Your Medium Coeli And How It Fits In The Complete Horoscope

medium coeli
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Did you know that there’s an unassuming line in your natal chart with a surprisingly widespread influence on who you are? I know, I know, the natal chart is literally filled with such lines but you’ll really want to know about this one: the medium coeli. 

Your medium coeli, or your midheaven sign, gets its name because it is at the highest point of the zodiac. It has a counterpart in the lowest point of the zodiac, also known as the imum coeli. Note though, for practicality purposes, we’ll be interchanging medium coeli with midheaven sign. 

Medium Coeli Description

First thing’s first, the medium coeli is not a heavenly body. Regardless, we treat it like one for the purpose of astrological readings. 

To find yours, look at your natal chart. There should be a vertical line at the top of the chart, and most charts should have it labeled as “MC”. This line shows you which zodiac sign is directly overhead at the exact moment you were born.

Take note that the midheaven sign is one of the four main angles of the horoscope. It shares that title along with its counterpart, the imun coeli, as well as the ascendant and descendant.

Note that the midheaven sign is never under the horizon. As it is the midheaven zodiac sign, it often has a 90-degree angle with the ascendant on the eastern horizon. 

It moves much faster than all the other planets, finishing one revolution around the zodiac in only 24 hours. Because of its speed, you will need your exact time of birth to determine the accurate placement of your medium coeli.

Medium Coeli Meaning

In horoscopes, the midheaven sign represents matters regarding your self-image. It governs how you see yourself and how you feel about the different sides of your personality. Aside from that, it also shows details regarding our reputation, responsibilities, potentials, and goals. 

It can also represent the presence of discipline and responsibility in your life. It could be a parent that gives you your first taste of responsibility. Otherwise, it could also be a more conventional authority figure like a manager or a boss.  

More often than not, your perception of yourself should match your true character. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, we can have false ideas about ourselves due to many different circumstances.

Regardless of the cause of this discrepancy or lack thereof, the medium coeli remains a powerful tool of self-discovery. 

Medium Coeli Aspects

Another thing to pay attention to is the angles that the midheaven sign makes with the other planets. There are specific angles called aspects that can provide valuable insight. 

Specifically, these aspects can show how much we agree with or are aware of certain sides of our character and personality.

medium coeli aspects
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If the medium coeli is in opposition with a planet, then it means that you might be in denial. You may refuse to acknowledge that side of your personality. 

On the other hand, if the medium coeli is in conjunction with a planet, then it means the opposite. You fully acknowledge this aspect of who you are. Not only that, but this side of you is important to you.

Trines, sextiles, and squares are similar to conjunctions and oppositions but less exceptionally so. On the one hand, if the midheaven sign is in a trine or sextile with a planet, it suggests a generally positive attitude towards that part of you. On the other hand, if the medium coeli is in a square with a planet, it indicates that you may struggle with that side of your personality.

Last but not least, if the midheaven sign has no aspect with a planet, then you are most likely not even aware of that side of you.

Medium Coeli Houses

Depending on the house system you use, the location of the medium coeli can vary. In some systems, you can find the midheaven sign in the cusp of the tenth house. However, in the equal house system, you can find it somewhere between the seventh and twelfth houses.

You can most commonly find it somewhere within the ninth to the tenth house. Often, you can tell the deviation from the tenth house depending on where the horoscope’s latitude is. As a rule of thumb, the medium coeli goes farther from the tenth house the farther the location is from the equator.

Medium Coeli Zodiac

It goes without saying that where the midheaven sign resides influences it. Here are short descriptions of how they impact the medium coeli. Note that each trait isn’t good or bad in and of itself. Depending on how

medium coeli zodiac
  • Aries: You are confident in your abilities. Definitely, you are the poster child for believing in yourself. While this trust in yourself can enable you to do great things, sometimes, you can be too confident.
  • Taurus: You are very modest and humble when it comes to the things you can do. Just be careful that you do not underestimate yourself.
  • Gemini: You are very low-maintenance. Generally, you do not expect much, nor do you experience many frustrations. However, don’t forget to strive for more.
  • Cancer: You are very giving and unselfish. By default, you come at others with good intentions and want the best for them. Unfortunately, this means that you often give at the expense of your wellbeing.
  • Leo: You take great pride in what you do and are always happy to go above and beyond. On the other hand, your conviction in your specialness can veer into entitlement.
  • Libra: You have a solid moral compass and are highly intellectual. By extension, you take comfort in law and order. Just be wary that your rational nature does not leave you blind to other people’s emotions.
  • Scorpio: You have a strong connection with yourself. You’re very introspective and are content with this arrangement. But, this can also manifest in being a loner and shying away from interacting with others.
  • Sagittarius: You are willful and independent. Freedom is incredibly important to you. Though, you may end up being selfish and dismissive of other people’s needs.
  • Capricorn: You are straightforward and resilient. If there’s something you want, you are willing and able to buckle down and get things done. Of course, you can also be stubborn if you don’t check yourself.
  • Aquarius: You possess great wisdom and intuition. Oftentimes, people look to you for wisdom and guidance. While this is definitely something to be proud of, be careful that you do not scorn others because of it.
  • Pisces: You are hungry. As Pisces, you live with a constant hunger for something amazing. However, this sense of wonder can also come with a sense of frustration. After all, your desires can often be as nebulous as they are fantastic.

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