Why You Should Love and Not Hate the Queen of Swords Meaning

queen of swords meaning

A lot of people feel really down on their luck when they encounter the Queen of Swords during their tarot card reading. Some even call it the b**ch card. It is because there are so many misconceptions about it that are causing so much fear and doubt. The thing is, this card is not here to harm you but to warn and protect you. Once you truly learn and understand the Queen of Swords meaning you will look forward to it popping up in your tarot spread over and over again.

So in this post, we will discuss everything there is to know about the Queen of swords tarot card meaning. As well as useful insights to the following:

  • How to use the Queen of Swords love meaning to save your marriage/relationship
  • When and how to effectively use the Queen of Swords tarot guide
  • What is the Queen of Swords as a person like?
  • Should you be scared of the Queen of Swords reversed meaning?
  • What the upright Queen of Swords bring for your love, career, and finances

So let’s go right into it and dissect the real meaning of the Queen of Swords!

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning: An Overview

The Queen of Swords tarot card meaning is all about the mind, beliefs, ideas, and expectations. This is the Queen and in the tarot, Queens are known to be about expansion. Like you have this certain quality and now is the time to expand on it.

The Queen on this card sits on the throne. She has her sword raised, and her other hand outstretched. So there is an invitation for you to come closer. She has that sword ready to cut you free from everything you do not need. What is not serving you, or those things that are simply getting in your way. She’s ready to cut you free from it all.

The Queen of Swords is not your usual, feel-good, and snuggly type of Queen. She is very clear, very direct, and very logical. Her intention is to clear you up so you’ll be free of all the junk and get you ready to expand and grow in true wisdom. To beliefs, you really resonate and connect with your highest and truest self. Therefore, the Queen of Swords popping up today may be about an expansion of work from yesterday.

For instance, you were putting old mindsets away and starting to build up new mindsets. Today you might feel yourself expanding, getting clearer, stronger, and finishing off any work that you need to do. This is the time to cut loose so you can move on freely and choose the life you really want and need. Not the life that you have received from other people.

Upright Queen of Swords Meaning

The Queen of Swords will never put up with other people’s BS. She is very forthright, clear, and straightforward, and expects the same thing from others. So if anyone comes up to her that may have a tinge of ridiculousness in what they are telling her. Or perhaps they’re trying to hide something, being deceptive. They can also just be unnecessarily overtalkative. She will be able to cut through all the crap and tell things as they are.

This card can size through any double-talk anyone is trying to give her and get to the bottom of things. She is very capable of discerning what is true, accurate, and logical. There is no time for people being too dramatic, who goes through false pretenses, who lie through gritted teeth. Expect them to put you in your place right away.

The Queen of Swords has great self-belief and is very much in command. She knows herself very well and is very confident. And she is very much aware of the power she possesses and embraces it with all her heart. She never cowers in front of others, nor does she allow people to dictate on her. This person knows what to do and she always sticks to her gut instincts.

Logic is very much in use when making her decisions. She never allows emotion to get in her way. She tunes in to what is accurate and true, either through statistics or all the information she has access to. If there is a need for any additional information she goes ahead and gets it. Everything is well thought of and calculated.

The Queen of Swords is very concerned about the statistics of her kingdom. How many bakers do I have? Candlestick makers, or goldsmiths? How many sheep are still there? Exactly how many people were able to attend the coronation? How much is still left in the coffers?

In short, she’s more worried about the statistics of the kingdom compared to everyone’s well-being. Needless to say, she does care about this important aspect. It’s just that she focuses on more concerning matters. Those that are measurable, calculatable. She makes decisions based on that. So if the numbers look good and they do make sense, wouldn’t that create an amazing sense of well-being as well? Of course, everyone is going to be much happier!

Yes, she may be too preoccupied with numbers, but it is for the greater good. Because logically, that is what makes sense to her. This is the only way she knows how to express her rule, her power. Through logic, and measurable actions.

Reversed Queen of Swords Meaning

queen of swords reversed

The Queen of Swords reversed might be overly wrapped up emotionally in something. So much so that they are unable to make any logical decisions. She might be drowning in her feelings and therefore cannot make sense of the situation. Confusion may also be a big factor, like being in a pool of water. You keep swimming and paddling but no matter how hard you try you simply cannot come up with the truth. That’s what emotional confusion is like.

