The Ultimate Guide to Different Natural Elements and Their Significations

Our world is full of different natural elements, and their significations differ from person to person. Yet, they are essential in ensuring that everything works out how it should be in the universe.

The level of their involvement differs from the intensity of the situation and the need for their intervention. Most days, though, natural elements are simply some of the dominant forces that guide people on their actions and choices in life.

How these natural elements are viewed across different astrological traditions dramatically differs. But the consensus remains: natural forces influence us more than we could ever imagine.

What are the Natural Elements?


Fire- Natural Elements and Their Significations

This element is equally feared and respected by many for its properties. It can either help create something (such as hot meals) or destroy them (like wildfires). 

Fire is dynamic, wild, and virtually unstoppable. Because of this, it has come to symbolize enthusiasm, bravery, and passion. 

But this seemingly powerful and brilliant element brings destruction in its wake. Because of this, the fire has become the element of impulsiveness, violence, and intolerance. 


The air is soothing and a source of comfort for many. Yet while it is mostly calm and carefree, the strong winds it brings can be quite catastrophic. 

Because of its seemingly unrestrained nature, this element represents creativity, communication, and ideas. Like the air that is difficult to contain, these actions are meant to be as free as they can get. 

Yet this seemingly kind and benevolent characteristic hides a penchant for chaos. The air then also came to symbolize hypocrisy, absent-mindedness, and being superficial. 


Earth is not just the name of our home planet, but also the very element which everything stands upon. It is firm, yet sometimes too prone to cracking and giving in to pressure. 

Stable and grounded, the earth is the element that symbolizes support and reliability. Over time, it embodied objectivity, grounded on one’s beliefs and hard work. 

However, while these features are positive, the earth element also came to represent some undesirable qualities. Among them are being too materialistic, stubborn, and prideful.


As this element covers roughly 71% of our planet’s surface, so is its range in terms of the spiritual realm. Water is known by all as the source of life yet can also bring its end, even without other people noticing it.

Water symbolizes fluid qualities, so to speak. It is all about emotions, dreams, and intuition- basically the deepest, darkest depths to ourselves.

Yet water also represents some unwanted qualities. As its ability to change states of matter, water is also about unpredictability, consuming jealousy, and inconsistency.

Natural Elements and their Significations

Western Astrology

This astrological tradition is the one that is most practiced worldwide. It is also the primary basis for the rundown stated above.

For believers of this ancient art, the elements are inherently tied with the Zodiac itself. Each of them is in charge of 3 Zodiac signs and plays a huge part in forming a person’s personality and worldview.

Fire is the element of the signs known to be all about fearlessness: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Air came to represent those that are all about duality: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Earth became the symbol of the signs that are all about stability: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Last but not least, Water is the element for the flexible ones of the Zodiac: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio

These four bring the Zodiac into a full circle, giving those born under them their distinct qualities. If you’re confused about why your personality is the way it is, the elements connected to your Zodiac sign may give you the enlightenment you need.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Nowadays, this ancient art is nowadays equated with Chinese-inspired interior design. Yet Feng Shui is more than just knowing where to place your furniture!

Feng Shui is actually all about channeling positive energies in one’s home and using it to make one’s life better and happier.  When done correctly, it can bring luck and prosperity to those who practice it.

Like most astrological traditions, Feng Shui has a firm belief in the elements. But unlike their Western counterparts, it has five elements.

These five elements are metal, wood, fire, earth, and water. Each element represents a specific energy that can be amplified by certain shapes, directions, colors, and seasons.

The idea is that when they are channeled correctly through objects that fit these specific criteria, the elements bring the necessary energies needed by a particular area or person.

Here is a rundown of all these specifications:


Metal Element and its specification

Shape: Circles, spheres

Direction: West and Northwest

Colors: Gray, black, silver, white

Season: Autumn

Energies Given: focus and mental stimulus


Shape: Rectangles and squares

Direction: East and Southeast

Colors: Green

Season: Spring

Energies Given: Inspiration, growth, and motivation


Shape: Triangle

Direction: South

Colors: Red, yellow, pink, orange

Season: Summer

Energies Given: Passion and transformation


Shape: Rectangle and square

Direction: Center, Southwest, and Northeast

Colors: Earth tones (e.g., for thousands of years Our brown, beige)

Season: Summer’s end

Energies Given: Security, stability, and support


Water- Natural Elements and Their Significations

Shape: Curves and waves

Direction: North

Colors: Blue and turquoise

Season: Winter

Energies Given: Flexibility and prosperity

Crystal Healing

Long before the dawn of modern medicine, the ancients believed that crystals have distinct healing properties. Our ancestors pulverized precious stones for thousands of years and used them as part of their skincare and healing rituals.

