How to Develop Psychic Abilities? Kickstarting the Psychic Within

how to develop psychic abilities

We are all spiritual beings living a human experience. This means everyone has psychic abilities. Although we all have psychic abilities, some of us have them more amplified than others. But what are the things you should do to know how to develop psychic abilities? This article will help you strengthen psychic abilities.

You might be asking how to do so. Should you experiment in front of a mirror during a full moon? Do you concentrate and lay down in a dark room with no windows? Will you directly speak to the spirits? Read this article and unlock the secrets on how to develop your psychic abilities. 

In this article

  • Traits of a psychic
  • Your Psychic Abilities Explained
  • How to Develop Psychic Abilities 
  • Benefits of Strengthening Your Psychic Abilities
  • Protecting Yourself as a Psychic

Traits of a Psychic

These signs may help you know if you have intuitive abilities. 

1. Your gut feeling is always right

Having a gut feeling is common to humans. While having gut feelings is normal, a strong gut feeling which was never wrong is one of the most common signs you are a psychic. 

Some people might say you are impulsive in making decisions when trusting your gut. Although it is not logical, you just know which to choose, thanks to your gut instincts.   Your gut feeling keeps you safe from negative people or energies. 

2. You are a dreamer

Dreams are important for psychics. Most psychics have vivid and meaningful dreams. This is a way spirits can communicate with the living. 

If you frequently have these dreams, you might also experience deja vu. Because your dreams seem like reality, your mind will tell you that you had this experience before. It will feel like you are reliving a memory. 

Sometimes, it will take time for you to realize that it was a dream. However,  the more you get acquainted with your dreams, the more connected you will be to the astral realm. 

You might have an experience in which a dead relative speaks with you in your dream. People or spirits showing up in your dreams carry psychic messages with them. 

3. You easily connect to people

You are a psychic if other people find comfort in your presence and words. Many people are drawn to psychics because they know how to connect with emotions. 


Connecting with other people’s emotions and empathy are common traits of a psychic. You can feel other people’s experiences and feelings – the good and the painful ones. 

Even if you met the person for the first time, they tend to gravitate towards you and probably share personal things about themselves. 

Your Psychic Abilities explained

Depending on whether you could know, hear, see, or feel – whichever one of them feels the strongest is your most dominant ability. 

1. Claircognizance

The psychic gift to know stuff seemingly out of nowhere. If you find yourself knowing things without any reason, then you might have this ability. 

Claircognition is receiving information through your guts without knowing where it comes from. This ability is a very strong psychic sense but it is in fact one of the hardest ones to trust. This is because the human brain perceives information with logical and rational explanations. Claircognizance, on contrary, does not allow for that. 

Claircognition is the ability to have strong gut feelings and use them to empower you. You receive information from the universe or the spirits through your guts. An example of this is a premonition where you know what the outcomes of situations will be. 

Another clear sign you have claircognizant abilities is experiencing sudden light bulb moments. This drop of information came from your guides. And whenever this happens, you get an immediate confirmation in your body. They could look like full body goosebumps, a strong reaction in the heart or stomach, and  feeling the truth in your bones, 

If you wish to develop your claircognition, the best thing you could do is to listen and trust your gut feeling. 

2. Clairaudience 

Have you experienced hearing someone calling you, only to turn around and realize no one is there? This might be because you have clairaudient abilities. 

Clairaudience means clear hearing. This is hearing words, sounds, or music in your mind while channeling. It’s as if words from the spirits are popping into your mind. Most of the time, the spirit wants you to hear a specific word. Another thing is that the messages you get from guides are short and clear. 

If you have this ability, you might have experienced hearing spirits say “wait for a month” or “take the job.” Most of the time, the messages are short. Sometimes you will hear your guides say only one or two words.

Your guides will speak to you in a very comforting way. The messages you hear if you are clairaudient are even and calm. They don’t have harsh, agonizing sounds like someone is screaming in your ear. 

Unlike the other psychic abilities, those who have the clairaudient ability can actually talk to those in the spirit realm. However, only a few people can hear the spirits’ voices. This is only possible with a great amount of focus.  

3. Clairvoyance


Many people think clairvoyance goes hand-in-hand with the word psychic. This is because clairvoyance is one of the abilities of a psychic. Clairvoyance directly translates to clear seeing which is a part of the 6th sense. A clairvoyant person receives knowledge visually. This frequently appears as a screen that appears in front of them in the form of images and symbols. People with this ability sense things beyond the physical material world. 

