The Magician Tarot Card Meaning: Fantastic Tarot Guide!

the magician tarot card meaning

Card number one of the tarot deck is the Magician. As card number one, the Magician tarot card meaning is about new opportunities and beginnings. The number one is also associated with the planet Mercury.

A magician in a robe stands with an arm outstretched upwards to the Universe. His other hand points down towards the earth. The way he takes his position is representative of a connection between the spiritual and material realms. Magicians like him use this connection to manifest or create his goals in the physical realm.

Converting energy into matter is what magic is all about and it’s what the Magician practices. The Magician tarot card meaning includes his white robes and red cloak. They symbolize his purity and his worldly experience respectively.

On the table before the Magician are each of the four tarot suits: the pentacle, sword, cup, and wand. Each of these symbolize the four elements: water, earth, air, and fire. These symbols mean that he has all he needs to manifest his intentions into reality. Above his head is the Lazy Eight–a sign we know as the symbol of infinity.

Around his waist is the Uroboros, a snake biting its own tail. Both the Lazy Eight and Uroboros are symbols of eternity, and thus symbols of unlimited potential. In the foreground, lush foliage blooms and symbolizes the blossoming and fruiting of all his aspirations and desires.

Meaning of the Magician Tarot Card

For the tarot card the Magician meaning, it’s all about resourceful manifestation and powerfully inspired action. Dreams do come true with the Magician tarot card, as it brings you all the tools and energy you need. It is very likely that everything you need is right within your grasp at this very moment!

The tarot meaning of the Magician card also has to do with your resources. Spiritual resources are representative of the element of fire. Earth represents your physical resources. Air is akin to your mental resources. Finally, water represents your emotional resources. All of these are necessary resources for manifesting your desires and goals.

Use them together and you will become a manifestation powerhouse! Bringing these tools together in perfect synergy is the key for you to make a great impact on your life. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole; that’s alchemy and synergy in action.

make things happen

The tarot card meaning of the Magician signals that it’s the perfect time to push your ideas forward. Seeds of potential have sprouted. As the plant of your efforts grows, the tarot meaning of the Magician card signals you to take action. Bring your efforts to fruition with all your skills and capabilities!

These have led you to where you are now, and you’re ready. Turning your desires into reality has never been more possible for you than right now. However, you naturally need to have a clear vision first of what you want to manifest in this realm.

It’s not just what you want to manifest either. You have to know why too. Have a spiritual connection to your goals and your daily activities will bring you the opportunities you want. 

What does the Upright Magician mean?

Determination and willpower are the driving forces of manifesting desire. These help the Magician manifest his desires into reality. This rings true for you too; when you show determination and willpower, you can get what you want too. If you draw this card, you can be sure that you will have the will to get your ideas done.

You’re a master manifestor; everything you want is within your reach. All the tools you could possibly want or need are right at your fingertips. When we say all the tools, we mean all of them! Spiritual and physical resources are all available to you in abundance. Mental and emotional resources are also greatly abundant for you right now.

Your desires means your goals, of which you need a clear vision. You also need to know why you have that goal or desire. Motivations by your ego like money or fame aren’t enough. You need a soul connection to your visions and goals.

Connection with your Higher Self is extremely possible in your day-to-day activities. Because of this, the future you want most is soon forthcoming. Once you know your “what” and “why,” the Magician will signal you for the time to take inspired action.

Naturally, you need to focus to manifest that desire into reality. It’s much easier to magically manifest something in the physical realm if you focus on just one thing. Commit to your task; it’s essential. 

You can’t do this with distractions all around you. Methodically plan so you can stay on track and complete your objectives. With these tactics, you’re sure to manifest your deepest desires into reality.

Upright Magician in Romance

The meaning of the Magician tarot card in love is an auspicious one! Everything you need to spark a beautiful romance is already there. You’re sure to have the spiritual and physical resources you need. Mental and emotional resources are also available to you, so don’t be afraid to jump into romance!

As mentioned above, you need to set clear goals in order for your desires to manifest. That means you need to focus your resources and attention on romance. Do away with unnecessary distractions, so be discerning when deciding what’s a distraction right now.

upright magician in romance

Once you’ve cleared up “who” you’re targeting and “why,” make your move. The energy of the Magician is a very fortuitous sign for your romance, which will soon bloom! With luck and determination, this relationship will help you stay true to your Higher Self.

