Gemini Colors: The Twin Shades of Power this Sign Needs

gemini colors

Everyone has a favorite color, dear reader, a color that they love. They would put that color on everything they owned, if they could. No matter where they find it, they’d love to see it, and even have it on their person. Did you know that the zodiac has something to say about your favorite colors, and what it means to have them as your colors? Today, we’re talking about one such zodiac sign and their colors, specifically, what do you think are the Gemini colors?

The zodiac tells us that certain colors have attachments to us. Not just as a matter of preference, but through a deep astrological and spiritual significance. Yes, dear reader, these colors speak to our very souls. What they bring us is strength, wealth and even fortune when we keep them in our lives! Don’t worry, if you don’t quite understand, we’re explaining that and more as we go over the Gemini colors in this article.

Do you have a Gemini in your life, as a friend or a lover? Maybe you want to know which colors will bring them the best in life? Perhaps you’re a zodiac aficionado, just looking to brush up on your knowledge? Whatever your reasons, even if it’s just to sate your curiosity, this is the article for you! So sit back, relax, and most important of all, have fun!


  • What are Gemini colors, and what colors represent Gemini?
  • Each Gemini lucky color and all the Gemini power colors!
  • How should Gemini decorate their lives with these colors?
  • And many, many more…

Zodiac Palettes: Colors for Gemini to Spruce Up the Sign

Before anything else, let’s go on a refresher course, running through everything they need to know about Gemini. Understanding the sign is critical to understanding why the following colors and what they symbolize matches Gemini so well. Gemini is an air sign that governs the period from May 21 to June 21, having the symbol of the twins. Having Mercury as a planetary ruler, this air sign is excitable, full of ideas and energetic, to the point that they are quite chaotic individuals. Geminis are also famous for their duality as individuals, with some giving them the negative reputation as ‘two-faced’ people.

So, how do the upcoming colors influence Geminis positively? According to Astrology, these colors have a deep, spiritual and celestial connection with Gemini due to their nature as a sign. For example, yellow is a color that corresponds to Gemini’s excited energies and puts them in tune with Mercury, their planetary ruler. On the other hand, some of these colors have proven psychological effects that either boost Gemini’s strengths or balance out their rougher edges. In example, green is a calming and relaxing color that the overexcited Gemini might need to help them stay cool.

You might ask, ‘what’s in it for me?’ if you’re not Gemini, dear reader. Well, these colors still have similar effects to other signs (though they may not fit you as well as they do Gemini). For instance, blue’s calming effect is not universal to Gemini, and maybe you can use what you’ve learned in this article to your advantage. Find out what the colors mean and how you can use, and keep them in your life, dear reader! Without further ado, the Gemini colors, below:

Yellow, for a Lucky Shine

The first and most famous of the colors for Gemini is yellow. Yellow is a color that connects Gemini to the Sun and by extension to Mercury, their planetary ruler. It brings out Geminis radiance, brilliance and sporadic bursts of energy. The color is considered a lucky color because of this, and Gemini should bring this color to bear when they need a little good fortune. This lucky boost can come in all sorts of different hues.

Amber is a warmer shade of yellow, a color that inspires kindness in Gemini. Another possible option is gold, which promotes a feeling of power, success and sophistication. Lighter shades of yellow promote energy, without spurring Geminis chaotic excitement. All in all, yellow is the best color for a Gemini to have. Although, the other colors on this list are also important for the twin sign to keep, for a variety of reasons.

How to Use Yellow in Your Wardrobe and Decor

Yellow is an easy enough color to come by, when looking for ways to decorate your life with it. There are a variety of flowers and accessories that come in the bright shade. In example, pins, picture frames and even office supplies all come in shades of yellow! For a more ‘hands-on’ application of the color, yellow is a great color for ties in a more casual office setting. Outside of work, yellow shoelaces for rubber shoes, yellow highlights for shades and glasses, and yellow shirts are great options.

yellow flowers

Green, for Peace and Balance

If yellow speaks to Gemini’s energy, then green does the exact opposite! In fact, green is an earthy, verdant color that strikes opposite that of Gemini’s nature as an air sign. Regardless, green is still a very important color for the twin sign of the zodiac to have. Actually, it is because green is Gemini’s polar opposite that it is important to the sign. The simple reason is that green offers Gemini stability and balance.

Green is a relaxing color, psychologically proven to promote better rest and tranquility when used as a paint choice for rooms. Its calming nature is a perfect balance for the often overexcited and chaotic Gemini. Additionally, its verdant and earthy qualities also strike a perfect balance with Gemini’s nature as an air sign. It helps keep the airy sign grounded, stopping them from getting carried away in their thoughts. Basically, green roughs out Gemini’s rougher edges.

