Exploring the Wonders of the Divine Feminine Qualities

divine feminine qualities

The concept of Divine Feminine qualities is an enigmatic topic for many. For centuries, femininity was automatically associated with weakness and instability. And up to this day in many countries, these ancient beliefs play a big role in how women are treated. Fortunately, this does not ring true for other parts of the globe. People […]

Everything You Need to Know About What Is A Saturn Return

what is a saturn return

If you’ve lived past your late twenties, congratulations! Everyone who has been through it knows how it can be the most turbulent and life-changing times of your existence. But have you ever wondered why? That’s because the cosmos play a big role in it. It’s otherwise known as your Saturn return in Astrology. So, what […]

Discovering the Best Zodiac Sign Most Compatible With Virgo

most compatible with virgo

Who are Virgos most compatible with? Is it true that Virgo is most compatible with Leo? Some claim Capricorn is their best match. While others say nothing loves a Virgo than another fellow Virgo. Let’s get it on and settle this debate on who is the most compatible with Virgo once and for all! After […]

What Is A Life Path Number? Learn it right here!

what is a life path number

If you have been dabbling with astrology for a while now, you probably have encountered life path numbers every now and then. But have you ever wondered what is a life path number? What is its real value and significance for you? Your life path number serves a similar purpose to your astrological sign. What […]

Chiron Retrograde and your Zodiac: Fabulous Astrology Guide

chiron retrograde

Astrology is rife with symbolism and different meanings. Among such things are mythological creatures. One such creature is Chiron, the legendary healer and hero mentor of Greek legend. He is most prominent in astrology as the constellation Centaurus. When the constellation seems to go backwards in orbit, that celestial body is in retrograde. Thus, Chiron […]