Clairvoyance 101: What is Clairvoyance? and 5 SECRETS how to become clairvoyant

Clairvoyance is quite a big word for anyone, even in the Astrological community. It is undeniable that many want to attain this highly prized ability for its supposed benefits.    

Yet behind this seemingly mysterious thing is a characteristic shared by all. Yes, even the non-believers have this!    

But what does it mean to be clairvoyant? Why is it a big deal?    

Read on to find out!      

What is Clairvoyance?    

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Often, beginners are quite unclear on what clairvoyance means. Simply put, clairvoyance came from two French words: clair, meaning “clear” and voyance, “vision.” When combined, the term essentially means “the ability to see through things clearly.”    

Some people confuse clairvoyance with the word “psychic.” But the truth is, psychic is simply an umbrella term for all “supernatural” abilities (yes, there are loads of them!).    

The things that a clairvoyant person can see can range from spirits to events. For the average person, seeing these is near-impossible, yet clairvoyant people can see through the veil, so to speak.    

Why, you ask? The secret lies on their open third eyes.    

Now, you might be having the stereotypical image of an eye settled right smack in the middle of the forehead. But this eye is not physical, but spiritual and can be “found” in the middle of the human mind.    

The third eye also happens to be part of the seven chakras. It is also all about seeing the “light”- think about imagination and intuition!    

When a person has an open third eye, they see things, places, and people for what they are. This explains how they can perceive those hidden to the naked eye.    

Today, the idea of clairvoyance is grounded on religions such as Christianity and Hinduism. For those whose third eyes are active, the most essential thing to have is a persistent spiritual connection with the divine.  

What is the difference between Clairsentience and Clairvoyance?    

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The first thing that a person can notice about these terms is the presence of the word “clair.” And yes, clairsentience is all about clarity too.    

But clairsentience is all about feeling things clearly. This means that clairsentient people can perceive the energy wavelengths of their environment.    

While clairvoyance allows people to see beyond appearances, clairsentience is more about feeling vibes. Clairsentients can easily get overwhelmed when they are around too many people and are more empathetic than most people.    

The chakra that helps the flows of clairsentience is the solar plexus, which is also associated with the digestive system. This is also why many call clairsentience a fine-tuned version of a gut feeling.    

But like clairvoyance, having a strong faith in a higher being is what allows a person to attune themselves with the energies around them. They can then harness this to know what is going on around them and act accordingly.  

How do I know that I am Clairvoyant?    

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Incredibly, anyone can be clairvoyant! The difference only lies in your willingness to open your third eye.   

Remember when you were a kid, and you saw things that grown-ups said: “it isn’t real”? It may be your inner clairvoyant manifesting itself!   

But as you grew, this ability just went away as your innocence faded, and you became increasingly subjected to the horrors of the world. Yet, you cannot deny your memories of “imaginary” friends and the occasional things you can see at the corner of your eye.    

If you “see” a recurring image or symbol, or some kind of energy or aura around things or people, it may be your third eye trying to open itself fully.    

Additionally, if you have a child whose stories about their unseen friends is near realistic and consistent, it’s safe to say that their clairvoyant side is still active!    

Can I still get back my Clairvoyance?    

Since this ability is inborn, anyone whose clairvoyance faded long ago can regain its former glory. That said, here are several ways that you can (re)achieve this ability:    

1. Have faith   

Many clairvoyants affirm that it is their belief in a higher being that aids them in maintaining their ability. Their reasoning is that their power has to come somewhere, anin the real world, these people have trouble seeing which is which.    

You need to continually remind yourself that the world your physical eyes see is not the same as the one that your third eye sees.

Not everyone can see this “hidden” world, and so you also need to adjust to the fact that the physical realm hardly ever crosses with the spiritual.    

Take note of the odd things you see, such as a seemingly floating lady, or an unusually vibrant streak of light that no one else seems to notice. Acknowledge their presence, but remember not to overreact; they won’t harm you since the lines between the earthly and spiritual worlds are clear.d no one in the universe can give it except for the divine.    

You don’t have to subscribe to any religion; merely acknowledging that there is someone out there in the void guiding the universe is enough. Be firm in your belief in this higher being, and don’t waver!    

It is also crucial that you create a strong relationship with them. Praying, meditation and even a mental conversation can help you forge a bond between you and the cosmos.    

2. Do not be afraid  

Some people are afraid of things that they do not know. Unfortunately, this also affects clairvoyance from manifesting itself, as some clairvoyants become fearful of the things that they see.    

You need to let go of your fears, most especially of uncertainty. Allow your third eye to see and know all.    

It is only when you accept all possibilities and accept the hidden mysteries of life that you can genuinely see beneath the surface. Trust in your clairvoyance; it will not hide anything from you.    

3. Listen to your intuition    

Whenever a person is subject to a particular situation, it isn’t too far off for them to have these thoughts about someone or something. Call it first impressions if you will!    

But clairvoyance goes beyond that. Whenever a clairvoyant sees something, their third eye starts to show them things that are not obvious to people- even to the person or thing they are examining!    

You may have these moments before but did not bother listening to it since you don’t want to “misjudge” someone. The next time that you experience this though listen to your innate clairvoyance- you’ll never know when the information you’ll get can be useful!    

4. Be aware of everything    

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Have you ever noticed how during certain moments you start seeing everything? From birds flying to distant voices, they almost seem to be just nearby!    

When this happens, allow yourself to immerse in it. Let your third eye see everything around you and keep on observing as long as you could.    

After this, process everything you experienced. It won’t be long until you realize you were able to perceive the things that were physically absent but spiritually present.    

5. Stay grounded in reality  

A common problem that newbie clairvoyants have is their inability to distinguish the physical and spiriturial friends realms. Much like a child that integrates their “imaginary”

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