The Sun Tarot Card Meaning: Read This Useful Tarot Guide

the sun tarot card meaning

Positivity and warm optimism almost completely define the Sun tarot card meaning. Like its cultural symbol, the Sun tarot card represents warmth and vitality. Fun and hope for your inner child are a great part of this card’s symbolism.

On the face of the card, the bright sun shines generously down on Earth. It represents the source of all life on Earth. Underneath its shining rays are four radiant sunflowers. Each of these four sunflowers represent the four minor arcanas in the tarot deck.

The Sun tarot card meaning includes one’s inner child and our connection to it. That’s why there’s a child in the foreground of the card. He’s naked, representing his complete innocence and purity. 

A pure, white horse serves as the child’s mount as he brandishes a Sun banner. His white color represents purity and strength. The Sun tarot card meaning can sometimes refer to optimism in extreme amounts. If so, watch out and temper your hope! 

Like all things in heaven and earth, the Sun advises you to take moderation in stride. Optimism is great for encouraging universal energy to go your way. But too much can stymie that energy, so don’t overdo it!

Think of it like the actual energy of the sun. Sure, you want sunlight to keep your plants alive and help them grow. However, too much sun will certainly wilt them into the ground before they fruit. Read through the Sun tarot guide to learn what this card means for your future!

Meaning of the Sun Tarot Card

Cultures around the world recognize the Sun as a source of life and light. Some even deified it like the Aztecs and the Japanese. Likewise, in the tarot deck, the Sun tarot card meaning is all about radiant success and abundance.

Anyone looking for the Sun tarot card meaning need only look up and know why we’re happy seeing the sunrise. Sunlight represents love, life, and abundance. It means a healthy harvest and food later. It’s only in our ultra-urban lifestyle that we frown and close the shades when the sunlight streams in.

To draw the Sun tarot upright is a sign that positive and radiant energy is heading straight towards you. It can also be that the Sun tarot card meaning is that such energy is coming from you. You bring happiness and joy to the people around you. Optimistically seeing the bright side and bringing warmth to others draws people to you.

When you carry such beautifully warm energy, what can you do but succeed? It will help you get through all the tougher times in your life. In this position, your energy helps you share your most positive qualities and successes with others.

Think of your love as the sunlight and those you love as a lovely garden. Shine your warm light on them and they are sure to blossom into a fruitful and fabulous garden. Let your warmth radiate outwards; don’t repress it or keep it inside you. Light like that needs sharing with others, so be generous.

What does the Upright Sun mean?

Upright, the Sun wants to tell you that things will soon get better. A lot better! If you’ve been struggling for a while now, the tough times are about to pass. Through these tough times, you’ve learned your identity and purpose.

What can we say? You glow differently when you know who you are and why you’re around. Because of those qualities, you draw people to yourself. Your positive outlook and warmth doesn’t just help you; it encourages everyone else too.

With this new energy, you can zealously charge forward towards a better future! You can already smell the success and abundance coming your way, and you’re not letting it go. There’s a difference in the way you stride, because you’re confident now. 

Such confidence springs from something you have faith in, something you know. That something is that things will absolutely work out for you and everyone else. Life is good and you have real reason to hope! So chin up and keep fighting!

Your newfound power isn’t sourcing itself from fear or ego. There’s an abundant wellspring of energy inside you, radiating like the light and warmth of a thousand lanterns. You’ll feel it in your Solar (heh) Plexus chakra, calling for authentic self-expression and full presence in the world.

Positive energy is something everyone wants and boy, do you have it. Radiate this energy out in gifts to everyone around you, especially to loved ones. A burst of physical energy is also on the cards for you, so good health to you!

Upright Sun in Romance

For the taken, the Sun tarot card meaning in love reading implies you live a life of passion and joy! Revel happily in the fiery joy you and your partner enjoy together. More than likely, you and your significant other live and love in a spicy romance. You’re probably the envy and #CoupleGoals of other people.

This is significant because it is also likely that you and your partner have been together a long time! The meaning of the Sun tarot card in love and relationships is all about revitalization. When you’ve been together a long time, it’s really easy to forget what got you together in the first place. Sometimes, it’s even easier to forget what keeps you together.

upright sun in romance

If you revitalize your relationship with your sunny vibes, it is sure to be a romance stronger than ever before. It’s also possible that the Sun love advice is that you need to get sunny to keep your relationship alive! Some relationships slowly erode because of growing negativity from one of the partners, so cheer up!