If you remain determined, your desired romance will surely manifest. You and your partner will enjoy a great deal of bliss and help each other grow. Anything you two will need is something within your power to manifest.

Upright Magician in Career

This is a great sign for your career and your finances! The upright Magician is a lucky card for anyone looking to push forward with their ideas. If you’re planning to get a promotion or to upgrade to a better job, there won’t be a better time.

Strike now, while the iron is hot and you have the resources to do it. Don’t be afraid to look for a better job; odds are you have the funds to survive until it’s found. If you want to start a new project at work, that’s also a viable option.

Everything that has to do with your career and finances requires you to have clear vision and motivation. Figure out “what” you want to do with your career and money and “why.” Once you know these, pushing forward with your desires and manifesting them is easy!

Remember that you have to focus on your goals to achieve them! Clear away any unnecessary distractions. This doesn’t include your family, your friends, or your romantic partner. All of those are something that you’ll probably want to keep around. However, you need to work towards manifesting that desire in your career; there’s no other way to get it.

What does the Reversed Magician mean?

The Magician reversed tarot card

The Magician reversed tarot card meaning shows that you’re exploring what you want to manifest, but aren’t taking action. You may not be entirely sure that you have all the resources you need to manifest your desires. It’s also possible that even if you did have the resources, you don’t know how to make it happen.

Try not to worry too much about how you’re going to manifest your desires. Work on the what first and let the Universe work out the how. Use your intuition as much as you can and look for arising opportunities all around you.

Ever hear the story of Hansel and Gretel? They left breadcrumbs as they left their home in order to guide their way back. Think of it this way, but instead of back, the breadcrumbs lead forward. They lead towards your ultimate goal and desire.

If you’re already acting towards achieving your goal, the reversed Magician is a sign that you’re struggling. Several factors may be in play and hinder you from seeing success or progress in your manifestations. Misdirected efforts might be the reason behind failure to manifest.

Maybe you’ve lost touch with your motivating “why” or it wasn’t a compelling enough reason. It’s also possible that your desire or vision isn’t in alignment with your highest good. Failure may just be the Universe telling you to stop and go back!

At worst, there’s nothing wrong with your ability to manifest, but you manipulate and trick others to do it. People who do this are often out of touch with their Higher Self. Doing it for personal gain at the expense of others is a trap that many fall into unintentionally.

Reversed Magician in Romance

In a love reading, the reversed Magician is a sign that you’re having trouble manifesting romance. Maybe you’re not clear on your vision or you’re not sure about your motivations for romance. When that happens, you’re bound to misdirect your efforts and it’s so hard to start a relationship like that.

Check up again on the “who” and “what” you’re looking for in romance. Are you chasing a clear and decided goal here? If you are, what are your motivations? What are your reasons or motivations for chasing that particular romance? See if chasing this romance is really for your own good or just for your personal benefit.

Don’t fall for the trap of unintentionally manifesting romance just for personal gain! That’s never a good feeling for the other person. Imagine if you were looking for fruitful romance but all you got was someone using your romance for personal gain.

Reflect on yourself as to the clarity of your visions and your motivations. If you’re certain that you’re doing the right thing for the right reasons, realign your daily activities. It’s possible that the daily activities you do don’t help you manifest your Higher Self or your desires.

Reversed Magician in Career

reversed magician in career
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In a career reading, the reversed Magician is a sign that you have the necessary skills and talents to prosper. However, you’re not quite maximizing your full potential with them. You probably have much more to give and don’t know it.

Maybe you do know that you’re great at something or have a very important workplace talent. However, you sabotage yourself by not taking the opportunity to explore this skill and develop it. Check yourself for the reasons as to what is impeding you from the full use of your resources.

Reflect on yourself and determine what you need to unlock your full potential in your career. There’s not a lot of things sadder than just coasting along at work. Especially when you could be so much more. If greatness is a possibility you want and can manifest, why wouldn’t you do it?

After all, it’s not just for you that you bring out your Higher Self’s full potential. When you’re working at your full potential, you’re helping everyone that your career serves. You’re helping your family and friends as you prosper. 

If you draw the reversed Magician in a career reading, it’s a wake-up call. Figure out what’s preventing you from manifesting your goals and desires! It helps everyone, especially you.

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