She is failing to look for something to hold on to. What is the truth, what is accurate? Unlike when it is upright and she could slice through this difficulty and BS people are giving her. When reversed, she can’t grasp it, no matter what she does. It is terribly elusive that she cannot figure it out. She is not capable of making a decision because she doesn’t have enough information and doesn’t know how to get it.

Going back and forth until she is finally exhausted. Because when the card is upright, she’s very in control of her mental capacity. Her thoughts, theories, perceptions. However, when it is reversed, those theories can almost take control of her. Like her theories, and thoughts are the ones dictating what she should do. Instead of her being totally impartial and arriving at a place of power. Basing her final decisions on the facts surrounding her.

Queen of Swords Meaning For Love

This card is an extremely independent individual. So it may not always be a good card for love. You may wish to learn some valuable lessons from her when it comes to standing on your own two feet. Trusting your own judgment and finding a way to entertain yourself. But at the same time, you may find yourself falling for someone who is intellectual, illogical, but loyal.

You cannot control or direct her. But if you allow her and give her the liberty to make her own choices, she would be incredibly loyal and loving towards you. Even the people close to your heart. If you’re in a relationship with them, expect to hear the truth at all times. Even when it hurts. Because her sword can cut through anything. Always be brave, honest, and compassionate. Only then will you find out what you need to know and find the strength to act upon it.

Queen of Swords Meaning For Career and Finances

Queen of Swords would make a great mentor. They will help you see through the politics and hoola moolah and lead you to the path towards success. Those who have someone like this in their professional life should consider themselves very lucky. Yes, they may be difficult to work with. In fact, you may not even like them at all. But you will always look up to them with awe and respect, which is more important, come to think of it.

These mentors will never compromise their values. They would rather live with the consequences of what they have done. Knowing all it was fair, just, and true. This doesn’t make them popular with the majority, but it does, however, make them highly-trusted team members. So those who are facing problems at work, you would know what to do. See things as they are and act immediately to correct anything that is unjust or unfair. Clear your mind and act decisively.

queen of swords meaning for career and finances

When handling financial matters, logic, and wisdom must be put into consideration. Balance your thoughts and your emotions. If you’re tasked to help with a person’s financial situation, see things fairly. Both from your perspective, as well as theirs.

This might mean having the capability to lend a hand but setting up boundaries. Come up with a contract, a payment plan. Set some important rules to follow. The queen is famous for being sharp and very perceptive. Known for noticing even the tiniest of details. So make sure you’re clear about your financial standing.

Queen of Swords Meaning: So, Who Is She?

When all is said and done, you may still find yourself wondering. Who is the Queen of Swords in the first place?

Just like all court cards, this one often represents a person in your life. Or, it could also be a role you need to play or are already playing. If it’s an actual person, this is a fierce protector who could either be a man or woman.

Again, this is a very independent and perceptive individual. They might be a widow or widower. Someone who has suffered grief, loss, and loneliness. These lessons taught them to become stern, shrewd, impartial in love. This queen is so intellectual that many people find her cold. When she is really just objective and fair.

The Queen of Swords’ heart is always in the right place. Even if she’s intimidating or frightening most of the time, it’s perfectly okay to remove your mask around her. She loves underdogs and accepts reality. This includes the failures and weaknesses of others. There’s no reason to fear making mistakes in front of her. Just never make the mistake of doing the same mistakes repeatedly.


The Queen of Swords is a very powerful figure. A strong figure in the tarot who has gotten some bad rap because some people are uncomfortable with strong women for one reason or another. But when this card comes up she is telling you how crucial it is to stand up for yourself and the things you believe in. You must also learn to set boundaries at this time.

Remember the butterfly crown on her head? This proves how she has mastered the art of transforming the victim into a victor. So it is telling you to be assertive, and speak up. It doesn’t matter if it won’t always have good reception with others. The important thing is you stand up for your personal authority and dignity at this time. It is your time to finally take charge of your life.

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