Emperor or Empress Tarot Card: Which Card Stands Above All?

When it comes to Tarot, the Major Arcana stands above the whole deck. They represent the most significant changes. They foretell sweeping events that can lead to life-changing events. Whether it is an affirmation of the status quo or a warning of things to come, this arcana takes front and center in terms of significance.

However, at the top of this hierarchy stand both the Emperor and the Empress Tarot card. On the one hand, the Empress and the Emperor represent opposites. But on the other hand, these two cards complement each other.

How do these two ccc interact with each other? Tradition would say that the masculine Emperor dominates the Empress by default, but more modern interpretations would beg to differ.

The Emperor Tarot Card In A Nutshell

The Emperor

Like the Empress tarot card, the Emperor is essentially the ruler of the Major Arcana. As the iconic father archetype of the arcana, this card exudes authority. When the Emperor comes into the scene, expect structure and discipline to be front and center as points of interest.

Most depictions show that the Emperor is wearing a red robe. This imagery corresponds with his ties to power and vitality. In an interesting contrast, he has a long beard, which represents wisdom and experience. But don’t mistake his apparent age as a weakness, as the armor he wears symbolizes strength and protection from harm in all its forms. Lastly, his crown sits on top of his head as he sits on his throne. Both the crown and the throne play into his themes of authority.

First and foremost, the Emperor represents control and authority. When you draw him, you invoke the energy of someone in charge. This may be a call for you to take charge of whatever it is your facing. Alternatively, it could also point to something that will try to control you in the near future.

On the other hand, he can also negatively symbolize an overbearing amount of control. In this light, the Emperor may be a wake-up call to your growing need to control everything. It could also mean that you may be lacking in discipline and that you need to shape up or suffer the consequences.

On a final note, the Emperor also brings forth the energies of protection. This power may be the Emperor’s guarantee of your safety or your success in whatever you do. On the other hand, it may also be a reminder that you are playing it too safe or being too guarded with your emotions.

The Empress Tarot Card In A Nutshell

While the Emperor may be the poster child as a figure of authority, the Empress doesn’t fall behind. As the mother archetype of the Arcana, her presence represents femininity, fertility, and abundance.

The Empress Tarot card meaning appears to be full of symbols that say as much. From her beautiful figure and long flowing hair, she exudes an aura of femininity. She also has a powerful connection to the world and the realm beyond. The crown of stars she wears upon her head is a testament to that fact. Her robe also has a pomegranate pattern on it, which represents fertility. Aside from that, she also symbolizes abundance with the cushions that surround her.

The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress signifies all things feminine. Femininity in this context is much wider than just being womanly in a traditional sense. All things like nurturing others, expressing yourself, indulging in sensuality, manifesting fertility, among others, fall under the Empress’ purview.

She also represents abundance. When you draw her, she often brings messages of prosperity. In a positive light, you will not want for anything you ask for. But in a negative light, she brings warnings of living in excess and, at worst can also signify the beginning of lean times for you.

The Empress Tarot card also denotes fertility and a connection with the earth. This means that drawing her can call about the beginning of the birth of something new. Sometimes, this means a literal pregnancy and birth. Other times, this can stand for a more abstract sort of birth, like the birth of an idea or a new stage in life.

Last but definitely not least, embodying the Empress’ qualities naturally brings out a nurturing and motherly instinct in all of us. This is the mindset that allows for uninhibited growth as you do not feel the need to rush things; you trust in the process, and the time it takes for things to develop naturally.

What They Both Bring To The Table

Which, then, is the card that is more important?

All in all, these cards are like two parts of a whole. While the Emperor tarot card focuses more on the strict and stiff mental aspects of the abstract, the Empress tarot card represents the more freeform emotional aspects.

The Emperor emphasizes the traditionally masculine while the Empress emphasizes the traditionally feminine. While the traditional thinking in terms of gender roles is outdated, there is still a balance between both aspects within ourselves that ring true to this day.

On another note is the balance between stern control and a more lenient nurturing. It goes without saying that there are times when we need a swift kick in the butt to get into gear and get things done. But it’s also equally important that we sometimes give ourselves or others space and a more gentle touch to grow.

The Empress

The Empress tarot card meaning can be more useful during times of abundance and prosperity. She can allow you to freely spread your wings and use your resources to further your goals and aspirations. On the other hand, the Emperor can come in and warn you of the need for discipline. The times ahead may require a strong will to protect and nurture the things that are most important to you.

With this said, their message rings clear regardless, and it is up to you or your reader to heed their advice depending on the situation. There are times when the Emperor’s structure and foundation are needed, and there are also times when the Empress’ creativity and intuition are more important.


While hardly surprising, there really isn’t any way that either the Emperor or the Empress tarot card can decisively outshine the other. They are both wise, hold great authorities, and are rulers of the Major Arcana and the Tarot Deck at large.

Sure, they may seem like opposites at first glance, but it becomes clearer the more you look at it. They do not oppose each other but instead work together. When you analyze and take both cards together, they invoke different imageries and emphasize different aspects that come together to form a balanced outlook. The Empress tarot card meaning doesn’t need to fight against the Emperor, and vice versa.

Where it all comes down to is that you need to see what each card can offer on a case-to-case basis. As both cards shine in their own way, one card cannot exist without the other.

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