A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo zodiac sign dates: July 23 to August 22

Element: Fire

Modality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Sun

House: 5th

Polarity: Positive

Symbol: Lion

Power Color: Orange, Yellow

Healing Crystals: Carnelian, Hiddenite, Citrine

Key Traits: Confident, Generous, Humorous

Desires: Attention, Control, Respect

Compatible Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius

Mantra: “I Govern.”

Leo in a Nutshell

Leo is the fifth among the Zodiacs.

Known to be the leader amongst the astrological signs, Leo will always want to be at the forefront of whatever is happening.

Defined as fearless, giving¸ and friendly, Leo is best at leading. Like their symbol, the lion, they are brave and noble. They are willing to take the helm and lead their peers towards greatness.

Leo is regal: proud, charismatic, and courageous.

But they are also described to be arrogant, stubborn, and egoistic. Leo must learn to lower themselves down and learn the virtue of humility.

Element & Modality

Element: Fire

Modality: Fixed

Like the fire that blazes fiercely, they are tireless and burn bright, making them the life of any activity. Be it life goals, career, or even hobbies, they are in constant action and creative.

Along with having Fire as their element, they are also of the Fixed modality: meaning, they are perseverant and focused on completing their tasks.

However, there is a catch.

Fixed fire signs tend to be self-centered. Thus, Leo has to remember that the world does not revolve around them alone.

Spirit Animal/Symbolisms


The Lion is the sole symbol of Leo.

Brave and dignified, the lion is the king of the jungle. They are not afraid of challenges and are more than willing to protect the weak and needy.

They are passionate and are natural-born leaders. Nothing is too intimidating for Leo and their companions to overcome!

Charismatic and risk-taking, they are sure to emerge at the top of their game.

Ruling Planet

No planet rules Leo. Instead, its ruler is no other than the Sun.

As the center of our Solar System and the primary source of life, the Sun offers warmth, light and catches the wonder of all that beholds it.

Like the Sun, Leo is warmhearted and assertive. They meet life with an easygoing attitude yet are also determined to have people pay attention to what they do

Core Strengths

#1: Confident

Like the deafening roar of a lion, Leo stands proud and tall!

They believe that nothing is too intimidating to do and have little doubt that they can pull through whatever challenges they face. Their charisma inspires those around them, and their mere presence has people in awe.

#2: Generous

Just as the Sun enabled life here on earth, Leo is open-handed.

Whenever they see a person in need, they are more than willing to offer a helping hand. They see it as their noble duty to others to serve the best that they could.

As leaders, they guide others through their creative ideas. They don’t hoard their resilience; Leo offers it to others too.

#3: Humorous

Life is full of lemons, and Leo will not hesitate to make a martini out of it.

They approach the craziness of life with a light heart and a dad joke in mind. Wherever they go, they embody the Sun’s joyfulness, ultimately bringing positivity to those they encounter.

It is no wonder they always catch the attention of everyone- and for a good reason!

Leo Zodiac Signs and their Core Weaknesses

#1: Arrogant

Being confident is generally a good trait to have, though too much of it can be damaging.

When Leo gets too much in their heads, they come off as smug. They believe in their greatness so much that they see themselves as someone far better than others.

This leads to people getting intimidated towards them, with some becoming hostile to their behavior.

#2: Stubborn

Leo doesn’t want to back down from any challenge- even those that are hopeless.

This headstrong attitude often brings more harm than good. Combined with their pride, this disables them to look at their current circumstance in a more sensible light.

They seem not to know their limit, and when their hubris kicks in, it almost always ends up badly for them.

#3: Egoistic

Like the Sun’s position in the middle of our solar system, so does Leo’s want to be the center of attention.

Their self-centeredness would even come to the point where they would be irritated at the thought of not getting the attention that they want to have. They tend to prioritize themselves and the things that would give them satisfaction, rather than consider others’ needs.

At worst, they expect people to give them at least twice of what they provide.

Career Paths for Leo

Strenuous work, who? Deadlines what? No challenge can deter a Leo!

With their self-assurance, passion, and incredible focus, these fiery individuals will have almost no problems doing their work. Combined with their leadership skills, there is no doubt that they would get the top job in no time at all!

With their incredible confidence, they can thrive in careers. Pursuing acting, motivational speaking, and even as a PR executive will be a breeze for them.

They are known to be quite creative, and jobs that demand showstopping creations are within Leo’s turf! Among those that Leo can choose from are: stylist, fashion designer, and makeup artist. Those that they glam up will indeed feel a regal but fashionably fierce touch. After all, Leo’s affinity with the king of the jungle will lead to royalty in everything they do.

Lastly, Leo’s warm-hearted personality will surely fit in socially-oriented work. Typically, these include becoming a life coach, medical doctor, and therapist. Their focus on making people find a positive way around life, combined with their charisma, will surely help others see their own path. 

When their key traits are in good use in whatever career path they choose, Leo is sure to dominate their respective fields. Rising to whatever challenges they encounter, they will find fulfillment in jobs that demand their mental and physical prowess.

Leo in Love


Leo is a passionate and often dominant lover.

They are determined to make things work and adventurous. As a partner, they want to create memories that are fun and exciting with their significant other. They firmly believe that this will help them strengthen their bond even more.

Since they are the fixed fire, Leo is faithful until the end. They are also the kind of lover who is expressive and honest. They are unafraid to tell their partner exactly how they feel, knowing that it will improve their relationship.

As the initiator in the relationship, they like to lead their partner to whatever they think is suitable for both. They also love to encourage their significant other to try new things, especially when they are together. They are also very caring towards those they love.

Yet Leo has to keep in mind that they should not be domineering and that their partner also has a life apart from their relationship.

