What’s Clairaudience? How Do I Develop My Psychic Ability?


Sometimes, the little things we take for granted may be signs pointing us to extraordinary things.

Maybe you’re already absolutely positive that you aren’t one of the lucky few gifted with clairaudience? Well, don’t count yourself out just yet.

Much like most abilities in the world, clairaudience isn’t a mere talent but also a skill. More than that, psychic hearing is the easiest of all the psychic senses to train. All you need to know is how to do it right. With that in mind, we’ll also be tackling methods on how to increase your skills in clairaudience.

Clairaudience Meaning

First off, the literal definition of clairaudience is “clear hearing.” Therefore, having clairaudience means you have the intuitive ability to hear more than humans normally can.

With clairaudience, you can receive information and intuition from beyond physical space. These may be messages from spirits in heaven, loved ones or other members of your spirit team. Of course, as a clairaudient, you would receive these messages through your hearing.

It’s important to remember that these spiritual messages can be jarring. If you aren’t prepared, you may feel like you’re going crazy.

It would be a normal reaction because you might hear important words, names, phrases, garbled words, and even music. Once your abilities start to develop, you may feel the pressure building in your ears. You may also experience buzzing, ringing, and popping noises.

After a certain point, you may even start to hear voices. Adding to that, these aren’t your average everyday voices. They can come from the most bizarre places: they can come from beside you, behind you, or within you. In some cases, they may even come from a different plane of existence altogether.

Clairaudience Signs

Now that we know what is clairaudience, we need to know how to spot it. Clairaudience signs manifest in many subtle ways. They’re often so subtle that many people with clairaudience live their lives without ever knowing about their clairaudient abilities. Thankfully, being aware of the signs goes a long way toward seeing if you have clairaudience or not.

With that being said, we’re going to go through some of the more typical signs that a clairaudient person might experience.

1.  You Crave Silence And Cherish Its Presence

We start this list with one of the most subtle signs of clairaudience: the innate need for silence. While this internal urge may be common to everyone, it is markedly amplified if you have this ability.


Noise often irritates and tires you out more than the average person. This is because clairaudient people are much more emotionally and physically sensitive to sounds.

Your friends and family often can’t comprehend how noise and silence affect you. Your need for some time away from unnecessary sounds is a sign that your soul needs some quiet to receive intuitive information.

With that being said, the clairaudient must set aside time every day to be in silence. To this end, meditation and even noise-canceling earphones may help.

2.  You Often Hear High-Pitched Noises Or Ringing

Oftentimes, Spirit Guides make themselves known to us through sounds. When they are nearby, you may hear a high-pitched noise or some sort of ringing. You could also feel a popping in your ears or hear a buzzing as well.

These manifestations often disappear after a few seconds, but can also last minutes. Take note that if they have no medical explanation, a spirit might be trying to get your attention and relay a vital message through your clairaudience.

3.  You Usually Hear Noises When You Are Alone

Sometimes, it may seem like you pick up on noises no one else notices. Other times, you may hear voices addressing you, even though no one is around. These noises might take the form of talking, whispering, disembodied voices calling your name, and even static.

If you can’t find any physical source for the noises, they could very well be information from spiritual sources. Also, if you hear them when others don’t, then you might be clairaudient.

4.  You Learn Best Through Auditory Means

Intuitively, an auditory skill like clairaudience often manifests in a preference for auditory learning. People like that learn adequately by watching a video or processing written formulas. However, they are often most comfortable and most effective when they’re listening to lectures or ebooks, among other activities.

5.  You Are Highly Attuned To Music

A connection with music is common, but a clairaudient experiences a much more intense communion with songs and such.

You might feel this connection deep within your soul when you listen to music. Furthermore, you may be musically inclined. Regardless, clairaudients are extremely sensitive to the power of music. So take note of this when you feel the music move you to your core.

If you have this ability, you may have visions in your head that seem to match the lyrics of what you’re listening to. This may be a sign of clairvoyance as well since these visions are a sign of being able to perceive energy through sight.

6.  You Had An “Imaginary Friends” Phase

Once upon a time, you might remember having imaginary friends in your childhood. If you’ve experienced this “imaginary friends” phase, there’s a chance it might have been something else.

Your imaginary friend might have been a loved one who passed, an angel, or even a spirit. You might even remember talking with them a lot, they might have even offered comfort or advice. If this is the case, this might be a sign of your clairaudience.

7.  You Tend To Comfort Others And Offer Guidance

providing comfort

Do you often find yourself comforting other people? Do your friends and family often come for your great advice, even though you don’t know where all this great advice is coming from?

Maybe you often get comments about how you shouldn’t be offering advice for free. In fact, you might already be providing comfort and guidance in a professional capacity!

Regardless, your thoughtfulness and your apt suggestions may be a sign of your clairaudience. These helpful thoughts may come from your Higher Spirits imparting their wisdom to you. Sometimes, you may even feel their words just come out of your mouth.

The next time you offhandedly give some extremely on-point advice, consider that you may be subconsciously able to hear spiritual wisdom.

8.  You Are A Creative Type

When you are clairaudient, you tend to have high vibrations in times of low stress and great joy. This phenomenon manifests in a flood of ideas and creativity flowing through you.

Oftentimes, you get these bursts of inspiration when you’re in a good mood. When you feel relaxed and happy, even things like taking a bath, taking the bus, or talking on the phone can lead to new ideas.

