The ULTIMATE guide to Mayan Astrology and how to know your Mayan Zodiac!

Astrology has always existed worldwide, yet only too few know of an ancient tradition that sprang from the Americas: the Mayan Astrology and Zodiac.

When considering everything that has happened over the last 500 years, a far too small number of practitioners of this divine and ancient art exist. Despite this, it has not changed in vibrance and richness.

Mayan Astrology and Zodiac are oceans apart from the more well-known astrological traditions- both literally and figuratively! While the Western and Asian astrological traditions have many similarities going for them, their Mayan counterpart has a formidable yet complex characteristic that may confuse even veteran astrologers.

Are you ready to embark on your journey through the art of Mayan Astrology and Zodiac?

What is Mayan Astrology and Zodiac all about?

Mayan Astrology and Zodiac

There are only a precious few reliable resources about the Mayan astrological tradition. This is a result of the destruction of the indigenous cultures and traditions by European colonizers.

However, through Mayan descendants and historians, we can take a good glimpse into the vibrancy of this forgotten tradition.

The calendar that the Mayans used (called Tzolkin) is nowhere near similar to the widely used Gregorian Calendar. In fact, it has only 260 days!

Unlike Western and Vedic Astrology, Mayan Zodiacs or Spirit Tribes don’t just change monthly. They change every single day, depending on what is going on for it! (Side note: there are only 20 days per month in the Mayan calendar.)

The first thing that Mayan astrologers have to look into is the solar tribe of that particular day. These tribes are from the natural colors that the Mayans saw in their environment and real and mythological creatures.

Then, astrologers will determine what the sacred number assigned for that day is. It can range from 1 to 13.

When these two concepts combine, they create one of a kind, 260-day complexity that only the Mayan calendar has.

Having a birth chart is also essential to Mayan Astrology! Yet, unlike the wheel format that many people are used to having, the Mayans have a “Life Tree.”

This Life Tree is far more complicated than the Western birth chart, and thus, deserves an article of its own. For now, though, let us get ourselves acquainted with the 20 Mayan Zodiac signs.

What are the Mayan Zodiac signs?

As said, there are 20 Zodiac signs or Spirit Tribes in Mayan Astrology. How this is calculated is now lost to time, but several internet resources can give you your approximate Mayan Zodiac sign depending on your date of birth.

Here is a quick rundown of these Zodiac signs:

Imix (Red Dragon/ Crocodile)

Imix - Mayan Astrology Zodiac Sign

Approximate Western Counterpart: Aries

This Zodiac sign is the first among the twenty. Imix concerns itself with the concept of birth and beginnings; thus, this sign has the most energy among all the Mayan Zodiacs.

Since beginnings need stimuli to happen, those born under this sign are highly creative and intelligent. They are also natural-born leaders, able to gather people under their stead and lead them to greatness.

Unfortunately, these people are also quite aggressive and domineering. They also have the habit of initiating projects or other activities yet are unable to finish it satisfactorily.

Ik (White Wind)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Gemini

This Zodiac sign is all about communication. When it comes to expressing themselves or declaring what they believe in, they have little to no problem at all.

These people are highly flexible, allowing themselves to adapt to any situation. True to the wind’s free-spirited nature, they are open to new ideas, believing that being static and unmoving is not an excellent way to progress in life.

However, Ik-born individuals tend to be indecisive and unable to keep their commitments. This may complicate their relationship with others, and ultimately, might bring their own downfall too.

Akbal (Blue Night/ House)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Pisces

This Zodiac sign has its head in the clouds. Dreams, ideas, and imaginations dominate the life of those born under Akbal.

These people tend to be romantic and loves to bask in the relative peace of their personal dream worlds. It’s no wonder that the night embodies them, for they love to dwell in the mysterious corners of the human mind.

Yet, these individuals forget that nightmares are dreams too. They have this dark side that reveals their most profound and more nefarious desires when making real their more questionable ideas.

