What Tarot Cards Represent Which Zodiac Signs?

Tarot cards are essential divination tools. But unknown to many, it can also help deepen one’s understanding of their Zodiac sign. Here you will discover how to get your tarot cards by Zodiac sign.

Before we do a deep dive into the links between them, defining what we are dealing with is essential. There are different subtypes of each, but we will go with the more commonly known (and used) ones by trusted astrologers and tarot readers worldwide.

What is Astrology and the Zodiac?

First, we need to define what astrology and Zodiac are. 

As defined by the New Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language, Astrology is “the art of predicting or determining the influence of the planets and stars on human affairs.”

On the other hand, Zodiac is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “an imaginary band in the heavens centered on the ecliptic that encompasses the apparent paths of all the planets and is divided into 12 constellations or signs each taken for astrological purposes to extend 30 degrees of longitude.”

In short, the Zodiac are twelve constellations used in astrology to determine something or someone’s fate. Their positions and alignment with other celestial bodies are essential. It helps to make predictions as accurate as possible.

Alternatively, the word “Zodiac” can mean the wheel that bears all 12 constellations’ symbols and corresponding names.

For this article, we’ll be using the Western astrological tradition. Generally, the most recognized, this is a fusion of Ancient Greek and Babylonian traditions. It is also the embodiment of modern-day astrology.

What is Tarot?


Tarot is a deck of cards that have been used in Europe since the 1400s, initially for playing only. Over time, clairvoyant individuals recognized the potential of these cards for divination.

Since then, tarot cards have been in use to answer questions about one’s life. Throughout history, it underwent several makeovers. This redesign was a result of individuals wanting to custom fit their cards to their personal and professional needs.

The commonly used Tarot deck is the Rider-Waite-Smith and has been in existence for more than 100 years. It is easy to use, and the rich imagery of these cards allows even neophyte readers to understand what the cards are telling them with minimal guidance.

How does the link between Tarot cards and Zodiac signs work?

While the Zodiac signs are in line with the celestial, the Tarot appeals to the spiritual. When combined, they result in a harmony that assists a person in determining their fate.

Each Zodiac sign is represented in the Tarot deck, though the reverse is not true. This characteristic highlights how these two divination methods can be used together. It does not mean, though, that they necessarily need to go together all the time.

Some prefer to consult either one of these two individually. However, it is more common for believers to have both their Zodiac and Tarot cards read and interpreted as a sort of “second opinion,” especially during significant life events.

It is important to note that neither Tarot nor the Zodiac holds the monopoly for the “absolute” truth. Instead, what they aim for is to help people to grow holistically through their guidance.

Zodiac Signs and Their Tarot Cards


The connection between Tarot and Zodiac is fascinating as it is complicated. Thus, to keep things easy to understand, only the Major Arcana of the RWS Tarot deck will be used as a reference throughout the whole article.

#1: Aries – The Emperor

With its association with the god of war, Aries has always embodied leadership, strength, and authority. It is no surprise that the Emperor is this sign’s card.

Surrounded by symbols such as the Ram, orb, and an Ankh-shaped scepter, the card presents a visual representation of Aries’ drive to rise to the top.

#2: Taurus – The Hierophant

The Hierophant is Greek for the “high priest.” In old versions of the Tarot, this card was named “The Pope.” There is a triple crown set on the high priest’s head, and a scepter on his hand. This symbolizes one’s domination over what they have, as well as heightened spiritual intuition.

It goes well with Taurus, who is also known to be quite the jack of all trades. Firmly rooted in earthly joys, this sign embodies all the symbolism of their Tarot card.

#3: Gemini – The Lovers

Gemini is the perfect example of fusing the spiritual with the material. They earned their unique reputation for having a unique duality to themselves.

Like their Zodiac symbol, the twins, their card represents how Gemini can represent opposing forces. It can even be compared to the Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang- a balance between chaos and order.

#4: Cancer- The Chariot

Cancer is known to be brave and steadfast. Whatever may be the obstacles that they encounter, they are always able to overcome it.

The same is known for the Chariot. Pulled by two sphinxes, it symbolizes the drive of this sign to beat barriers– precisely like the unstoppable chariots of old.

#5: Leo – Strength

This card depicts a woman taming a lion, the very symbol of Leo. Even the card’s name offers an insight into the Zodiac sign it represents.

Bold and robust, Leo is undaunted by whatever they encounter. They are also blessed with incredible fortitude. It allows them to soldier on no matter how desperate their situation can get.

#6: Virgo – The Hermit

Virgo has a reputation as a humble and quiet individual. They move along in grace and wisdom, without much drama.

The card of The Hermit embodies that characteristic of Virgo. The hermit carries the lamplight that symbolizes the light of Virgo’s intellect showing the way in the name of service and self-sacrifice.

