A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus zodiac signs are born from April 21 to May 20

Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Venus

House: 2nd

Polarity: Negative

Symbol: Bull

Power Color: Green

Healing Crystals: Diamond, Amethyst, Quartz

Key Traits: Resourcefulness, Bravery, Passion

Desires: Fun, Stability, Recognition

Compatible Signs: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

Mantra: “Be still, as an immovable rock.”

Taurus Zodiac Signs in a Nutshell

Taurus is which is a zodiac sign

Taurus is the pedestal of the Zodiac.

Stable and robust, few match the invincible might of Taurus. It can be seen as the zodiac pillar and an unshakable foundation that can shoulder the great wheel’s weight.

They’re known to be dedicated, reliable, and dependable. Beyond this, what gives them the strength they possess is their innate sense of security and stability. The world can shake them down, but nothing can rattle them.

Tauruses have an eye for beauty. Their patience and tenacity allow them to hold jobs as chefs, sommeliers, and custodians.

They do have their weaker sides, however. They’re jealous, possessive, and greedy. These factors make them ornery and stubborn as a bull.

Element & Modality of Taurus

Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Being an Earth elemental, Taurus reflects some of the qualities of our mortal plain within themselves. Their persistence is second to none in all things. In an ever-changing world, they are a rock of stability.

Apart from this, their Fixed Modality allows them to trust and be trusted. They stand over the world like a mountain and can see multiple perspectives of any situation. And their solid footing lets them carry out actions in absolute security.

There are some dangers involved with this.

As a Fixed Earth sign, the same virtues that make them strong and let them give others strength can be their downfall. A Taurus has to learn to let go and trust in others. 

Taurus Symbolisms/Spirit Animal

Along with the bull, the Wolf holds importance to Taurus.

Cunning and steadfast, wolves are robust and adaptable. They are found in many parts of the world and thrive under many conditions.

Just as the wolf would, Taurus strides across the world with their feet flat to the ground. Taurus is tenacious. They are the unchallenged rulers of their domain, and nothing can stop them.

Why they may not look like it, Taurus is capable of going after their goals at a blistering pace. Their bulk means nothing to their determination.

Patient, persistent, watchful, and quiet. All of which can describe both the Wolf and the Bull. Both earn the respect they deserve.

Ruling Planet

the venus planet which is the planet of the taurus zodiac sign 
in astrology

Venus is Taurus’s ruling planet.

Named after the Goddess of love, Venus governs the affection, loyalty, and eye for detail. That makes up the cores of Taurus’s values.

Much like the Goddess of Love, Taurus holds to a dual nature that can manifest for good and ill. They can be fiercely loyal and caring for their kin. But the same nature makes them jealous and stubborn.

Core Strengths

#1: Ingenuity

Resourcefulness is what sets Taurus apart from the others.

Their untainted focus and sharp wits allow them to take stock of any situation and leverage it to their advantage, no matter how dire.

This worldliness and creative use of resources allow Taurus to excel in most pragmatic or rational fields.

#2: Indomitable spirit

Taurus is the unshakable Fixed Earth sign.

Their sense of order and place is better rooted than most others in the Great Wheel. This allows them to face down challenges to their financial, emotional, and spiritual lives with ease.

This allows them to weather the storm of life better than the other signs, and lets them anchor those around them,

#3: Prosperity

Earth signs are connected to the world and its riches.

Taurus, in particular, has a sense of luxury. Not only can they spend money, but they have the savvy and understanding to make it.

The Taurus, therefore, can make Earth their Heaven and surround themselves in their riches. They bring prosperity not only to themselves but those around them, ensuring that all can live in comfort and security under their watch.

Core Weaknesses

#1: Greed

Prosperity is good, but Taurus’s ambition can get the best of them. They’re prone to becoming greedy and corrupt, using any means necessary to amass their wealth.

Taurus being as fiscally capable as it is and loves accumulating vast amounts of wealth for itself. However, the issue is that it’s not always easy for them to let go of that wealth even when there’s no need for it. 

