Zodiac Signs Love Language: Which one is yours? 

zodiac signs love language

In his 1992 book, Gary Chapman relays to us his concept of the 5 love languages. Helping us understand how we express our love for others, these languages come in 5 different sorts: words of affirmation, quality time, gift-giving, physical touch, and acts of service. But did you know that zodiac signs love language also exist? 

Yes, the way we love or demand to be is intuitively stemming from our zodiac signs. Since different signs have varying traits, it is natural for each to have unique preferences. As such, knowing each sign’s bias can be helpful, especially if you’re doing some introspection or starting to see someone new. 

Thus, in this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide for you to take note of. We’ll go with them by zodiac sign, so you can quickly skip through yours or your lover’s sign.

Here are some things to look forward to:

  • Discovering love languages by zodiac sign
  • Quick tips for love languages according to zodiac sign
  • Pitfalls: preventing confusion by knowing each other zodiac sign’s love languages
  • Easy steps to deal with different kinds of love languages. 

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Symbol: Ram

Amongst all the zodiac signs, Aries is probably the most fearless. Eager to jump in on just about anything, they constantly crave new experiences. Seeking that adrenalin rush, Aries loves to go out, be crazy, and try new things. This is, perhaps, brought about by their element and modality, allowing them to be bold and daring. 

Main Love Languages: Words of Affirmation + Quality time

These two love languages work best for Aries. For one, words of affirmation empower their boldness. While other signs tend to be cautious and prudent, encouraging an Aries to “just do it” is probably the sweetest words that they can hear. 

For the other, spending quality time with them is a way to show that you truly care. Rather than speaking of ideas, they want to experience them. They love going out there, especially with their special someone, and try out new things. Booking an outdoor trip is a no-brainer here, as they seek the thrill and adventure that nature provides. They also won’t shy away from exotic food, lest it be beyond their personal threshold. 

If you are dating an Aries, here are some simple tips: 

  1. Zodiac signs love language is not a fool-proof method, and so is with Aries. Expect that there are downtimes where they simply want to rest and recuperate (although this may be highly unlikely) 
  2. Try to be spontaneous if you can, but always have a plan in mind. Aries loves spontaneity but is prone to rashness and negligence. 
  3. Be prepared for their fickle-mindedness. Their mood alone is enough to change their plans for the day. 

Anti-Pitfall Tip: Aries’ love language relies on positive energy, drive, and desire. They can be domineering at times. If so, just let them be, but don’t over-compromise. They’re totally the type who’d want to run even before they can walk, and will rather stumble than allow others to decide for their path. 

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Symbol: Bull

Known to be hardheaded and stubborn, Taurus is the most grounded sign. And despite the negative connotations about them, they’re actually peaceful and patient. They don’t rush into things and they won’t give up easily. This is, perhaps, brought about by their element and modality, allowing them to be steady and serious. 

Main Love Languages: Physical Touch + Gift Giving

physical touch love language

These two love languages work best for Taurus. To begin with, physical touch is definitely a surefire way to woo a Taurus. They love those sexy finger flicks as it brings a shiver down their spine. Of course, some wild bull-like sex is definitely most welcome. So don’t be shy around them, throwing in some role play is equally important as foreplay. 

Apart from their sexual nature, Taureans also appreciate material gifts. Although, it is important to note that the gift doesn’t have to always be the most expensive thing out there. True, they may value the price, but they focus on function and useability as well. As such, picking the perfect gift will go a long way when dating a Taurus. 

If you are dating a Taurus, here are some simple tips: 

  1. There are times when Taureans are difficult to deal with. Sometimes, they can be too hardheaded. And on a bad day, nothing you do can woo them. 
  2. Plan ahead. Taureans love structure and groundedness. Planning ahead gives them a sense of security and confidence in you. 
  3. Appeal to their emotions. Stubborn as they are, Taureans are warm-hearted and kind. When stuck at a standstill, appealing to their hearts surprisingly works. 

Anti-Pitfall Tip: Taurus’ love language relies on stability, groundedness, and practicality. Spontaneity can occasionally be seen in a positive light. However, constant spontaneity and fickle-mindedness can cause them to perceive you negatively. For them, that’s a red flag, even when you just want to spice things up here and there. 

