Void of Course Moon: How to understand it and ways to harness it

You may not be familiar with the term “void of course moon,” but have you ever noticed those times when everything seems so off, and it seems to match your sluggish moods? Or you simply don’t have the right mindset in tackling your tasks that everything is short of becoming a burden?

Well, there’s no need to feel guilty about that! If you do not have any apparent reason for those things happening, it may be a result of the moon going haywire- yes, the very same void of course moon that we told you about earlier!

But what does it mean when the moon does this thing? And how will you be able to cope with it? Let’s dive in!

What is the void of course moon?

Void of Course Moon

Of course, we need to address the elephant in the room. What in heaven’s name are we talking about today?

Well, folks, a void of course moon simply means that the moon does not have (aka “void”) a definite direction or location (aka “of course”) during a specific period. The duration of this occurrence can vary every lunar cycle.

If you are already familiar with your birth chart or have heard of the concept of celestial bodies hanging around a Zodiac sign, it will be helpful in this topic. In a nutshell, the moon transits between each Zodiac every two and a half days, guiding people as they indulge in their hidden sides.

Yet, when the moon has to move to another sign, things may get ugly. This time is when the void of course moon comes in.

It only means that the moon has not fully transitioned out from the previous sign to another. During these moments, everything seems to be in limbo, unsure of what happens next.

This is a chaotic period that can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the moon’s speed in entering a new sign. The erratic energies that the moon gives off can result in rationality going wrong.

People often describe having severe mental block during these times. Opportunities are also quite rare; after all, it isn’t a good time to conduct any formal business or anything of the sort, especially that the cosmos aren’t in a pretty good condition themselves.

What should I do during a void of course moon?

Zodiac Signs in Void of Course Moon

You would be surprised at the number of things that astrologers recommend NOT to do during a void of course moon. They are quite expansive and are mostly related to one’s career.

The list is relatively easy to follow, though. All it asks you to do is to avoid doing certain things for the time being. Think of it as your time to slow down and reorient yourself.

Here is the list of things you should probably do away with during this chaotic time in astrology:

  1. Apply for a new career opportunity
  2. Go to an interview
  3. Join any form of serious meetings
  4. Buy non-essential goods or haggle for prices
  5. Drive a vehicle that isn’t yours
  6. Check on your clients
  7. Open a bank account, apply for loans, or invest (no matter how low the selling price!)
  8. File a lawsuit
  9. Engage in relationship milestones with your partner (e.g., first date, engagement, wedding, etc.)
  10. Have a non-essential medical procedure done (e.g., nose job)
  11. Opening a business venture
  12. Throw a large party
  13. Gamble
  14. Other things that you think may have life-changing consequences

But of course, it doesn’t mean that you should just stay on your bed, unmoving. That would be counter-productive!

Take this time to reorient yourself. While you may think that chilling out every two days or so is overkill, you need to remember the repercussions of burning yourself out for the sake of being “productive.”

You will end up exhausting yourself and unmotivated even after the void of course moon is over. Thus, it is wise to reorganize your plans accordingly so you won’t feel as sluggish or have a tendency to slack off when the void is over.

Do your chores, go to the spa, or just take a break and eat a slice of cake. Ride things out, and you will be good to go once things go back to normal.

What is the schedule for the void of course moon 2021?

Seeing that there are twelve months of the year, this will be quite the long section! Nevertheless, here is the rundown of when the moon will be jumping into the void.


January Schedule


February Scchedule


March Void of Course Moon Schedule


April Calendar


May Schedule


June void of course moon


July Calendar


August Schedule


September void of course moon


October Schedule


November Schedule


December Schedule

Note: The time orientation is set on the Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8:00). To determine the exact time a VoC occurs in your area, you may need to use a time converter.

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