In romantic settings that are already on a good kind of fire, this card can also mean engagements! Wedding bells are ringing closer and closer as you and your partner consider taking the relationship to the next level. But what if you happen to be single?

Then don’t worry! The Sun implies that you still have a positive attitude that carries you happily through single life. Who knows? Maybe the sunny way you carry yourself will yet attract somebody to you.

After all, as we previously said, your positivity is an attractive quality in you. Keep your chin up; you naturally draw people in with an optimistic smile. You know how it is; most people don’t want to date someone scowling all the time.

Upright Sun in Career

In a career and finance reading, the Sun predicts success and more success! Your goals are eminently in reach as you work with determination and enthusiasm. Embrace your desires and ambitions; you won’t find a better time to work towards making them real.

The Sun assures you that the best is yet to come, so keep your chin up and your smile wide! Even if you hit a rut, this isn’t and won’t ever spell the end for you. Think positive! Setbacks in your career aren’t just failures; they’re opportunities to learn and do better.

If you’re looking for a fresh start and new career, it’s absolutely time to do that. Hope is high and so is your morale. Such energy is the only disease everyone wants to catch. It’s infectious and your optimism drives you and everyone to heights you’d never reach if you took everything too seriously.

Focus your energy on staying optimistic; it will keep you motivated and raring to go again. If you stay determined, solutions rather than roadblocks will appear on your path to career success. A positive attitude is what you need to help score a new job or promotion.

It will also help you to keep positive people around you. Stay your course and drive  forward like you’ve never driven before! If you’ve got a positive team helping you, there’s no telling how high you’ll reach!

What does the Reversed Sun mean?

The Sun tarot in reverse implies a time of sadness and pessimism. Are you feeling negative? Do you feel like maybe things won’t work out and you doubt everything? Usually, these feelings are a result of several setbacks in your life, whether they’re your fault or not.

If you have been suffering such defeats, it might be hard to see the bright side of things. But try asking yourself this question. Why do you still believe the sun shines behind the thickest layer of clouds? Even if the clouds block it out, you know the sun is still there. Is it really so hard to believe there’s still a possible win in your most dire defeats?

All clouds have their silver lining, and the Sun reversed tarot card meaning implies that things will seem bad for now. But it will turn around! Every time the clouds block out your desires and goals, believe!

Failure in your goals, you should not think is failure. A failure is not the end; it is merely delayed success. Delays can hit your success over and over, but the only time success is impossible is when you give up.

Start a new exercise habit. Study harder. Or even take a break from your hectic life for once! Whatever it is you decide to do, don’t give up on your goals and focus up.

Reversed Sun in Romance

If you see the reversed Sun in a love reading, watch out! It’s possible one of you is taking the romance for granted. As with any relationship, long stays can make you forget why you’re together. Check yourself first before you accuse your partner of any such wrongdoing.

To save your relationship, determine first if that’s really what you want. If it is, then invest in your relationship! That means spending time and resources in trying to make it work. Nice dinners, genuine conversations, and quality time go a long way towards building a healthy relationship.

What if you’re still single at the time? Well, there’s always a rainbow after the rain! Stay positive and confident; you know you’re worth the best kind of love. The reversed Sun suggests that love is soon coming your way, so be patient!

Reversed Sun in Career

reversed sun in career

Oof. Setbacks at work? Passed over for a promotion again? There are some instances where the right thing to do is cut your losses and quit. Try for a fresh start somewhere else or even give up that career path entirely.

This is not that time! Don’t give up; this setback is just another cloud blocking your sunlight. Be patient and stay positive. You’ll get your time in the sun with a shiny new office or success in your new business. This quote is pertinent: if you feel like quitting, remember why you started in the first place.

If you aren’t feeling quite so strong or motivated just yet, don’t quit! Your job is just hitting a rough spot right now, but nothing lasts. Sure, success isn’t forever. But neither are your rough patches. Hang in there and you’ll see the source of the silver lining.

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