Astrology 101: Getting to know the Earth Sign Astrology!

While most of us know our Zodiac signs, not all are aware that these signs share an elemental property. Based on the four great elements – fire, air, water, and earth, each Zodiac sign draws qualities and basic traits from one of these four elements. For this article, we’ll focus on earth signs astrology. Generally, they are the most practical, worldly, and stable among the four astrological elements. Without further ado, let’s move forward and meet the three earth signs of the Western Zodiac!

What is the Earth Sign Astrology? And What does it mean to be an Earth element Personality?

Earth Signs Astrology

Earth signs astrology refer to the most grounded among the four elemental signs. Rooted in the mother earth itself, they draw their power from the ground. And like staunch trees, such splendid nourishment enables earth signs to become strong and stable. 

While other signs tend to focus on abstract things, those who share the earth element are always practical. Meaning, they’re never the type to set an unrealistic goal, given how these signs remain grounded on reality itself.

As such, you will often see earth signs as hard workers and goal-oriented people. Since they embody the practical mindset, the kinds of goals they seek to attain are heavily rooted in materialistic and worldly forms. 

Add to that, Zodiac signs sharing this element are also known to be rational. Dwelling in the nature of cause and effect, they understand the interconnectedness of things in a manner that relates to one’s physical existence. Thus, when they make decisions, concrete consequences are always taken into account. 

Lastly, earth signs astrology personalities often include a degree of patience. Like an unwavering mountain, no storm or tsunami can truly vanquish them from the face of the earth. Thus, when faced with trials and tribulations, earth elemental signs often remain steadfast. 

This is not to say, of course, that they don’t have negative traits. 

Generally, this hedonistic element can be quite obscured in the way they see the world. Limited on their physical and worldly pleasures, they sometimes lack the wisdom and foresight to see things beyond their peripheries.

Apart from such, they can also be slow-moving and stubborn, as these signs prefer stability over progress. When the wind of change arrives, they are last to move as they cling to established traditions and institutions.

Finally, signs sharing this element are utilitarian by nature. Seeing things (or even people) as mere means to an end, their causal nature can sometimes compromise others. While they do have strong morals, their instrumentalist nature can occasionally get the best of them.

What are Earth Signs in Astrology?

Zodiac Signs in Earth Signs in Astrology


Known as the Cardinal Earth, Capricorn is very ambitious and hardworking. Like workhorses, they will stop at nothing to achieve the goals that they’ve set for themselves. Practical and cunning, they are also the most vigilant among the zodiac signs. Thus, they like to observe situations at a distance, often to see how it will play out before placing one foot on the water. 

Furthermore, Capricorn is also known to be cunning and calculative. Among the earth signs, they are best at evaluating if the juice is worth the squeeze. Since they have a strong sense of insight, virtually nothing can escape their grasp. 

Apart from these positive traits, Capricorn is also known to be traditionalistic, cynical, and unforgiving. Sticking to what they know best, this sign tends to overvalue pre-existent institutions and cultures. This makes them resistant to change and progress, often seeing it as unstable and unsafe. 

Add to that, their cynical nature prevents them from exploring new things. Thinking that there’s always a big risk when they embark on the unknown, they’d rather stay within the walls of what they know.

Lastly, their unforgiving attitude makes it difficult for them to move forward. With life’s imperfection, mistakes are inevitable. Even then, it is quite a challenge for Capricorn to mend broken relationships, as they’d rather keep things afloat whenever it doesn’t work out.


Known as the Fixed Earth, Taurus is the most stable sign. Like an immovable mountain, no storm can shatter their indomitable spirit. They are never afraid of the challenges before them, since Taureans are exceptionally resilient and dependable. Thus, on any given day, you can count on them to be that safe haven. And as an icing to the cake, they are the most patient sign. No amount of pestering can throw them off their balance, making them great companions. 

Furthermore, Taureans are also masters of aesthetics. Ruled by venus, they can appreciate different forms and manifestations of beauty. This gives them a sense of class, coming second only to Leo. 

Apart from these positive traits, Taurus is also known to be greedy, lazy, and stubborn. Worldly as they are, Taurus seeks financial wealth above all else. This can make them limited as they dwell too much on the pleasures of the world. 

Add to that, Taurus’ laziness is unmatched. Like the bull, they love to waste time and just do nothing. Slothful and inactive, this zodiac sign can waste time as if it was unlimited. 

Lastly, their stubbornness is simply off the charts. When they make up their mind, it is virtually impossible to convince them otherwise. No amount of reason and emotion can sway them, as their close-mindedness often gets in the way.


Known as the Mutable Earth, Virgo is the embodiment of prosperity. Symbolized by the maiden, their analytical nature is known to bring wheat and milk across the land. Generally, they are modest, allowing Virgo to be reasonable and systematic with their approach. 

Furthermore, Virgo is also known to be loyal and just. Valuing morality and existent beliefs, they rally behind what they think is right. Coupled with such strong traits, they are also particular and mindful of minute details. Thus, practically nothing escapes their grasp, especially when we speak of daily tasks. 

Apart from these positive traits, Virgo can be obsessive, shy, and critical. Their obsessiveness can sometimes get the best of them, as they remain hung up on things that they cannot fulfill. Add to that, they are also overly critical of themselves. This causes them to be shy, as they attempt to keep a low-profile. 

And more importantly, this critical nature can hinder their individual growth. Like perfectionists, they’d rather not finish a task than achieving a half-baked output.

Final Word

With this short article, we hope to have given you some strong insights regarding Earth signs astrology. Like any other Zodiac sign, they are far from perfect. Even then, their strengths and weaknesses define their uniqueness.

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