How to Use Green in Your Wardrobe and Decor

green wall

There are many charms and accessories that come in all shades of green. For instance, you could always get yourself a four-leaf clover. This will give you both the calming effect of the color and a little luck, too! Green is also a great color for walls and furniture, so get to redecorating your interior! Finally, green is a classy color for handkerchiefs, and in darker shades, for wallets or bags.

Blue, for a Power Boost

Where yellow is a lucky color for Gemini, and green strikes a good balance for the sign, blue is a Gemini power color. While green strikes Gemini as a color its opposite, blue brings the sign back to its roots. It’s a color that resembles the sky, which can mean a lot of things for Gemini. Firstly, it connects Gemini to its free-spirited nature. But that’s not the only way blue gives Gemini a power boost!

Blue’s connection to the sky and the sea promote a feeling of vastness. In the same way, it encourages Gemini’s creativity, and their deep thought process. Gemini (and you) can use blue when they need a pick-me-up, are going through tough trials or simply aren’t feeling like themselves. Blue should bring Gemini right up to par with their best selves, and go through any trial or tribulation. Geminis remember: blue means strength and power!

How to Use Blue in Your Wardrobe and Decor

Of all the Gemini colors to wear, blue is by and far the easiest one to spruce up your wardrobe with. Blue is a great color for suits, in all sorts of different shades. It’s an accent color for eyewear and shoes. For the ladies, it even comes in many different jewelry options (such as lapis and sapphire). Finally, like green, it’s a great color to paint your walls with, especially for your bedroom, as it promotes better sleep.

sapphire ring

Orange, for Happiness and Creativity

The color orange has a similar relationship as the color yellow with Gemini. It’s a color that speaks of Gemini’s relationship with Mercury, and speaks of energy. However, the specifics of what either color effuses is different. Yellow is a color of excitement, excellence and radiance. Orange, on the other hand, is a color that promotes happiness and creativity!

Think of orange as a milder color that helps Gemini cheer up instead of over exciting them. As we alluded to above, orange also helps with creativity. Orange is a unique and inspiring color that will help Gemini come up with its unique ideas as an air sign. Think of this color when Gemini can’t come up with anything new, or is suffering from any sort of mental block. Orange is the color to bring their creativity back to life.

How to Use Orange in Your Wardrobe and Decor

orange car

Orange is the most difficult color to come by with decor and wardrobe options. It’s an outlying sort of color that doesn’t usually find its way in someone’s personal palette. However, you do have options in very casual, usually sports-centered environments for orange. It makes a great accent color for tech, cars and other vehicles. Finally, you can find a great place for orange with fridge magnets, personal pens and the like.

Silver, as in Quicksilver

Last but certainly not least of Gemini’s colors is the color silver. Specifically, the shade of silver called quicksilver. This is because quicksilver is connected to the metal mercury. Which retroactively brings back the connection to the heavenly ruler Mercury, the planet. Admittedly, the connection is loose at best, but Astrology insists on the celestial and spiritual significance of quicksilver to Gemini.

Aside from this connection, what does silver have to offer Gemini as a color? Its connection to Mercury means it offers Gemini luck. Additionally, similar to gold, silver speaks of power, strength and sophistication. Silver gives Gemini the authority it needs to push its unique ideas to light. Truly a powerful color in Gemini’s arsenal.

How to Use Silver in Your Wardrobe and Decor

Silver is a very easy color to come by when looking for options in clothing and decor. Frames, office supplies, pens are a few to name for the office. It’s also a decent color for blazers and ties. Cars and pins, jewelry also come in many shades of silver. Finally, throw pillows for a more casual and relaxed setting go well with more neutral sofa set colors.

silver bracelet

Making Gemini Color Palettes

As a final piece of advice, we’d like to advise using Gemini color palettes. A color palette is a special shade or set of colors that encompass your color choices. For instance, you can combine yellow and green to get the effects of both colors. The excitement and energy of yellow… also balanced out by the cooling effect of green. Mix and match your own colors, or wear one of each on your person to get the best results!

The Takeaway…

That was everything you needed to know about Gemini and their colors! We hope you can take something away from this article. Whether that’s for yourself, or for a lucky Gemini in your life! Mix and match your own color palettes, or consider using the colors and their effects listed here for fortune, wealth and success! Look to the stars, dear reader.

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