A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Dates: March 21 to April 20

Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Mars

House: 1st

Polarity: Positive

Symbol: Ram

Power Color: Red

Healing Crystals: Crystal Quartz, Aquamarine, Garnet

Key Traits: Decisive, takes Initiative, Courageous

Desires: Success, Purpose, Recognition

Compatible Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini

Mantra: “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Aries sign in a Nutshell

aries is the first zodiac sign

Aries is the first among the Zodiacs.

Known to be the person of action amongst the astrological signs, Aries will always get the job done.

Defined as courageous, bold, and focused, they are best at initiating. Just like the ram, they love to charge head-on, often with no regard to consequences. They simply won’t stop until they reach their goal!

Aries encompasses the characteristics of a natural leader: determined, confident, and loves to take the initiative.

But when left unchecked, they can become oppressive, impulsive, and arrogant. Thus, they continuously need to be regulated in order to avoid excessiveness and unnecessary trouble.

Element & Modality


Modality: Cardinal

Just like the blazing flame, Aries will be unstoppable once they’ve set their mind onto something. Be it life goals, career, or even hobbies. Their sheer determination brings them to a state of pure focus.

Apart from being a Fire sign, Aries is also known to be a cardinal one. Filled with initiative and ambition, such qualities strongly compliment Aries’ fiery nature.

However, this is a double-edged sword.

Cardinal fire signs will be very stubborn once they have started something. Given the energy, focus, and passion they possess, they’ll insist on their ways forward.  Thus, Aries needs to be guided and regulated to avoid going down the drain.

Spirit Animal/Symbolisms of Aries sign

hawk wich is the spirit animal of the aries in astrology

Apart from the ram, Aries’ spirit animal is the Hawk.

Soaring the vast heavens, hawks are opportunistic feeders. These birds of prey hunt and eat whatever is available.

Like a hawk, Aries takes it to himself to determine when to snag an opportunity. Once decided, Aries will show no hesitation. In a rapid motion, they will swiftly snatch their prey off the ground.

While they are born initiators, Aries is calm and disciplined when dormant. But once they are provoked, they’ll mercilessly constrict their enemies with their falcons.

Precise, keen, and cunning, Aries is decisive, just like a hawk. Thus, they often end up at the top of the food chain.

Ruling Planet

Aries’ ruling planet is Mars.

Also known by the Romans as the God of War, Mars governs the sheer willpower and determination present on an Aries.

Embodying a Roman legionary, Aries tends to be aggressive when it comes to virtues and beliefs. When cornered, their aggressiveness will move them to retaliate against their oppressors.

Aries Core Strengths

#1: Pure Focus

Being able to focus on a task or a goal is one of the strengths of Aries.

With their ability to channel all their energy to one endeavor, they can reach a state of pure focus, even for an extended time.

Thus, it is common to see Aries ending up as a leader in almost any field. If an Aries started it, they would be sure to finish it.

#2: Unbending Will

Coming hand in hand with an Aries’ focus is their willpower.

Bearing the cardinal sign, Aries is known to be stoic. They do not allow hardships and obstacles to be the defining force in their life. Thus, we often see them persevering until they succeed.

As long as they can keep that fire burning, their willpower will surely propel them forward.

#3: Burning Passion

Being a fire sign, Aries is known to be extremely passionate.

Whatever they are doing, Aries always puts their ‘all’ into it. Like the heat felt from the fire, Aries still radiates pure energy.

This results in a vibrant display of love towards things they’re working at. Whether it’s a job, a hobby, or even a simple gesture, you can be assured that an Aries will be passionate about it. They always know how to keep the fire burning.

Aries Core Weaknesses

#1: Aggressiveness

woman who is of the sign of the zodiac aries who throws books

Aries is known for its initiative and implementation. But when left unchecked, they can become harsh and ruthless. Such aggressive nature often pushes people away.

With that, we sometimes see Aries working alone. Instead of inspiring others, they become solitary passionate creatures. This isn’t always their fault, but it won’t hurt to assess this quality/trait continually.

Excess aggressiveness is commonly misinterpreted as hostility by more conservative signs. Thus, Aries is prone to misinterpretation and judgment.

#2: Dominance

As natural leaders, Aries will feel that they are destined for greatness.

