A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Libra Sign

Libra zodiac sign dates: September 22 – October 20

Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Venus

House: 7th

Polarity: Positive

Symbol: Scales

Power Color: Turquoise, Green

Healing Crystals: Opal, Rose Quartz, Ametrine

Key Traits: Diplomatic, Charismatic, Sophisticated

Desires: Fairness, Peace, Stability

Compatible Signs: Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries, Leo

Mantra: “Balance is the key to everything.”

Libra zodiac sign in a Nutshell


Libra is the seventh among the Zodiacs.

Known to be the pacifist amongst the astrological signs, Libra advocates for fairness.

Defined as discreet, charming, and refined, they believe in establishing harmony and cooperation with everyone.

Libra also has a reputation of being amiable: courteous, delightful, and cultured.

But they are also described to be hypocritical, indecisive, and gullible. Libra has to understand the value of being firm in what they believe!

Element & Modality

Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Like the Air that is light and soothing, Libra is an excellent communicator. Be it life goals, career, or even hobbies, they are good at expressing themselves in pleasant ways.

Along with having Air as their element, Libra is of the Cardinal modality: meaning, they are good in initiating activities and have a strong sense of justice.

Yet there is a disadvantage to this.

Cardinal air signs are impressionable. Thus, Libra needs to practice having a healthy and informed outlook on their beliefs.

Spirit Animal/Symbolisms

The Scales are the sole symbol of Libra.

The scales are also the universal symbol of justice, designating Libra’s pursuit of fairness.

It has been since ancient times to measure anything from spices to gold. Merchants and traders who used scales would maintain it the best they could, as a broken scale might bring their integrity into question. Those born under this sign acquired its purpose in unique and noble ways: they highly value balance and commit to equality.

Just and righteous, Libra is committed to maintaining harmony in all aspects of life.

Ruling Planet


Libra’s ruling planet is Venus.

Venus is the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Apart from encouraging romance, she is also notable for being the ancient patroness of peace. After all, her symbol is the dove, an enduring symbol of the virtue.

Like Venus, Libra is a mediator and lover of everything good. They desire for everyone to get along, while also being appreciative of the finer things in life.

Core Strengths

#1: Diplomatic

Trying not to get on anybody’s wrong side is a challenge. But Libra has that covered!

From words to subtle gestures, Libra has everything in control. They mastered the art of tact- saying the right words even at the trickiest of situations.

Because of this talent, Libra has also earned the reputation of being a mediator and peacemaker.

#2: Charismatic

Libra’s charm is irresistible.

Whether they are conversing with your ordinary Joe or with the Queen herself, Libra can make it more fun and engaging. Their energy and enthusiasm when interacting with others make them excellent companions.

#3: Sophisticated

Refinement is one of Libra’s great loves.

They are very passionate about art and culture. Without a doubt, Libra values all the fine things in life.

Combined with their intelligence and curiosity, their knowledge and posh bearing are sure to amaze anyone paying them attention.

Core Weaknesses

#1: Hypocritical

Venus may be the goddess of love, but myths also portray her as a vengeful goddess. Her Greek form, Aphrodite, is even credited for inciting the legendary Trojan War!

Like Venus, Libra tends to backtrack even on their own beliefs. They may tell you to use reusable straws, but you might catch them sipping their frappe with a plastic straw!

#2: Indecisive

Decision making is Libra’s nightmare.

Because they love balance (sometimes a little bit too much), they tend to consider every option they have. Libra cannot make their mind up and finalize things as they are– even if their life depended on it!

#3: Gullible

Curiosity kills the cat, but sometimes it kills Libra’s common sense.

Naturally attracted to anything that piques their interest, Libra is easily swayed even by the most dubious of things. They are easily persuaded, and it takes little effort for them to believe in something wholeheartedly.

Career Paths for Libra

Cooperative and cultured, Libra wants nothing more than tranquility in the world. They understand the importance of maintaining order.

Prudent, captivating, and enlightened, they know their duty to establish excellent and friendly relationships with others. For Libra, no virtue is higher than that of peace.

