A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius zodiac sign dates: January 22 – February 18

Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Uranus

House: 11th

Polarity: Positive

Symbol: Water-Bearer

Power Color: Turquoise, Blue

Healing Crystals: Magnetite, Aquamarine, Clear Quartz

Key Traits: Progressive, Original, Humane

Desires: Justice, Freedom, Creativity

Compatible Signs: Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Libra

Mantra: “I will keep on moving forward.”

Aquarius Zodiac Sign in a Nutshell

Man with water symbol of aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarius zodiac sign is the eleventh among the Zodiacs.

Known to be the humanist amongst the astrological signs, Aquarius believes in the common good.

Defined as reformist, inventive, and compassionate, they are relentless in pursuing the change they want!

Aquarius is also understanding: liberal, innovative, and empathetic.

But they are also described to be impersonal, reclusive, and rebellious. Aquarius needs to learn the importance of emotional expression!

Element & Modality

Ballons in the air the air is the element of aquarius zodiac sign

Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Contrary to what people may think, Aquarius’ element is the Air. Like the free-flowing air, Aquarius is unrestrained. Be it life goals, career, or even hobbies, they are independent and forward-thinking.

Along with having Air as their element, Aquarius is also of the Fixed modality: meaning, they are trustworthy and give importance to maintaining their community’s stability.

Unfortunately, though, there is a downside to this.

Fixed air signs are emotionally detached. Thus, Aquarius has to learn the importance of self-expression.

Spirit Animal/Symbolisms

The Water-Bearer is the sole symbol of Aquarius.

The water-bearer carries a jug of water on their shoulder, indicating their commitment to serving humanity.

Before the existence of indoor plumbing, water-bearers were the ones who brought in water from wells and springs so that their masters or families could drink and bathe. Like those born under their sign, they consider other individuals’ situation and carry the weight for everyone’s benefit.

Kindhearted and charitable, Aquarius is persistent in doing what they could to make sure people will get what they need.

Ruling Planet

Aquarius’ ruling planet is Uranus.

Uranus is the Greek primordial god of the sky. He covers the earth and allows life to propagate by enabling them to breathe. He also made the land fertile through the rains.

Like Uranus, Aquarius is benevolent and revolutionary. They want what is best for all, and push for the benefit of humankind. They also believe that change is essential; they desire to become the catalysts of social progress.

Core Strengths

#1: Progressive

Aquarius deeply believes in social change and development. With all that is happening globally, it only makes sense that everything must transform for the better.

Aquarius hates holding on to established norms and traditions. They believe that constant transformation is the only way to advance.

Because of this, they are often labeled as “liberal.” It’s not surprising that they are the first ones to favor radical bills and laws.

#2: Original

Genuinity is something that Aquarius values so much.

From ideas to actions, Aquarius wants to set themself apart from everyone else. For them, uniqueness is something worth upholding because it reflects one’s self-honor.

As a result of their partiality to anything new, they are also creative and innovative when doing their work.

#3: Humane

Two hands shaking symbol that the aquarius zodic sign is a very human sign in astrology

Aquarius is always concerned with the welfare of others.

With the knowledge of the deep-seated injustices of our society today, Aquarius seeks to challenge inequality. They fight for what they believe is in the best interest of every individual– also known as the common good.

Core Weaknesses

#1: Impersonal

Aquarius may have strong beliefs, but they are also emotionally detached.

Emotions make them feel vulnerable. Thus, Aquarius doesn’t show how they feel. When they feel like they are starting to make their feelings obvious, they become uncomfortable.

This discomfort is also the reason why they struggle when trying to express themselves.

#2: Reclusive

For all their commitment to their advocacies, Aquarius doesn’t like touching on the personal.

They tend to be quiet, believing that being too open may divert their attention from things that matter. Aquarius focuses so much on their work that they tend to withdraw from the rest of the world.

Sometimes, their feelings of being misunderstood may also cause them to shun attention, too.

#3: Rebellious

With their love for change, Aquarius has a strong dislike for tradition.

For Aquarius, social norms are almost equal to oppression. They believe that old beliefs are not compatible with the changing times. They also hate being told what to do!

It is also usually the reason why they are almost always at odds with older generations.