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Element: Air

Modality: Mutable

Symbol: Twins

Perhaps the craziest among zodiac signs, Gemini is known to be the most unpredictable. With their infinitely curious minds, they can take leaps of faith on a daily basis. Coupled with their top-notch communication skills, they are certainly fun to be with. There is never a dull moment with them.  This is, perhaps, brought about by their element and modality, intuitively driving them to be social and spontaneous. 

Main Love Languages: Words of Affirmation + Quality Time

These two love languages work best for Gemini. Being an air sign, they surely enjoy endless conversations, as they love playing around with ideas. As such, throwing in some simple appreciative words can catch them off guard, hinting that you appreciate their presence. Do note, however, not to overflatter them. They will notice it and see your attempts as insincere and boring.  

Add to that, Gemini values quality time above all else. This is, perhaps, stemming from their worldview. They don’t give as much value to prestige and material things, since they know that these are all transitory by nature. Instead, they see the importance of spending quality time with themselves and their loved ones. Pitch in some spontaneity, and you’ll surely get on their good side.  

If you are dating a Gemini, here are some simple tips: 

  1. Expect to be disappointed. Geminis can be highly unstable, and they’re unlikely to stick to plans. In the course of your relationship, there will be many instances where your expectations won’t meet reality.  
  2. Be fun and daring. Geminis are always best paired with fire signs since both elements are daring. If you are coming from earth and water signs, know that it can be quite a challenge, but not fully unachievable. 
  3. Presume that they’re always on the go. It takes a lot of faith for Gemini to finally settle since even settling with themselves is already a gargantuan task. But as long as you know how to stick with them, they’ll definitely see your worth.  

Anti-Pitfall Tip: Gemini relationships are perhaps the most challenging. Whereas most signs yearn for stability, Geminis will always have their one foot off the door. Ready to leave even for the most trivial reasons, they’ll throw in the towel and say “it’s not you, it’s me.” If you want things to work out, accept their curious and unstable nature, and learn to live with it!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

Symbol: Crab

Cancer is known to be the most nurturing zodiac sign. Able to connect deeply with others, their emotional quotient is simply unparalleled. They can establish strong and lasting connections, allowing them to gain the respect and love of those around them. This is, perhaps, brought about by their element and modality, allowing them to initiate and relate to others.  

Main Love Languages: Quality Time + Acts of Service

quality time love language

These two love languages work best for Cancer. First and foremost, quality time sits above everything else. They value moments that you spend with them, over and above all the gifts and words that you can offer to them. Spending time together is priceless, because they see this as meaningful and authentic. Dating them means setting aside your work schedule to make room for even for the simplest of dates. 

Furthermore, Cancer, though they might not admit it, do adore acts of service. Most of the time, they do this for the people they love. But when you do it for them, they know what it means and will value it. They may not be directly the object of the service, but seeing you serving others can mean a lot to them. 

If you are dating a Cancer, here are some simple tips: 

  1. Prepare to open up. They will dig your deepest traumas and attempt to heal them if they can. Opening yourself to them is key in showing that you’re invested in the relationship.  
  2. Learn to be sensitive. Cancer is a water sign and is deeply emotional. Some words can trigger them off, even when they don’t express it.  
  3. Nurture them as they nurture you. Show that you appreciate their acts of service, and allow them to be on the receiving end every once and a while. 

Anti-Pitfall Tip: Cancer is a sensitive sign, and can be affected by all sorts of things. Be careful with your words, since it can hurt them more than you think it would. This often forces them to be a little bit too careful. Be patient, and allow them to build trust through consistency. In this way, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship where they can be comfortable with you as well. 

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Element: Fire

Modality: Fixed

Symbol: Lion

Known as the most power-hungry and dominant sign, Leo often comes off as fierce and controlling. Bearing royalty, they love being in command, even in their personal relationships. Add to that, they are also daring and courageous, just like the king of the jungle.  This is, perhaps, brought about by their element and modality, allowing them to bold and dominant.   

Main Love Languages: Physical Touch + Receiving Gifts

Just as how you would woo kings and queens in your favor, Leo loves gifts and physical touch. Like any other royalty in history, physical touch is often the way to go. Acts of pleasure and sex can tame even the wisest of leaders. Try to know their sweet spots, and it will work wonders for your relationship.  

receiving gift - love language

Add to that, material gifts can also be a surefire way to show respect and appreciation. Going for a branded line can be a nice compliment to their royalty. You may have to splurge them every now and then, but they’ll look at quality over quantity. Also, they’ll see the effort that you’ll put into it and will reward you for sure.  

