Virgo and Libra Friendship, Love, and Relationships

virgo and libra friendship

Are you in a Virgo and Libra friendship and wondering if this could blossom into a beautiful romantic relationship? This could be a bit tricky since these two are opposites. However, if you learn to navigate effectively, you’ll be able to make it through with just some minor cuts and bruises. 

In this post, we will discuss everything there is to know about Virgo and Libra friendship compatibility and how to take it up to a new level if you want to. We will also discuss the following: 

  • Do Virgos and Libras get along as friends and lovers?
  • What are the dynamics of a Libra and Virgo friendship and love relationship?
  • Are Virgos and Libras friendship worth pursuing? 
  • How can a friendship between Virgo and Libra last a lifetime? 

So let’s go ahead and explore the Virgo and Libra friendship compatibility!

Virgo and Libra Friendship Compatibility: An Overview

Despite being very different from one another, there is an instant attraction between Virgo and Libra precisely because of such differences. Mental sign Virgo’s interest lies in acquiring knowledge in virtually every field. This is evident when he talks about history, current affairs, arts, science, politics, and the world at large. While Libra loves ideas and discovering new things. 

They differ because Libra isn’t that interested in the practical approach to life, they want things to be magical. Libras love romance, glamor, and excitement in life. They tend to become lazy and frivolous as well. And when we say lazy we talk about emotional laziness since they only want to be looked after. Knowing they need to put in some effort to make their relationship work isn’t exactly a big turn-on. They love to be nurtured and protected but not the other way around. 

When the Virgo and Libra friendship takes a romantic turn, Libras want it to be a sparkling and magical type of union. The spark always needs to be there especially in the bedroom, because when sex wanes, they slowly lose interest as well. Therefore, Virgo needs to keep their sex life kind of a fantasy for Libra throughout their relationship. 

Now here’s where the problem arises. Virgo is not all out when it comes to their emotions. They are reserved and will not open up easily until they are sure they can trust you fully. And it can be challenging for Virgo to trust Libra because Librans can be a bit flirtatious. They have loads of friends and can socialize with ease, something that cannot be said for Virgo. Thus, they need to have solid, common ground if they are to move forward with their relationship. 

Getting to Know the Virgo Zodiac

Let’s get to know the Virgo and Libra friendship by exploring one sign at a time. 

Virgo Sign Strengths

Virgos are practical and detail-oriented. These zodiacs are attentive and can stay grounded and focused on all aspects of their life. They have a heart of gold and even though they are perfectionists when it comes to work and relationships, they possess many positive traits to be proud of. And because they are practical they are good at time management and are reliable workers.

 Because Virgo is a mutable sign they can channel their logical nature into successful projects no matter the circumstances. It does not matter if they have to build everything from the ground up. Here are some of their greatest strengths. 



Virgos are known for their organizational skills. No, we don’t mean them being neat freaks. We’re saying they have a meticulous method of arranging their schedules so commitments and other activities never overlap and everything that needs to be done is accomplished promptly. 

Loves to Serve

This zodiac is very service-oriented. Helping others and finding practical solutions to their problems genuinely makes them happy. They love to make people’s lives easier and this is also how they show their love and affection. A Virgo and Libra friendship will certainly enjoy their acts of service. They don’t mind running errands, doing chores, or simply being there to provide guidance and support. 

Detail Oriented 

Thanks to their ruling planet Mercury, Virgos have a keen eye for detail. Flaws that cannot easily be seen by the naked eye are easily spotted by this zodiac. Thus, they make great editors and proofreaders. This talent also comes in handy when managing complex projects that branch out in various directions. 


These earth signs are super down to earth. They manage to be reasonable even in the direst of situations and don’t let egos get in the way of resolving matters at work or in their personal lives. 


Note that perfectionism can be a two-edged sword and can be dangerous when taken to extremes. However, Virgos are known perfectionists since they are always aiming for self-improvement and will never give anything less than their best. This makes them great role models for their peers and others in general. They don’t believe in submitting mediocre tasks. It’s either all or nothing for them every time.


Virgos are time conscious and this takes meticulous planning. Mental Mercury helps them do this which allows them to fulfill their short or long-term goals on time. They don’t miss appointments, nor do they neglect their professional and personal responsibilities. 

Grace Under Pressure 

While some people reach their breaking point under extreme pressure, Virgos oozes wit, confidence, and grace under such circumstances. They love the challenge and could easily adapt to challenges because of their analytical skills. This enables them to develop efficient plans quickly even during seemingly impossible situations. Virgos never run out of backup plans and continue to excel in everything they do. 

Virgo Sign Weaknesses

For a Virgo and Libra friendship to work, you must be aware of both their positive and negative traits. Knowing their dark side gives you an entirely different perspective of the person so you can learn to strike the perfect balance in your relationship. 

Gives Unsolicited Advice

Virgos somehow think that they can fix anything. So they tend to give advice or suggestions even when you don’t ask for them, or in situations where it’s uncalled for. This can be super annoying for people who do not want to hear their opinion in the first place. Even if they are well-intentioned, this can be misinterpreted as being utterly critical toward others. Thus, Virgos should be careful and choose their words wisely if they insist on speaking their minds all the time. 

