Major Aspects in Astrology: Helpful Guide to Astrology

major aspects in astrology

Often, we divide astrology into various planetary aspects. Major aspects in astrology are one example. Such aspects differ on their degree of separation from each other on the horoscope. In cases like that, an astrologer divides them into the minor and major aspects in astrology. Think of the difference between a pebble in your shoe […]

Minor Aspects in Astrology: Helpful Guide to Astrology

minor aspects in astrology

Names vary between major and minor aspects in astrology. However, both of them relate specifically to the degrees separating the relevant planetary bodies. Depending on how the planets transit, actions happen in our life with our choices. Love and chaos arise because of these planetary transitions.  Minor aspects in astrology may even adjust moods to […]

An In-Depth Look On the Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

gemini and scorpio compatibility

To say that Gemini and Scorpio compatibility is difficult is a major understatement. Both signs are definitely a pain in the butt. Yes, they do have their redeeming factors and are widely misunderstood at times. But this does not change the fact that too much emotional turmoil and drama is expected when these two start […]

Feng Shui Wealth Colors That Will Show You The Money

feng shui wealth colors

Do you work really hard? Put on 60-80 hour work weeks but still don’t cut it? Why not give feng shui wealth colors a try? Believe it or not, certain colors are capable of attracting wealth and prosperity in your life! The trick is knowing which colors to use, which objects, and where to place […]

Corona Borealis Constellation: Ultimate Astrology Guide

corona borealis constellation

In the northern sky, a small but noticeable constellation chains stars together. Its name is the Corona Borealis constellation. In Latin, its name means “the northern crown.” Corona Borealis constellation has only four stars brighter than magnitude 3.00. Stars in Corona Borealis constellation include the famous Blaze Star, otherwise known as T. Coronae Borealis. The […]