#7: Libra – Justice

Woman who represents justice in astrology

The scales and sword of justice are very prominent in this card. It indicates the fairness (scales) that must be observed and the swiftness (sword) of carrying out the verdict. Indeed, this card speaks of the maxim, “justice delayed is justice denied.”

Without a doubt, Libra (who is also symbolized by scales) represents the card faithfully. Nothing is more valuable to them than honesty, integrity, and impartiality.

#8: Scorpio – Death

Scorpio has a reputation of being mysterious, yet unapologetically vicious. Those born under this sign are equally feared and respected by all who know them.

It only fits that they are symbolized by Death in the Tarot. In Death, there is an aura of uncertainty: is there an afterlife? Does reincarnation exist? And like Scorpio, Death strikes each one straight and true.

#9: Sagittarius – Temperance

This card presents an angel standing beside a lake and pouring water from one cup to another. This act, called tempering, is meant to cool down liquids without breaking its consistency.

Sagittarius, like the tempered water and beautiful scenery on the card, is sophisticated. Like the angel with great wings, they can also be wild and unrestrained. This is especially true when they are doing what they want.

#10: Capricorn – The Devil

Capricorn is known to be flexible as they are serious. They are also known to be quite unforgiving.

The Devil’s card may sound ominous, but it only fosters Scorpio’s connection to the goat side of their symbol. They can get ferocious, like the sea-goat and the Devil. Their unmerciful side is also reflected in their relationship to their Tarot card.

#11: Aquarius – The Star

A massive bright star is a prominent feature on the card. But there is also a woman kneeling and pouring water into both the land and a lake.

The woman is often equated with the water bearer, Aquarius’ Zodiac symbol. Just as the woman takes care of both forces of nature, Aquarius is known for valuing harmony above all.

#12: Pisces – The Moon


Known to be the gentlest of all signs, Pisces is highly curious, intuitive, and creative. They are also known for being sweet and kind towards all those that they meet.

Having the Moon as their Tarot card only makes sense. The Moon always has an association with gentleness and serenity. Yet like the Moon’s control over tides, Pisces can be quite fearless and defiant, especially when the things that they value are at stake.

Should I be concerned with my zodiac’s tarot card?

While many people will see their Tarot card as reassuring and positive, there are understandably those concerned with their assigned card. It isn’t exactly a pleasant experience to be equated with Death or the Devil!

But this concern is not only for those who get “scary” cards. Each one of the cards brings with them a cautionary message.

The cards were meant to impart wisdom and for its viewer to pay attention. Thus, it is vital to take a close look at the finer details of each card.

For example, there is a halo forming the symbol of infinity on top of the woman in the card Strength. Most people know that the infinity represents continuity until the end of time.

But a Leo may interpret this as the card telling them that they are bound for continued success. This is also the Tarot speaking to them that they must embrace the constancy of change.

Another example is the Moon card’s inclusion of animals. 

Upon closer inspection, one may notice that there is a dog, wolf, and lobster. All of the three animals face the moon, with the two canines howling. The inclusion of the last two may be odd, but it reflects Pisces’ personality.

Wolves and lobsters are generally fierce, especially when they are under attack. Yet this does not translate to an automatic ferocity mode in Pisces.

Incredibly, it is a reminder that Pisces needs to bear in mind that they have to be sometimes as fearsome as these two creatures. 

They also need to recognize that wild and unrestrained side of their character. This is for them to understand themselves and the world around them even further.

It truly does not matter what kind of card your Zodiac has. The explicit and implicit messages are there for a purpose: to be heard by the person it is meant for.

So yes, just because your card is the friendly-sounding Hermit, it doesn’t mean that you should celebrate already. 

The same goes for those under the “creepy” cards of Death and the Devil. You don’t need to be afraid of them, just because it is generally equated with something bad.

Be mindful of what the Tarot cards tell you. The cards’ images may be inviting, and their names pleasant sounding. But when they start to speak their wisdom, they can get pretty severe and not the least bit distressing.

Closing Thoughts

The Tarot and Zodiac alone hold so much power. When combined, they result in a powerful way to predict the future and help those who seek their wisdom to improve themselves further.

It is only wise to learn these two arts even further, rather than skim on surface information. 

As said, this article focused on the Major Arcana alone. When the complexities of the Zodiac are thoroughly explored, along with that of the Tarot, surprising combinations start to surface.

It is indeed a tedious task to learn either astrology or Tarot, let alone combine the two of them. Yet, it is also a satisfying way of learning how to connect to your inner self and the universe at large. One way or another, it will help you become a better individual- if you choose to follow what they teach you.

But it is also essential to keep in mind that these two methods are not necessarily how people are. No amount of techniques can define a person more than how they live their life. Keep in mind, too, that neither astrology nor Tarot seeks to be clairvoyant and tell a definite path of what you should take. To quote the great English poet William Ernest Henley, “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

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