An Introduction To Evolutionary Astrology For Starters

evolutionary astrology

Are you at that point in your life where you are starting to ask questions about your life purpose? If yes, then learning evolutionary astrology could be for you! 

This article dives into the origin and nature of this particular branch of Astrology. And how it deals with the steps needed to carry out your life purpose and achieve peace within. To place things in context and consider all factors together. There are two main categories in the stream of Astrology — Ancient Astrology and Modern Astrology.

In Ancient Astrology, you will find traditional schools of thought such as Celtic, Chinese, Mayan, and Vedic. On the other hand, Evolutionary Astrology is from the family of Modern Astrology. Its beliefs are currently popular in Western countries and cultures.

However, although Evolutionary Astrology is well-considered modern in its approach. It also combines contemporary psychological theories with ancient metaphysical ideas. These revolve around the following concepts such as reincarnation and the existence of the soul.

In short, this method represents a style of astrology that understands an individual person’s birth chart as a map of the soul’s evolution. And now that you are well intrigued, and your attention is also piqued, it is time to grasp the basics.

What Is Evolutionary Astrology?

Evolutionary Astrology offers massive insights into your current life purpose and where your Soul has been and is going. A great deal in traditional astrology emphasizes the sun, moon, and ascendant signs. Without a doubt, they play a role in the big picture.

However, by diving deeper and uncovering the Soul’s intentions, one can find past influences. These are the dynamics that may have prevented and hindered optimal growth and happiness. 

In Evolutionary Astrology, the focal point is the position of Pluto, or what we call the Soul. It is imperatively essential to understand where the Soul has been. Similar to a book, you do not read the last chapter first. 

This astrology method will assist in explaining certain tendencies and attractions. Suppose something is not working in your life. In that case, it may continue to express itself as a repeating cycle until the lesson is well learned and the pattern is broken. 

Oftentimes we recreate what’s familiar, not necessarily because it’s good for us. Evolutionary Astrology unveils the ‘why’ in these patterns. The “why” of your life is revealed in the Lunar Nodes, and that’s where evolutionary astrologers begin.

What are the Lunar Nodes?

There are two Lunar Nodes, namely, North and South Node. The Nodes are not physical objects in the sky. But rather a space where the Sun and Moon cross paths on their elliptical orbits from our vantage point on Earth. It’s the reason why we get a New Moon and a Full Moon. 

When the Sun and Moon are aligned on the Nodes, we have the opportunity for a Lunar or Solar Eclipse. This happens roughly 3-4 times a year around June/July and November/December.

What is the North Node?

Your True North is symbolically said to represent where you’re destined to grow and expand on your path in life. It is where you can look towards aspects of your character that are not yet fully developed or that needs some work on. For a few, it can be where they’re called to go for their vocation or life’s true purpose. However, this is also often assigned to the Midheaven (MC)

When looking at where your North Node is in your Natal Chart, it can help give you clues and insight about new areas of your life you can expand in. It will also require you to step out of your comfort zone. But the rewards you will reap in return will be more than worth it. Here, you can find the lessons you’re said to Karmically learn in your lifetimes to integrate them and move on to your spiritual growth. 

We also go through periods of collective North/South Nodal placements. The Moon and Sun seemingly join paths in their orbit in a specific Zodiac Sign, lasting roughly 2 years for each Sign.

What is the South Node?

The South Node represents your Karmic ancestral past, the areas in which you are naturally comfortable or may do well but not excel. If you operate from this polarity, you may not be the embodiment of your highest self. The idea with your South Node is to learn how to grow through your comfort zone. It is about stepping into your True North characteristics while also knowing how to integrate the two sides of the Zodiacal energies. 

It does not mean denying one side or the other, but rather about being comfortable operating from each and assimilating both into our lives. When looking at your South Node in terms of your Karma, past life, and ancestry, you can uncover areas of deep inner healing. These characteristics can also help propel you forwards to your True North capacities and healing patterns.

Some people say that the South Node represents the negative aspects of a Zodiac Sign. In this case, it’s worth looking at your South Node’s astrological sign’s shadow side. And see if any of these qualities bring detriment to yourself or others.

What the Zodiac Nodes Mean

It is vital to know the characteristics of both polarities in the North/South Nodal dynamic. By doing so, you can see how to effectively integrate these two energies of the same coin that may present themselves in your characters. 

And a good place for beginners to start with Evolutionary Astrology reading is to find out what Zodiac signs your Lunar Nodes occupy. Once that’s done, you can review the descriptions of your life’s themes. 

Below are what the Nodes in each Zodiac Sign mean:

North Node In Aries (South Node in Libra)

If Aries is your North Node, this means that you may need to work on becoming more of a leader. Stepping into your “Emperor” self and moving away from putting everybody’s needs above your own and not speaking up for yourself. With your South Node in Aries, you may be comfortable always taking the middle road, using tact, and finding diplomacy. Still, if all you do is compromise, you may not be achieving what is truly best for you.

North Node in Taurus (South in Scorpio)

indulge in self-care

Having Taurus in True North, you’re being called to step into a more strong money mindset and enjoy the luxuries of life around you. Allow yourself to indulge in whatever forms of self-care your body calls for. 