If you are dating a Leo, here are some simple tips: 

  1. Expect them to be dominant. They love to be in control. Just make sure not to give up too much power, and make them retain their respect for you.  
  2. They’ll hide their feelings and it will become a problem. Because of their pride, they don’t like to be in a vulnerable position. Try to be understanding, but don’t give up on slowly persuading them to open up.   
  3. Don’t consider long-distance relationships. If that’s the case, it would be better to cut your losses, as it will never work out with them.  

Anti-Pitfall Tip: Leo is the most dominant sign. Power struggles are and will always be present in the relationship. Our best tip for you is to choose your battles with and against them. Being too assertive can make them feel inferior. But being naive and powerless will also bore them to death. Know when to fight, and you’ll gain the lion’s respect. 

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Element: Earth

Modality: Mutable

Symbol: The Virgin

Composed, calculating, and decisive, Virgo is one of the most cunning zodiac signs. Their earthly and mutable nature allows them to be decisive and goal-oriented. Add to that, Virgo also embodies groundedness, making their decisions realistic and feasible. As such, you can expect them to be very competitive, seeking to mark their achievements in this world. 

Main Love Languages: Acts of Service + Quality Time

Virgo is a very busy zodiac sign. Often, you see them in marketing or managerial posts, as they are strong leaders, capable of making tough decisions. As such, acts of service works well with them. When you show that you can trust their leadership, it will bring out the best in them. Do this by contributing to their cause, and surely they’ll see you in a positive light.   

Add to that, Virgo is often consumed by their goals. But like every other zodiac sign, they can get tired. Some quality time will immensely destress them. They might be busy, but if you make time and pour in some effort, they’ll see your value and importance. Even quick dates on a tight schedule can ease them up a bit, so don’t hesitate!  

If you are dating a Virgo, here are some simple tips: 

  1. Knowing what are the zodiac signs love language is important in keeping a strong relationship. Same holds true, especially in dating a Virgo.
  2. Dating a mutable earth sign means you’ll have to expect constant adjustments. Make yourself available, but retain your sense of self-respect, especially with your time. 
  3. Virgo tends to be dominant. Let them win from time to time, but always stand up for what is right. They may not admit it, but their biases, moral or immoral, can surface every now and then. 

Anti-Pitfall Tip: Dating a Virgo is tricky. The notes above seem to be simple, but their mutable nature can invalidate all bastions of reason. They can feel bored with you, and dispose you at any moment. Prepare for some occasional push-and-pulls as Virgo will constantly re-evaluate their perspectives. 

Libra (September 23 – October 21)

Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Symbol: Scales

Being the most diplomatically-gifted zodiac sign, Libra is known to be the bastion of justice, reason, and communication. Symbolized by the scales, they seek balance and order. In their dealings, they tend to relate to those around them as fairly as possible. Add to that, they communicate well with others, perhaps the best among zodiac signs.  Thus, it comes to no surprise that most people are fond of their presence. 

Main Love Languages: Words of Affirmation + Acts of Service

words of affirmation

Dating a Libra means you need to have a way with your words. Since this is the way they communicate with the world, excellent word choice will help keep a strong relationship with them. Constantly shower them with authentic praises (yes, don’t do it just for show) and they’ll appreciate having you around.  

And apart from sweet compliments, throwing in some acts of service will surely help. Libra knows how important time and effort are. Thus, doing simple acts of service will fortify your connection with them. From preparing simple meals to picking them up from work, Libra will feel the value that you give them.  

If you are dating a Libra, here are some simple tips: 

  1. Knowing the love language according to the zodiac sign is important, and it holds true even with Libra. They may be communicative and welcoming, but it is crucial to show that you know how to take care of them as well.   
  2. Libra loves to keep their cards hidden. On the outside, they may appear accommodating, but only a few can truly connect with their deepest self.   
  3. Due to their openness, other love languages may also work. However, do not go for a stretch. Instead, adding some variance is key to loving them.   

Anti-Pitfall Tip: Libra is a sign that uses reason as a basis for their action. This can be good but such might be the reason they’ll fall out of love with someone. Make sure to appeal to their emotions, as making them open up on a deeper level creates a union of trust and confidence.

