Wise and Watchful: The Snake Chinese Zodiac Personality

snake chinese zodiac personality

Everyone under the stars is different, you know that. It’s a fact of life, and this is nowhere more prevalent than under Astrology. In particular, the Chinese zodiac has some pretty unique characters when you take a closer look. We know the monkey for its confidence, the tiger for its impulsiveness and the dragon for its power and prestige. Today, we’re looking at just such a thing: this article is all about the Snake Chinese Zodiac personality and traits!

Have you heard of the Chinese Zodiac before, and if so, are you familiar with the Snake? What are the traits of someone born under the year of the snake in Chinese astrology? Are you a Snake under the Chinese zodiac, or do you know anyone that’s a Snake? Actually, if you’re neither a Snake nor know any Snake, is there anything at all in this article for you? Stick around, dear reader, because we’re answering all of these burning questions below!

Are you an Astrology aficionado, looking to brush up on your knowledge? Maybe you’re a Snake, or know a Snake and want to get to know the sign better? Perhaps you’re just here because you’re curious, and this looks like a lot of fun (it is!). Whatever your reasons, this is the article for you! So sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and most importantly, have fun!


  • Meaning of Year of the Snake
  • Snake Zodiac characteristics
  • Chinese zodiac snake traits: faves and pet peeves of the Snake!
  • What’s in it for you, dear reader?
  • And many more…

The Esteemed Serpent: Chinese Zodiac Snake Personality

There’s something we need to go over before we take an in-depth look at the year of the Snake personality traits and characteristics. First, let’s explain what it means to have been born under the Snake in Chinese Astrology. Your Chinese Zodiac sign is dependent on the year, not the month that you were born under. The Snake is the sixth year in a 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Accordingly, the last year of the Snake was 2013, and the next one is coming up in 2025.

That being said, we can now take a general look at the Snake Chinese Zodiac personality. The most famous of the Chinese Zodiac Snake traits are rooted in insight and intellect. Yes, these scaly friends of ours are the erudite signs of the Chinese zodiac: except creativity, intelligence and a wise individual if someone is born under the Year of the Snake. Introverted individuals, those born under the Year of the Snake prefer spending time alone. We’re going over a more in-depth look at the specifics behind this sign below.

But now that we’ve gone over the basics of the Snake, there’s something to go over before we get to the specifics. What’s in it for you, exactly? Don’t worry, dear reader, you don’t have to share a birth star with the Year of the Snake to emulate their best traits. We’re listing the lessons you can learn from all the best qualities of this sign… and how to avoid the worst. Now, without further ado, all of the personality, traits, characteristics and even compatibility with other signs of the Chinese Zodiac Snake, below!

Year of the Snake Positive Qualities

Everyone has good sides to them, of course. The Snake shares its positive qualities with several famous figures. Namely the creativity of J.K. Rowling, the raw intelligence of Stephen Hawking. Even the endearing nature of Taylor Swift as a music star may stem from her sharing a birth year with the Snake. Let’s get more specific and look at all the Snake zodiac eminent personalities:


Even-keel is an easy way to describe someone born under the year of the Snake. As indeed the serpent can lay quietly in wait, or slumber peacefully for long periods. People born under this star can remain cool under pressure or resist giving into their emotions in an argument. In a crisis, they’re probably the best people to seek out. You know they’re more likely to get out of a sticky situation intact by keeping a level head!


Snakes under the Chinese zodiac have another thing going for them besides intelligence. Maybe it’s due to their calm nature, but the Snake is able to skillfully and excellently express themselves. Even under pressure. It’s one thing to have a great intellect. But the ability to share your ideas with others in a way they understand is a real showstopper!

articulate young woman


As we’ve said many times above, the Snake is a highly intelligent individual. Perhaps among the smartest under the Chinese zodiac. Combined with their creativity, the Snake has a cornucopia of great ideas and crucial pieces of advice to lend in many facets of people’s lives. Because of their intelligence, the Snake has many promising career options to go for. Snakes can find themselves good scientific careers… or they can express their creativity through art.


Determined, hardworking and grit: three words that describe the Snake really well. In nature, many serpents are willing to lie in wait patiently, even hibernating to conserve food and wait for prey. The Snake of the Chinese zodiac perhaps lends itself to this spiritual connection with nature. Because they are famous for being able to work long and hard for their goals. It’s little surprise that with their intelligence, creativity and determination, Snakes achieve great things. 


But that’s not all: last and certainly not least is their charming nature. The Snake is endearing, as well. More than intelligent, hardworking and creative, they are able to charm others and bring them to their side. There’s an almost magnetic pull that they have on others, attracting them. Truly, this sign has it all in spades.

What You Can Learn from their Best

You don’t need to match the Snake’s innate, raw talent to follow in their success. What the Snake has to teach us is the multifaceted nature of succeeding in life. Intelligence, creativity and a charming disposition are all great traits to possess. But alone, these things are not likely to bring you success. You must improve and train all aspects of your talent in order to improve your chances at achieving your goals!