Your body is your natural compass. It is wise beyond what you sometimes give it credit for. Learn to stop and listen to your body. Put your feet on the ground in the here and now from time to time. 

You may also be comfortable spending time in your head and working with your intuition, but this must also be assimilated with somatic work.

North Node in Gemini (South in Sagittarius)

If your North Node is in Gemini, you’re called to embrace partnership. Also, to be in the collective, flirting with your surroundings, and becoming at home in your environment and neighborhood. 

You may be comfortable discussing grand philosophical ideals and galavanting worldwide. But this also needs to be well-tempered with tending to your hearth and home. It’s through all the minute daily interactions and, yes, even small talk that the wealthiest tapestry of life is genuinely woven.

North Node in Cancer (South in Capricorn)

With your True North in Cancer, your pursuit is to uncover how to truly nourish yourself and those around you. You are also called to nurture your internal and external home and be a mother figure.

Having South Node in Capricorn, you may be more comfortable with planning and slow yet consistent forward momentum. 

Still, your North Node in Cancer asks you to step out of your head and into your body. What does your heart want to do today? What does your inner child need right now? How can you reparent yourself, and perhaps, in turn, those around you as well?

North Node in Leo (South in Aquarius)

If your North Node is in the sign of Leo, you’re being called to step into the limelight that you deserve. To also embrace your childish joy and give mightily of yourself! 

You may be more at home with groupthink, working as part of a team, or working towards a common goal. Still, your North Node in Leo asks you to regally wear your own crown and flaunt it. How can you learn to thrive in being the center of attention? Start practicing it now.

North Node in Virgo (South in Pisces)

With your True North in the sign of Virgo, it signifies that your task is to learn how to correctly take care of yourself in your life. Your body needs to thrive with your daily home and work tasks and routines, so you should care for it more. 

Step into your logical self and practice concrete planning for your future. Aim for perfection but also be comfortable knowing that perfect does not exist.

Your default realm may be going with the flow, living in the dreamy, or  “what will be, will be.” But your path is asking you to integrate both these sides into your life. Purge what no longer serves you. If you don’t like where you’re at, then make a conscious and active change.

North Node in Libra (South in Aries)

harmony and balance

If your North Node is in the sign of Libra, your task is to find harmony and balance in your relationships and learn to compromise. 

You’re called to find beauty in everything and everyone. Everyone has a story and truth to tell, and all of these stories are as equally beautiful and true as the other. 

You may have a tendency to operate from a “my way or the highway” attitude. Also, take on leadership roles in all that you do as a default. Still, there is an excellent medicine to be found in listening to others.

North Node in Scorpio (South in Taurus)

With your North Node in Scorpio, you’re being called to explore the depths of your thoughts. It’s time to start contemplating life’s bigger mysteries. You are also asked to investigate what your true purpose could be and what your deepest desires are. 

Avoid small talks and get straight to the heart of the matter. Listen to people, and learn to open up and comprehend others on a soul level. Experiment with your spirituality and practice honing in on your intuition. 

Your North Node is calling you to spend more time in your infinite heart and your highest self. You’re also asked to live a little less in the superficial layers of your body.

North Node in Sagittarius (South in Gemini)

Suppose you have your North Node in Sagittarius. In that case, you are invited to expand your worldview and explore other cultures, religions, philosophies, and ways of life. Travel to new, unusual destinations, and explore the corners of your being. And to embody your most light-hearted, optimistic side. 

With your South Node in Gemini, you may be very comfortable at home, in your neighborhood or community, town, or country. Still, you are being called to open up to new thought patterns, beliefs, and ways of living. You might also thrive in social settings but rarely give yourself the chance to make deeper connections to yourself and others.

North Node in Capricorn (South in Cancer)

With your North Node in the sign of Capricorn, your life mission is to learn how to stand tall in your structure. You’re called to enter the presence of your most self-assured, consistent, and determined side.

Step out into your leadership role and learn to take the reins. Plan, and strategize for the future while asserting your needs and taking up the space rightfully yours to take in the world. 

With your South Node in Cancer, you may be comfortable at home, nurturing others, being safe in your protective shell. Still, you’re asked to experience some discomfort to persevere for your future.

North Node in Aquarius (South in Leo)

Suppose your North Node is in the sign of Aquarius. In that case, your True North directs you to use your innate, innovative, forward-thinking capabilities for the greater good. Embrace duality and revel in the deep and secure joy of building a community around you and laying your roots. 

With your South Node in the sign of Leo, you may be at ease operating for your highest interest, as well as stepping into the spotlight and taking the lead. Still, you will truly thrive when you learn to understand what it means to rise by lifting others and recognizing that we are the sum of those around us.

North Node in Pisces (South in Virgo)

embrace your spirituality

Lastly, if you have your North Node in the sign of Pisces, it could mean that you’re being called to embrace your spirituality. Learn to go with the flow, and explore the depths of what it means to be a spiritual being. Revel in rest and let your mind wander, carrying you off into your most distant dreams. 

With your South Node in Virgo, you may default to analyzing, criticizing or judging, everything and anything you come into contact with. You may also be comfortable preparing and planning your daily routines and habit. But leave a little room for spontaneity and Divine timing to take place. 

With these placements, you may access your True Node by allowing your whims, emotions, and flights of fancy to dictate your life from time to time.

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