Their Twins in Spirit: Each and Every Gemini Spirit Animal

gemini spirit animal

Everyone knows or has at least heard of the term ‘spirit animal’. It’s likely you’ve seen a funny or cute picture of an animal online before and said, ‘that’s my spirit animal!’ But in case you weren’t exactly sure what it meant, it might surprise you to know that the term has roots in Astrology and spirituality. Actually, the zodiac can tell you exactly what your spirit animal is, based on your sign! Today, we’re taking a look at just such a thing: each and every Gemini spirit animal.

What exactly is a spirit animal, what does it mean, you might ask? How does the zodiac of all things tell us what our spirit animals are? Is there anything in it for you, dear reader, if you’re not a Gemini? Don’t worry, we’re answering all of these questions and more as we go over this article. Stay tuned, we can promise that you’re not going to want to miss this one!

Are you a Gemini, who feels like they need a spirit animal, or at least some answers? Maybe you’re a zodiac aficionado, looking to brush up on and refresh your knowledge? Or perhaps you’re just plain, old, harmlessly curious? Whatever your reasons, this is certainly the article for you! So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and most importantly, have fun!


  • What is a gemini’s spirit animal or animals? Is there more than one?
  • Why each animal represents gemini
  • What can you take away from this if you’re not a Gemini?
  • Exactly what is a spirit animal?
  • And many more…

Zodiac Soul Search: What is the Spirit Animal for Gemini?

So, what exactly is a spirit animal, you may ask? A spirit animal is a symbol or a connection that we have to a member of the animal kingdom. Some believe this connection is spiritual in nature (hence the name ‘spirit animal’). Many astrologists link this to the belief that we are interconnected: as in, the same way we are connected to the heavens, we are connected to everything around us. Many more believe in both interpretations.

With that out of the way, how does the zodiac tell us our spirit animals? That’s simple, the zodiac already understands each signs personalities, predispositions and behaviors. Therefore, the zodiac knows which animals truly strike a special connection with us, based on these same traits. It’s easy for them to identify a gemini’s spirit animal because they already understand the gemini’s spirit! No wonder the zodiac can tell us the spirit animal of gemini.

There’s one last thing to cover before we go over every Gemini spirit animal. What exactly is in it for you, dear reader, if you’re not even a Gemini? Of course there is, we wouldn’t waste your time otherwise! Even if you don’t relate to these animals as much as Gemini can, you can still call on them and emulate their best traits if you need them! Without further ado, learn from who Gemini is and let your spirit soar with these animals, below:

Who is Gemini?

A quick refresher course on Gemini, so that understanding the link between them and their spirit animal comes easy. Gemini, having the symbol of the twins, is an air sign that governs the period from May 21 to June 21. Their planetary ruler is Mercury, and they are famous for being intellectual, creative, chaotic, high-energy and introspective creatures. Another well-known fact about Gemini is the duality of their nature, they are always composed of two extremes. Lastly, their twin sign also represents their tendency and talent for mimicry.


spirit animal fox

The first Gemini spirit animal is the fox. Why exactly is the fox a spirit animal for Gemini? Shrewd, opportunistic and playful creatures that come in polar opposite coats of orange and white. It’s no wonder they speak to the twin sign’s spirit. We’re going over each of the fox’s traits below, and explaining how both Gemini and you can call on the animal for.

A Trickster at Heart

When we think of the fox, we think of a sly creature. These are shrewd, agile and quick-footed creatures that often avoid danger and trick their prey. Which isn’t to say that we’re calling Geminis predators, dear reader! But a negative connotation which Gemini has received is their two-faced nature. Geminis are excellent liars and tricksters, though this isn’t always a bad thing.


You can’t call yourself sly, opportunistic and shrewd without cunning. It’s not enough to say that foxes are intelligent, they also possess a cunning unmatched in the animal kingdom. These are sly and crafty creatures… and so is Gemini. Take care if you ever intend to lie to or deceive a Gemini, because it’s likely they’re already two steps ahead of you. Just letting you ‘play’ in a game for their amusement.


Foxes are not the strongest animal in the forest, nor the fastest. But they more than make up for it as a predator with their opportunistic nature. Foxes know when to attack and not attack. Gemini is the same way, and are quick to pick up on opportunities in social and career circles. This sign is basically ‘street smart’, and knows who and what to look out for.


We will never call Gemini a coward, because that just isn’t true. But the same way foxes are more likely to flee from conflicts, humans or other predatory animals, Gemini has a tendency to run. Not because they are afraid, but because it is their nature as an air sign to do so. Earth signs stand their ground, fire fights back, water tries to calm things down… and air just avoids conflict altogether. Gemini is truly as nimble and quick as a darting fox.

