Egyptian Astrology Zodiac Signs: EVERYTHING you Need to Know!

Everyone knows something about astrology these days, right?

egyptian scene representing egyptian astrology zodiac sign

You’ve got people who know a thing or two about tarots, the zodiac, and all the little details in between. But, most of the people you’ll talk to about this will most likely point you to the Greek or Chinese zodiacs.

Now you might be asking yourself: Where does Egyptian Astrology fit in? What is my Egyptian Astrology sign? how different is modern astrology from ancient Egyptian astrology?

Spoiler alert: Egyptian astrology is a huge influence in astrology as we know it today.

Let me paint you a picture here:

A long, long time ago, ancient Egyptians would look to the same sky as we do today to glean knowledge, predictions, and advice from the gods.

They believed that the sign you were born under affected who you are as a person, what kind of life you will lead, and what is in store for you in the future.

Not only that, but early Egyptian astronomers took great pains to observe how the stars moved, and how such affected the seasons and environments.

The Egyptians considered this as a divine feat. So, the old astronomers were actually temple priests, doing their work in temples made to look like the night sky.

Nothing out of the ordinary, so far. But this is all stuff we already know, right? Where’s the part where the Egyptians do their own thing?

We didn’t know… Until 1943, that is.

In the fateful year of 1943, a museum in Cairo called (surprise, surprise) the Cairo Museum bought a damaged piece of papyrus.

Coincidentally, it contained a crucial piece in Egyptian history: The Cairo Calendar.

This Calendar listed all the days in an Egyptian Year.

From here, you could figure out which days were favorable and which days were not.

You could also tell if a mythological event will make a day go great or go terribly.

Finally, you could also determine how you were supposed to behave on any particular day.

Moreover, in connection to Astrology,  this calendar revealed the concept of decans. This then became the basis for the Egyptian Zodiac, both traditional and Hellenic.

First off, decans are 10-day increments, similar to our modern weeks.

However, the word “decans” also referred to groups of stars and a planet that ruled each decan.

3 of these decans combined to form a month, and 3 of those months formed a season.

Four seasons merge to form a year, and they also added 5 (or 6) days, which adds up to 365 days.

The Egyptians used these 5 days (6 on a leap year), called an intercalary month, to stay in sync with astrological events. Since it isn’t necessarily part of the year proper, they also usually spend it in celebration and festivities.

However, this isn’t the entire story.

The more modern version of Egyptian astrology comes from Hellenic Egypt. Before 332 BCE, Egypt was invaded by Persians who believed in Mesopotamian astrology.

In time, the ancient Egyptian decantic style mixed in with the invasive astrology. This introduced a host of new concepts and produced a new Egyptian zodiac. This divides the 36 decans between the 12 signs that we use today.

Without further ado, let us hop right into the Egyptian astrological signs and what they mean!

The Ancient Egyptian Zodiac Astrological Signs

Discover your Egyptian Zodiac


Read below to discover the correspondence between your classic astrological sign and your Egyptian astrology sign.

The Nile (January 1 – 7, June 19 – 28, September 1 – 7, November 18 – 26)

Western Zodiac Equivalent –  Capricorn

As the very lifeblood of Egypt, the Nile is the first sign of the Egyptian Zodiac.  It is also the only sign that is not represented by a god.

The Egyptians relied on the Nile as their lives depended on it. The Nile then provides for them. Its flowing waters represent a fulfilling life and prosperity.

People born under The Nile are a practical bunch.  They are keen observers of their surroundings. They abhor conflict and would rather spend their energy, creating a prosperous and peaceful life for themselves.

Amun-Ra (January 8  -21, February 1 – 11)

Western Zodiac Equivalent –  Taurus

The King of Gods, Amun-Ra, is the second sign of the Egyptian Zodiac.

He granted humans the ability to make something out of nothing and also gave them the urge to create.

And where else can you better witness these gifts than in the people born under his sign?

People born under Amun-Ra are quite talented. They always strive to better themselves and uplift others. This gives them a natural aura of leadership about them. Because of this, they can usually find success in mentorship or management.

Mut (January 22 – 31, September 8 – 22)

Western Zodiac Equivalent –  Scorpio

The Mother of the World, Mut, is the third sign of the Egyptian Zodiac.

This goddess represents women everywhere, especially mothers. She is also known as a creator goddess and is usually associated with water.

People born under Mut are naturals at nurturing others and tend to be very protective. They are also very practical and rational in their thinking. They think logically before making any decision. Much like the goddess that represents their sign, they would make good listeners and good parents.

Geb (February 12 – 29, August 20 – 31)

Western Zodiac Equivalent –  Aquarius

The God of Earth, Geb, is the fourth sign of the Egyptian Zodiac.

He is one of the gods who assists in the underworld, weighing the hearts of those who died and assigns their place in the afterlife.

People born under Geb are sensitive and kind-hearted. They usually let their intuition and gut-feeling guide their decision making. With this kind of spiritual awareness, they can find great success as writers and thinkers.

