Is your Zodiac sign the Most Hardworking or the Laziest?

With the uptrend of Zodiac signs, you probably can’t help but check on a daily basis. Giving good insight on your fortune, basic qualities, and even tendencies, learning about your zodiac sign helps you cope with today’s struggles and also, you can determine whether your signs comes under the hardest working zodiac signs or the most lazy zodiac signs.

But did you know that some of these struggles are simply brought about by your own Zodiac sign? Read on to find out more!

Are some Zodiac signs more Hardworking than others?

Looking at each Zodiac sign, we’ll see that each is characterized by certain elements and modalities. Defining the sign’s nature, these factors determine whether your sign is more hardworking than others. 

Hardest working zodiac signs and most lazy zodiac signs

But before we dive deeper into this, we should establish first what it means to be ‘hardworking’. Generally, the quality of being hardworking is defined by one’s dedication and energy towards a certain task. Pouring sweat, blood, and tears, a person can be qualified as hardworking through the concrete actions that they do in order to actualize something. 

It is important to point out that this also applies to various pursuits. By default, we quantify or define hardworking-ness in relation to one’s passions like art and music, or one’s career or work. Yet more than that, being hardworking also applies to a plethora of different things such as dealing with your emotions, battling your inner demons, or even in pursuing your inner spirituality. 

As such, this points out the fact that being hardworking can also come in non-tangible forms. 

Thus, even when other Zodiac signs don’t seem to do much, they might be having their fair share of inner battles, enough to qualify them as hardworking. In the same way, other signs will also express their passion and dedication in other key areas of life such as finance, relationships, and even hobbies. 

But for practical purposes of this article, we’ll set the context as the workplace. After all, each sign’s hardworking-ness becomes most relevant on how much output they produce. 

Undeniably, these signs do have their natural tendencies. And because of these, some are simply more hardworking than others. Without further ado, let’s move forward and name the most hardworking Zodiac signs and the most lazy Zodiac sign!

The Laziest Zodiac Signs


The twins are one of those who always give beyond their full capacity. While some signs can shoot for 80-90% of their effectiveness, Gemini can pour in 110% without breaking a sweat. Take note though. This is with the presumption that they are fully interested in a single task or topic alone. 

Yet with their mutable and airy nature, the above-mentioned scenario rarely happens. Often ending in unnecessary chatter, Gemini is actually one of the most lazy zodiac signs! 


Well, Cancer isn’t really that lazy, but they are admittedly inefficient. Since they work on a slow and steady pace, today’s work pace sometimes appears to be a bit too much to them. Don’t blame them though, crabs do move slowly after all! 


Known as the most spiritual sign, Pisces has a little too much going on in their lives. And whether they like it or not, such ‘higher pursuits’ can keep them sidetracked from the task at hand. Swimming endlessly in their mental pools, this is perhaps the most lazy zodiac sign! 


Yes, they are the embodiment of the royalty’s laziness. Seeing other tasks as too small for them, they often end up underestimating the grind. We can’t blame them, though. They are simply born as aristocrats and oligarchs, so doing chores and “hard work” is not really for them. 


The bull is as lazy as it gets. Though they are practical and earthly, they often shoot for the bare minimum. Add to that, they are also stubborn and slow-moving, so just save your effort in trying to push them further cause it just won’t happen. 


Forgive us by saying this, but the transformative air signs share the same sense of entitlement with Leo. Thus, when tasked with daily routines, they just can’t seem to get their heads on it! 

Instead, you’ll just see them dozing off and leaving others to do the job. 


Perhaps the most lazy zodiac sign, Sagittarius is just a bit too much for repetitive work. A 9-to-5 job doesn’t really amuse them since they are hedonists who seek to live life the best and happiest possible way they could. Don’t underestimate them, though. When their goals and passion align, the fiery straight arrow will make everyone bite the dust!

Hardworking and Laziest Signs in Astrology

The Hardest Working Zodiac Signs


This comes to no surprise. Virgo is one of the few hardest working Zodiac signs given how their sign is represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture. By nature, this sign pursues practicality through the propagation of one’s wealth. 

As such, you will often see them working hard as hell in the office, to a point that they can’t even distinguish weekdays from weekends!


Represented by the sea-goat, Capricorns are outright workhorses. They can and will do everything that must be done. No need to worry about how difficult a particular task is, for this sign is truly up for the job. 

This stems from their unparalleled work ethic. Like Virgo, they work 24/7 and pour in their best most of the time. Truth be told, they don’t have the audacity to slack off themselves. 


Being the Cardinal Fire sign of the Zodiac, Aries is undoubtedly hardworking. Always pushing the limits, Aries will find new ways to do the same old things. Since they are fire starters themselves, you’ll find them at the forefront of innovation. If not, they’ll often end-up being one of those charismatic motivational speakers in the room, which practically keeps everyone going. 


Although Scorpio is often equated to emotional sensitivity, there’s more to them than being a crybaby. In fact, they are one of the hardest working zodiac signs, as Scorpio often channels their inner feelings through their work. 

Though they may appear to be a bit on the edge and overly attached to their emotions, they are actually excellent workers who can put themselves in a state of pure focus. This is, of course, with the presumption that they are emotionally attached to their work. 


Certified team players, Libra is known to be one of the most hardworking zodiac signs. Being the best communicator among the different signs of the zodiac, Libra can get things done not only by themselves but with others as well. 

As such, they are one of the best signs to have in a boiler room. They say that “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. But having Libra by your side, they’ll be the indispensable glue that motivates everyone to overcome practically anything. This definitely makes them one of the hardest working zodiac signs!

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