Tips To Finding the Right Timing With Electional Astrology

electional astrology

In life, you win some, and you lose some. But what if there was a way to figure out the best times to start a new project or venture? This is where electional astrology comes in. Electional astrology is the branch of astrology that deals in actively finding the right time to start something new. […]

What You Should Know About the 5 Most Powerful Zodiac Signs

leo - most powerful zodiac sign

If you’re an avid fan of astrology then you’re probably curious about the most powerful zodiac signs around. You know that instantaneous feeling when you’re drawn to someone you just met? While you automatically detect bad vibes in others? Your sun and star signs may have something to do with that. You see, each month […]

The 13th Zodiac Sign? Ophiuchus Personality Traits and More!

Ophiuchus personality traits

When Ophiuchus surfaced as a possible 13th zodiac sign, everyone went nuts over the whole deal. And for a good reason! People suddenly have an astrological existential crisis over their sun sign. In the end, some people embraced the idea while others remained skeptical. Regardless, we at least know what the Ophiuchus personality traits are. […]

Feminine Zodiac Signs: Understanding Your Womanly Side

feminine zodiac signs

If you’re starting to learn about zodiac signs and how this can make a difference in your life, there are a few things to bear in mind. You need to know how they are grouped in order to break down their energy. One of the things you can do is break them into dualities: masculine […]

What is the Juno Retrograde and how will it affect me?

Juno Retrograde

While the Mercury Retrograde is often a hot topic in astrology, not many know about the Juno one. Perhaps, this is because Juno is reserved for those advanced astrology fanatics who’re already into asteroids! Fret not, since we’re here to help! We’ll unlock the secrets of the Juno retrograde, and help you prepare as you […]