Kan (Yellow Seed/ Lizard)

Kan - Mayan Astrology Zodiac Sign

Approximate Western Counterpart: Taurus

This Zodiac sign loves to indulge themselves in the finer things in life. They love elegance and refinement, are romantics at heart.

Kan-born people are passionate, confident, and ambitious too. They want to achieve greatness while also taking their loved ones on the ride upwards the success mountain.

But these people are also stubborn and would not back down without a fight. If they want something done, it should by their own standards- no compromises!

Chiccan (Red Serpent)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Aquarius

This sign concerns itself in championing noble causes. Nothing satisfies them more than seeing their fight for justice come to fruition!

Highly intelligent and perceptive, those born under this sign know how to work their way through whatever obstacles they encounter. They are also very empathic, allowing them to connect with those who are in most need.

Yet when overcome with emotion, Chiccan-born individuals just can’t hold themselves back. They lash out and might even harm those they love in the process.

Cimi (White Death/ World-Bridger)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Cancer

Contrary to its name, this sign is all about continuous transformation. Those born under it are also gentle and kindhearted, allowing them to feel genuine compassion and concern for others.

These people are business-minded and good negotiators. They also love to extend their help to others, making them true philanthropes that want nothing but to pass the good forward.

It is also this gentle nature that makes this sign highly sensitive and fragile. When faced with losses and defeat, they take it to heart too much, making emotional recovery challenging to attain for them.

Manik (Blue Hand/ Deer)

Manik- Mayan Astrology Zodiac Sign

Approximate Western Counterpart: Scorpio

This sign is intense inside and out. These people tend to set themselves apart with their eccentric tendencies and highly value their personal privacies.

Manik-born people are emotional and love to live in their own private worlds. Despite this characteristic, they are formidable- crossing them is merely out of the question!

These individuals can also be a tad bit secretive. They operate under the darkness and are unafraid to do whatever they want to do- and damn the consequences!

Lamat (Yellow Star/ Rabbit)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Leo

This sign views life as a game that one plays for fun. Negativity has no business being in their vocabulary; keeping their chill while also succeeding is the only way!

These people have lively personalities and love to engage themselves in challenges. Getting everybody’s attention is also a plus since it helps feed their in-born confidence.

Unfortunately, they can get too competitive and do not appreciate others taking their spotlight. Combine with their ego, Lamat-born people can be quite a piece of work!

Muluc (Red Moon/ Water/ Offering)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Libra

Muluc-born individuals are natural leaders. They simply know the right mix between ideas and reality!

These people are firm in their personal beliefs and convictions. More often than not, their personal goals align with their hopes of making the world a better place for everyone.

Yet, these individuals can get overwhelmed by their emotions, which may then be their own undoing. When left unchecked, they can be misguided and put themselves and others in danger because of their actions.

Oc (White Dog)

Oc - Mayan Astrology Zodiac Sign

Approximate Western Counterpart: Capricorn

Those born under Oc are loyal and dependable. When it comes to working, there’s no stone (or folder) left unturned!

These people are committed to the things that they believe will help them progress in life. They are also good team players, assuring excellence every time.

However, these individuals can be quite the worrier; they are anxious over everything and often pessimistic. They are also unwilling to open up too much and prefer not to indulge in their emotions too much.

Chuen (Blue Monkey)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Leo

Creativity runs deep in the soul of those born under this sign. They are also sociable and well-liked for their openness and warmth.

These people are also the life of the party. Their witty tongues and brilliant minds are merely boundless!

But for all their brilliance, Chuen-born people are relatively superficial. Appearances matter for them, no matter the lack of substance and depth in what they do.

Eb (Yellow Human/ Grass/ Road)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Virgo

This sign concerns itself with human affairs. They want to be of service to everyone who needs help without the need of being too flashy.

These people are goal- and people-oriented. When they think that something is not suitable for the greater good, they will not hesitate to counter it the best way possible.

Yet, Eb-born people are too introverted to assert what they think is the right thing to do. Their shyness also prevents them from pushing for their goals a little bit forcefully.

