A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Dates: December 22 to January 21

Element: Earth

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Saturn

House: 10th

Polarity: Negative

Symbol: Sea Goat

Power Color: Indigo, Black, Brown

Healing Crystals: Fluorite, Emerald, Jet

Key Traits: Practical, Disciplined, Cautious

Desires: Stability, Commitment, Recognition

Compatible Signs: Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio

Mantra: “I Will Endure.”

Capricorn in a Nutshell

capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn is the tenth among the Zodiacs.

Known to be the most disciplined amongst the astrological signs, Capricorn will always keep their focus on the task at hand.

Defined as committed, strategic, and responsible, they are best at managing. Like their spirit animal, the sea-goat, they are grounded in completing what needs to be done.

They can also be quite creative when doing their work.

Capricorn embodies the characteristics of a diligent person: persistent, dynamic, and determined.

However, Capricorn is known to hold grudges, cynical, and unwilling to give in to change. They need constant assurance, as well as individuals whom they can trust.

Element & Modality

Element: Earth

Modality: Cardinal

As the ground they stand on, Capricorn is known to favor stability in everything they do. Be it life goals, career, or even hobbies; they want constancy and regularity.

Along with having the Earth as their element, they are also of the Cardinal modality: meaning, they like to start in making or doing things as long as they are practical.

Sometimes, though, these features would be to the Capricorn’s disadvantage.
Cardinal earth signs can sometimes be overly traditional, preventing them from innovating. Thus, Capricorn has to be introduced to the advantages of opening themselves up to newer things.

Spirit Animal/Symbolisms

the sea got is the spirit animal of the capricorn in astrology

The sea goat is the sole spirit animal of the Capricorn.

Fusing the best of both land and sea, sea goats can adapt. Whether it may be the rocky road towards success or the deep and dark depths of uncertainty, they know how to make their way around.

When given a task, Capricorn can make foolproof plans. Cautious and resilient, they know how to approach any job while being assured they would emerge successfully.

Indeed, it is their perseverance and focus that keeps success an easy thing to achieve for Capricorn. Hard work, patience, and commitment is their formula for their achievements.

Savvy and disciplined, Capricorn is flexible in the workspace like the sea-goat. Their spirit animal may be mythical, but so is their work ethic.

Ruling Planet

Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn.

Known as the Roman god of time, Saturn is known to be serious not to mess up the rhythms of life itself in his timekeeping.
Like Saturn himself, Capricorn is disciplined. When doing their work, they are as focused as Saturn himself in keeping everyone on time.

Core Strengths

1: Practical

Capricorn always chooses ways that are proven to work.

Because of their Cardinal modality, they can formulate practical and doable methods in task completion. They are intelligent in making their tasks more comfortable and more feasible.

With this, Capricorn is known as an efficient worker.

2: Disciplined

With their practicality comes their disciplined work ethic.

Their Earth element keeps them grounded and focused on what has to be done. Capricorn is known not to give up on whatever they are doing and push forward with strong determination.

They don’t have to be in a rush; Capricorn knows that quality will always be valued more than quantity.

3: Cautious

Another feature that Capricorn has is their vigilance.

They are careful not to run into problems and avoid it at the red flag’s first sign.

They make themselves aware of their surroundings, and when they see that it is no longer acceptable to be in, they use their practicality as a way out of any trouble.

Core Weaknesses

1: Traditionalistic

Capricorn is known to prefer stability. They are sometimes described as “old souls.”

They utilize tried and tested methodologies rather than opt for newer approaches. Coupled with their inherent cautiousness, Capricorn would sometimes end up in stagnation rather than move forward and progress.

Thus, Capricorns have to be guided through significant changes so that they won’t be overwhelmed and end up wasting their potential.

2: Cynical

With all their seriousness, Capricorn ends up becoming a bit too negative.

They tend to have negative views, even towards life itself. They expect the worst outcomes in everything despite having the qualities of a good worker.

Because of this dark and gloomy side, Capricorns are in a constant battle with their negative thoughts. They need to be surrounded by people who will assure them that not everything has to end so horribly and remind them of the bright side of life.

