture this: you’re chilling in a café, and you overhear a conversation between two teenagers “What’s on your birth chart? what’s your ascendant sign meaning?”. You were just a casual and passive listener when suddenly, you hear this exchange:

“My sun sign is Leo. Well, I was born on July 27, so that makes sense. But my Ascendant is in Libra.”

“What time were you born?”

“11 AM.”

Now, you have two options: either wave these kids off as crazy or Google what they’re talking about. As fate would have it, you found yourself here.

Maybe you’re wondering “what is my ascendant sign”? Let’s talk about Ascendants, shall we?

What are the Astrological Ascendants’ signs and their meanings?

In its simplest form, an Ascendant is a façade that a person presents to other people. You can think of it as your very own first impression.

It is also your coping mechanism. When you are under distress, this is the image that you project to others.

Be reminded, though, that your Ascendant may not be the same as your sun sign.

Your sun sign is your main Zodiac. It’s the dominant one in the sky in a given month.

The Ascendant is the sign that is “rising” on the horizon at a given moment. However, the Ascendant changes every two hours.

Going back to the example in the introduction, one of the teenagers said their exact birth time. This is the reason why despite being born as a Leo, their Ascendant is Libra.

This means that that teenager’s core personality is bold and charming. Yet, when people first meet them, they are thought of as courteous and passive-aggressive.

During the rare instance that a person is born around sunrise, only then would they have the same Ascendant as their sun sign. This means that their personality is like version 2.0 of what people expect of their Zodiac.

If someone is born as an Aries, you’ll expect them to be brave, aggressive, and domineering. When both their sun and Ascendant are in Aries, you can only expect them to be wild and feral.

It will finally make sense why many people do not act according to their sun sign’s characteristics. The Ascendant is also a telltale sign of why some are exactly their Zodiac- but in steroids.

Where can I derive my Astrological Ascendant Sign?

formula to calculate ascendant sign

As said, you can derive your Ascendant from your birth chart. But an equally important tool is the Astrological House Wheel.

This wheel determines how a planet will affect you, relative to their position with a Zodiac sign. The Ascendant is your “first house”- your appearance, attitude, and outward approach to life.

Now, take the exact time that you were born. Remember that Ascendants change every two hours, so you have to be very precise.

Most birth certificates include a newborn’s time of birth. However, if yours doesn’t have one, it is best to ask your parents (especially your mom).

If you have no way of accessing your exact birth time, the default will be Noon, when the sun is at its highest. It may not be accurate, though, and not make sense for you.

Some websites offering free birth charts won’t even give “assumed” Ascendants, as it may affect a person’s perception of themselves.

If you really want to get a birth chart despite not knowing your actual birth time, it is best to consult a professional astrologer. They will be more than happy to help you out in your astrological journey.

Another thing to remember is that your Ascendant may not be the same as a person born in a different time zone.

Say you were born on September 30th, at 3:54 PM, UTC +8:00. At that same moment, a child was born on September 29th, at 11:54 PM, UTC -8:00.

When you grew up, you met your counterpart from the other side of the world. Thankfully, they are as interested in astrology as you.

The two of you expected to have the same birth charts since you were born at the exact moment.

As it turns out, only your sun signs, as well as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto placements are the same. The rest is, for the lack of a better word, chaos.

And of course, your Ascendants are not the same. It finally made sense why the first impressions you have with each other are different, despite having the same Zodiac sign.

The reason for this is simple. The earth revolves as it orbits around the sun.

It results in the position of heavenly bodies differing from place to place. This is precisely why you have a different Ascendant with someone born at the same time as you.

What if I want to know my Ascendant on my own?

Online sites may be all over the place, but hey, there’s nothing more satisfying than discovering your own Ascendant, right? For this, here are three methods that you can use:

#1: Go Einstein

For the math-savvy astrology enthusiasts, this is the mathematical equation of your dreams:

advanced formula for ascendant sign calculation


    is the local sidereal time in degrees

        is the inclination of the Axial tilt

23.4392911° for the standard equinox J2000.0

23.4457889° for J1950.0

      is the observer’s latitude, relative to the hemisphere.

To determine the correct quadrant,

advanced formula for ascendant sign calculation displayed as computer code

Then, in consideration of the easterly point less than 180° relative to the Midheaven:

advanced formula for ascendant sign calculation as an if else loop used in computer code

Congratulations, you successfully computed your Ascendant (and maybe wasted too much of your precious time)!

Now it’s time to take out all the charts, prepare the Advil, and sharpen your pencils. Your self-induced mental torture is not yet over!

#2: Easier, But Not Really

All those long computations aside (they are real and used by astrologers and astronomers), the easier way to get your Ascendant is through using charts.

As said, take your birth time, Astrological House Wheel, and some charts off astronomical simulations.

Enter in the time and date of your birth, your birthplace’s coordinates, and look at constellations’ position during that time.

Now, take the House Wheel and position it so you would be able to know where your first house is. Your first house is the one at the 8 o’clock mark of an analog clock.

Then, look at the constellation situated on that house, at that moment, and the location of your birthplace.

