A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Zodiac signs are born from June 21 to July 22

Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Moon

House: 4

Polarity: Negative

Symbol: Crab

Power Color: White

Healing Crystals: Pearl, Moonstone, Ruby

Key Traits: Nurturing, Sentimental, Creative

Desires: Security, Simplicity, Connections

Compatible Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Mantra: “I see you. I feel you. I understand.”

Cancer zodiac sign in a Nutshell

crab on a beach which is the symbol of the cancer zodiac sign

With their hearts out on their sleeves, Cancer zodiac signs are the heart of the Zodiac.

Empathetic and gentle, Cancer is the tender caretaker of the great wheel. They watch out and take care of the emotional and psychological needs of their peers.

They’re known to be compassionate, supportive, and loyal. Besides all of that, their honesty and guile allow them to earn and keep others’ trust. They can find a way into even the most hardened hearts.

They have a strong creative side. Coupled with their nurturing nature, they make for great caretakers, teachers, and artists.

With all these virtues, Cancer still has a downside. They’re pessimistic, emotional, and insecure. Jumble that mess together, and you get the crabby personality!

Element & Modality

Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

As a Water sign, Cancer reflects the qualities of a life-giver. Especially in how they carry themselves, you’ll feel a subtle warmth that emanates from them. After all, water is the element of emotion and insight. Their understanding of the world and emotions therein run very deeply.

Meanwhile, their Cardinal Modality makes them influential leaders. They are capable of organizing their thoughts swiftly and expressing them clearly and concisely. This allows Cancer to take the role of instructor and tutor like a duck takes to water.

As always, there are caveats.

Being the Cardinal Water sign comes with its dangers as this mix of qualities can quickly go awry. Cancer’s emotions can cloud their judgment, make them manipulate others, or make them hold grudges.

Symbolisms/Spirit Animal

Besides crustaceans, Dogs symbolize Cancer the most.

Dogs are known for their loyalty and intelligence. They’ve been known to care for and guide their masters for millennia. In Egypt, for example, the Dog-headed Anubis is the guide to the afterlife.

Just like dogs, Cancer often knows a lot more than they let on and has figured out at least a handful of solutions as they walk with you. 

The loyal nature of both dogs and cancer breads tenacity. Both will go to great lengths to do what they feel they must to help others.

Steadfast, compassionate, persistent, and observant are present in both the hound and crab.

Ruling Planet

the moon is the planet of the cancer zodiac sign

The Moon is what governs the Crab.

It’s the closest celestial body in the sky. The Moon controls the tides of water just as much as it rules Cancer itself.

Much like the Moon, Cancer holds an intimate relationship with emotions. Allowing the Crab to experience and understand their emotional bonds deeply. It also allows them to interpret the emotions of others more easily.

Core Strengths

#1: Tender Love and Care

It cannot be understated how nurturing Cancer is for the other signs.

Their close bonds with emotions and their Cardinal nature allow them to channel their feelings into genuine care and tenderness for their peers.

This since service is one of the main ways how Cancer expresses themselves: an expression that quickly wins their peers’ hearts and minds.

#2: Open Hand

Cancer is willing to let their guard down.

Their connection to the moon and their emotions allow them to be more emotionally vulnerable to others. This will enable them to let others open up about their own feelings and guide them to faster solutions.

This quality is crucial as it allows them to connect to and understand even the Great Wheel’s most temperamental members.

#3: Thinking outside the box

All water signs are associated with deep connections to the metaphysical plane.

Cancer is one of the strongest candidates for this association. Their emotional maturity and guile let them see problems from points of view no other signs can.

A real Cancer, therefore, can foresee and resolve problems long before they arise. Their ability to think three to five steps ahead of the competition ensures that any strategy they have in play will have the upper hand.

Core Weaknesses of cancer zodiac signs

#1: A critical eye

an eye

Cancer is highly emotional and takes stock of every situation. Such qualities can lead them to be harshly critical of themselves and others.

Because of the pressure they place to everyone, including themselves, things may crack and not go as planned. And guess what? Cancer will do the blame game and start pointing fingers.

This critical eye stems from their desire to succeed and bring joy. Realistic expectations and pragmatism can help alleviate the worst parts of this issue.