3: Unforgiving

When someone does a Capricorn wrong, they do not easily let it slide.

They focus so much on the wrongdoing that someone has done to them. Because of this, they tend to hold grudges.

When allowed to fester, it affects not only their relationships with other people but also their wellbeing. It may take some time, but Capricorn has to learn how to be more forgiving and reestablish the bridges that they have burned.

Career Paths for Capricorn

Capricorn is best suited for work that needs analytics, organization, and, most importantly, infinite patience. They also prefer jobs that are already tried and tested for generations. However, they also sometimes channel their inner artist and opt for a creative line of work.

With their focus and fantastic drive to win, Capricorn will definitely dominate the workplace. They may do it slow but steady, but they are undoubtedly committed to making the best possible outputs every time.

Being ingenious, they function well in an environment that demands analytics. Careers in the STEM field, such as computer programming, game design, engineering, and architecture, will work well for them. Practicality plus high-level thinking equals one satisfied Capricorn!

Capricorn’s organized personality will also work well in fields in finance and/or sales. They make sense of what other signs may perceive as a chaotic mess such as accounting, real estate, and even dealership! They could also channel their inner Marie Kondo and do interior design and organizing a career. They would also do well as supervisors and managers.

Lastly, a Capricorn’s calm and patient self would withstand jobs that many see as too stressful. They would do well as teachers, scientists, and directors of any kind. Handling rowdy kids, waiting out for an experiment’s success, trying to see if a project pitch appeals to the masses- indeed, patience is a virtue, and Capricorns have no problem manifesting it!

Whatever field they choose to be in, Capricorn would always value the stability of both their position and their pay. Once they already have that, they would commit themselves to their job, often until retirement.

Capricorn in Love

a heart in the sky

Capricorn is a committed, long-term partner.

Being a bit old fashioned, they are sometimes reserved and refuse to share their emotional burdens with their partner. However, when they gradually learn to fully trust their lover, they’ll open up a soft and sweet side.

Since they are the cardinal earth, Capricorn is the “foundation” that keeps their relationships strong and long-lasting!

As the lowkey softie in any relationship, they are the type of people who like to take long walks and picnics with their significant other. They want cuddles and the occasional arcade date too!

However, Capricorn must be mindful that they do not stop being communicative to their partners.

Capricorn is very serious in relationships. Yet there is a catch: when they feel like their partner is losing their trust, they keep it to themselves until such time that they get fed up and walk away.

But despite that, Capricorn is willing to make things work. As much as possible, they will stay with their partner and focus on making their love life stable through being consistent.

When you are not in good terms with your Capricorn partner, soften them up by being sweet and reassuring. Part of their character is being able to detect red flags as well as holding grudges. You don’t want to strain your relationship by getting on their wrong side!

Choosing a Capricorn lover will surely get you a committed, down to earth, and consistent significant other!

Best Healing Crystals for Capricorn


Known to be intensely focused, Capricorn tends to be unstoppable in doing what they want to do.

Unorganized work environments, chaotic deadlines, and increasingly heavy tasks may, unfortunately, affect their concentration. This leads to distraction and unfavorable work outcomes.

Having a Flourite recalibrates Capricorn’s mentality to help them complete their work the way they wanted to. It also gives the benefit of protecting them from unwanted stress and the clarity of mind to be open to new ideas and suggestions.

It would do well for a Capricorn to keep a Fluorite near their workspace to help them keep their focus and organization.


Owing to their ties to Saturn, Capricorn is intensely severe and, at times, reserved.
Because of its alignment with the Heart Chakra, the Emerald encourages those who struggle in being expressive and open. It provides the perfect balance of encouragement to the already cautious nature of the Capricorn.


It is known to be the stone for Saturn’s planet, making it the perfect companion to the cynic Capricorn.

Found worldwide, it helps absorb negative thoughts and emotions and help turn these negative energies into positive.
Just remember to have your stone cleaned frequently to keep it in working condition.

