Of Psychic and Sixth Sense: All about Clairsentience


It is common knowledge that humans have 5 senses. However, what’s amazing is that we can practice our sixth sense. Some people are born with it, while others need to train for them to use their sixth sense. Furthermore, having a sixth sense is developing your 4 ‘Clairs’ of intuition, and Clairsentience is one of them.

If you have no idea the clairsentience meaning is, need not worry for this article has got you covered. We will walk you through the skill and give you all the details you need to know. Moreover, this write-up will be divided into the following talking points.

  • What is Clairsentience?
  • What does it feel like?
  • Developing Clairsentience
  • Signs that you are Clairsentient

What is Clairsentience

Before we proceed to talk about developing your ability of Clairsentience, it is important to know what it is. 

It is the power to feel knowledge. Unlike its vision and auditory counterparts, it focuses more on feeling. Moreover, if you ever experienced agreeing with your gut feeling, it is like that but more. 

In addition, psychic ability literally translates to “Clear Feeling”. This is because it provides an individual crystal-clear energy. Furthermore, this ability allows you to feel things even though you have no idea about what they are. 

Moreover, being a Clairsentient person, you are able to determine how a person is feeling. You can feel their emotions which helps your intuition about how the person is.

What does it feel like?

When you are practicing Clairsentience, you will feel like you know the answers to certain questions. According to the psychic Sara Kohl, it is when there is a voice in your mind that is knowledgeable of the energies that surround you. 

If you experienced a gut feeling, being clairsentient feels the same. However, it takes it up a notch.

Moreover, being a Clairsentient does not always feel good. Sometimes it takes a toll on your emotions. If you are a Clairsentient person, you will avoid bad situations and dark emotions. This is because it becomes too much for you because of your ability to feel.

Furthermore, always cleanse your energy when you feel overwhelmed by your ability.

Developing Clairsentience

Now that you have an idea of what Clairsentience is, it is now time to know how to develop it. 

#1 Trust your Intuition

Your intuition is responsible for helping you understand something quickly. Moreover, trusting your intuition means you do not second guess the first thing that comes to your mind. This is the first step to developing Clairsentience because it opens your energy field so information can come to you.

#2 Practice listening to your inner voice

listening to your inner voice

Listening to your inner voice is also linked to intuition. As mentioned, it is like having a little voice in your head telling you things you do not know. The voice in your head is like a guide to your decisions.

#3 Focus on the space around you

People who are clairsentient are sensitive to the space around them. Moreover, you would want to create a space that is comfortable for you. 

Have you ever experienced feeling more at ease after decluttering your space? That is an exact example of how sensitive you are to your environment. Once you alter your space, it gives your energy field more room as well.

#4 Practice reading another person

It’s not bad to call a friend to help you develop your abilities. One of the best ways to train yourself is to practice reading another person. 

You can do this by asking someone to show you a photo of a person you never met. Try focusing on the eyes of the person in the photo and try to read their emotions during the time the photo was taken. 

Next is to ask yourself what you feel the person is like. After you have read the person’s emotion, ask your friend if what you thought was correct. Ask them for feedback. 

Training like this can be done as much as you like. However, do remember to be sensitive about your friends or family members, it may be something they do not want to talk about. 

#5 Practice Psychometry

Psychometry is when you read the energy of a non-living thing. Moreover, the best place you can go to is the antique store or thrift shop when practicing psychometry. 

What you have to do is hold the object and try to get the feelings or emotions that possibly have. Here are the steps you can do to practice psychometry.

  • Close your eyes and run your fingers through the object and feel their energy. It is more like you are sensing the energy of its previous owner
  • You can also do objects that are owned by people you know. Once you get the energy, you can ask them if you are correct or not. 
  • Try practicing on someone’s jewelry. The energy stays in the jewelry since the owner wears it most of the time.

#6 Balance your fourth Chakra

Your fourth chakra is called the Heart Chakra. Now, it is of big help when it comes to improving your clairsentience. Moreover, think of your Heart Chakra as a bridge from your emotions to your empathy, care, and emotional openness. 

Furthermore, it also bridges you to your self-knowledge, self-reflective capacities, and peace. In addition, using your fourth chakra helps in keeping healthy psychic abilities.

#7 Use Crystals

developing clairsentience

Rose quartz, amethyst, amber, do they sound familiar? They are crystals that are said to help your psychic powers. Crystals and gemstones are considered to have certain powers to heal or to help you with your psychic abilities.

Here’s how the different crystals help in developing your clairsentient powers.

  • Rose quartz
    • Rose quartz gives of love and selflessness. Being clairsentient means you are sensitive to other people’s emotions. That is why Rose quartz is a great crystal to have around because of its ability to project love and create a nurturing space.
  • Amethyst
    • Training your abilities needs balance and peace. Amethyst is known for its peaceful energy all the while creating balance. The crystal aids you in relaxing, clarifying, and opening your mind and inner self.
  • Amber
    • Amber is the crystal of purity and positivity. It helps you purify your environment which is essential when developing your clairsentient abilities.

