Discovering All the Dangers and Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

benefits of lucid dreaming

Have you ever dreamt so vividly you actually thought it was real? Did you try to control the outcome and actually succeeded in doing it? If your answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then what you have experienced was lucid dreaming. But did you know that there are actual benefits of lucid dreaming? […]

Jumpstart Your Love and Career with the New Moon In Virgo

new moon in virgo

You can feel it in your fingers, you can feel it in your toes. Fall is all around you, that’s how this feeling goes. Not only is there a change in temperature, but there’s also the New Moon in Virgo. This astrological phenomenon is here to push you on the right path. Not only will […]

How the Uranus Retrograde Can Affect Every Zodiac In 2021

uranus retrograde

Everybody get ready because another retrograde is coming your way! Uranus retrograde 2021 begins on August 19 and is here to stay until January 18, 2022. While other planetary backspins are not exactly worth looking forward to, this one shouldn’t be a cause of panic and anxiety. So what is there to know about the […]

Seeing Angel Numbers: Meaning of Angels in Numerology

seeing angel numbers

You might never have heard of angel numbers before. That’s okay. Most people who report seeing angel numbers tend not to know what they are. Numerology, after all, is a relatively less popular form of astrology using numbers rather than stars. Seeing angel numbers can only seem more confusing when seeing numbers at all in […]

Full Sturgeon Moon: Spiritual Meaning of this Moon

full sturgeon moon

August’s sturgeon full moon embodies the final wisps of summer days and the start of harvest season. As the leaves turn orange and autumn sets in, anticipation stirs deep within us. You know you can feel it; a quickening just beneath the surface, in your spirit. With the full sturgeon moon in the sky, you’ll […]