10 Tips and Tricks for Capricorn

1: Be open to new things

There is nothing wrong with sticking to tradition. They’ve endured the test of time because they are proven to be (mostly) effective. However, being too much of a goody-two-shoes might be the barrier to living a life worth living.
Do not be afraid of things outside your comfort zone. Try to break boundaries and see the change from a more positive note. Do not allow yourself to be stagnant and unmoving.
Try to welcome the strange and the unfamiliar. It will help you grow to become an even better individual and discover new and exciting things.

2: Do not lose yourself in your work

Focus and determination are essential characteristics- and you know that!
However, remember that there is life outside the 9-5. Give yourself time to enjoy and spend time with friends and loved ones. Take short breaks in between tasks.
Remember that people are rooting for your success, and you shouldn’t forget them. You also need to take care of yourself even better.
The world does not revolve around having a stable career alone. You also need to reconnect with yourself and those who love you.

3: Learn to be forgiving

Sometimes, you might forget that people are dynamic. Everyone changes after years of self-reflection and life experiences.
Remember that kid in elementary who knocked off your pencil case and didn’t help you pick up your crayons and pens? What about the girl whom you thought gave you a dirty look in high school?
Chances are they no longer have the same personalities as they had when you were younger. They might have even forgotten what they did, thinking that it was merely nothing more than kids being kids or a surge of teen angst.
When you hold grudges against someone, you allow your memory of them to live in your head rent-free. These grudges may even fuel your negativity and mistrust towards others.
Do not let others’ past mistakes affect your present and future relationships, not just with them but also with other people.

4: Communicate your feelings with others

Feelings are natural, and so is wanting to communicate them. You may be the kind of person who believes in “mind over matter,” but you cannot always hide your emotions.
You do not have to bear the burdens of life alone. Do remember that people are willing to listen with an open heart and an open mind.
Do not let your hurts, worries, and other emotions rot inside like an open wound. Instead, talk them over to those that you love and trust.

5: Being too cautious is not always good

It is in our human nature to stay alert at the slightest sign of danger. Taking precautions is part of preventing ourselves from getting into undesirable situations.
However, practicing too much caution might prevent you from taking favorable opportunities.
Do not be afraid to take risks and take that leap of faith!

6: Accept, let go, move on!

You may be committed to someone or something. Maybe it’s your lover or your work.
However, once things start to go downhill and don’t seem to pick itself back up, no matter what you do, maybe it’s time to move on to more extraordinary things.
Get that job offer more aligned to your skills. Let go of those who turn out to be toxic to your wellbeing.
Remember to be kind to yourself. You deserve better.

7: Things may not always go as planned

You may have formulas on how to attain the stable life you’ve dreamed for.
They may be tried and tested by your predecessors or even by yourself. Though, be aware that life is often not the easygoing racetrack that you may have thought it would be.
Do not lose hope. Remember to keep your focus no matter what.
Eyes on the prize, Capricorn!

8: Do not let success get over your head

You worked hard to achieve what you have right now. Naturally, you want to get praise and recognition from your superiors and loved ones.
You deserve that! But, remember that too much resting on your laurels is not suitable for your growth as a person, nor the advancement of your career.
Welcome compliments, but take care that they do not get the better part of yourself.

9: Let yourself be whimsical

Practicality may be your thing, but sometimes letting your imagination run wild makes life even more colorful!
You may have that crazy idea of drawing abstract art. Maybe combine different color palettes and styles of clothing to create your very own fashion style.
Not everything has to be black and white, or readily doable. Sometimes, thinking outside the box is the best way to go.

10: There is nothing wrong with you!

You may have concluded that you are too stiff, conservative, and unpleasant. That’s not entirely true!
Your willingness to achieve and succeed and your commitment to the people and things you love is incomparable.
Since you are human, you are bound to have flaws. The best you could do is make yourself aware of your shortcomings and find ways to make yourself better so that these flaws will not harm you and your loved ones.
As for the better parts of yourself, use them to make your life and those you value even better than they presently are.
There is always a future to look forward to and, most importantly, a better version of you.

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