How Elements of Astrology affect Your Zodiac Sign

What do elements mean in astrology?

There are four elements of astrology that are the basis of life according to ancient alchemy. There is Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Alchemists aim to balance all these elements. We can group these elements in two. The feminine elements are water and earth. The masculine elements are fire and air. If we want a balanced life, we must honor both feminine and masculine energy in us. 

Now the four elements are the foundation for all Western mysticism. This is where the elements of Astrology come in. Astrology follows the four seasons which correlate with the four elements. Each of these seasons that span for 3 months has a beginning, middle, and end.

4 Elements of Astrology

Every month has a manifestation in nature. For instance, the beginning of winter is not as frozen as the middle. We can also notice that the middle of summer is hotter than the end. 

There are three modalities to represent these three parts of the seasons. The first one is the Cardinal modality. It marks the beginning of the season and the power of initiation. The middle of the season is the Fixed modality. It is about the power of sustaining. The third is the Mutable modality. It is the end of the season and marks the power of change. 

If so, the four elements have a cardinal, fixed, and mutable expression of Modality. That is why four elements times three modalities equal twelve definite energy fields. Hence, the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

What are the characteristics of the four elements?

Each element of astrology represents unique characteristics. . 

The fire elements are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire signs are like its element; passionate, bold, charismatic. The Wands Tarot cards represent the fire signs. 

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all fire signs, but they represent a distinct archetype. It is because as we mentioned there are three modalities for each element. 

Aries is the cardinal fire sign. Leo is a fixed fire sign. Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. They can be aggressive, selfish, and vain. They can channel those fiery energies for productive things instead.

The water elements are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water is a symbol of emotion, dreams, intuition, and healing. It is no wonder that water signs are emotional beings. The Cups Tarot cards stand for the water signs. 

Cancer is the cardinal water sign. The fixed water sign is Scorpio. And Pisces is the mutable water sign. On a bad day, these signs can be moody and suspicious. We will discuss the other spectrum of the water sign further in the next question.

The Air element is a symbol of communication, intelligence, and adaptability. Libra is the cardinal air. Aquarius is the fixed air. Gemini is the mutable air. The Swords represent the Air signs in Tarot cards. They are great communicators, but they can be aloof, cold, and fickle. 

Finally, the Earth elements are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. Earth stands for prosperity and stability. They have an innate persistence and a practical mind. The Pentacles Tarot card symbolizes the earth element. 

Capricorn is the cardinal earth. Taurus is the fixed earth. And Virgo is the mutable earth. These signs can also be decadent and lazy in their pursuit of wealth.

What is the weakest element?

Elements of Astrology in Zodiac Signs

From the earlier discussion, we can agree that all elements of Astrology have their shadow side. But among all the four elements, the water element seems to be the weakest. Why is this? 

Water signs deal with their inner thoughts and feelings. They wrestle with their emotions the most. This can be difficult. We live in a world where rational thinking is important in making decisions. 

If we want the best outcome, we must learn how to balance our emotions. Water signs should forgo their very sensitive and critical nature. They have to weigh in their options at a distance. If they get affected, they might have a weaker resolve. 

Let’s say, your best friend could not come to your birthday. Your friend was also not able to tell you they could not come in advance. You got hurt over this and so you rejected your best friend’s message of apology. It is, of course, better if you hear your friend out and forgive them but you let the days go by. 

This can sever the ties of your friendship if you keep this up. While it is uncomfortable to communicate with your friend after some time, you need to talk it out with them. This is one scenario where a water sign might have some awkwardness. 

Again, this can be overcome by mastery of one’s emotions. But since water signs must deal with this the most. It is a great challenge for them.

Which element is most powerful?

a tree in the wind

Now, what element is the strongest? The Air element is a strong candidate from all elements of Astrology. It is because Air signs are intellectuals. 

Water elements navigate the world through their senses and emotional nature. Air signs are the direct opposite. They do it with their minds. They detach themselves to be fair-minded. That is why they can communicate about any topics.

Others may have trouble with some topics. But Air signs can and are willing to take a dip on tricky conversations. In fact, they enjoy mental kinesthetics! 

It is because Air signs like the Fire signs fall in the masculine division of elements. Water signs and Earth signs are the feminine energy of the elements. 

That is not to say feminine energies are not strong. As we have stated in the beginning, the balance of masculine and feminine energy is the goal to achieve balance in life. We all have our feminine and masculine side regardless of our gender. There is strength in both. At the end of the day, your group element does not matter, but how you live with it is the key to resilience in life.

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