Signs and Symbols and the Seven of Cups Meaning and Significance

seven of cups meaning

This card confuses a lot of people. It is logical because the two of cups meaning are choices, opportunities, and options. As everyone dreams of an easy path into the future, but life does not work that way. You will be facing many crossroads where you have to choose. It can be quite overwhelming to choose the perfect path because it might be just an illusion of an easy way. 

When you get a reading and this card shows up, what does it mean? Does it mean you have wishful thinking and mindless dreaming? To answer your questions, this article is for you. This article contains a comprehensive explanation of the seven of cups meaning. 

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Key facts of the seven of cups

Before divulging into the 7 of cups meaning, it is important that you understand the key facts of this card.

The seven of cups belongs to the Minor Arcana in the tarot card deck. Even though it is a minor card The minor, it does not mean it has lesser significance. The Arcana cards give insight into your daily life. It foretells how the things happening in your life right now could affect your future. 

Number seven relates to our ability to judge well. It is about making wise choices and choosing what gives you the utmost benefit. The keywords of the number seven are stagnation, introspection, and reflection. But seven could also tempt you to pursue your wishful thinking. 

The cups relate to following your heart’s desire and emotional wisdom. Your creative expression makes you feel connected and seen in the world. The cups refer to the events in your life that are emotional in nature. These emotional issues could be in the form of love, creativity, and mindfulness. Cups also hold the element of water. The water element encourages us to go with the flow and find happiness. 

The seven of cups card is in the sign of Pisces and on the planet of Neptune. Pisces are notable for being emotionally sensitive, gracious, and trustworthy. They go big to ensure that the people around them are happy. Neptune is the planet of our subconscious mind, influencing our dreams and fantasies. Neptune is deceiving. There is a possibility that Neptune offers us something good which will turn out bad in the future. 

The symbolism and signs of the seven of cups

In tarot, the seven of cups is a symbol of wishful thinking and mindless dreaming. An illusion that will lead to harm. Take a look at the two of cups card. You will have a better understanding if you take a closer look at the symbols and colors of the seven of cups. You’ll see many symbols such as the shadow, the cups, the clouds, and the riches. 

The first noticeable symbol is the cups. They are full of riches that represent temptations. A temptation that is too hard to resist. Each cup represents a different symbol, associated with the Major Arcana cards. The cup with the dragon, derived from The Sun, is a symbol of change and transformation. Associated with The Magician, the cup with the snake symbolizes sexuality. The High Priestess which is a sign of spiritual connection is the symbol for the cloaked cup. Cup with the laurel wreath represents intelligence and authority and is an allusion to The World card. Love and beauty are reflections of the cup with the woman’s head, an association with The Empress card. And last, The Wheel of Fortune represents the cup of jewels, a symbol of fortune. 

The silhouette of the person in the seven of cups card represents you. It is a sign that in your life right now, you are facing a crossroads. You need to make a big decision from the many too good options you have. It can also represent your dreams and aspirations, which is a symbol of the clouds. You are facing a life crisis because it seems too hard to concentrate on what is important. 

The seven of cups tarot card meaning

What does the seven of cups mean? The seven of cups is a cup of strong desire but scattered energy. It means you will be facing an abundance of options, choices, and opportunities. Facing plenty of options at once could cause an overwhelming feeling. The card means that your ability to judge is clouded. If this happens, your life will be a mess and complicated. You will lose touch of your true emotions and rooting. 

The seven of cups card may have a negative connotation – showing you the “perfect” path that leads to a dead end. But the card reminds you to look beyond the illusions and dig deep to recognize the pros and cons before you seal the deal. 

Upright seven of cups

The seven of cups is a card of new opportunities and choices. Seven of cups upright meaning is the illusion of choosing unrealistic opportunities. When the upright seven of cups appears, it is a sign that you need to be careful in pursuing your dreams and goals. They only appear good on the surface but in reality, bring bad luck. An opportunity of love, money, or fame may come to you soon. So be careful of these because as appealing as they seem, they only bring pain and destruction to you. 

Upright seven of cups is a sign of the “shiny object syndrome”. The ideation of always chasing something new and keeping up with the trends. Think of a teenage who always wants to have the latest phone when their current phone is working fine. You may also find this in your life. You have a lot off things you want to pursue focusing on all of them but in the end, you lose your focus. 

There is no good in dwelling with your wishful thinking and mindless dreaming. To counter this, be proactive and realistic in deciding for your future. This Minor Arcana card is a sign that  you should be cautious of your decisions. Do not be fooled with the riches that randomly pop out f your life. 

In love and relationships

The 7 of cups love reading in upright means that new opportunities for romance are coming your way. It may sound good, but if you are already in one, it will cause issues that will make you question your relationship. You will face a dilemma that will make you assess your current relationship. 

Are you romanticizing your relationship instead of dealing with the reality? Do you feel the butterflies in your stomach leave? Did the excitement and passion fade away? Will you give in to the temptation and leave your current relationship? When you make a decision with the seven of cups, always have an open heart. Think about all the options that you have and trust your instincts.

If you are single, the seven of cups is a prediction of opportunities for love. Expect that many love interests will present themselves to you. They will offer something flashy – one that seems too good to be true. And these promising qualities will attract you. 

If you feel too overwhelmed to the point where you can’t make a firm decision and lose your stance. When this happens, take a break. The seven of cups gives you the opportunity to weigh your options. Think about the possible outcomes. Trust and be confident with your instinct. Choose someone who is more than the surface. 

In money and career

job offers

Think about many job offerings and opportunities for better financial standing. The seven of cups foresees offers of chance for your finances and career. You might receive many offers for financial and career advancement in a short span of time. Opportunities to make your dreams a reality are very tempting. This might shock and overwhelm you which will make you lose your focus and ground.