Furthermore, in keeping with Geb’s affinity for the earth, they are usually environmentally conscious.

Osiris (March 1 – 10, November 27 – December 18)

Western Zodiac Equivalent – Aries

The God of the Underworld, Osiris, is the fifth sign of the Egyptian Zodiac.

He is the god in charge of the underworld. Additionally, he is also a symbol of fertility and resurrection.

People born under Osiris tend to have two sides to their personality. First and foremost, they are passionate and innovative. While they may leave themselves vulnerable at times, it is only because they always move forward and seek new paths. As a dominating agent of change, they usually excel at being their own boss.

Isis (March 11 – 31, October 18 – 29, December 19 – 31)

isis representing ancient egyptian astrology

Western Zodiac Equivalent –  Pisces

The Goddess of Nature, Isis, is the sixth sign of the Egyptian Zodiac.

She is a protector goddess who takes care of the poor, the young, and even the dead.

People born under Isis stay motivated by love and the pursuit of it. They are confident in their romantic endeavors. This confidence shows itself in the direct and straightforward way they interact with other people.

Additionally, they are also carefree people with an infectious zest for life and would make great entertainers.

Thoth (April 1 – 19, November 8 – 17)

Western Zodiac Equivalent –  Virgo

The God of Learning and Wisdom, Thoth, is the seventh sign of the Egyptian Zodiac.

He is the record-keeper of all things and is also the creator of writing. Aside from that, he also assists in the underworld. He acts as a judge for the dead and weighs their souls, sending them off to the afterlife they deserve.

People born under Thoth are creative and are good at problem-solving. They are very organized and are good at communicating with other people. Much like Thoth, they make good journalists or writers.

Horus (April 20 – May 7, August 12 – 19)

Western Zodiac Equivalent –  Libra

The King of Earth’s Gods, Horus, is the eighth sign of the Egyptian Zodiac.

He is the protector of pharaohs and symbolizes the sky and the stars.

People born under Horus are inspiring and good at motivating other people. They are optimistic and always look for the best in all things. They are also strong-willed and will put the needs of people they care about before theirs. Much like Horus, who united Egypt, they would make good leaders and politicians.

Anubis (May 8 – 27, June 29 – July 13)

Western Zodiac Equivalent – Leo

The Guardian of the Underworld, Anubis, is the ninth sign of the Egyptian Zodiac.

Aside from his roles as the god of mummification and embalming, he is also in charge of finding lost souls. He then weighs their hearts to determine their fate in the afterlife.

People born under Anubis are quite intense. They are creative and pursue their heart’s desires with gusto.

They are confident in their silence and will not hesitate to speak out against anything that seems off. Like Anubis, they would succeed in showing the lost the way as teachers and doctors.

Seth (May 28 – June 18, September 28 – October 2)

Western Zodiac Equivalent –  Gemini

The God of Chaos, Seth, is the tenth sign of the Egyptian Zodiac.

He is also the god of storms and earthquakes. He is a force of nature and an agent of change, which can be seen in those who are born under him.

People born under Seth are charismatic and love to be the center of attention. They hate stagnation and will stop at nothing to reach their goals.

They are perfectionists and good communicators. With these traits, they make great salespersons or motivational speakers.

Bastet (July 14 – 28, September 23 – 27, October 3 – 17)

bastet egyptian astrology chart

Western Zodiac Equivalent –  Cancer

The Goddess of Pleasure, Bastet, is the eleventh sign of the Egyptian Zodiac.

Also known as the goddess of cats and goddess of fertility, she protects women as well as Lower Egypt.

People born under Bastet are always searching for balance and peace. They are very emotional and seek to surround themselves with peace and joy. As such, they are also inspired by the arts and music.

With their strong sense of insight and uncanny intuition, they may find success as investigators or researchers.

Sekhmet (July 29 – August 11, October 30 – November 7)

Western Zodiac Equivalent –  Sagittarius

The Eye of Ra, Sekhmet, is the twelfth sign of the Egyptian Zodiac.

She is both a healer and the goddess of war.

People born under Sekhmet share in her need for fairness and justice. They usually have two sides to their personality: a side that demands discipline and order, and a side that goes with the flow. This duality gives them the perspective to make good decisions.

Much like Bastet, they have a strong value system and would find great success working in a position of authority.


As you can see, Egyptian astrology has enjoyed a very interesting history.

We have briefly run through the traditional beginnings of Egyptian astrology. 

We also learned about how it evolved and merged with concepts from Mesopotamian astrology. 

Lastly, we found out how we discovered all these things in the first place.

Furthermore, you now have a quick and dirty cheat sheet for the 12 signs of the Egyptian zodiac. 

Make good use of the information: The gods that represent them, and what it means to be born under these signs.

You can use it as a reference and as a springboard for your future research. Who knows, you might decide to dig deeper into the wonderful world of Egyptian astrology.

It provides perspective on how we see astrology in modern times.

Hopefully, it also allows you to divine information from the cosmos and explores astrology with a unique perspective.

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