Past Life and Astrology

Discover your past life- and how it can make your present better


You may have had one of “those days.”

Maybe you were just sitting by the window, occasionally looking up from your phone, when suddenly it hits you. Longing for a bygone time just seems to fill you from nowhere.

Naturally, you don’t understand why. You were born in this modernized world that it doesn’t make sense to go back to, say, the Victorian Era.

But this is no coincidence. This maybe your inner self yearning to go back to your past life.

What are past lives?

Past lives are our lives before we reincarnated into the present. This life that we live in is a result of our actions before, also known as karma.

It is inherently within Vedic (also called Indian) Astrology. This astrological tradition has ties to Hinduism and goes back for thousands of years.

To better grasp what we are talking about, we must take a short detour to our high school physics classes.

The first law of thermodynamics says that “energy is neither created nor destroyed.” Under this principle, we can understand our souls as energies that have always been there from the beginning.

When we link this with Vedic Astrology, we can understand why reincarnations happen. In Sanskrit, this is the samsara or the cycle of birth and rebirth.

But why do we have to undergo reincarnation? Why not rest in peace right after we die?

The thing is, our souls are immortal. It even has a name, called the atman.

When the universe came to being, so did our souls. It took on different hosts, such as the planets and stars that took after the Big Bang.

As the life forces heavenly bodies died, they transferred into other things about to be born. When humans formed, the atman entered us.

It is worth noting what famed astronomer Carl Sagan has said about our biochemical makeup. He said: “We are made of starstuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”

And he meant that literally! Our physical selves are a result of billions of years of evolution from nothing to something.

Therefore, it makes sense when its essence- the atman- transfers to us. When we die, we give back our bodies to the universe (through decomposition), and our souls find another home.

But we do not always reincarnate into human beings. As said, everything in the world comes from one fundamental thing.

The Hindus believe that when we live a sinful life, we get “downgraded” into a plant, an animal, or something else. Similarly, we become human beings when we live a good life because a human being is the highest form of reincarnation.

As said earlier, this is karma. Contrary to the popular belief of karma as bad, it is actually the sum of all our actions when we were still living.

But when we live consecutive lives that are good (and in human form, of course), we attain moksha.

Here, we attain enlightenment- the ultimate realization that our souls are the same as that of the universal soul. Once we come to this epiphany, the atman is ready to transcend and rejoin its source.

Why and how should I know my past lives?


Our past lives teach us so many things about ourselves. It may even help us realize things that we have always suspected about the things that surround us.

To know a person’s past life, it is best to go back to their natal or birth chart.

There are numerous free birth chart calculators online that you can choose. However, it is also important to note that not all of them include the South and North Nodes, so select one that does.

The nodes are opposing signs on the Zodiac wheel that tell a lot about who you were in the past and why you reincarnated. They are dependent on the relationships of all celestial bodies when you were born.

It is not overly detailed, as it seeks to give you freedom on what you should do to attain moksha.

In Vedic Astrology, the South and North Nodes are called Ketu and Rahu, respectively. They believe that the Ketu is the tail end of a dragon, and the Rahu is its head.

This dragon is the cycle of birth and rebirth, with the head trying to chase its tail. But as said, a person must break this cycle and stop the Rahu from pursuing the Ketu to attain enlightenment.

But why does this happen in the first place?

First off, the Ketu are the abilities that a person acquires from their past life. Think of it as the warm, soft, and chewy chocolate chip cookies that you loved as a kid.

These are the things that you are familiar and comfortable with. It is more of your very own comfort zone.

Yet it also holds you back, much like the dragon chasing its tail. When a person overly focuses on the things that they already know, they fail to see the outside of their field of vision.

This is where the Rahu comes in. As the opposing force, it represents a person’s life purpose.

It is like the grown-up realization that chocolate chip skillets are bigger- and better. They may be fussy, but admit it, it’s yummy.

The Rahu is then what you are called to do in this life. These are daunting things that you may have sworn off as a kid but have no way of escaping.

You can also think of it as the way for you to live a “purpose-driven life.” It will not be an easy path, but it is also the most fulfilling.

But the Ketu and Rahu work together to help you fulfill your calling.

As you go on doing great things, the things you are the most familiar with will help you keep your feet on the ground.

What can I learn about my past lives?


This depends on the nodes under which you were born. But as said earlier, your nodes will always be directly opposite each other on the Zodiac wheel.

This ensures that you will be able to balance out your past and present lives.

Here’s a rundown on what your nodes are trying to teach you:

North Node/ Rahu: Aries

South Node/ Ketu: Libra

During your past life, separation anxiety plagued you in every turn. You hate making decisions, want co-dependency, and prefer to be on everybody’s good side.

Your north node is now telling you to trust in your instincts. Do not be afraid to assert yourself and make your voice heard.

Be independent and accept that you cannot please everybody. Only then can you truly grow as an individual.

North Node/ Rahu: Taurus

South Node/ Ketu: Scorpio

You were quite wild and reckless in your past life! Not to mention, you were very self-centered that you wouldn’t think twice in plunging headfirst in dangerous situations (and dragging people along).