This greed is born of pragmatism gone awry. Taurus needs to learn the lesson that not all times are tight. That there are others in need that they can assist.

#2: Laziness

The Earth is at its best when it’s staying still. There are times when Taurus wants to be at rest.

This is not a problem in an of itself, but with achievement comes a sense of worth. A sense of worth that can inflate.

In times of plenty, Taurus will put off their responsibilities and burdens. This is because they feel like they’ve done more than enough already.

Taurus should learn to pace its actions better. Earth herself never stops moving, and neither should they.

#3: Uncompromising

As a Fixed sign, once Taurus has set its mind to something, they’re not easily swayed.

They will chase down their goals with a dogged determination, even if their wants and demands are unreasonable.

This is due to their warped sense of responsibility, not only for themselves but also for the world.

Taurus must learn how to negotiate with people and the world and how reality can find itself disappointing them and their plans.

Career Paths for Taurus

Taurus leads an opulent lifestyle that demands a lot of wealth in terms of materials and connections. No surprise then that Taurus will either go for a career with a stable income or one where their attention to detail is needed.

Diligent, meticulous, and patient; they thrive in environments with high turnover rates. Heated places like kitchens and high-stress businesses give them no trouble.

Their resourcefulness and savvy with opportunities, people, and materials allow them amazing opportunities in the world of business. Tycoons, entrepreneurs, and trend-setters are often born under Taurus.

The patience of Taurus allows them to deal with work-related stress and strife within the office with ease. This also gives them an edge on more cutthroat businesses where money and emotions often run high.

If there’s a startup business in town, it’s probably being managed by a Taurus. Their analytical eye can see an opportunity before anyone else can, and they will pounce upon it before anyone knows it’s there. 

Taurus in Love

The Taurus in love is a gentle and nurturing lover.

They make for great conversation when it comes to the more practical sides of a partnership. They can plan out everything from the first date up to the honeymoon. Their earthliness affords them foresight and keeps them from being swept up in the emotions that arise.

As the Fixed Earth sign, the Taurus lover is stable and trustworthy.

Their gentle and earthly nature permeates every part of their romantic life. They treat their partners with extreme care and affection, be it with near-constant physical contact or an endless shower of gifts.

However, great care must be taken around Taurus. These bullheaded personalities can quickly become jealous, lax, and indulgent.

The lattermost quality can make them rival Leo at their worst―too focused on their wants and desires to pay their partner any due mind.

Though they are a sign that brings many gifts, they’re also one that has difficulty when it comes to negotiating their wants and needs. Their demands can come across as absolute at times. And the resulting dispute can get messy.

Tying a knot with a Taurus is sure to result in a stable, nurturing, and prosperous relationship.

Best Healing Crystals for Taurus


Diamond is the hardest substance known to man, hard and hardy enough to be of great significance to the Bull.

Pure, Harmonious, and Indomitable, for the Taurus, this precious stone brings clarity and peace to their relationships, promotes the attraction of wealth and power, and brings the one that possesses its fortune.


As an Earth sign, Taurus has an innate eye for detail. However, even the most piercing gaze needs a little help at times.

With that in mind, Quartz helps bring that clarity to them. It’s a stone that hushes the loudest storm in mind, clearing your thoughts and vision to see what needs to be seen.


Amethyst is a precious stone of Spirituality.

This stone has been used for millennia as a stone that connects Heaven and Earth. In the hands of Taurus, it radiates a spiritual energy that heals, motivates, and inspires the bull.

This stone also helps heighten the Bull’s awareness of oneness with themselves, nature, and their place within it.

10 Tips and Tricks for Taurus Zodiac Sign

#1: Set realistic expectations

The doggedness and determination of Taurus cannot be understated. This gives them an edge when it comes to genuinely competitive settings such as the workplace.

However, there are boundaries that the Bull should never cross, and critical things that the bull must not forget about.

The world is a wild and confusing place, and even the most well-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

It’s okay if not everything goes your way. One should adapt and overcome the hurdles of life. Getting mad about it will do you no good.

