Don’t Get On The Bad Side Of These 7 Zodiac Signs!

Is there such a thing as mean zodiac sign?

While we all try our best to get along, there always seems to be some people who just want to watch the world burn.

Well, maybe that was a bit of an overstatement. But there are people out there who seem like it’s their life purpose to get mad and make everyone mad.

There is a small problem, though. 

People and our perceptions of them are very inconsistent

On the one hand, we may think that someone is cool because they agree with us while everyone thinks they’re a douche. On the other hand, we may have it out for someone that everyone considers to be a real sweetheart. 

Is it because they’re sneaky about that sass? 

Or worse, is it because we’re the meanie?

These are all excellent questions, and for many excellent questions, we turn to the Zodiac!

It might not be the be-all and end-all standard for how people act in day to day life, but it does serve as a handy guide on what makes people tick.

So why not see where you and the people around you fall on the sliding scale of meanness?

Who knows, you might finally figure out why Joan from Accounting blows up over the smallest things. (Sorry, Joan!)

Banter aside, here are the 7 meanest zodiac signs that you definitely don’t want to mess with:


two people who represent gemini zodiac sign

First off are the Geminis

They usually put up their outward persona in polite company. They know that they can be quite sassy and just don’t want to rattle the cage without a good reason.

Of course, their uninhibited private self can prove to be quite a handful. When the going gets tough, the Geminis get going. 

Geminis can be warm at best and overly aggressive at worst. Depending on what mood you catch them in, you may find that they’re surprisingly tolerant and understanding if you mess up. But if they felt particularly cranky that day, they would probably shell you non-stop with accusations and arguments.

If they find that they were wrong the whole time, don’t bother waiting for an apology. It probably isn’t coming.

With that said, Geminis are easy to talk to and quite outgoing when you get to know them. But that also belies their susceptibility to talking behind people’s backs.

Where things get extra spicy is when you try to call them out for doing suspicious things. When the wise old ones said that the best defense was the best offense, the Geminis were probably taking down notes.

Because they will come out swinging. Prepare for yelling and even more accusations being thrown your way for even IMPLYING that they were suspicious at all.

Their dual personality might make them surprisingly resilient to being offended. So just watch your step and make sure that you’re not facing the wrong side of a Gemini.



Cancers are pretty nice in general, but their moodiness can often get the better of them. When it comes to cancer, the phrase “it’s not you, it’s me” isn’t too far from the truth.

To be fair, they are never outright mean. Cancers won’t actively conspire against you on a whim. However, it is hard to know where you stand with them.

The thing to understand here is that Cancers are sensitive and emotional. Adding to that, they are also entirely unfiltered. This colorful combination of traits means that they wear their hearts on their sleeve.

If you want to know how they’re feeling, you don’t have to go too far. Cancers make it evident to everyone what they are feeling.

On a good day, they can potentially smother you in affection and sweetness. It’s all sunshine and rainbows with them until you’re sick of it and then some.

But if you happen to get on their hit list on a bad day, you’d best watch out. They aren’t the type to pick their words and make it sting. No, they are going to toss everything they have at you along with the kitchen sink.

A Cancer on a lousy day is mad at the world and will unload all that pent-up anger and frustration at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, this usually means that they are opening fire on someone who may not deserve all the hate.

Again, they aren’t trying to be mean on purpose. Cancers are just doing their thing and showing the world what they feel they are receiving from it. And they try to be nice about it, but the raw energy of their emotion usually wins out.


a lion represents the leo zodiac sign in astrology

Leos are usually unaware of how mean they can be to other people. By default, they are passionate and dynamic. On a good day, they can even be quite charming. But they are susceptible to their emotions and have no control over their feelings. 

So, when they do get going, they tend to have the emotional awareness of a rabid blind bull in a china shop and can do just as much damage.

Leos are quite tolerant and understanding of honest mistakes. If you mess up at their expense and apologize wholeheartedly, they will usually forgive you without issue. No harm, no foul.

However, they do not have the patience for people who intentionally try to pick a fight with them. Given enough incentive, they will roast you at the drop of a hat with a fire they didn’t even know they had.

Going back to the bull analogy, Leos will lash out violently and without much thought. They do not intend to hurt others directly, but in their rage, their words somehow manage to find their mark. It could very well be a Virgo thing where they can subconsciously pick up on the things you care about. 

The thing is that this is a fantastic feat. This innate intuition is THE reason why Leos can be so considerate, warm, and attentive. Like they can make you feel like they genuinely care about you as an individual. 