#2: Timidness

Hermit Crabs are a type of crab famous for using shells to hide from danger.

Cancer can be equally as timid. Born out of their critical eye, high emotions, and lowered sense of self, Cancer can be easily dissuaded and pushed around.

It is the conflicting nature of their element and modality in action. The desire to please others and their Cardinal need to lead will come clashing with their timidness. 

Cancer must learn true prudence and know when to assert and when to fold.

#3: Emotional Lunacy

Ruled by the Moon of all things, Cancer is incredibly moody.

As a water sign, they feel all emotions with significantly higher intensity than almost other zodiac signs. 

This is an immutable trait that they possess that serves as advantageous in some circumstances and a detriment in others.

Therefore, Cancer has an uphill battle to overcome, one that requires immense mental and emotional maturity to wrangle.

Career Paths for Cancer

Cancers have a creative mind on their shoulders that’s thirsting for problems to solve. It’s no surprise, then, to see that so many academicians, philosophers, or even the world leaders are born with the Crab’s badge.

This solution-oriented mentality is often coupled with the need for Cancer to nurture others. It’s almost cliche how often Cancers end up as teachers.

The creative mind and nurturing nature of Cancer make them great with kids. They’re good at teaching in general. However, Cancers are best at teaching Literature, Arts, and Music over almost all subjects.

Their patient and warm nature also make them ideal caretakers, nurses, and doctors if they find any deep interests in those fields. Their ability to understand how the mind works also makes them great psychologists as well.

If there’s ever some form of quirky establishment in town, it’s probably because Cancer runs it. They’re willing to try new things and apply all their knowledge in whatever field they’re in.

Cancer in Love

Cancer is a considerate and nurturing lover with plans for the future.

Their immense emotional maturity allows them to tackle the personal and romantic sides of a partnership thoroughly. They’re all about making you understand how you feel about yourself and your place in the world.

Also, their Cardinal nature makes them a natural leader. Their loyalty, persuasiveness, and guile help seal that fact.

They also have plans for the future: usually one with a home above their heads and many kids running around the house. Good thing, then, that Cancer will make for a responsible parent that can ensure the growth and development of the next generation.

However, one must remember that Cancer is still a water sign. As lovers, they can be moody, jealous, and downright hostile to their rivals. It is possible, in fact likely, to be able to wrangle them in, but expect them to get crabby at times.

Overall though, if you want a responsible partner, with a bright head on their shoulders, and is good with kids, you can’t go wrong with a Cancer.

Best Healing Crystals for Taurus


Pearl is the stone of the cancer zodiac sign in astrology

Pearls are unique precious stones that are created by shellfish. They’re born out of the water, symbolizing purity and attention.

This stone has significance for Cancer since they’re both from water. It is a stone that grants the Crab emotional clarity in times of uncertainty. On top of this, it allows the Cancer to realign themselves and their place in the universe.


A stone that symbolizes the New Moon, Moonstone is a precious stone of new beginnings that Cancer will find immensely useful.

It relieves emotional stress and allows a certain degree of clairvoyance to the Cancer possessing it. As the Cardinal Water sign experiences intense emotional highs and lows, this is vital. And the added clairvoyance is useful to the Crab in their creative ventures.


Rubies are stones of romance and excitement.

While Cancer doesn’t have a raw deal with romance, having a little help wouldn’t hurt. It’s also the stone of motivation, a vital driving force that assists with Cancer’s more complicated and protracted endeavors.

The red stones also have a way of purging negativity away from Cancer’s presence.

10 Tips and Tricks for Taurus

#1: Learn when to stop

Cancer is a very driven Zodiac Sign. They have goals and plans set up half the time, and the pursuit of those goals is one of their strongest motivators.

Along the way, however, Cancer will encounter impossible odds when pursuing these goals that they will struggle and fail to overcome.

Cancer’s tenacity is legendary, but there comes a time where even the most stubborn crab must throw in the towel.

It doesn’t mean they have to stop pursuing their goals and dreams. It’s just that they should reconsider their positions if nothing is working as planned.

#2: Keep your wits about you

The Cancer zodiac sign imagination knows no bounds in what it can create.