Generally, they don’t like to be bossed around since they think that it is their job to lead others.

Even so, their dominance often manifests when they seek to begin something. For instance, Unlike Leo, who’s fixated at staying in power, Aries’ focus is simply to take the initiative. Even then, Aries will most likely seek to remain the leader. 

Thus, Aries must continuously assess if they are overstepping bounds as they carry the group’s torch.

#3: Impulsiveness

Undeniably, Aries is infamous for being *very* impulsive.

Tackling problems without adequately evaluating their course of action, they often end up entangled in unnecessary troubles.

Due to their excessive amount of passion, they sometimes love to throw everything under the bus. With that, it often results in unforeseen mistakes and accidents.

To combat this weakness, Aries must not rely on their emotion when conducting essential decisions. They have to make use of their rational skills to assess the situation as it is instead of hoping for the outcome they want. 

Career Paths for Aries Sign

Aries is a prime candidate for managerial, sales, corporate, military, emergency, and healthcare careers.

Determined and focused, your innate qualities will help you conquer these toxic workplaces. With their unparalleled passion, Aries often thrive in environments that are commonly stressful to other signs.

To begin with, their leadership qualities allow them to handle managerial and upper corporate roles easily. Managing employees and staff will be a breeze for them due to their confidence and charisma.

Added, being stoic and courageous allows them to work efficiently in the military and emergency healthcare sectors. Regarded as professions that require an uncompromising mental fortitude, Aries will feel at home in this otherwise stressful habitat.

Lastly, Aries can also take advantage of their aggressiveness in the field of sales. Able to execute ruthlessly, Aries naturally emanates the art of closing. Thus, they will indeed become apex predators in the corporate world!

Whatever path Aries chooses, climbing the career ladder won’t be a problem for them. After all, their pure focus and unwavering willpower will carry them towards success.

Aries in Love

How is the zodiac sign aries when he is in love

Aries is a fiery and passionate partner.

There will never be a dull moment together with an Aries, from spending the night cuddling on the couch to planning romantic getaways. They shine when they do something out of love, what more when they’re together with someone they love!

Being the cardinal fire, Aries is expected to be dynamic and extremely outgoing.

Be it jogging together, hiking an unknown trail, and even conquering the vast mountains, you can expect the Aries relationship to be very energetic. Keeping up with Aries’ energy will be a challenge; albeit, it will be rewarded with a healthy relationship!

Aries needs to be careful, though! Sometimes, this passion and energy lead them to obsession and possessiveness.

Jealousy might be a common problem due to Aries being overly passionate. Some signs will have trouble handling this obsessive amount of love coming from Aries.

Lastly, given their willpower to endure hardships, Aries won’t easily give up. Rough patches in the relationship won’t be enough to end it.

While that seems to be fair, be prepared to encounter many arguments as Aries is a dominant sign and seldom backs down. Whereas others see this as a threat, try to look at it as an opportunity to talk, sit down, and mold the relationship stronger.

Choosing an Aries as a mate will most likely end in a healthy, dynamic, and passionate relationship!

Best Healing Crystals for Aries

Crystal Quartz

While energetic and passionate, Aries can quickly lose themselves. Unable to regulate their flames, they might end up burning everything that they’ve built.

With that, Crystal Quartz is the right gemstone for Aries. Bringing in that mental clarity, this crystal allows Aries to sort through their thoughts, feelings, passions, and pursuits in life.


As a sign governed by Mars, the God of War, Aries tends to be aggressive.

Thus, they Aquamarine to balance their innate aggression. Regulating their inner feelings, this healing crystal can help them channel their creative and passionate energies. 

Add to that; Aquamarine can also help them express their thoughts and feelings. Unblocking the Throat Chakra, this crystal can boost Aries’ leadership skills!


Aries is brave and courageous… yet sometimes, unbalanced.

Thus, before they can solidify their position as a leader (and a role model), they need to ensure that they keep those negative traits at bay.

With that, they’ll need the help of Garnet. Bringing in a unique combination of balance and power, this gemstone will allow Aries to strike when only when the time is right!

10 Tips and Tricks for Aries Sign

#1: Do not compare yourself to others

Seeking to one-up your rival, you’ll fight with sticks and stones until you break your bones. Through the course of it, you’ll often compare yourself to them. Be careful, though…

While this attitude helps you to benchmark your progress, do not be consumed by it.