Ben (Red Skywalker/ Reed)

Ben- Mayan Astrology Zodiac Sign

Approximate Western Counterpart: Aquarius

Leadership and authority are natural to those born under this sign. These individuals know what they want, and they will get that!

Ben-born people are quite the pacifists too. They hate the sight of injustice and want to push for equality and social justice using their innate wisdom.

Unfortunately, these individuals can be quite arrogant, especially when they want to have their way realized. They are also quite confrontational too.

Ix (White Wizard/ Jaguar/ Ocelot)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Scorpio

This sign concerns itself with the spiritual side of life. They are perceptive of others’ thoughts and feelings and have a brilliant mind to boot.

These people are also trustworthy since they see agreements and commitments as irrevocable. They do everything they can to maintain an aura of mystery that makes them quite irresistible to an ordinary person.

However, Ix-born individuals are capable of manipulating others to meet their own ends. They are also unafraid of using unpleasant means to get whatever they want.

Men (Blue Eagle)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Capricorn

This sign is all about perfection and precision. These individuals will get their work done, or may all the Mayan gods condemn them to hell!

These people have a fine eye for detail, ensuring that nothing is too small for them to ignore. They are also the epitome of the idea of a strong and independent person because of their innate cleverness and intelligence.

Yet, Men-born people have a dislike for socialization and too much leisure. They are also stubborn and hard to convince to switch sides.

Cib (Yellow Warrior)

Cib - Mayan Astrology Zodiac Sign

Approximate Western Counterpart: Capricorn

Responsibilities are what fuels this sign to keep ongoing. They know that they have a duty, and they see it as enough reason to pursue more knowledge to do their job better.

These people see life not as a burden but as a divine gift and reason to learn how to become even better than before. No challenge is too big for them- they will continue to soldier on!

Unfortunately, Cib-born people can be quite pessimistic, or worse, nihilistic. These individuals have experienced so much that it’s fair to say they’re too desensitized to care.

Caban (Red Earth)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Virgo

These quiet individuals are all about doing the greater good. Yet, when they do so, they do it with utmost humility and silence.

Caban-born people are capable and compassionate people. They find inspiration in what they learn and find ways to help others attain inner peace and self-fulfillment.

However, these individuals can be way too practical for anyone’s tastes. They are judgmental and worried that they disappoint others for no reason at all.

Etzab (White Mirror/ Knife)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Aquarius

This sign concerns itself with reflecting the truth by its bare bones. They can also draw the line between fact and fiction, making sure to keep an unbiased view of anything and everything.

Work is an Etzab-born’s life and soul. When they find purpose in what they are doing, they are unstoppable in innovating to make it even better than before.

Unfortunately, this work addiction can be these individuals’ downfall too. They have little regard for themselves and their feelings and reduce everything to logic.

Cauac (Blue Storm)

Cauac - Mayan Astrology Zodiac Sign

Approximate Western Counterpart: Pisces

This sign concerns itself in soothing the world’s pains and making everything better than they were before. They want to immerse themselves with people and find everything worth being curious about.

These people are also intensely spiritual and have a deep respect for the divine. They are very compassionate, eager to give themselves in love for service.

Yet, Cauac-born people can be easily swept over by their ideas, forgetting that reality still exists. They are also sensitive and easily hurt at the slightest provocation.

Ahau (Yellow Sun/ Flower)

Approximate Western Counterpart: Cancer

Ahau-born people are deeply spiritual. They believe that souls can be tapped for a person to harness their full potential.

These individuals believe in the power of kindness and love in helping bridge others. They are also creative and eager to engage themselves with the world.

But there is a catch: these people get easily disheartened by the world’s evils since they see themselves unable to change this state of affairs. Their idealism can also be quite over the top, making it seem like they live in their fantasy world and not the reality we are in.

Final Word

It is worth noting that this list is merely a rundown of the individual Spirit Tribes and does not fully justify the Mayan Astrology’s complex system. It is richer and more fascinating than the rundown presented here!

Yet what this list aims to do is present a distinct astrological tradition that has been forgotten by time. People can now try to revive this tradition as this is an undeniable part of our spiritual heritage.

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