Nowadays, crystals are more likely to be used as jewelry and décor rather than get crushed for healing purposes. However, many still believe in the curing properties of crystals and utilize them for holistic healing.

Many integrate crystal healing with their own religious or spiritual beliefs. For example, many use crystals to channel Feng Shui energies.

Yet, there are five elements that crystal healers want to use during sessions. These are the four traditional ones used in Western Astrology, with the element of spirit or storm.

This fifth element is unique since it encompasses all the others. It means that it can harmonize all the other elements and balance all bodily functions.

The spirit element can also cleanse the body of impurities and make sure that every part is in working order. 

As the element concerned with the inner workings of ourselves, channeling spirit brings transformation and a heightened awareness of the world around us. 

Many healers are more than willing to share their extensive knowledge of crystal healing with others. After all, having someone to share these learnings with is not only fun but also essential in keeping this ancient practice alive.  

If you don’t know your local crystal healer, there are internet resources that can help you choose the perfect stone for your needs.

Chakra Healing

Like Feng Shui and crystal healing, chakra healing has five elements. But these elements are inherently tied with a specific chakra. 

In addition to the four already described in the section on natural elements, chakra healing believes in the existence of three more elements: space, light, and thought. 

Space is also known by its other name, ether. Believed to be the first element to have existed in the universe, it is empty and allows room for creativity and communication to exist.

Light is all about consciousness. It symbolizes the inner workings of the mind and one’s personal thoughts and imaginations.

The element of thought is not merely thinking about things. It is considered one of the highest forms of elements because of its location on top of a person’s head and allows a person to connect with the divine.

Using materials attuned to an element then enhances the chakra. This helps ensure that a person remains healthy, and their bodily functions are balanced. 

The following is a rundown of each element, its related chakra, some qualities, and body parts connected to it:

Element: Earth

Earth- Natural Elements and Their Significations

Chakra: Root

Quality: Survival and stability

Body Parts: Bones and teeth

Element: Water

Chakra: Sacral

Quality: Fluidity and change

Body Parts: All parts producing bodily fluids

Element: Fire

Fire- Natural Elements and Their Significations

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Quality: Transformation and confidence

Body Parts: Digestive system

Element: Air

Chakra: Heart

Quality: Emotional and formless

Body Parts: Respiratory system

Element: Space/ Ether

Space/Ether- Natural Elements and Their Significations

Chakra: Throat

Quality: Freedom and authenticity

Body Parts: Throat and mouth

Element: Light

Chakra: Third Eye

Quality: Intuition and imagination

Body Parts: Pineal gland

Element: Thought

Chakra: Crown

Quality: Spiritual ascension and divinity

Body Parts: Crown/ top of the head

To know which materials are perfect for your chakra healing, consult your local healer for a fully guided process. If you cannot contact them or don’t have them around your locality, numerous internet guides can help you decide.

Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology- Natural Elements and Their Significations

Nowadays, people confuse Chinese Astrology with Feng Shui. This is because they share many features, born and practiced in the same civilization for centuries. 

However, in Chinese Astrology, the elements are assigned to specific years rather than to individual signs. 

For example, the last digit of a year is 4. This means that whatever the Zodiac animal of the year may be, it will always be under the element of wood. 

Like its Western counterpart, the elements bestow their features to those born under them. It may help make sense of why a person is a way that they are. 

This is a quick rundown of the five elements, along with their corresponding signs. Take note, though, that the Chinese Zodiac elements are much more complicated than they really are.

Element: Metal

Year Ending Digits: 0 and 1

Element: Water

Year Ending Digits: 2 and 3

Element: Wood

Year Ending Digits: 4 and 5

Element: Fire

Year Ending Digits: 6 and 7

Element: Earth:

Year Ending Digits: 8 and 9

For further information, you can consult Chinese Astrologers (there are loads of them in every major city!) or the good old trusty internet.

Final Word on Natural Elements and Their Significations

The universe is made of different materials, and some of them have made an enormous impact on our lives as humans. 

More than just being a force of nature, these elements have become part of us through the qualities they bestow. Like all things, they have both a positive and a negative side. 

Despite this, these elements all contribute to the complexity of our identities. It is like a reminder that no matter how much we assert ourselves, we are always a part of nature and vice versa.

Yet blaming the elements only for influencing one’s behavior won’t do. Each person is a result of both nature and nurture, assisting the person that we become. 

Indeed, the elements have a hold on us. Yet they are not the sole reason we are like this, as it is too simplistic and ignores all our human experiences

It is best to think of the elements as nature’s tools to help us recall how uniquely made we are. No other being can channel the secrets of the universe than us. 

Whatever your natural element may be, be a good one. Let the best you shine through, the same way that these forces of nature harmonize in helping us live happy and prosperous lives.

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