Clairvoyants can look back into the past and look into the future. They do this to see, feel, hear, smell, and even taste the things that have or will happen. Some clairvoyants saw the passing of their loved ones even before they passed away. 

If you ever had a vision of an event before it ever happened, then you might be a clairvoyant. You might have seen an image of a person years ago and met them now – exactly how you saw them in your vision. Or you might have seen metaphors. Such as seeing a person at a crossroads which translates to them having difficulty in making decisions. 

Having this ability might be confusing for some because the human mind needs an explanation. And images and symbols that clairvoyants see randomly pop into their minds. 

Normally, clairvoyants begin having their vision at an early age and continue to develop throughout their lives. Keep an eye out for images that suddenly pop into your mind because they might be intuitive messages. 

4. Clairsentience

Clairsentience directly translates to clear feeling. The most common psychic ability is clairsentience. This is the psychic ability to get information through deep physical or emotional feelings. 

If you have clairsentient abilities, you will feel random chills out of nowhere. This could be because a spirit of a loved one or an ancestor touches you to let you know that they are there. You might also feel a shift in a room’s energy due to spiritual activity. With this ability, you will feel the mood when you walk into a room. You can also sense the intentions and character of a person even without saying a word. 

The touch or energy of certain people, places, or objects feels strong to a clairsentient.  When you touch a pre-owned object, you know whether that object has a good or bad vibe. 

You can exercise this ability by using an antique object. Putting it into your hand and begin to feel it. Let the feeling of sensation flow through your body and concentrate until you receive downloads of information. 

How to Develop Psychic Abilities

While some people might be naturally stronger in one of the four “clairs”, everyone can improve and experiment with their intuition. Some people manifest these abilities in a more obvious manner. For some people, these abilities sit in the corner, waiting to be tapped. 

You might ask how to develop psychic abilities.  There is no need to go straight to channeling spirits during midnight on a full moon. These simple yet foolproof suggestions might enhance psychic abilities. Use these techniques to know how to develop psychic abilities. 

1. Be healthy


You might have heard the phrase “your body, your temple” before. This is true with channeling your psychic energy. Your body is your temple. 

The first step to using your psychic ability is maintaining good physical health. Simple stretches, yoga, and daily walks keep your physical health in good condition. There’s no need to do heavy lifting or excessive workouts. Listen to what your body says because it will tell you how much exercise you need. 

In keeping your body healthy, pair exercise with eating healthy. Eating food that improves your health keeps you in top-notch shape. Eat high-vibration food in your diet such as fruits and vegetables. Thus, tuning your physical and psychic skills. 

Keep in mind that the physical health is the foundation for developing your psychic abilities 

2. Mindful meditation

Meditating is one of the best strategies to grow your own intuition. You create an opening for messages to pass through you by allowing your mind to wander into the depths of the subconscious mind. 

Meditate every day. Sit down for a few minutes. Use your breathing. Do nothing. And tune in with yourself. The moment you center yourself and are in tune, then you can feel your senses much better. Shift your awareness from your head to your body. Visualize yourself lifted from the head into the heart and then into the body. Feel the energy that occupies your body

The grounding comes with meditation. Walk in nature, have a relaxing bath, and release all the noise in your mind. Be mindful of the energies around you and center your energy from that. 

When meditating, you get a chance to think. Use this to let your thoughts flow. Mindful meditation allows you to release negativity and stress that holds you back.

3. Trust your intuition 

Have you ever had the feeling that something is off? Ever felt compelled to take a different route on the way home, even though you don’t normally take that route? Be mindful of things like these. You received these signs through your intuition. Learn to trust them. 

Connect with your intuition by creating a regular routine. You are already familiar with your intuition as it has always been a part of you. 

Trusting your intuition might be challenging but it will help you hone your skills. You can try exercising your intuition by doing a guessing game. 

The next time you get invited to a friend’s new place, imagine how their place looks. You can draw an image of what you think it looks like and compare your drawing to how the place actually looks like. Whenever you have a hunch, test it out by making predictions. 

Although it might sound complicated, it is actually not. It is an easy and straightforward process to learn how to develop psychic abilities. 

4. Channel with external objects


Crystals are the most common objects that you could use if you want to channel. This is because crystals keep you grounded when you are tapping into your abilities. Crystals are minerals of the Earth, thus it holds rooting energy. 

However, channeling with external objects is not limited to crystals. You can also channel through using vintage or previously owned things. It is psychometry – the ability to sense the history of an object by touching it. 