Embodying their symbol, the scales, Libra pushes for fairness to be the norm. This quality can help them succeed in careers that focus on attaining balance and compromise. They can become a career diplomat or a lawyer. If they’re into sports, they can choose to become professional referees.  

Libra is also quite the charmer. With their talent for communication and mediation, they thrive in jobs that encourage interaction and agreement. Human resources, guidance counselor, and yes, even life coach will work out for them just fine.

Lastly, Libra’s appreciation for beauty and refinement is unlike any other. Because of this, they function well in professions focusing on culture and the arts. Their options range from being a visual artist such as a painter, or becoming an art curator and history professor.

Indeed, Libra’s calling lies in their ability to see the good in everything. Their intellect and talents will take them to new and exciting places!

Libra in Love


Libra is a romantic and understanding partner.

Ruled by the goddess of love herself, Libra wants a close emotional connection and a peaceful, loving relationship. They give their all to their partner, and will not hesitate to do everything to make their relationship meaningful and happy. They also prefer the traditional kind of romance- courtship and all.

Because they are cardinal air, Libra is communicative and seeks the middle ground in everything. They don’t want their relationship where one dominates the other. Instead, they seek to be equals with their lover and value mutual respect.

Libra wants nothing more than commitment. They show their love in every way they could and is very open with their significant other. They also value compromise. Libra considers their partner’s opinion and tries to find ways to be at the same level of understanding.

Yet Libra also has to learn that they need to confront challenges and not to rush things.

Saying “I love you” may be easy for Libra, but facing emotional challenges is not. They have a habit of running away from conflict and just wait for it to blow over. Infatuation is also a big problem for them. They could easily fall in love with the wrong person at the wrong time.

Giving in to intense emotions may threaten the stability that they aim for in their relationships. Their non-confrontational attitude also makes attaining resolutions in their problems almost impossible.

But Libra is intent in making their relationship their priority. It may be expected of their sign, but there is nothing that they want more than settling down with their significant other. Marriage, kids, a big happy family- they want nothing less than the whole package!

If you find yourself in conflict with your Libra partner, do not be too aggressive towards them. While you must be transparent to them, you must also remember to approach your significant other in a calm, non-agitating manner. Engage them in a productive dialogue and make them feel that you want to obtain agreement at the end.

Having Libra as your significant other will provide you the happiness and stability you’ve always wanted to find in love!

Best Healing Crystals for Libra



Though they are all for balance, Libra would sometimes find it hard to maintain within themselves. The chaos of the modern world makes keeping self-harmony a struggle.

Opal is tied with Venus, making it all the more effective in restoring balance in Libra’s life. Because it is linked with the Heart Chakra, it also makes handling a relationship a breeze for them.

Rose Quartz

As someone aligned with the goddess of love, Libra is in a constant search for romance. They may even see it as the only way for them to attain true happiness!

Having Rose Quartz close by will reinforce Libra’s sense of self-worth. It can also give the benefit of easing agitation and open their heart to true love.


Libra dreads having to decide on something. They get confused about which option to choose and often don’t feel confident about the choices they make.

This stone will help Libra clear their mind when making decisions. Ametrine also gives them the self-assurance to act accordingly.

10 Tips and Tricks for Libra

#1: Stand by what you believe in

Being flexible is good, but not so much when it comes to personal views.

While it is true that people must be accommodating of new ideas, acting against your own convictions may damage your reputation and credibility.

For example, you are a staunch believer in equality and respect. Yet, you treat service workers horribly when they get your order wrong or accidentally drop something.

Integrity is a virtue worth upholding. Don’t let yourself retreat from your own conscience for the sake of convenience.

#2: Learn how to discern

Decision-making is an act that one must master in their everyday life.

Understandably, it is a difficult skill to grasp fully, especially for a Libra. You try to avoid deciding and prefer to delegate that task to others.

However, you cannot keep evading it.

To be a good decision-maker, one must think through the available options thoroughly. Even the color of your dress, the food you eat- all that must be well thought out. In one way or another, decisions affect your life profoundly.