You can now safely assume that the Zodiac sign closest to these is your Ascendant. Take note of the general characteristics of the people whose sun sign is in that Zodiac.

Compare it with your attitude when interacting with others. Does it coincide with how people perceive you?

When doing this last step, be impartial. Better yet, ask your friends about their first impressions of you to determine whether this methodology is accurate to you.

Be aware, though, that this is not as easy as it seems. You still have to consider the angles of earth’s tilt, the latitude, and longitude of the constellations… 

Yes, this may have lesser numbers than the first method, but you still need to go on full NASA mode.

Now that I know my Ascendant sign, what will happen to me?

Nothing much will happen to you, thank goodness. Instead, what will happen to you is a higher understanding of yourself.

This does not mean that your attitude is almost the same as that of others who have the same Ascendant as you.

Several other factors will come into play, such as your planetary placements. But this list is a quick overview for you to be able to gauge why you act in a certain way around people:


Those whose Ascendant is in Aries are very straightforward. But they are not aggressive.

Instead, they just want things to be done and over with ASAP. They also learn to become independent, mostly due to the perception that people have towards them.


Taurus Astrology Zodiac Ascendant Sign

Those whose Ascendant is in Taurus are reliable and trustworthy. At the same time, they are also quite stubborn.

Taurus rising also loves to indulge themselves and are very sophisticated. Because of this, they are very territorial and possessive with what they have.


Those whose Ascendant is in Gemini are curious – for gossip and blind items. Nothing makes them happier than being socially active!

Gemini rising is fun-loving and takes pleasure in their individuality. Unfortunately, they get absent-minded at times.


Those whose Ascendant is in Cancer are wallflowers. Shy and intuitive, they are the type of people who would stand at the corner of a club and enjoy watching everybody dance.

When placed in a strange situation, Cancer rising goes on full defensive mode. Yet, this only makes them charming that people approach them (and then they start babbling).


leo zodiac sign and its ascendant

Those whose Ascendant is in Leo are attention-magnets. They just have this aura that is so hard to resist!

Leo rising’s idealism also helps them create a clear vision of what they want to see in everything. Yet they tend to overestimate and start to get aggressive when they don’t get what they want.


Those whose Ascendant is in Virgo are quiet and observant. They tend to “feel” a situation before plunging headfirst.

Yet, Virgo rising is also quite the worrier. When combined with their health-consciousness, they become picky eaters.


Those whose Ascendant is in Libra are natural chick magnets. No wonder, since they are paying very close attention to their appearance.

But Libra rising can be quite pretentious. They want to keep the perception people have about them, just to keep on having attention.


Scorpio Zodiac Sign and its Ascendant

Those whose Ascendant is in Scorpio have a commanding presence. They can get intimidating, considering how they seem to look right through your soul!

However, Scorpio rising are also very down to earth and loyal to those they love. Their actions are well-calculated, making sure that they don’t make a false step.


Those whose Ascendant is in Sagittarius are interested in learning. They are also very confident, mainly when tasked to speak.

Sometimes, though, Sagittarius rising talks out of the way. Making empty promises is their unfortunate talent, putting them at odds with those they promised stuff to.


Those whose Ascendant is in Capricorn are serious and may strike some people as cold. Even their appearance is more on suits and blazers than jeans and shirts!

Unsurprisingly, Capricorn rising is very hardworking. Beneath that tough-as-nails surface, they are actually warm and loving to their family.


Those whose Ascendant is in Aquarius are downright unique. They just love setting themselves apart and getting creative!

People perceive Aquarius rising as friendly, kind, and (slightly) know-it-all. Yet, they may sometimes come across as stubborn, especially when they think someone is “conservative” and “oppressive.”


Those whose Ascendant is in Pisces are the very definition of “chill.” They just let the rhythms of life take them to wherever, whenever.

How Pisces rising project themselves to other people can differ. They also tend to be indecisive and simply refuse to conform to whatever people tell them to become.

Ascendents signs, Astrology, and their meanings.

Knowing your astrological Ascendants can be an exhilarating process. 

Whether you want to channel your inner Stephen Hawking, take a “shortcut,” or get it done and over with ASAP, it is an experience worth the stress and confusion.

It helps people understand themselves even better, especially when they don’t know why they act a certain way around people.

Knowing the reason behind your attitude towards others is crucial. It truly helps in knowing which are your strengths and points for improvement.

However, this does not mean that you blame everything on your Ascendant. This is simply a small part of who you are and do not truly embody your identity.

Again, it is merely how you interact with others- and how people see you are not a good gauge of knowing who you really are.

Remember, too, that no one knows your attitudes more than the people that surround you. The cosmos is merely there to provide the rough draft; the final paper depends on you.

Be aware of how you speak and act when in front of crowds. While it is unavoidable to project a certain kind of persona, make sure you are comfortable in that façade.

It also helps to be sincere when interacting with others. Take care that you do not come across as pretentious, as it might cost you valuable relationships with others.

Your individual Ascendant may be necessary, but you must also be kind, courteous, and respectful when relating to others.

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