Year of the Snake Negative Qualities

After all the traits you’ve heard from the Snake above, it must sound like the Snake has no flaws! But nobody is perfect, and believe us, the Snake has their fair share of negative traits. We’re not listing them here to shame them, or bring others to make fun of them. This is to bring awareness to their own flaws, so they can better manage them. It also helps you learn how to avoid the same pitfalls that the Snake commonly encounters.


The Snake, for all their creativity and intelligence, is very materialistic. Avarice, or greed, is something many born under the Year of the Snake suffer from. This material attachment gets in the way of their careers, their relationships. It even causes the Snake to lose a part of themselves if they’re not careful. The Snake must learn to place more value in spiritual pursuits and the people around them.

Fragile Self-Esteem

Charming and endearing, the Snake is loved by all. But did you know that the root of all that social grace and charm might actually stem from fragile self-esteem? The Snake cares too much what other people think about them. In turn, they become people-pleasers, desperate to remain liked by all. It’s nice that the Snake is constructive with their fear, but they must also learn to break free of it!


Well, being mysterious isn’t necessarily a bad thing on its own. But the Snake is far too enigmatic. Beneath all their charm and luster, few people know anything about the Snake, really. This, in turn, alienates them from their peers, and causes them to feel lonely. The Snake should learn to slither out of their comfort zone, but this in turn is worsened by-


woman enjoying alone time

Ah, it’s not enough that the Snake is secretive and mysterious. To make matters worse, they are also very introverted creatures. The Snake would much rather spend time alone than with others and are in fact afraid to make friends or show their vulnerabilities. While there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, the lonesome snake must realize that no man is an island. They must learn to make friends.


It’s true that the Snake is normally calm, even under pressure. In an argument, expect them to stand their ground and stay cool. But, if you do end up pushing a Snake to their limits, beware! This sign is a vengeful one, and will snap back at you with great fury. Just like the serpents in nature, it’s not advised that you step on a snake: you might just get bit!

Avoiding the Worst of the Snake

The Snake’s main pitfalls come from putting things and themselves first, before anyone else. Learn to appreciate the value of friends, of the spiritual, and matters of the heart. Everyone needs people in their lives, no matter how talented or put-together you think you are. It’s likely, in fact, that the Snake’s vengeful nature simply comes from their inability to deal with people in a healthy manner. If they had more avenues to express themselves, they might not lash out as harshly when things go really wrong.

Elements of the Year of the Snake

Besides the 12 year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac, Chinese Astrology also follows a 60-year Lunar cycle that determines your sign. More than your sign, the 60 year cycle splits your element into different categories. Namely, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. For example, if you were born in the period from January 24, 2001-February 11, 2002, you’re a Metal Snake. Each of these elements signifies slight differences between those born under the Year of the Snake, we’re going over all of them below:


The wood Snakes are the most creative of all the Snakes. These usually turn out to become artists, designers or something similar. This creative talent can even extend to music! Wood Snakes also have a love not just for the material, but the sentimental and historical. You’ll find that they love collecting antiques, paintings or hold onto gifts with a deep emotional significance to them.


Snakes with a fire element have the most energy and charisma among all the other types. While not the most intellectual, they are street smart, think fast and outside of the box. This extends to their communication skills, as they are perhaps the best communicators among all the Snake types. Additionally, they love good stories, though prefer to write them rather than tell them. Funnily enough, these Snake’s are usually dancers or singers.


It’s no surprise that the Snake with the element that signifies sturdiness and steadfastness is the calmest of all Snakes. Earth Snakes are the most calm, cool and collected of all. Determined individuals, Earth Snakes will work tirelessly towards their goal. It’s a shame, however, that Earth Snakes are also usually the most secretive of Snakes. This tends to make others perceive them as antisocial.


A mix of steadfastness, intelligence and creativity is the Metal Snake. They are the most balanced out of all Snake types. Metal Snakes have a knack for preparation and planning. But this in turn makes them arrogant of their own success. Also the most enigmatic of the Snakes, Metal Snakes are excellent at hiding their thoughts, feelings and intentions from others.


The smartest of all the Snake types, Water Snakes are the erudites among erudites. This vast knowledge combined with creativity usually numbers them among the scientists, mathematicians and inventors that we usually see in Snakes. Due to their sentimental nature, Water Snakes also tend to hoard more than any of the other Snakes. They are also the most introverted of all the Snake types. Water Snakes would rather spend time alone with their own thoughts than with others.

The Takeaway…

Snakes are wily, wise and creative creatures. Because they are also naturally charming, determined and opportunistic, they usually find success in life. Though they do have the negative qualities of greed, antisocial tendencies and vengefulness, Snakes, like all of us, can learn to become better. The Snake is a lesson in putting others first every now and then, as well as you need to harness all your talent and skill to succeed. We hope you can use what you’ve learned here to better yourself and attain success and happiness, dear reader.

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