The issue for the Crab isn’t in maintaining that creative spark, but rather getting too comfortable with their creativity. Dwelling on their intuitive nature, they’ll often feel things out instead of rationally assessing it. 

As a consequence, Cancer will act based on feelings. And while such has its benefits, overdoing it means that they’ll become unreasonable to deal with given that they’ve chosen to repress their rational faculties. 

Thus, you must remember that imagination is just like any other muscle. To keep it at tip-top shape,  it’s in your best interest to exercise it. From solving crosswords to challenging yourself to write a story, anything to keep the creative juices flowing will do. 

Smart and consistent practice with their creative vision will keep Cancer on their toes and ready.

#3: Trust carefully

Cardinal signs are steadfast, and so is Cancer.

However, not everyone in the world is worthy of the loyalty that Cancer gives out. And some people just don’t have Cancer’s interests in mind.

Cancer must discern who’s worthy of their time and presence.

It’s a challenge for Cancer since they want to help everyone. But it’ll help them avoid grief to know not everyone deserves it.

#4: Hold your ground 

Crabs can be shy in their fields. Their desire to avoid confrontation is one of their significant weaknesses.

However, Cancer is very capable in their fields. No one, especially themselves, should underestimate Their abilities.

The Cardinal Water sign would do well to learn how to stand up for themselves and their convictions.

#5: Talk it out

Emotions run high with all those born of Cancer.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by your feelings. It can be difficult and seem like there’s no easy way out. But as it turns out, talking about your feelings and emotions with others greatly helps one in understanding them.

Find a friend and hash your feelings out. It will help a lot.

#6: An envious heart

In one folktale from Southeast Asia, a group of grabs was caught by foragers. They never placed a lid on their catch, as the crabs would pull each other down and prevent escape.

Cancer can be just as jealous. Their desire for the possessions, connections, and holdings of others can be excessive.

However, Cancers are good at reasoning and know their emotions well. As long as they set realistic goals and expectations, they should be mostly free of these issues.

In humility, they will find greater clarity in their goals. And with that clarity comes the chance to reach for what they desire.

#7: Deceit is never acceptable

There are many ways to get ahead in the world, although some are more underhanded than others.

Envious as they are, Cancer is not above lying and cheating to get ahead.

This comes from their desire to please, nurture, and care for others. They may sometimes let go of their virtues and meet those needs in any way they can.

Cancer’s world is built on connections they share with others, grounded on honesty and compassion. It’s a harsh lesson, but they must know that lying and cheating is one of the fastest ways to destroy those relationships.

As a Cancer, it’s sometimes difficult to make those ends meet, and that’s okay. But one should never lose sight of what puts them above others.

#8: The manipulator

Cancer is indirect and forceful.

They have a silver tongue and a sense of creativity that can be used to manipulate and mislead others.

Such an uncanny trait will thoroughly destroy all the creations that Cancer has built.

The crab must learn when to use direct and indirect methods to get their way. An honest heart and pure intentions are what lead them to success. By being forward and honest with their desires, they save themselves and others immense grief.

#9: Boundless Aggression

Some Cancers will take the lesson of self-assertion to the opposite extreme.

Crabs are surprisingly destructive animals, with some capable of breaking coconut shells with ease. Cancer, whose representation is the Crab, is equally capable of destruction—tearing through people and dreams with the same sense of reckless abandon.

These urges find their roots from resentment that bubbles away at Cancer’s emotional core. 

This hints at an emotional core. While this core can understand others’ emotions, it can sometimes not express and handle its own.

There are many ways to quell the aggression of Cancer. Talking it out is an excellent place to start. Some rest might be in order. Maybe a change in their life might be what they need.

What can be said with certainty is that the displeased Crab is a destructive force for all those around them and must be addressed with all due haste.

#10: The invisible hand

The need for care for others is omnipresent. Cancer’s need to care for others is just as expected. The trouble begins when Cancer oversteps their boundaries.

Being a Cardinal Water sign, Cancer is emotionally motivated to oversee the lives of others. This can become negative once they start intruding into their peers’ personal lives and attempt to live vicariously through them.

Cancer must learn to respect the boundaries between them and their peers. It is good that they are happy and willing to assist, but some things should not be their business at all and should never be crossed.

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