In this state of happiness, you are most in tune with your soul. This allows spirits to more easily communicate with you and inspire you in unusual ways.

9.  You Talk To Yourself A Lot

The clairaudients among us often have conversations with themselves. If you are one of the many that do, you may find yourself communing with yourself for various reasons.

You may be mulling over a proper response to a previous conversation. Otherwise, you may be processing your emotions to calm down from a recent negative event.

Many of us regularly converse with our inner voices. However, the clairaudient inner voice does not bring self-doubt or unconstructive criticism. Instead, the spirits bring forth guidance and the voice of truth to calm and guide you in times of need.

Clairaudient Messages

Now that you’re aware of the different signs of clairaudience, it’s time to pay attention to the message. These messages can arrive in many different ways. You have to focus and be aware of these messages as spiritual intuition can often feel just like your inner voice. Your ability to glean important information hinges on you being able to separate the intuition from the internal monologue.

To that end, here are 4 of the most common forms that clairaudient messages could take:

1.  Various Noises

various noises

Many times, the most mundane noises are the ones that carry greater meaning. When no one is around, you might hear whispers or radio static. You might even hear someone calling out your name or trying to get your attention.

As usual, if there seem to be no physical sources of these sounds, it may be a spiritual being trying to communicate.

2.  Voices Of Spirits

Other times, these noises are less random and subtle. You may hear actual voices that speak clearly. They might be the voices of your loved ones, friends, or acquaintances who have passed away. These voices will sound just like they did while they were alive and may be a source of comfort and advice.

3.  Explicit Warnings

In times of great distress and hardships, these voices may amplify a lot. The talking voices may transition into yelling and harsh ringing. It may be uncomfortable, but do not be afraid. Listening to these loud warnings may be the key to avoiding mishaps and disasters.

4.  Voices That Sound Like You

Last but definitely not least, the voice of clairaudience may take the form of your own voice. For the most part, clairaudient communication is almost indistinguishable from your inner voice.

These messages are subtle and it can be difficult to tell them apart. This is why it is important to practice and hone your psychic ability to filter out the cosmic guidance from your personal thoughts and musings.

Developing Clairaudience

As we said earlier, we should focus more on how to develop clairaudience. This psychic ability is as much of a skill as it is a gift or a talent. Those born with it may experience a significant head start than those without, but it should not be an obstacle if you are willing to learn.

It is much like playing by ear, the more you play a song or an instrument, the more aware you become of how each note flows into another. You get a feel for all the different tones and you get better at telling them apart.

 Developing clairaudience is similar. With that said, here are a few exercises to consider in your pursuit of clairaudience skill development.

1.  Listen Actively

It’s so obvious that many people overlook this simple trick to improve your clairaudience. Listen more and practice your physical ability to hear. This thoughtful listening is the foundation of your ability to hear the spirits’ messages.

Find a place that’s quiet, but not too quiet. You want to avoid overstimulation with too many harsh, loud, and distracting sounds. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Take this time to pay attention to the sounds you often don’t think about.

Listen to the rustling of the leaves, the sounds of quiet conversation, and even the sound of your breathing. It may be difficult at first, but like all training, it gets easier over time.

If you keep this up, you’ll surely be able to pick out sounds from the higher spirits with confidence.

2.  Meditate


Much like the listening exercises in the last step, meditation is key to developing clairaudience. Where active listening develops the physical hearing, meditation develops the psychic hearing.

These days, guides to effective meditation are everywhere. So, you can simply pick and choose whichever methods work for you.

Consider trying out different kinds of meditation and try your best to fit in some time to meditate every day.

3.  Ask Yourself Some Questions

Clairaudience is more than just passively receiving information from spiritual sources. Another avenue for you to improve your skills is to actively seek out the guidance of higher spirits.

Have you got something weighing on your mind? Why not take the time to ask for guidance and listen in? You may be happy to find that the spirits around you are just waiting to give you the advice you seek.

 As usual, be open-minded when listening to their replies. It may not always come in clear-cut words, but instead, come in more subtle noises

4.  Work on Your Fifth Chakra

Last but not least, you can work on your clairaudience by focusing on your fifth chakra. Also known as the throat chakra, this chakra corresponds to matters of purification and communication.

There are many ways to balance this chakra out. Also, doing so can noticeably improve your clairaudience as well as your connection to your soul.

Consider making tonal noises or singing. Make high and low noises and vary between quiet and loud as well. Aside from that, you can also make use of gemstones and crystals to help you balance your chakra out.

A few notable gemstones and crystals include aquamarine, turquoise, and lapis lazuli.

Parting Words

Now that you’ve read through the whole article, you may feel excited or overwhelmed. Clairaudience is a unique experience so it’s normal to be scared when you hear voices from out of nowhere.

Most of the time, common sense can help guide you when you feel worried about your abilities manifesting. Your intuition will tell you if you’re experiencing a spiritual communion or if it’s something else entirely.

If you feel deep down that the experience is negative, then don’t hesitate to reach out to a health professional. Clairaudient experiences should not be traumatizing nor commonly scary.

The hallmark of spiritual guidance is always love. Clairaudience is supposed to bring comfort and inspiration. While the truth they impart may sometimes be uncomfortable, their words are always well-meaning and meant to impart wisdom.

All in all, don’t fear clairaudience! It’s a wonderful way to get in touch with your inner self as well as the spirits around you. You’ll come out of it wiser, to say the least.

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