Seek out the wisdom of those who have experienced the same dilemma you have to be guided on what to do. Remember that regrets last a lifetime!

#3: Carefully assess the new things that you encounter

Learning is one of life’s few pleasures. There is nothing more satisfying than having one’s cache of knowledge expanding with new and exciting discoveries!

The world today, though, is rife with false ideas and what can be called as “fake news.” It is essential to exercise fact-checking to be able to verify things. You can either go ask everybody’s good friend – Google, or consult those whom you trust.

Avoid immediately subscribing to ideas that are unfamiliar and suspicious. Do not let yourself get carried away by something just because it is interesting.

#4: Learn to confront challenges

Trouble is something that you don’t like to get into. It is easier to run away from difficulties than face them.

But it is also essential to be accountable for the things that you do. Avoiding it as you would with the Coronavirus (that is, badly) will not solve anything.

Stand tall, and breathe in.

Observe your position in the conflict. Use your gift of communication to talk your way through it. You have nothing to fear about, especially if you know that you are on the right side of things.

#5: Your beliefs define who you are

Justice is regarded to be the heart of everything that Libra does. Unfortunately, some beliefs that you have may contradict that notion.

Before subscribing to a particular ideology (liberalism, feminism, etc.), study it carefully. Ask yourself: does this go along with my conscience? Does this coincide with the common good?

You may not be conscious of it, but what you believe influences how you interact with others. It shapes how you view people and the world at large as well.

Always remember this maxim: the personal is political, the political is personal.

#6: See things beyond their façade

As the old saying goes: looks can be deceiving.

Things may appear to be nice and pretty, but it doesn’t mean that their inside also has the same structural integrity. The same goes for people, as not everyone may have your best interests in mind.

The opposite is also the same. Just because something doesn’t look or seem unpleasant, it doesn’t mean that it’s like that all throughout.

Even the most subtle things can tell you more than you expect. Always remember that things are not always what they seem.

#7: Good things take time

You may generally be patient, but one of the flaws of a Libra is their rush to get what they want- especially when it comes to human relationships.

As said in the section on love, you may end up with the wrong person at the wrong time. Before committing yourself to something (or in this case, someone), it is better to see if you and that person are compatible. Try to look into their character, and if the circumstances are favorable for the two of you.

You can also use this to gauge the relationships that you have with your family and friends. It is also handy when assessing opportunities, and whenever significant changes are on the horizon.

#8: Self-pity ain’t pretty

Like Venus, you like it when people pay you attention to all the nice things you do. But when you don’t get the attention or the high-quality output expected (or worse, both), you end up sulking and upset.

While being sad and mopey is normal, delving too much on this is not good. Just because one unpleasant thing happened to you, it doesn’t mean that you have to channel your fellow Libra/ Hollywood’s resident drama queen, Kim Kardashian.

Give it a good cry (or a rant on your private Twitter account). When you’re done, face the mirror and give yourself a pep talk. Wash your face and chin up- there’s still good left in this world.

#9: Do not be afraid of taking the lead

Working with others may not be a problem for you, provided that you are a follower. Sometimes, though, you have to step up, especially when your skills are needed.

Have confidence that you will do what you are tasked to — channel your inner charm and diplomatic expertise in interacting with your teammates.

You may also run into some problems that can verge into the personal. Do not fear the notion that you may not be liked by the people around you. It is impossible to please everyone, but you must maintain harmony with others using your tact and consideration of others’ ideas.

#10: Peace is a difficult (but very much available) option

In an alternate universe, everyone is singing Kumbaya around a campfire and holding hands. However, in our universe… well, you know how it goes.

Because people have different views and aspirations, attaining balance in all aspects of life is hard. Finding compromises can be quite tricky, especially when the opposing parties try to impose whatever it wants on the other.

As someone who wants nothing more than harmony and cooperation, you need to understand that sometimes, the only way to achieve peace is through justifiable conflict. Si vis pacem, para bellum- if you want peace, prepare for war.

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