Top 20 Most Effective Divination Methods Everyone Should Try

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There is absolutely nothing you can do about your past. It’s done, and you can’t change it, no matter how hard you try. If they’re filled with unpleasant people or circumstances, the best you can do is learn from them and move on. But what if there’s something you can do to predict the future? Would you try these Divination Methods out for yourself?

Read on if you’re interested to explore the following:

– Learn what is divination

– What the oldest historical divination methods are

– Examples of the oldest form of divination

– How historical methods of divination varies

– What are the common methods of divination used up to this day

– How you can learn divination methods the easy way

So here are some of the most effective methods of divination you could use to predict the future (just in case your curiosity gets the better of you!)

Top 20 Methods of Divination


One of the least familiar methods of divination but very effective is Abacomancy. This divination uses sand, salt, or dust. It was around in many places and up to this day, it’s performed by many readers especially in Africa. For instance,  a fox walks over certain parts of a floor. Then you lay a grid and divide it over the area. The animal’s movement is then interpreted.



Of all the methods used, this is probably the most famous of them all. Mastering Astrology takes time and you need to be familiar with all the planet’s meanings, the signs of the zodiacs, the houses, and so on. These days, it’s easy to get access to resources. One tap, one click, and voila! A mountain of digital knowledge awaits!


Bibliomancy uses books. First, you need to seek guidance, open a book, then read the page or paragraph that draws you in the most. Usually, spiritual or religious books are handy, as the Holy Bible. But basically, there’s no bias to the type of books used.

Osteomancy (Bone Reading)

Sounds creepy at first, but you’ll get used to it soon enough. Thanks to a massive surge of information brought about by the internet. The interest in Bone Reading Divination has increased tremendously. This is one of the earliest forms of divination that uses bone casting. It’s done in Africa, Asia, America, and many other parts of the world. Each piece of bone and its interpretation relies heavily on the diviner’s culture and traditions.


You use melted candle wax in Ceromancy. Then depending on the shapes they form, are then interpreted. The most common way to do this is to solidify the fax using water. Ask a question then light your colored candle. Wait for a couple of hours then fill a bowl with cold water. Pour the candle wax into it then wait a few minutes for it to harden. You can then take it out and interpret it based on the shape it has formed.

Crystal Ball Reading

crystal ball reading

Crystal balls come in various sizes. They are usually made out of glass, quartz, or crystals. First, you need to have a clear head prior to staring into one. You need to focus because there would be a lot of images that could form in your head. It takes time and practice but once mastered, it’s very rewarding.

Dice Divination

Another one of the more popular divination methods is dice divination. Regular dice is okay, but if you prefer, special fortune-telling dice are also available. When you’re using ordinary dice, you usually utilize two or three at a time. So ask a question, roll your dice, and see what pops up. If an odd number appears, the answer is no. But if it’s an even number, your answer is yes. And if it’s a mix of both for these dice, the answer is uncertain at this time.

Domino Divination

This divination is similar to dice divination. So you use regular dominos and pull two tiles. Then you interpret each of their numbers. For instance, when two blank tiles appear, a great misfortune might be near. However, two sixes could mean success, happiness, and an amazing family life.

Etteilla Tarot

This is one of those divination methods that aren’t so famous in modern times. The system is hard to master if you’re using standard Tarot cards. Why? Because there are cards in here that are not found in regular Tarot. It’s harder to learn and master but definitely worth the effort. If you’re prepared for brutal honesty, better learn this in a jiffy!

Fortune Cookies

fortune cookies

This could easily be your favorite among all the divination methods. They are small edible shells you need to break to get the paper messages from within. These messages are actually ‘prophecies’ that may or may not be significant to the seeker. Chinese restaurants are famous for having this.

Gypsy Fortune-Telling Cards

This is a subset of Cartomancy. Its deck may or may not depict the following:

– Items from your everyday life

– Emotions such as joy or heartache

– Important events such as engagements or funerals

Yes, they are called as such. But gypsy fortune-telling cards are not as widely used for fortune-telling and divination. This compared to the other methods.


Now here’s where things get really creepy. This ancient divination form dates way back 900-600 BC. This is The Barutu writings. It contains instructions on how to practice Haruspicy. This entails analyzing the entrails (like livers) of the sacrificial animals used for divination. The reader would interpret it based on the shape, color, size, and texture of the liver area.

IFA Divination

This originated in Western Africa and is from their religious system. It is a component of various arts and the priests/priestesses perform this.



This is the most famous Chinese form of divination in the West. There’s throwing of coins several times, observing how they land, and interpreting its pattern created. These are all based on the Book of Changes. But compared to other methods, there’s lots of information about Iching in English. Also, it’s very easy to practice and possible to use for more varied types of questions.

Kipper Cards

This 36 card divination originated in Germany. Initially, it was just popular among the German-speaking society. But lately, it’s been picked up by a lot of English-speaking fortune tellers. If you’re already familiar with Gypsy Fortune-Telling cards and Lenormand, this will be a walk in the park for you. But this will still take time and research if you want to reach mastery level.


This method uses incense smoke. First, you need to petition a spirit, then light the incense as an offering. Next, you need to interpret the smoke’s movement because that is your message from that spirit. Other diviners would even study the patterns of the ash left behind to know its significance.


You’ll be using stones in this form of divination. Even if the term can be used for any rock, this is usually reserved for divination utilizing amethyst and tiger’s eye. Each crystal corresponds to your understanding of the said crystal. For instance, amethyst could mean your spiritual development needs some major overhaul. While Rose quarts could be your queue to finding true love.



This is very popular in China. Just like dice or dominoes, Mahjong cards are also used for divination. Mahjong is played/read by using Mahjong tiles. That was way back then. But today, they’re already available in card form, making it more appealing for fortune-tellers.

Pendulum Divination

This is one of the easiest and simplest forms of divination. It’s just a matter of a yes or no answer. Some diviners prefer to make their own. Some use a crystal or a stone, but basically, any object that has a substantial amount of weight would do. There are various ways to use a pendulum for divination. The trick is learning which questions to ask.

Mirror Scrying

Last on this list of divination methods is Mirror Scrying. In here, black obsidian mirrors are used. Prior to the invention of mirrors, scryers used bowls of water to predict the future. After all, water and mirrors hold the same meaning for the Mesoamerican culture. Both serve as portals to the spirit realm. The techniques used are very similar to reading a crystal ball.

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