#8 Meditate

Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic meditation. Meditating allows you to stay zen and connect with your higher self. Moreover, you will be able to receive messages from your intuition effectively.

Nowadays, people meditate before starting their day. Furthermore, you can easily find online meditation videos in whatever style you want. 

Developing your clairsentient ability does not happen with a flick of a finger. It requires patience and a lot of training. All you have to do is be persistent and committed to sharpening your abilities.

Signs that you are Clairsentient

There are times that people confuse an empath and being clairsentient. Although both are the same in sensing emotions and feelings, being clairsentient takes the job a bit higher. Not sure whether you are an empath or clairsentient? These are the signs that you are clairsentient.

#1 Sensing Energy

Being a clairsentient person makes you susceptible to sensing energy quickly. An example would be feeling an intense emotion after entering a space where a fight transpired without your knowledge. 

In simpler terms, you are feeling the leftover energy of what happened. Moreover, it is considered one of the signs of being clairsentient. 

#2 Not a fan of huge crowds

Imagine being in a room of people talking loudly. That is what a clairsentient person feels when they are in big crowds. Different people give off different energies which can be draining for people who are clairsentient. 

Furthermore, it can become overwhelming for clairsentient people to be with that much people. If you do not like big crowds because you feel overwhelmed by the emotions you feel all at the same time, you are clairsentient.

#3 Strong Gut Feeling

It has been stated over and over that clairsentience is a more intense gut feeling. This can also be applied to how you feel about a certain person. Furthermore, you can sense other people’s motives and you are able to guess what that person’s next action will be.

If you have a friend who introduced you to a guy she just met and you feel uneasy, trust your gut feeling. It’s not always a matter of the wrong first impression, sometimes your inner voice is telling you to be careful.

#4 Sensitivity to space

personal space

As a clairsentient person, you love your personal space. More often than not, you immediately feel if something is off with your environment even if the slightest thing is misplaced. Cluttered space clouds your mind since the energy it gives off is unpleasant.

Furthermore, your own space impacts your own energy. The more cluttered and unorganized it is, the more you will be too.

#5 You are a sucker for emotional movies

Most people cry while watching emotional movies. However, for a clairsentient person, it is very much draining. Moreover, you are clairsentient if you feel the characters’ emotions stronger than other people. 

#6 You can feel spirits’ emotion

Do you ever get that sudden feeling of sadness or sorrow? It pops up for no reason. Some people say that you could have been chosen to mourn for a person who passed without a family. Moreover, some would say that there is a spirit projecting its emotions to you. 

Being able to feel a spirit’s emotion is normal for the clairsentient person. Emotions coming from spirits are said to be pure forms of energy. Scary when you think about it, right? However, it does not mean any harm. Some spirits project their emotions to you to guide you. 

It could even be a loved one who’s guiding you. They are using your clairsentient ability to communicate through emotions.

#7 You feel what other people feel

If you find yourself feeling someone else’s emotions to an extent you feel their physical pain too, then you are clairsentient. 

For example, if a person close to you is having a headache then you feel it too. This can become dangerous and extremely draining. It is wise to avoid situations like these. Furthermore, if you are a clairsentient working at a hospital, it is not a good idea.

#8 Mood Swings

Your inner clairsentient will find ways to make itself known. This can be in the form of making you switch from one emotion to another. One minute you are feeling excited, the next minute you are anxious. 

#9 You are not a fan of the news

The news gives a glimpse of different events, phenomena, and even emotions. If you are not a big fan of the news because of the energy it gives off, you are clairsentient. This is because you can easily feel the intensity of the reports, especially about disasters.

#10 You can tell when someone is not okay

Reading people may seem easy. However, there are people who are like closed books that are hard to decipher. Moreover, if you are able to sense something is wrong with someone even if they have a smile plastered on their face, you are clairsentient.

#11 You are sensitive to temperature

sensitive to temperature

And lastly, you are sensitive to temperature. As a clairsentient person, you might find yourself noticing how the temperature in the room changes. Moreover, you can know which area in a room has a cold or hot spot.

A clairsentient person, you can feel an environment’s energy. This is also applicable even when you are alone in a room. As creepy as it sounds, you can even feel cold even when the aircon is not turned on and the windows are closed.

These are only some of the signs that you are clairsentient. Of course, it is important to note that just because you have one of these it does not make you fully clairsentient. 


In conclusion, Clairsentience is not just being able to feel any person or object’s feelings. It is how you use your intuition to openly receive the information that your inner self is giving you. Some people might see this as something scary and draining. However, being clairsentient can help you go forth with your life. 

If you want to fully develop your clairsentient abilities, it is important to note that you have to use it positively. Practicing for your personal gain and interests will get you nowhere.

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