Zodiac Compatibility: Who Should a Virgo Marry

who should a virgo marry

Have you ever thought of getting married someday? If you have, have you thought of who you are going to marry? Believe it or not, knowing your zodiac sign can help you determine the right person to say I Do to, especially Virgos. Who should a Virgo marry? What signs are compatible as partners for Virgos?

In this article we will give you a glimpse of Virgo and other zodiac signs’ compatibility and answer the question “Who should a Virgo marry?”. We will also highlight the following key points.

  • Who are Virgos
  • Virgo Traits
  • Who Should a Virgo Marry
  • Signs Virgo should Avoid

Take notes of these things before you decide who you should marry.

Who are Virgos

Before we head on, we have to know who are Virgos. If you don’t know what zodiac sign you are, then this section will be helpful to you.

Virgo is the sixth sign when it comes to the zodiacs. Virgos are people born from August 23 to September 2022. Moreover, Virgo’s representation is a young woman who has a sheaf of wheat in her hand.

People believe that the woman is the Goddess of Fertility or the Goddess of harvest. Furthermore, Virgos are people who are practical and dependable. If you are like this or if you know someone who has those traits, they are probably Virgos.

Virgo Traits

Let us now talk about Virgo traits. You might be wondering what this has got to do with knowing what sign should a Virgo marry. Knowing what traits a Virgo has is important to determine which signs compliment or clash with them.


Let us start with the Positive traits. Every zodiac has its own positive traits and these are the traits Virgos have.



People see Virgos as very hard-working. They are people who are really passionate about a project and they will throw themselves into it. People who are Virgos will not mind sleepless nights just to finish a project.

Because of their hardworking nature, they can become too meticulous. They are even known to me as analytical in nature which allows them to be productive. Moreover, Virgos are one of the most productive and hardworking zodiacs.

It even comes to the point that if you share the same room with a Virgo, they will make you feel that you are slacking because of how driven and focused they are with their tasks. Furthermore, this positive trait will definitely benefit Virgos in the future especially when it comes to professional careers.


The Maidens are e very creative. They often times indulge themselves in creativity and often lose themselves in it. Moreover, their art forms vary from art, dance, and even writing. Furthermore, when it comes to drawing and art, Virgos are very meticulous and pay attention to details.

Virgos treat their arts and crafts as their happy pills and feel so much joy when doing so. Because of how much of a perfectionist a Virgo is, they often take a lot of time when doing their artwork. A mistake is never an option for Virgos and they strive to make their crafts flawless.


Another positive trait of Virgos is that they are reliable. They are the best friends people can ask for. Moreover, they are very responsible and will take their responsibility seriously. Virgos are often left in charge because of their reliable nature.

If there is a sign that is the epitome of trustworthiness, it is definitely Virgo. They are also reliable when it comes to asking for advice because they remember almost everything you tell them and even little details about you. Furthermore, you can easily call a Virgo if you need someone to talk to or if you need someone to give you sound advice.


If there’s an award for most patient zodiac signs, Virgos would definitely win. Moreover, the maidens are more patient than others. If there are zodiac signs that cannot stand people who give them an attitude, Virgos will patiently wait for you to shape up.

Even if you are a bully, Virgos will still try to see the good in you. This also makes them great partners. If there is a misunderstanding they will try to fix it no matter what. However, because of their patient nature, people will have the tendency to take advantage of them.

Furthermore, just because they are patient does not mean they do not have their limits. Virgos also know when they should stop being patient and kind if they feel that they are at a disadvantage.



Aside from being patient, Virgos are probably one of the kindest Zodiac signs. They are affectionate and humble. They are the types to always be there if you need a helping hand. Moreover, Virgos make great partners as well because of how appreciative and affectionate they are.

Because of their kind nature, Virgos make great friends since they are very supportive. They are resourceful and can give really great advice to friends. Aside from that, they can also make good teachers because of how kind and patient they are with people. They are also great communicators since they are ruled by mercury which is the messenger planet of communication.