#2: Check your finances often

The Taurus is prone to luxury and living an extravagant lifestyle.

The Taurus is prone to luxury and living an extravagant lifestyle.

Because of this, it’s easy for the Taurus to lose track of their expenditures and can easily live beyond their means.

Usually, this isn’t an issue for the prosperous Bull, but the Taurus would be wise to keep a close eye on their finances and spend their wealth wisely. It’s nice to showcase your wealth to yourself and others, but some needs must come first.

Prudent spending, penny-packing here and there, and wise investments will do the Bull good.

#3: Expand your Mind!

Taurus likes and maintains the status quo.

Because of that, they are resistant to change and are slow to embrace new ideas. Instead, they prefer sticking to what works.

This is understandable. Not all new things are good things. However, this will hurt them in the long run if they refuse to adapt.

It is wise for the bull to keep an open mind on matters.

Taurus is wise and can pick the wheat from the chaff. They should do so in all things, not just in what they can see.

#4: Assert Yourself and Take Chances 

While the bull is not easily bullied, they can fumble opportunities if caught off guard.

If and when you can see an opportunity that you can comfortably exploit, don’t hold back and seize it for yourself.

There’s a saying that goes, “He who dares, wins.”, Taurus was designed to win. If you have a shot, take it!

#5: Let go

In life, there will be situations where your patience will be tested.

There are just specific ideas and opportunities that are beyond your capacity at that exact moment to exploit or otherwise make use out of. Taurus may want to go after it, but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

There are opportunities elsewhere for you to chase down.

#6: Trust in others

As the pedestal of the Zodiac, Taurus is easy to believe that they must shoulder everything by themselves.

However, In most cases, this is just not true. The zodiac has many houses, with many specialties, and with different abilities at their disposal.

Though they rarely hold the same virtues as Taurus, the Bull must learn and accept that the world isn’t for them to shoulder on their lonesome. That there are others ready to take the weight.

In humility, they will find greater strength and stability.

#7: Don’t dismiss creativity of taurus zodiac sign

The average Taurus is one of mean and practical understanding.

This can make them dismissive of the “clever” crafts of the world like art, the nature of being, and knowledge ideas.

It is of their best interest not to simply ignore the more theoretical and metaphysical parts of our world, as these academics help explain so much of how our world works.

Taurus’s world is built upon the ideas and concepts once coined by more imaginative men. These visionary men then found a way to weave their ideas into our reality and change our lives.

As a Taurus, taking a moment to appreciate these achievements and the creatives play’s role will help you ground yourself even further and be at peace with the world.

#8: Accept change

Taurus zodiac sign enjoys stability.

The change will always throw them off their game, especially if it’s sudden and unexpected.

However, Taurus must learn that the world is a dynamic place and will continuously change.

By accepting this and respecting its earthly forebear’s dynamic nature, Taurus can become more attuned to its whims. With this knowledge, they can overcome some of their more undesirable aspects.

#9: Be careful who you let in

Taurus should be aware that not everyone is after their best interests.

Unfortunately, many are out there to make what they can out of what they have, even if it tramples others in our world and times. This counts Taurus itself, and so Taurus must know the feeling.

As an earth sign, Taurus wants to love and nurture.

However, that nurturing nature can be easily exploited by dishonest hearts and drain even the implacable Bull dry with their prying grasp.

The Taurus in this situation stands to lose more than their material possessions; it is their core that is at risk.

While a kind heart and an open hand are virtues through and through, the Bull must learn if and when that kindness is given.

#10: Change your mind

Taurus can be bull-headed about their ideas. The decisions based on these same ideas can be equally difficult to change once they’re in place.

This can be a considerable weakness; however, as our world constantly changes, the facts of our reality can oh so quickly change with them. What was X yesterday, can be Y today. And anything involving X may not work out now.

So Taurus needs to learn not only how to read the game of life, but also how the constantly shifting playing field changes what play must be made. Changing your mind is okay. And adapting to circumstances can win you the game.

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