Void of Course Moon: How to understand it and ways to harness it

You may not be familiar with the term “void of course moon,” but have you ever noticed those times when everything seems so off, and it seems to match your sluggish moods? Or you simply don’t have the right mindset in tackling your tasks that everything is short of becoming a burden? Well, there’s no […]

Astrological Houses 101: Moon Sign Compatibility

Hey there! Are you curious about your moon sign? Do you want to find out what moon sign you are most compatible with? Your moon sign is on your natal birth chart, along with your other star alignments. Your moon sign represents your emotional side. It explains why you react to a situation negatively or […]

Everything you need to know about your moon sign

If you ask anyone what their sign is, they can probably tell you at the drop of a hat.  But ask them what their moon sign is, and chances are they would respond with a blank stare and a “Huh?” This right here is an outrage. When it comes to traditional Western Astrology, the sun […]

How Astrological Planets can help You with your Life

How planets affect astrology You may have heard some people talking about their “ruling planets.” Maybe something about ascendants and rising or whatnot. This is no crazy stuff!  It just means that they were talking about the positions of the planets when they were born. Astrology and astronomy both agree that the planets move according […]