Mayan Astrology 101: What’s it about and how to understand its basic concepts!

Mayan Astrology is not something you see a lot in horoscope readings. The closest the modern world has got to it was through the movie 2012– and it was downright inaccurate from start to finish! This unfortunate misrepresentation isn’t unavoidable, though. Unlike the Western, Chinese, and Vedic astrological traditions, there are barely any full-time Mayan […]

The ULTIMATE guide to Mayan Astrology and how to know your Mayan Zodiac!

Astrology has always existed worldwide, yet only too few know of an ancient tradition that sprang from the Americas: the Mayan Astrology and Zodiac. When considering everything that has happened over the last 500 years, a far too small number of practitioners of this divine and ancient art exist. Despite this, it has not changed […]