In part to their natural qualities as leaders, they tend to be “the boss” and impose whatever they like. They end up forgetting that their partner has their own needs, and often drown out their partner’s voice when making decisions.

Leo would also sometimes get jealous over their partner doing things outside their relationship. When their lover’s attention is not towards them, they get annoyed (at the very least). This sometimes becomes a point of conflict in their relationships.

But Leo is loyal. Whatever happens, they will stay with their lover and do everything they could to keep the relationship going.

When things with your Leo partner isn’t doing good, sit down and talk with them. Be vocal and assertive while also maintaining a respectful tone when speaking. Let them know what you need and help them understand the importance of the two of you being equal in your relationship.

Having a Leo as your significant other will bring ‘fun’ and ‘fierce’ commitment unlike any other!

Best Healing Crystals for Leo


Jealousy can sometimes get the best of a Leo. It prevents them from expressing their care towards their loved ones, and instead, it makes them hostile.

Since Carnelian has links to the Sacral and Root Chakra, it can help ease this negative feeling and revitalize the loving side of its wearer. It also has the added perks of boosting their creativity and enable them to work even better.


Losing is not an option for a Leo, but when they feel like they are, they become so down that it’s almost impossible to comfort them.

Hiddenite offers them emotional support during these instances. It keeps their spirits up and helps them accept possible defeat with grace.


Criticisms are the worst thing that could happen to a Leo. It makes them feel insecure and lose their confidence with themselves.

Having Citrine will assist them in taking criticisms, not as something worth crying over, but as a guide on improving oneself and their output. It also boosts their energy to keep them from slacking at work and maintain their focus on the tasks they are supposed to do.

10 Tips and Tricks for Leo

#1: Learn to humble yourself

Your confidence is your greatest asset. But when overdone, it can also become your downfall.

Yes, you are great at what you do, but being a braggart will not make people like you any better. It also doesn’t benefit you as a person, aside from your peers disliking you and your pride.

Lowering oneself and accepting that there are people who may potentially be better than you is essential. It will keep you grounded and conscious of the reality that greatness is within everyone, and not just you alone.

#2: Conceding is not defeat

Being hardheaded can be difficult. It disallows you from acknowledging that not all things are worth pursuing.

But it is essential to learn when to stop pressing on because it will let you realize your mistakes. It will also help you know your limits.

Think of it as a workout routine. Your trainer might discourage you from continuing an exercise because it is evident that you’re no longer doing well in performing it. However, you keep on pushing on until you couldn’t move anymore.

Later on, you realize that the exercise isn’t perfect for you due to an existing medical condition, and your trainer was only trying to stop you from hurting yourself.

#3: You won’t always have the spotlight

Real talk: the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Getting attention is well and good, especially when it’s because of some positive contribution. But just because you don’t catch everyone’s eyes all the time doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Some things may be more worthwhile for people to focus on, and it’s okay! You may find how sometimes, it’s easier to stay lowkey than to be subject to judgment every time.

#4: “We” not “me”

You may embody a leader’s traits, but it doesn’t mean that you can impose whatever you want.

Leading means listening to the feedback of your teammates and working along with them. For example, you and your team are tasked with creating a new concept for next month’s cover shoot. You pitched in, but your team member suggested some changes.

Your other members think it would make your suggestions even better. Admittedly, you like them too.

Make collaboration the norm in whatever that you do. Remember that two (or more!) heads are better in one.

#5: Some things are not worth fighting for

Unquestionably loyal, Leo would do anything for those that they love.

However, you have to learn to let go of those who give you the vibes (or even tell you outright) that no longer want to be with you.

Chasing your ex, your former best friend, even that cousin who was like a brother to you but turned out to scam you bit by bit won’t do you any good. Cutting off people who are toxic to you is essential to move forward with your life and establish relationships with those who are better to your well-being.

#6: Be careful with who you associate with

People will no doubt praise you for the things that you do. But take care that these are people who have good intentions.

The flattery of others may be music to your ears, but some do it for the sake that they can benefit from you. Sooner or later, these people will leave you after they get what they want.

Discern between the sincerity of those who appreciate you and those who only want to take advantage of you. Identify which among your circle will help you understand yourself and your shortcomings. Only those who are genuinely concerned for your wellbeing will tell you outright what you’re doing wrong!

#7: Jealousy is a double-edged sword

Being jealous is normal. Human as we are, we feel discomfort when those we love don’t give us enough attention.

Perhaps though, you may need to reassess where these feelings come from. If your girlfriend has been coming home late because of work (or so she says), it will be better to give her the benefit of the doubt. If you think it is otherwise, try to remember how she acts around you recently and see if she has been operating outside the normal.

Either way, communicate how you feel so you and your partner can find ways to resolve this. It will also help both of you to feel secure in your relationship.

#8: Look out for freeloaders

As a leader, you want to be able to meet deadlines and make the best possible outputs. While most teams have cooperative people, some couldn’t care less.

Leadership may indeed be all about taking accountability, but it does not include the disinterest of those who can potentially bring down the quality of what you are making.

It would be best to talk to them over this kind of work performance. But if they still don’t perform the way they should, then it is best to have them removed from your group.

#9: Vanity is a vice

Self-love is essential to a person’s mental health, and you know that!

Take care, though, that you do not overemphasize yourself. There are other people or things that may need your attention even more.

“Prioritizing yourself” doesn’t mean overlooking others for your sake. What it means is looking after your wellbeing, the way you would with those that you love.

#10: The highest form of validity is from within

Praises and flattery may abound you, but no one can give the best kind of validation except for yourself.

Remind yourself that you are (and you will also be) doing great. Affirm the good things that you do. You are your own best critic and primary validator as well.

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