Another reason why Virgos make great partners is because they are very romantic. Moreover, they make really supportive and loyal other haves. They focus on taking care of their loved ones and will support them every step of the way.

Since Virgos are intellectual beings, they have a great understanding of their partners and are excellent communicators. What’s great about a Virgo Partner is that they will take the time to get to know your interests. Knowing the little things about you is how Virgos will show their love and affection.

Virgos are similar to Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn when it comes to being romantic.

Negative Traits

Of course, it’s also important to know negative traits so you and other people can know what to watch out for and if you can handle a Virgo’s negative personality.


We all know now how Virgos strive for perfection. Because of this, they can become critical. There is a possibility that they can come off as overly judgemental and very critical toward others. Because of this trait, some people would not like to be workmates with Virgos.

Furthermore, Virgos have high standards when it comes to everything, especially in projects. However, they are just as judgemental of themselves as they are toward others. They also have these high standards for themselves and do not want to lower down.

Some people even call Virgos one of the most judgemental people in the universe. But do not get them wrong, you just have to be a little more understanding of their perfectionist nature because they strive for greatness.


Virgos are very stubborn. If they aim to do something, they will not stop until they are successful. They are very dedicated to whatever they are working on they do not like it when others try to mess it up. Their minds are set on knowing what is best for something.

Because of this nature, it can be really hard to persuade Virgos. Moreover, pitching in your own ideas if you ever work on a project with a Virgo can also be difficult since you need to get through the wall of stubbornness that they have which in itself is a challenge.



Because of their critical nature, Virgos are chronic over-thinkers. Since their minds constantly strive for perfection, they often think about the things that they have to accomplish. There are even often times when they will think about when they can begin on their new project.

Aside from this, Virgos can also overthink relationships and how they handle their emotions. They are so set on knowing small details about you that they overthink whether they know enough or not.

Moreover, it can be hard for Virgos not to overthink even the little things, because again, people born with this sign strive for perfection.


Being picky leads back to Virgos being stubborn and overly judgemental. They can become very picky especially when they do not like the idea. Furthermore, they are people who are not easy to convince.

Because of their picky nature, they are also critical of the choices of other people especially when it does not fit their standards. This is also related to how they date since they are also picky of their partners.

Furthermore, Virgos will pick out potential partners and find out whether they are compatible or not. If a Virgo sticks with a person, then they are possibly worthy of a Virgo’s love and they are perfect as to who should a Virgo marry.


Lastly, all negative traits boil down to Virgos being uptight. Virgos often worry and overthink that is why they become uptight about a lot of things. If you are a Virgo, you might always hear your friends say that you need to relax. However, this is hard to do especially if you are so passionate about something that you do.

Moreover, this is also akin to their meticulous nature since they want everything to be perfect. They are uptight in the projects they handle and make sure to pay attention to even the smallest and slightest detail.

Who Should Virgo Marry

Now that we have an idea of who is Virgos and what their traits are, let us see now who is most compatible with Virgo or who should a virgo marry. There are signs that are Virgo best match for marriage while there are signs who are not, which begs the question “who should a virgo man marry” or “who should a virgo woman marry?”.


cancer zodiac sign

Cancers are great partners for Virgos according to astrologers. People who have cancer as their zodiac sign are loyal and sentimental. Moreover, cancer is a water sign which is compatible to a rigid Virgo.

Virgos are meticulous, however, Cancers find this amusing which makes them sympathetic to Virgo’s mindset. Unfortunately, there are complications along the way since both Cancers and Virgos are reserved about their feelings.

If none of them push to reveal their true feelings, the relationship will not begin in the first place. However, if they do then their relationship will be one of the best relationships out there.


Next on the list are Scorpios. Zodiac Scorpio is strong-willed just like Virgo which is why people never thought they could become a good match. The scorpions are dedicated, truthful, loyal, and friendly which are traits that Virgos love.