However, on the other side of that coin is someone who pokes at your insecurities and withers your confidence in yourself as naturally as they breathe.

Long story short, don’t go poking the lion. You won’t like what happens next.


Virgos, unlike their signs namesake, are anything but innocent.

They can be quite uptight, and they know that. So Virgos try to go with the flow as much as possible and not let the little things affect them. But remember that a breakdown is a matter of “when” and not “if.”

To their credit, they are quite good at acting like everything is fine.

Unfortunately, they can be very petty and have a hard time just letting things go. So you could make the mistake of thinking that they are keeping it together up until they crack.

Because they’re always so tensed up, they often come off as sassy and mean to more sensitive people. No, they probably aren’t doing it on purpose because they would be more sneaky about it if they were.

See, there’s a bit of a paradox in how they get back at those who hurt them. Virgos aren’t directly confrontational, but they also won’t plot against you behind your back. Instead, they can be quite passive-aggressive about how they express their anger.

Be it backhanded compliments, sarcasm, or even gaslighting, their attack plan is varied and subtle. When you catch wind of their intentions, get ready for a long and drawn-out mind game. At this point, it’s not a simple matter of having you come up and apologize for what you did wrong anymore.

Sometimes, Virgos will seek retribution in the form of frustration and doubt. Like a cat playfully batting around their food before they eat it, they may take their sweet time toying with you before they let it go.


aries which is the first zodiac sign in astrology

Aries are every bit as bull-headed as their Zodiac symbol. They can be aggressive and impatient. In reality, they just want to get on with whatever it is they were doing. 

While they say they can’t help but follow their passions, they also tend to be selfish about their desires. So if they had to break a few eggs to make an omelet, they probably wouldn’t hesitate.

In keeping with the theme, Aries’ aren’t very devious or sneaky. The firm attitude they developed is only an extension of their core desire: to get their way when they can and to keep moving forward.

While they make fast friends and can be refreshing to be with, they will not hold back on your account just because you’re friends with them. They justify this aggressive attitude by thinking that everyone should be as straightforward as they are.

Aries tend to strongarm others into doing what they want, and they would say that they were just asserting themselves. They don’t subscribe to the subtlety that other signs would exhibit. They would instead air their grievances loudly and quickly than bottle anything up.

So when you make an Aries mad, expect them to blow up quickly, make a scene and a half, and call it a day right afterward. They do not waste time by prolonging the conflict.

On the bright side, they are at least quick to reach out and amends if they find out that they were the ones in the wrong the whole time. 


Capricorns are vessels of fiery and abundant rage. The thing is, like many signs, they’re pretty cool until you decide that it is a good idea to make one mad.

Despite such a fiery introduction, these cool customers kick back by not kicking back. They aren’t the type to hit and scream and make a scene. No, their game plan is more insidious. Capricorns are deliberate creatures and are aware of just how mean they can be.

The ways they show their anger is a language of its own. They have such varied responses depending on the nature and circumstances of the issue. Thankfully, they aren’t inclined to mess with other people who don’t mess with them first. 

Their ire comes in different levels. When you slightly slight them, you may notice that they become a little bit colder towards you. As the severity increases, they might elevate it into a silent treatment, or completely cut you off without warning.

Aside from the cold shoulder, Capricorns are masterful at lulling you into a false sense of security. When it comes to enacting their revenge, they like to plot behind your back. If you haven’t made them mad on purpose or aren’t keenly observant, you would never know that anything was wrong.


Last but not least, Scorpios.

Woe betides the poor fool who gains the ire of a Scorpio.

When everything is under control, and all is well with the world, you would be hard-pressed to find a more loyal friend than a Scorpio. 

However, if you decide that it was a good idea not to listen to them or make the mistake of threatening their detailed plans, you are in for a world of hurt.

And god forbid you directly and knowingly attack them or their reputation.

Scorpios are incredibly vengeful and will not be reasoned with or talked to while they are still raging. At this time, whether or not you are actually at fault is irrelevant. You are about to experience a level of anger that you just can’t find in other signs.

What’s going to happen is that they are going to stonewall you. Even if you try to reach out and make amends, they will not have it. 

On the one hand, if it was an honest mistake and you make a concerted effort to make up for it, they will hear you out. But not after making you grovel for a long time. And even then, Scorpios might not accept your apology.

On the other hand, if you’ve done something to deserve it, they will take those fantastic skills they have and then use it against you. They will leave nothing to chance and will plot your downfall down to the last detail.

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