Scorpio (October 22 – November 21)

Element: Water

Modality: Fixed

Symbol: Scorpion

As one of the three water signs, Scorpio excels in the emotional aspect. They are known to be devoted and faithful, especially to a noble cause. Coupled with their kindness, Scorpio often comes off as loving and passionate. When they believe in something, they will fight tooth and nail for it because of their fixed modality. Thus, you can expect them to be warm yet uncompromising.    

Main Love Languages: Quality Time + Acts of Service

Zodiac signs and their love language can truly shape the course of their relationship. The same is true with Scorpio. They love spending quality time with their loved ones. While they can be passionate about their careers, they won’t trade a day off for overtime pay. Scorpio understands life’s transitory nature. Thus, they’ll see the value of fleeting moments and cherish those as priceless memories. 

Throw in some acts of service, and you’ll have a lifetime partner with Scorpio. As mentioned above, their intuitive understanding of life places little value on possessions and labels. Instead, they give more importance to what we do in those transitory moments. Show to them that they are important, even through simple acts of making chores for them or simple yet thoughtful surprises. 

If you are dating a Scorpio, here are some simple tips: 

  1. The love language according to zodiac sign is important, especially when dealing with water signs like Scorpio. Throwing in some gifts just to appease them during fights is indeed a bad idea.    
  2. Allow them to be passionate about the relationship. This is their nature. Thus, giving that leeway can make them feel at home with you.    
  3. Scorpios are simple-minded people, in a good way. Most of the time, thoughtful acts can be more than enough to show them that you care.   

Anti-Pitfall Tip: Among all the zodiac signs, Scorpio is, perhaps, the most emotional. There will be times that they will break down, and you might be put into an awkward position. Instead of panicking, let them be. Just allow them to express their selves. Assess the situation, and address it only after they have emotionally voiced things out. 

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Element: Fire

Modality: Mutable

Symbol: The Archer

Embodying the flexibility of a fire sign, Sagittarius is famous for their wits and creativity. Resourceful and able to process things on the go, they claim pride in their ability to adapt with almost any situation. In a social setting, they can throw jokes here and there. But when things get serious, they’re quick to act on their feet. 

Main Love Languages: Quality Time + Physical Touch

couple on the beach

Quality time is certainly something that Sagittarius yearns for. Since they are often busy with a handful of projects here and there, taking time off is good for them. And when you prepare for those moments, they will appreciate it. Spice it off by making things spontaneous. They love it when things are flowing. 

And in order to take it to the next level, make sure to spend quality time in bed. Sagittarius loves hot and steamy moments with you, so prepare for that. Throw in some variation by adding traveling overseas, and you’ll be on Sagittarius’ good side. So don’t hesitate, just book that ticket with them! 

If you are dating a Sagittarius, here are some simple tips: 

  1. Sagittarius is fun-loving and passionate. Though they are serious, expect them to loosen up from time to time. Thus, it is crucial to properly sense their mood.     
  2. Don’t overflatter them. This is a common mistake when dating Sagittarius. They might appreciate your words of affirmation, but remember, that’s not their love language.    
  3. Like other fire signs, they love the thrill of life. True, they are goal-oriented, but amongst fire signs, they are the most adaptable. Make those dates interesting, something they’ll look forward to!    

Anti-Pitfall Tip: Sagittarius can be quite inconsistent in a relationship. Sometimes, they even prefer not to be in one, since they can get easily bored. Adding some variations can go a long way in your relationship with them. Don’t stick to one boring plan, as they’ll emotionally jump ship even before you know it. 

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Element: Earth

Modality: Cardinal

Symbol: Sea-Goat

Capricorns are famous for their leadership skills. Decisive and ruthless, they are unforgiving towards themselves, and even others. Often, they are seen as tough and uncompromising, seeking to execute their tasks without delay or mistakes. And because they are cardinal by nature, they love spearheading projects left and right, up until they reach their limits.

Main Love Languages: Quality Time + Receiving Gifts

Busy and passionate as they always are, Capricorns still love those sweet little moments with their lovers. Whether it is a quick office break or a trip overseas, they will make time. But more than making time, they’ll appreciate you for it. Though they set a high standard for themselves, they understand the value and importance of other people’s time as well. Thus, expect they’ll make the most out of every occasion.