Constant Worriers 


Since Virgos are known to be perfectionists, they can go overboard at times by worrying about even the most trivial and useless stuff. So much so that it controls their lives, constantly invades their thoughts, and causes them unnecessary worry. It’s perfectly normal to be concerned within reason. But if it’s slowly turning into paranoia that stresses not only them but the people they are with, they need to find a way to control it.  Note that there is no shame in asking for help. 

Great Procrastinators

Yes, they can be prompt and highly organized, but in their weakest moments, they tend to be great procrastinators. Because of their need for control and for everything to be perfect, they put things off until they feel like doing them. Since the mere thought of engaging with certain people or going through specific tasks causes them too much stress and anxiety. This can go on for days, even weeks. Virgos need to learn to get a grip and control their thoughts and emotions. Finding a healthy coping mechanism is one of the best ways of dealing with procrastination, such as facing their fears head-on. 

Engages In Self-Loathing

When things don’t go their way, Virgos easily become disappointed at the situation, but even more disappointed at themselves for not living up to expectations. Whether it’s their perceived societal expectations or expectations they pose on themselves, does not make one iota of a difference. Thus, their friends and loved ones need to reassure them so they won’t lose their self-confidence. 


This is probably one of Virgo’s most irritating negative traits. They want everything to be perfect and they don’t mind arguing over the pettiest, most negligible things. And this annoys the heck out of people. Once they realize that things will still work out fine even if they are not done their way, a ton of weight would be lifted off their shoulders. 

Getting to Know the Libra Zodiac

The Virgo and Libra friendship will only work if you are knowledgeable about both signs. So let’s take a closer look at the Libra zodiac. 

Libra Sign Strengths

Libras love balance and always aim to resolve matters peacefully. These natives are cool under pressure and look at things from an objective point of view. They refuse to be biased and would rather hear all sides of the argument before they come up with their judgment. Thus, they make good mediators. 

This zodiac’s love for aesthetics and balance has always led them to the right path. They always seek harmony in relationships to make this world a better place to live in. Moreover, they have amazing social skills and irresistible charisma which could easily win the hearts of the crowd. So whether they are just your friend or end up becoming your romantic life partner, you can never lose. 



Libras are charming and a bit flirtatious. This zodiac is ruled by the planet Venus, so it is no wonder that they possess a sweet and loving character. 


No matter how serious things get, Libras can detach themselves from people and situations to come up with an objective decision. They take their time to examine things from various perspectives so they can weigh all the pros and cons of every situation. 

Team Player 

Unlike other signs, being the center of attention is not their top priority. Because it rules the Seventh House in astrology in the relationship and partnership area, they are famous for being a people person who makes great collaborators. What’s important to them is that everyone’s feelings are considered and points of view taken so they can co-exist in harmony. This makes them extremely popular in their businesses and social circles. 

Artistic Eye

Since Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and aesthetics, it is only natural that this zodiac has exquisite taste when it comes to fashion, decor, art, and music. They make amazing designers and stylists who find beauty in everything they touch. This is evident in the clothes they wear, and their home’s interior. Just one look at the socials and you’ll know they’re unmistakenly Libra. 


Libras are just and will always fight for what is right. Just like their scales symbol, they will always stand up against injustice and inequality. If someone is too scared or weak to do it, you can bet that the Libra will fight for them to do what is right and fair. 

Libra Sign Weaknesses 

Libras are known to have pleasant personalities. They are very adventurous and veer toward peaceful and creative spaces. When arguments or fights break out at work or among friends, Libra will do its best to find the most amicable solution. 

However, these peace-loving creatures also have their dark side that no one wants to deal with. Then again, who doesn’t have a dark side? Who doesn’t possess weaknesses? People must learn to embrace the good, the bad, and even the ugly because they are all part of life. 


Libras are easygoing by nature as long as they have an ideal environment for attaining tranquility and inner peace. But sometimes this need for peaceful spaces can turn them into control freaks. They will do everything in their power, bend and shape everything to meet their ideal conditions. When they fail to do this, they become agitated and difficult to deal with. 


This is one of the biggest contradictions of a Libra. Believe it or not, these peace-loving individuals are very much capable of holding a grudge. Although rare, these moments can be intense when the offense comes to unforgivable levels. They will never forget what you did to hurt them and will always be on the lookout for the perfect opportunity to get back at you. 


Libras are known for their artistic capabilities and love for aesthetics. It’s no wonder then that they can get lost and absorbed in their version of beauty. They can obsess about the beauty not only of their surroundings but also of themselves. If left unchecked, they can become snobbish to anyone or anything that fails their expectations. 


Still another one of Libra’s contradictions- iciness. Yes, they can be warm and loving people, but if they feel the situation isn’t worth their time and energy, they will not give you the time of day no matter how bad things get. 



In life and death-situations, do not make the mistake of relying on a Libra because it can take them forever to make up their minds. For them, the world is a myriad of endless possibilities and they always get caught in the ‘analysis paralysis’ trap. By the time they come up with the right choice, it might be too late. 

Final Thoughts on Libra Virgo Friendship 

Regardless if you stay friends or move up to become romantic partners, both of you must become aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The good side, as well as the dark side. This is the only way you can maintain a perfect balance. Remember, too much of anything is harmful, whether good or bad. Take time to get to know one another, don’t be too judgemental of each other’s faults, and most importantly, learn to forgive and forget. Life is easier that way. 

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