Like the modalities of Astrology, different signs have different paces in life. Try to stay in your lane and don’t lose focus of your goals.

Every night, reflect on your progress and compliment yourself for moving forward. Remember that everything is a process!

#2: Growth requires adequate pacing

Being an Aries, Growth shouldn’t be an issue.

You are a pioneer of the Zodiacs; you possess focus, determination, and willpower, unlike any other sign.

However, being too fast can break you before you can even grow at all!

Like a seed, no matter how you provide the most optimal conditions, it will take time to become a tree. Similarly, your qualities can lead you forward, but if you don’t control your horse’s reins, you’ll get injured.

Thus, take things one at a time. Always remember that growth isn’t linear but rather branching!

#3: Passion and obsession are two different things

You manifest the flames of the Zodiacs.

Because of that, you tend to be overly passionate about things you love. In turn, you can become obsessed with it.

Thus, keep in mind that passion and obsession are two different things. At the very least, the former is complimentary, while the latter is often harmful.

Always find time to take a step back… and breathe.

Try to balance your lifestyle and not allow yourself to be too caught up on a single thing.

#4: Follow the Golden Mean

Popularized by Aristotle himself, the concept of the Golden mean is a solid tip for you.

Preventing you from going to the extremes, remembering the value of regulation leads to a more balanced lifestyle.

By living following this code, you can make fair use of your passion in ways that you didn’t initially expect!

#5: Don’t Explode!

In life, there will be situations where your patience will be tested.

And… being a sign governed by the God of War doesn’t help either (as it brings out the warrior in you during these trying times)

When faced with these scenarios, try to breathe in the life forces around you and breathe out the fury building up inside. This exercise will calm you down and will, fortunately, stop the rage of an Aries.

#6: Lead, not dominate

You are a born leader.

Destined to be on top, your pursuit often precedes you. Sometimes, when you get there, you end up being tyrannical without even knowing it.

To prevent this, try to go back to the grassroots. In short, you need to spend time with your colleagues, like treating them to lunch, casually talking with them, or even taking them on trips!

In this way, you get to know more about their inner struggles, pains, and adversaries. Instead of mandating, you can become a shining light to your own team. 

Remember, a good leader is also a good follower.

#7: Know when to Fold

You are a risk-taker. Nothing can change that.

But in life, you can’t always go all-in.

There are times that you have to fold and humbly accept defeat. In doing so, you get to retreat and cut your losses.

Now, this might go against your rash and irrational nature… yet such is the very reason why you need to back down.

Your fearlessness often leads you to rush things without any consideration for the possible consequences. When presented with a problem, charging head-on is not always the best idea. Sometimes it is better to evaluate things first before tackling the problem.

As an Aries, stopping yourself from charging might come up as unnatural, but in the long run, this will prove to be beneficial.

#8: Assess if the Juice is Worth the Squeeze

Aries loves to jump into things.

Without regard to careful evaluation, it is second nature for you just to go out there and make things happen.

However, you should learn how to know if the juice is worth the squeeze.

By thinking before acting, you can divert your energy into something positive. Instead of carelessly starting new ventures, comprehensive planning, and critical thinking will go a long way for you!

#9: Open yourself more

Aries often lives by this mantra:

“if you want something done, then do it yourself.”

It comes to no wonder, though… cause you do have the toolset to fly solo. Being solitary never became an issue. You don’t usually depend on others, often leading you to realize your goals alone.

It comes to no wonder, though.

Due to your unparalleled intensity when it comes to pursuing tasks, you usually end up outpacing others. This leads you to become even more comfortable with a solitary approach.

Independence might be your comfort zone, and this is only normal for Aries.

While this is not a bad thing, try opening up to others. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

After all, reaching the finish line will be more satisfying, knowing you did it together with your friends!

#10: Trust your gut (especially when it comes to dealing with others)

Aries is known to have a sharp intuition. As a fire sign, they are especially attuned to the right timing. They know when to get a relationship moving almost by instinct.

However, this knowledge is often suppressed by their indecision. Despite their passion, they can be bogged down, confused, and even forced to question the motives of the people around them.

But due to your nature, you shouldn’t concern yourself with these matters. Burn your doubts away with your passion and instinct.

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