There are different things that you can get from psychometry. Psychics may be able to tell something about the history, experiences, or feelings of the person who owned the object at a particular period in time. Objects which are relevant to a person embed their emotions. 

You may practice developing this ability by holding the object in your hand. Feel the object’s energy and connect it to you. Images and feelings will come into your mind. Speak whatever you see, hear, feel, or sense as you channel with the object. 

5. Speak with your spirit guides

Each of us has a spirit guide that we can ask for help. Spirit guides are your mentors from the spiritual realm. Your spirit guides can also be those who have passed away. 

Do not be afraid of them because they are your friends. They want to know that you think of them and you are always connected with them. Establish a relationship by speaking to them. 

Have you ever asked for a very specific sign and it happened right in your face? Say, you want to know if you are making the right decision by taking the job offer. And then you asked your spirit guides to answer by seeing a rainbow-colored dog. 

Asking for a very particular sign is one method of speaking with your spirit guides. To make sure that the sign you receive is from your guides, it is best to be very specific with the sign you are asking for. 

Aside from asking for signs, you can speak with your spirit guides by using different things. You can communicate with them by using drowsing rods, a pendulum, dice, or candles. 

6. Read other people’s energy

When you feel someone is giving off a bad vibe, this is your psychic intuition. Reading other people’s energy is one way to develop your abilities. 

It is not a hard skill to develop. Every person has energy or an aura around them. You can learn to feel peoples’ energies. 

To do this, observe their appearance and actions then interpret the vibe the person is giving off. Focus all your attention on them and you will start to feel their energy. Your intuition will tell you when there is a shift in their energy. Be in their presence and take time to understand why you feel that way about this person.  

If you want to practice this, you can go out and people-watch. Tap into the energy of a person of your choice and see what comes up. Start a conversation with the person if you are brave. This way, you’ll know if your intuition is right. 

7. Be mentored by an experienced psychic

If you aim to heighten your own psychic abilities, you go to people who can advise you. The more you talk to a more experienced psychic, the more you awaken your abilities.

If you don’t feel confident or are struggling, your psychic mentor can give you a reading to identify what is holding you back. Their readings help you tap into your own abilities and improve yourself. 

You may also find groups of psychics whom you may share your experiences with. Your psychic groups can do activities that can improve your abilities together. 

8. Practice makes perfect

Your psychic abilities work like muscles. The more you practice, the more it becomes strong. It does not magically manifest. Just like any other skill, it takes a lot of practice to perfect your intuitive abilities. 

crystal ball

Your psychic abilities will not improve overnight. It will take a lot of practice. Taking time to connect with your abilities is necessary to awaken the psychic within you. 

Learn about the different types of divination, then practice using the one that speaks to you until you are confident in the credibility of the signals you receive.

Benefits of Strengthening Your Psychic Abilities. 

Psychic abilities may not have rational explanations. But these abilities will help you in situations when you can’t trust your cognition. Trusting your gut feeling and intuition will help you understand your well-being. You can move from a position where you feel trapped to a place where you can breathe. By doing so, you become truly aware of what your body needs – what you feel, what will help you grow, and what is stopping you. 

Unlocking psychic abilities will help you develop self-awareness and self-confidence. Both of these will lead to you trust your own judgment and unleash creativity to the fullest. Understanding and strengthening your psychic abilities will lead you to a purposeful life. 

When you live a life full of purpose, you’ll also be able to help those in need. 

Protecting Yourself as a Psychic

In tapping into the spiritual realm, you are at your most vulnerable state. Learn to protect your energy. Negative energy is all around you. Highly intuitive psychics are more susceptible to feeling drained. Protecting your energy will keep you feeling amazing and more powerful. 

There are several physical and non-physical energies in this universe. These energies attach to you in order to feed, and if you don’t defend yourself, they will drain you. If your energy is weak, these entities could cause negative influences on your life. 

SSS – Sage, sound, salt. Use these frequently to clear your energy. You can also use these in your home to get rid of negativity. Protecting your surrounding is protecting yourself. Sage purifies positive and negative projections. Calming sounds promote a peaceful mind. Salt eliminates negativity. 

Cleansing your aura, home, and environment helps you remain protected and connected. 


Now, you know how to develop psychic abilities. After honing your skills, test them in your everyday life. Take every chance you can to use your abilities. Because the more you do, the better you’ll be at it. 

Developing your psychic abilities is a journey you take by yourself. Take your time and be very patient with yourself. Work on yourself. Never give up striving to get better. And trust in the divine timing. 

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