Career Paths for Aquarius

Aquarius is socially conscious and visionary. They understand the importance of their moral duty for the benefit of humankind.

Innovative, inventive, and humanistic, these individuals respond to their call of vocation. To serve others is the highest obligation, and they say yes without a moment of hesitation!

With their commitment to social justice, Aquarius wants to bring an end to inequality. Thus, they are perfect for jobs that emphasize ethics and morality. Becoming a lawyer, political activist, or a philosophy professor is on the table for them.

Aquarius also loves to do things that are “avant-garde.” As a result, they thrive in careers that highly value creativity. They can choose to become a visual artist, actor, or even a musician!

Lastly, Aquarius’ deep love for humanity knows no bounds. Their compassion will undoubtedly aid them in work that focuses on humanitarian aid. Social work and advocacy building will no doubt bring them fulfillment. When their finances allow for it, they can also venture into philanthropy to help more people.

Aquarius will indeed find their purpose in careers that emphasize the best of themselves. With their innate goodness, they would be able to touch and make lives better.

Aquarius zodiac sign in Love

Aquarius zodiac sign is a loyal lover

Aquarius is an empathetic and loyal lover.

They are deeply understanding and highly value integrity. Aquarius is aware that their partner has a life apart from their relationship. Knowing the different needs and wants of their partner is also essential for them. They believe it is vital to help both their partner and relationship grow since they see it as the point of being with someone.

Because they are fixed air, Aquarius values consistency, and personal independence. They want their partner to stay loyal and faithful to them. Yet, they also believe that letting their partner do what the latter wants is essential.

Aquarius doesn’t want to restrain their partner. They allow their significant other to do anything, as long as it is within their agreed-upon grounds. It is also the reason that honesty is also vital in Aquarius’ relationship. They believe that trust is the cornerstone of their strong bond with their lover.

But Aquarius also needs to understand that they need to be more vocal and unafraid of intense emotions.

Telling their significant other what they think or feel is a struggle for Aquarius. It even takes them long to warm up to those they like! They aren’t the romantic kind of person, too. They are pretty laid back in their relationships, making their partner feel like they don’t care.

When they are come over with their feelings, running away seems to be the best option for Aquarius. They hate it whenever that happens because it makes them feel vulnerable.

Yet, Aquarius expresses love in meaningful ways. It may not be the mainstream chocolates and flowers, but they can get creative when they want to. They make sure that it is unique and unforgettable and full of effort.

Should you and your Aquarius lover find yourselves in a disagreement, be honest on what you think and feel. Try not to scare them off from talking; be as calm as you can muster when speaking. If they suddenly have an outburst, let them. Being too expressive is rare for Aquarius, and once they do, it means a lot to them.

Having an Aquarius as your partner will indeed help you grow in love as an individual!

Best Healing Crystals for Aquarius


Engaging in work for the common good can get too stressful. Sometimes, Aquarius might get helpless or tired when the problems become too much.

Magnetite can help relax and align Aquarius’ Chakras to maintain mental and spiritual balance. It also drains excess energy so that they can keep calm and be efficient in their work.


Getting agitated doesn’t sit well with Aquarius. They easily get overwhelmed by their negative thoughts, and their frustration could sometimes get the best of them.

As the Ascendant stone for Aquarius, having an Aquamarine close by can relieve these thoughts and replace them with a feeling of peace and clarity of mind.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz is the healing crystal for aquarius

The urge to help initiate change is innate in Aquarius. Yet, they may get confused about what they should do and doubt in their abilities.

Having Clear Quartz will help Aquarius find the path towards their calling. Since it is also an Abundance stone, it also attracts more opportunities for Aquarius to attain fulfillment.

10 Tips and Tricks for Aquarius

#1: Connection is important

Detaching yourself can be helpful. It allows yourself to think things through rationally and unbiased in making decisions.

Yet, it is also normal to feel strongly about things. It allows you to strengthen your convictions on what you believe in. Your feelings will also help you connect with others.

There is nothing wrong when taking some things personally. It is part of life and lets you get in touch with yourself more intimately.