When to Draw on the Fox

Gemini (and you) should call on the fox when they feel trapped or threatened. Perhaps Gemini has lost alignment with its crafty, cunning nature. Maybe it’s just that they’ve landed themselves in bad company. Whatever their reasons (or yours), calling on the fox will help with a timely escape. Avoid bad situations, and search for better opportunities elsewhere.


The next animal on the list of Gemini spirit animals is the parrot. Parrots… may seem like an odd choice. Sure, it’s easy to see their connection with Gemini, as any bird would vibe well spiritually with an air sign. But that’s just the thing: out of all the birds, why a parrot? We’ll explain below.

parrot - spirit animal


The first reason is the most obvious, as we hinted above. All birds fly, which connects Gemini to its nature as an air sign off the bat. Flight is also synonymous with freedom and the relaxed nature of Gemini. Parrots do not fly quite as much as other birds, but then again, Gemini is the least ‘antisocial’ of the air signs, as well! A fitting spirit animal for Gemini.


Gemini is a creative soul, and no other bird exemplifies that quite as well as the parrot. Yes, the parrot is famous for decorating its already colorful feathers with beautiful objects. For instance, the artistic bird tears up colored paper and tucks it in its wings. The bird also loves to sing, and is smart enough to use tools to help it move around and eat. It’s no wonder that out of all the birds, the parrot is the one for Gemini.


Even more proof that the parrot fits Gemini to a tee. When you think of parrots, one of the first things you’re likely to remember is their ability to mimic people. They learn how you speak and the words you say, to use it to communicate or play with humans or other parrots. Parrots even mimic the sounds of household machines and devices. Fitting that a creature like Gemini that likes to emulate what it sees has a spiritual match in a parrot. 


The last trait a parrot has that relates it to Gemini is its playfulness. Gemini is a playful, friendly creature, though often misunderstood. We see that same behavior in a parrot: they always want a part in the action, and the affection of those around them. Parrots will pick up objects and throw them, trick others with mimicked sounds and the like. Oftentimes, like Gemini, the bird doesn’t realize it’s become a bit annoying.

When to Draw on the Parrot

If ever Gemini is feeling down, or their creative juices have run dry, don’t despair. Call on the parrot as your spirit animal, and you’re sure to muster all the youthful, creative mirth you want. Even just to remember how to relax, and feel free, this bird will help Gemini. If they feel bogged down or too stuck in the moment, the parrot will help them return back to the skies. Exactly where they belong.


spirit animal monkey

Last but certainly not least on the list of spirit animals for Gemini is the monkey. Not the most flattering animal to ascribe to your namesake. But it’s not the monkey’s appearance that vibes so well with Gemini. As we list the monkey’s traits, you’ll find that they’re more than a perfect match for the twin sign. Whatever the fox and parrot didn’t already cover, the monkey has in spades!


The monkey is perhaps the most talkative creature in the world. Sure, they’re not the noisiest animal in the world. Nor can they mimic languages like a parrot. But monkeys are constantly chattering, screeching and cooing at each other. Just like Gemini, monkeys love to talk and talk and talk.


It’s not just that monkeys are extremely talkative, but articulate as well. Zoologists believe they have an entire language composed of different ‘words’ they use to communicate with each other. Higher, lower pitched chatter and hand gestures to communicate their point across. Out of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, the monkey is the most adept at communicating to its peers. In the same light, Gemini is a true wordsmith, able to articulate their point across better than many introspective signs.


Perhaps their articulate nature is also a result of their social nature. Gemini are introverts, yes, and yet the duality in their nature also makes them crave social interactions and events. Monkeys are the same way. Highly social animals that live in groups and have a clear social structure. Gemini will never skip out on a chance to hang out with friends or meet new people.


Finally, Geminis are resourceful creatures. Part of their opportunistic nature, Geminis are quick to use everything at their disposal to turn bad situations into good. They come up with new ideas quickly, and the same is true for the monkey. Monkeys are so resourceful in fact, that they are one of the few animals that use tools in the wild. Usually to locate food.

When to Draw on the Monkey

Gemini should draw on the monkey when they’re feeling antisocial or shy. The social energy and power of the monkey as a spirit animal is incredible. Resourcefulness is an added bonus that helps Gemini get into the middle of any social circle it wants to join. All in all, monkeys are the best spirit animal for anyone who needs to make friends. That, or get through a bout of social anxiety.

The Takeaway…

That was everything you needed to know about Gemini’s spirit animals! Don’t forget that whether or not you’re a Gemini, you can call on these animals to suffuse you with the traits they possess. Though they may not fit you as well as Gemini, anyone can emulate the positive traits of these spirit animals. The zodiac teaches us that we can grow beyond our limits, even if our star signs seem limited. You are still the captain of your own ship, the master of your fate.

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