One might say that the seven of cups meaning in money and career is a good omen. Despite presenting many chances, this does not mean every option offers long-term advancement. These opportunities may be unbelievable in every way but the benefit only lasts for a short time. They are good on the surface but if you go deeper, it is nonetheless terrible. 

When the upright seven of cards presents itself in a money and career reading, consider the pros and cons. Consider every option you have. Ensure that the option you choose will benefit you in the long run. The seven of cups is a reminder that you should take your much needed time to explore all the possible outcomes. 

In physical and spiritual health

In a physical health reading, the upright seven of cups is a sign of exhaustion and burnout. The seven of cups sees that you are overexerting yourself on many different things at once. Although you work hard to achieve your goals, your self-indulgent fantasies will be the reason for your own destruction. You are doing more than what you can handle which will lead to exhaustion and illnesses. This will put your mental and physical health at risk. 

The upright seven of cups meaning in your spiritual health says that you practice different forms of spirituality. Despite exploring different spiritual practices, you lose your stance because you try to be good at all of them. You put your focus on different practices at once which does not really yield good results. In turn, it will only weaken your grounding and intuition. 

The appearance of the seven of cups in a health reading is a sign that you should go slow. If you want to be good at everything, take one step at a time to avoid being sick. You can only harvest good outcomes when you take things slow and sure. 

Reversed seven of cups

The reversed seven of cups meaning is a sign that your mindless dreaming phase is over. You are finally seeing things more clear and out of unrealistic expectations. Your balance and focus are slowly going back to order. Because of having your head up so high and learning its consequences, you are wiser now. The seven of cups reversed meaning signifies that you are ready to take on the world head-on. You are wiser and more prepared when tempting opportunities come your way. 

Reversed seven of cups may be a sign that opportunities will appear in your life. It represents that your discernment can already be trusted. Instead of choosing something that seems too good to be true, you decide based on your intuition. 

The reversed seven of cups on the other hand, shows your refusal to face life’s realities.  You try to get away with your realities with your imagination and daydreaming. Instead of moving away from the temptations, you trap yourself in them. 

In love and relationships

In the context of love, the reversed seven of cups is a sign to begin to realize the status of your relationship. After a long time of evading reality, you should assess where you are in the relationship. Find the root of the problem to resolve them. The seven of cups wants you to realize that ignoring the problem will only make the situation worse. Deal with the issues now and take action. Do not waste your time waiting for the universe to make a choice for you. Take the steps that you need and take your relationship to the next level.

If you are single, the seven of cups reveals that you are limiting your possibilities. You are uptight and has unrealistic standards to find the perfect partner. In order for you to start a romantic relationship and find true love, loosen yourself up. Do not limit yourself with your out of this world ideation. Go out with people that are out of your standards. Who knows what the reversed seven of cups will bring to your love life. 

In money and career

In career, the seven of cups in reverse depicts limits in your professional growth. You might feel like you missed out on a big opportunity for a promotion. It will feel like you are stuck despite having so much potential. The realization to act as soon as the opportunity appeared was too late. You were too hung up on your fantasies that you missed the chance. But do not dwell on the negative. The seven of cups in reverse is your reminder to to be more proactive in your career advancement. 

The reversed seven of cups meaning for your finances can mean two things. Its message will vary depending on the situation you are currently in. The first meaning is having focus in reaching your financial goals. You do not get distracted with superficial opportunities and only focuses on your needs. This habit will bring forth success in your finances. Put another way, the reverse seven of cups cups could also mean that your mind is clouded. You could find it difficult to make the right choices making you susceptible to swindling and fraud. If you are experiencing this, make sure you understand all the key facts before you put your trust to anyone. 

In physical and spiritual health

self-control and discipline

Poor health and lifestyle choices is what the reverse seven of cups mean in a health reading. The reverse seven of cups tells you to stop indulging in unhealthy food, alcohol, and drugs. An unhealthy lifestyle will give you instant pleasure but yields bad effects in the long run. Your poor discipline should be replaced with self-control. Get out of your unhealthy lifestyle by reaching out to professionals for help. Give yourself time to relax and be healthy. 

The seven of cups in reverse means that you overlook your spiritual abilities. You are too focused on attaining superficial desires that you neglect the spiritual side of your life. Always remember that chasing materialistic elements will not attract genuine contentment. The seven of cups is a sign to develop your spiritual and psychic abilities. By doing so, you will find true enlightenment and wisdom. 

The significance of seven of cups in tarot reading

When this card shows up in your spread, prepare to face a crossroads. The seven of cups meaning in the tarot is choices. You will have to make a big decision that will affect your life. But think about shallowness, illusions, and affairs. 

You are facing a lot of enticing options which will overwhelm you. These opportunities could be a romantic entanglement or a career opportunity that seems too good to be true. They may be offering something promising but in reality, are shabby offers. It will only distract you from attaining your highest potential. 

Pulling a seven of cups card in a reading is a heads up from the universe that you consider all the options before making a choice. Walk away from instant, adrenaline-giving offers and opt for a long-term benefits. Pay attention to everything and make wise decisions!

Final thoughts

There is no way to foretell everything that will happen in the future. But using your intuition when you decide which option to choose is very helpful. Go beyond the temptations of the gifts and riches, as they might be illusions to hardship and poverty. Discern your options with your mind, heart, and soul. Think about your options, but go with them with hard work and determination. Choose the steps you take wisely and use this as an avenue for a successful future. 

That’s it for the seven of cups meaning. Always remember that easy and fast do not always guarantee a good outcome. Go forth and make wise decisions. 

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