#2: Don’t be (too) shy

Like the planet Uranus spinning quietly on its axis, you prefer to be left to your own devices. You want to do your work without drama.

But also like Uranus, there are times when you will be the center of attention- and that’s okay! When people notice you, it is because you have done something noteworthy.

Whenever that happens, there is one best thing to do: smile. Acknowledge what is happening and thank people. Who knows, it may even help bring wider attention to the things that you believe in.

#3: Not all old things are bad

Aquarius lives for change.

But the thing is, some things should remain the same. For example: celebrating birthdays. You may think that it’s overrated, unnecessary even. You may even feel that it’s just a social construct!

Yet, the beauty of this kind of stuff is not in the fact that they are celebrations. Instead, it is on the human relationships that they make stronger and closer by bringing people together. So indulge in that birthday cake; you deserve it!

#4: Rules are sometimes necessary

Sometimes, you may feel like regulations are restraining you from doing what you want with your life. It limits what you can do, and there are times that it just doesn’t make sense (like your school’s crazy dress code).

However, it is essential that you also understand how they are crucial in maintaining peace and order. Without laws, everything would be pure chaos. Just think of the movie The Purge. Lawlessness only empowers terrible people to do even worse things.

This enduring Latin quote sums up the whole idea: sed lex, dura lex. The law is hard, but it is the law.

#5: … But don’t be afraid to question rules that oppress

Your strong moral compass enables you to question things that shouldn’t even exist in the first place. As mentioned in tip number 4, dress codes are supposed to maintain order through decency.

But it is also undeniable how dress codes can sometimes be against certain groups of people. Having to wear corporate attire in a business setting is understandable. Yet, girls are not allowed to wear shorts at some schools because boys might think “nasty” thoughts. It’s just plain stupid, especially when the weather is unbearably hot!

Do not let yourself be held back by timidity or fear. Stand and speak on behalf of those who cannot.

Remember this maxim: lex malla, lex nulla. A bad law is not a law at all.

#6: Let yourself be vulnerable

Putting your guard down can sometimes be scary. People may take advantage of your weakness!

It doesn’t always mean, though, that you stay guarded all the time. Putting walls around yourself will not always protect you. Instead, it will only isolate you even further from people. Sometimes, it can also negatively affect how you express yourself.

Allowing yourself to be a little bit more open will not make you weaker. It also does not mean that you are letting people take advantage of you. It is merely allowing yourself to express your emotions freely and not denying yourself from feeling things.

Remember: you are a human with a mind and heart and not a robot.

#7: Show your love to those that matter to you

Being expressive is not your forte- even with those whom you love.

You may not be that lovey-dovey with your girlfriend, or you hardly speak with your brother. While them always being there may be enough for you, it may be not for them. Sometimes, people need assurance through words and actions.

Try to tell them how much you love them, or maybe give them one massive hug. You don’t have to force yourself, but do what feels natural.

Life is too short for you not to express your appreciation to others. Make them feel that they matter to you before it’s too late.

#8: You do not carry the weight of the world

Having a big heart doesn’t mean that you have to worry about everything.

Commitment to just causes is indeed a good thing. Yet, you cannot fix the world by becoming a martyr.

Instead, try to focus on those that you feel are close to your heart. However, this doesn’t mean that you are abandoning the other things you’re fighting for! You just have to dedicate much of your time on something you can do at present.

Do your good deeds with like-minded people. You may feel like working with others will compromise your independence, but it is only when working together that things become better.

#9: Do not be a rebel without a cause

Sometimes you may feel like defying someone or something because… well, just because!

Instead of going full-on James Dean, you need to recognize authority, especially when it is justifiable. You don’t have the right to go way past the speed limit just because it’s nighttime, and there’s no one around.

Going against “The Man” for no reason at all will not bring you or anyone good. If anything, you might get to pay a fine or two!

#10: Change starts with you

Cue the Aquarius anthem: Jetta’s I’d Love to Change the World!

But wait! There is still a more important thing to improve: you.

It may get frustrating, but the only way that progress can happen is to improve yourself first. Learn a new skill or two. See the value in the past. Most of all, let go of habits or attitudes that do not benefit you in any way.

Only when you have made yourself better can you also do the same to others’ lives.

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