Scorpios are also water signs which means they too bring fluidity to a Virgo’s life. Moreover, they also bring excitement but at the same time are assertive. However, Scorpios may become a little bit too much which makes them hard to handle. They also become jealous easily.

Scorpios often lead with emotions that can surprise a Virgo but nonetheless, this does not make them less of a partner.


Lastly, Capricorns and Virgos make a good match. Both signs value practicality which basically means they compliment each other in that aspect. Furthermore, both Virgo and Capricorns are earth signs which adds to their compatibility. Moreover, both signs value what is in the present and are both hardworking and independent.

However, Capricorns have the tendency to restrict themselves, this often results to a Virgo and Capricorn becoming too stiff. In addition to that, both are really stubborn which can cause fights between the two. None of them will forfeit from an argument.

Even with the relationship complications, these signs are very dedicated to their family. This makes Virgo and Capricorn great parents and family members.

It is important to remember that anyone can be compatible with a Virgo if they are willing to accept and take a Virgo’s meticulous nature. Virgos may seem complicated to be with but they make great partners.

Signs Virgo Should Avoid

We know what signs are compatible with Virgos and who should a virgo marry, now let us head on to what signs Virgos should avoid. Not all signs are compatible with Virgos that is why there are signs that are just not fit to be partners with the maidens.



Yes, it is true that Geminis are compatible with almost anyone however it is important to remember that Geminis are symbolized by twins. Being symbolized by twins mean that Geminis often jump from one perspective to another. This makes them seem inconsistent which Virgos do not like.

There is an idea that says Virgos always value truth and being inconsistent is the opposite of that. Moreover, Geminis also lack goal-oriented behavior which is the total opposite of a Virgo. Virgos will feel frustrations towards Geminis in this aspect even if both are under Mercury. Yes, they can have good communication but they will most likely clash with one another.


Next on the list is an Aquarius. People born with Aquarius as their zodiac is the worst math for those who are born under the maiden sign. Moreover, Aquarius and Virgo can find it hard to open up to each other. Furthermore, both signs are too hardworking that they will have a hard time prioritizing their relationship. In addition, Aquarius is very independent, and when they get too independent, there is a possibility that Virgos will feel neglected.

Even though both signs are similar in a lot of aspects like their drive, morals, and critical nature, there will still be tension going on between the two.


Sagittarius are worst signs a Virgo can date. People might have the idea that the two are a match made in heaven because Virgo is an earth sign and Sagittarius loves nature. However, this is not always the case since Virgos often see Sags as reckless.

Because of Sagittarius’ reckless nature, they can easily annoy Virgos. Yes, there is a possibility that both can click at the beginning of a relationship, however, there is no guarantee that their relationship will stay balanced.

In addition, Sagittarius is in need of constant change which Virgos cannot handle. They also do not like chasing around Sags who are sometimes unreliable.


leo zodiac sign

And the last on the list of signs Virgos must avoid are Leos. Leos are all about the drama and they love to party hard and they do not mind going big on everything without a second thought. This can come off as a little bit too much for an uptight Virgo.

Furthermore, both Virgos and Leos are stubborn signs which can easily spark an argument between the two. Leos are the life of the party which is why they are often times confused about Virgo’s uptight nature.

There is a possibility that a relationship between a Virgo and Leo could work. There are times a straightforward Leo can attract a Virgo. However, this does not mean their relationship will last because they will still clash.

It is important to note that by the end of the day, these are all just guides for you when you choose your partner as a Virgo. There will be moments you will clash with the people you meet but that does not make you unworthy of love. Just because you think you are not compatible with anyone does not mean there is no chance for you to find someone to tie the knot with.


Now you know which signs are and are not compatible for you as a Virgo. Moreover, you also have a glimpse or an idea of who should a Virgo marry. It is important to note that by the end of the day, these are all just guides for you when you choose your partner as a Virgo. There will be moments you will clash with the people you meet but that does not make you unworthy of love. Just because you think you are not compatible with anyone does not mean there is no chance for you to find someone to tie the knot with.

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