What you are to do now is to find happiness in serenity. Be considerate of those around you by taking their needs and situations into account.

Learn to be a little less chaotic. Find value in harmony, and you will find that you will find inner peace.

North Node/ Rahu: Gemini

South Node/ Ketu: Sagittarius


“Paparazzi” is a mild way to put your past life. You tended to be intrusive, tactless, and hyperactive.

This present life is telling you to pause and listen to others. Exchange ideas in a meaningful way without having to be unkind.

Be sensitive, especially when interacting with others. Respect others so that they may also respect you.

North Node/ Rahu: Cancer

South Node/ Ketu: Capricorn

Back in your soul’s good old days, you were quite serious and a control freak. You wanted everything to be exactly what you want and in good working order.

Today, you are being encouraged to let go of that rigidity, even by just a tiny bit. Not everything has to be perfect- and that’s okay!

Being ambitious is good, but it is better to follow what your heart wants. Let life’s small pleasures make you happy and find fulfillment even in the most mundane of things.

North Node/ Rahu: Leo

South Node/ Ketu: Aquarius

During your past life, you were very distant, almost cold, and impersonal. You loved to be politically correct, and even hate it when you become irrational (aka taken over by feelings).

Now, your mission is to create loving and close relationships with others. Allow yourself to be a little bit more vulnerable and open to your loved ones.

Be in touch with your inner self. You don’t have to be correct every time; you are human and allowed to have mistakes here and there.

North Node/ Rahu: Virgo

South Node/ Ketu: Pisces

You used to be very forgetful and too idealistic. YOLO was your mantra, and you were merely concerned about being alive and allowed anything to happen.

This life you have now is your “I have to clean my mess up” arc. Establish routine and order in the things that you do.

Take rules and deadlines seriously. There’s nothing with loosening yourself up- just remember to be responsible for doing your work.

North Node/ Rahu: Libra

South Node/ Ketu: Aries

Impulsive, aggressive, narrow-minded. These three adjectives that sum up how you lived just seems to say that you were too competitive for your past life to handle!

But now this is your chance to get past this negative side of yourself. Whatever you do, learn to cooperate with others.

Do not overexert yourself. Take the time to step back, breathe, and expand your ideas.

North Node/ Rahu: Scorpio

South Node/ Ketu: Taurus

Back when you were an entirely different person, you were stubborn and unwilling to accept help. You also refused to listen to your intuition and plowed ahead without any much thought.

This is your time to open your mind and heart to change. Value the people around you and share ideas.

Release yourself from your attachments. Find security in the rhythms of life and find peace in it.

North Node/ Rahu: Sagittarius

South Node/ Ketu: Gemini

When you were still living in your past life, you were very logical and struggled to find your inner self. You also had a hard time trying to commit to things.

Your mission in this life is to trust your guts and loosen up. Not everything has to make sense to be pleasing.

Have faith. It does not have to be a higher being, but something that may not be scientific, but worth believing, nevertheless.

North Node/ Rahu: Capricorn

South Node/ Ketu: Cancer

During your past life, you were very sentimental to the point of being unable to let go. You disliked responsibility for anyone or anything, and yet also hated rejection.

Because of this, you need to learn how to move on from the past. You don’t need to forget it; instead, use that as your springboard to move toward a better future.

Accept responsibility and make goals for yourself. The security you’ve always wanted does not lie in your past, but rather in your present.

North Node/ Rahu: Aquarius

South Node/ Ketu: Leo

Let’s just say that you were the KarJenner clan in one person, at least in your past life. You lived for drama! Intrigue! You would put The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to shame!

Yet your present life is set for a different path: sensitivity, inclusivity, respect. Value the personal relationships that you have and keep them healthy.

Step out of all the buzz and find contentment in what you have right now. Rather than fight fire with fire, strive for peace.

North Node/ Rahu: Pisces

South Node/ Ketu: Virgo

Guilt, uncertainty, and insecurity plagued you during your past life. You wanted to do everything just right, out of fear that people will hate you if you fall short of that.

You have to learn to let go of these fears and find faith in your abilities. Accept your imperfections and make peace from within.

Trust your instincts. Nothing is better than being simply yourself.

Closing Thoughts about astrology and past lives

The thought of having a soul as old as the universe itself can be both unsettling and exciting.

We may not know how exactly our past lives play out. Yet our soul remembers everything.

It teaches us both our strengths and flaws and urges us to find wisdom in the stars. Every reincarnation is a chance to reinvent ourselves and finally become one with the universe.

But just because you are a certain way, it doesn’t mean that you blame how you were in your past life.

You are a result of your past and present, nature and nurture. When all these factors fuse, it results in one unique person: you.

It is up to you what to make of your past life. Whether you accept it or not, you are to become better, nonetheless.

You can only reach fulfillment if you are aware of your weaknesses and use your strengths to make life comfortable for you and everyone else.

The point of knowing your past is for you to remake your present and have a bright and hopeful future. This is the highest calling, the ultimate goal of it all.

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