However, if you can’t meet a common schedule with Capricorn, giving them gifts can also be a good idea. While it may not be enough to substitute your presence, you can make yourself present through the gift. Capricorns will understand this, and see your effort even if you miss a date with them. 

If you are dating a Capricorn, here are some simple tips: 

  1. Capricorn is the serious type. They date with a goal in mind. Thus, expect that you’ll be in a serious relationship as well.      
  2. Capricorn is known to be cautious, despite being a cardinal sign. They won’t make the first move, and will be weary even after a few dates. Get them to loosen up.     
  3. Don’t rush into things with Capricorn. It takes time for them to open up to you. Start small, slowly gain their trust, and they’ll be happy to share the world with you!    

Anti-Pitfall Tip: Capricorn, like Taurus, can be quite stubborn. Once they have a viewpoint on something, it will be difficult to persuade them otherwise. Add to that, they are vigilant, untrusting, and cautious. These qualities alone can be enough to prevent a blooming relationship or shatter an existing one. Thus, try to act with prudence, and set your expectations realistically. 

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Symbol: Water-bearer

Due to their symbol, Aquarius is often misconstrued as a water sign. But as the imagery suggests, they are actually bearers of innovation, seeking to improve the world we live in. You can expect them to be rallying for lowering mortgage rates or creating new vaccines for viruses. At any rate, they’re totally the busy type, as they want to improve the world. 

Main Love Languages: Words of Affirmation + Acts of Service

Showing them that you appreciate their work is definitely a plus for dating Aquarius. Since they are often passionate (and even obsessive) in their craft, they’ll appreciate your words of encouragement. For them, even small phrases can keep them going, especially when the going gets tough. Try to be subtle as well, so as to not be so obvious and repetitive. 

acts of service - love language

Additionally, complementing your words of affirmation with acts of service is often a great choice. Putting your words into action, and helping them out means you truly care for them. Aquarius will see this and will love you for it. So try to know more about their current projects and ask where you can be of help.

If you are dating an Aquarius, here are some simple tips: 

  1. Expect them to ditch you at times. Because they are busy with the ‘big stuff’, there will be moments where they’ll suddenly call for a raincheck. 
  2. Aquarius is the ‘serious’ type. Focus on talking about ideas and experiences instead of what’s latest in Hollywood. 
  3. Plan things out. They love well-planned and organized dates, so surely, you’ll have a great time with them.   

Anti-Pitfall Tip: Aquarius is highly logical. While this can be good, it also means that they tend to neglect the emotional aspect of things. Often, they tend to come off as less thoughtful, also because they are focused on achieving their goals. Know this ahead of time, and find ways how to deal with them. 

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Symbol: Two Fishes

Amongst all the zodiac signs, Pisces is perhaps the wisest. Accumulating the wisdom of the zodiac, they are known to be highly spiritual beings. Deeply connected with the universe, their emotional abilities can transcend humanity and connect with universal energy. Thus, you’ll often find them with a strong sense of inner peace, social sensitivity, and spiritual awareness. n

Main Love Languages: Words of Affirmation + Quality Time

Words can mean a lot to Pisces. As a zodiac sign, they love communicating with others. Certainly, words can be one of the best tools for that job. However, unlike other signs, they don’t require a constant stream of praises. Instead, Pisces needs you to tune in with them and show genuine acts of affirmation. Don’t appreciate their spirituality from afar. Dive in with them! 

Add to that, they also love spending quality time with you. Since Pisces enjoy their pursuits in life, spending it with the one they love gives a sense of fulfillment. Whether it is community service or tantric sex, Pisces would love to do it with you. 

If you are dating a Pisces, here are some simple tips: 

  1. Pisces are mutable by nature. Meaning, they tend to be on-the-go and with the flow. Plans can go down the drain but don’t feel too bad about it. 
  2. Trust is something that they give a bit too easily, but is difficult to repair. At the beginning of the relationship, they’ll trust you. However, make sure not to break it! 
  3. They tend to be a bit too out of this world. Know how to communicate with them, and try to understand where they are coming from. 

Anti-Pitfall Tip: Like other water signs, Pisces is emotional but caring. Less so, because they lean towards the spiritual side. However, that’s the thing with Pisces – they won’t connect with someone whom they can’t find a spiritual connection with. If you aren’t that spiritual, be upfront, as they’ll be happy to guide you in your journey. 

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