Discovering the Best Zodiac Sign Most Compatible With Virgo

most compatible with virgo

Who are Virgos most compatible with? Is it true that Virgo is most compatible with Leo? Some claim Capricorn is their best match. While others say nothing loves a Virgo than another fellow Virgo. Let’s get it on and settle this debate on who is the most compatible with Virgo once and for all!

After you read this article you will learn why Virgo is one of the most irresistible zodiacs out there. You’ll also pick up a thing or two about the following:

  • What are the most unexpected signs most compatible with Virgo?
  • What signs are most compatible with Virgo as a lifetime partner?
  • Could your sign be one of the best matches for Virgo?
  • How hard is it to find Virgo most compatible sign?
  • Does Virgo personality make it difficult to find Virgo compatibility?

But before we jump in and discuss the most compatible signs with Virgo, let’s back up a little and take note of all the wonderful things that make up a Virgo!

Efficiency Personified

Are you highly efficient and extremely organized? Then you’re probably most compatible with Virgo! Depicted as a maiden holding wheat chaffs, this speaks volumes on how natural and unpretentious this zodiac is. Added to the fact that Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet, this makes them even more meticulous and observant than ever.

Virgos can easily adapt to their environment. No matter how chaotic things get, they never lose track of their goals. This is because they are super organized and know how to manage their time well. Thus, they check off everything on their to-do list for the day is always accomplished.

This Virgo constantly carries a no-nonsense attitude. They are always on the path of self-improvement. Not only for themselves but for everyone they are interacting with as well. This is the reason why they make great bosses, amazing colleagues, and highly efficient employees. Virgos don’t easily get distracted. They stick to their guns as planned.

Better Me = Better You

Virgos believe that everything has to start from within. You cannot change the world unless you change yourself first. And just like other areas in life, those most compatible with Virgo are those who believe love is a two-way street. This zodiac strives continually to improve themselves to contribute better in their relationships. They are some of the most thoughtful, generous, and attentive partners on this side of the planet. To them, a service is an act of love.

Virgos are not extremely showy compared to the other zodiacs. But they show their love and affection in many different ways. When you’re running late you can count on Virgo to still make it on time. Errands you can no longer do because of your hectic schedule? Say no more, Virgo’s got you!

It usually takes time before Virgo finds their best match. It’s because they set the bar high and won’t settle for less. But once they set their eyes on you and believe that you’re “the one”, you’d be so lucky it feels like winning the lottery!

Sun Sign Virgo

For people who have Virgo as their Sun sign, you may have noticed your meticulous nature from a very young age. You always feel responsible for the well-being of others. Always striving for the best in everything that you do. That’s why achievers and go-getters are most compatible with Virgo.

No matter how daunting the task may look, you will always find a way to make it work. You never take shortcuts. But you always work smarter, not harder. You are so relentless that even the most difficult jobs look so easy when you’re the one doing it. Little do people know what goes behind the scenes. The blood, sweat, and tears that comes with every favorable outcome.

From their point of view, they are only doing constructive criticisms. Always at the work to do, and not at the person to take offensively. However, not everyone has this kind of mentality. Some people are extremely fragile and sensitive. Virgo needs to step on the breaks and go easy on them once in a while. Remind themselves that not everyone thinks and feels the same way they do.

Moon Sign Virgo

moon sign virgo - most comfortable alone

If your moon sign is Virgo, this indicates that you’re more vulnerable and private than the rest. You are most comfortable alone, or with a very close-knit group of people. Then again, alone doesn’t mean lonely. It just means you are less expressive when it comes to how you truly feel on the inside.

There’s a tendency for you to overthink. Especially during first encounters with people you are extremely attracted to. You don’t want to look like a fool. Overeager, excited, and end up messing up everything. But this sometimes confuses people as well. It’s hard for them to tell if you feel the same way- so loosen up a bit!

You know this already. Which makes it doubly hard for you. Try to relax. Take a deep breath and just be yourself. Believe it or not, honesty is still the best way to go. Then again, you’ll never know unless you give it a try.

Rising Sign Virgo

The rising sign is what you show to the outside world. People will see only what you will allow them to see. This version of yourself is your least vulnerable state.

Virgos are naturally refined. Simplicity is beauty and Virgos makes the perfect example. Their taste never goes out of style. On the outside, you seem as if you are always on top of your game. Even if you’re messed up and broken from within.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This does not make you weak. It only means you are human. You don’t have to face the world alone, fearing to show your true colors. Afraid people will judge and ridicule them. Only when you’re truly you do you become genuinely happy and free.

Now that we have a good idea of what Virgo is all about, let’s move on to the most compatible signs with Virgo!

Most Compatible Signs With Virgo (From Least to Best)

Sagittarius (November 23- December 21)

Right from the start, the most compatible with Virgo are those willing to commit. Sadly, being or staying committed is not one of Sag’s strong points. Centaurs just love to roam!

But this doesn’t mean Sagittarius will never be amazing romantic partners. It’s just that they have to be with someone who will give them the liberty and flexibility they need. Virgo will have a difficult time accepting this. Because everything needs to be planned and organized. This kind of flexibility gives them headaches!

Leo (July 23- August 22)

Leos love hard and give it their all, all the time. They are loud, passionate, and loves nothing better than being cheered on. Especially by the one they love the most. Virgos will love and support you in their own way. But not in the way Leos want you to.

Leos does not take criticism lightly. Regardless if they are constructive or done out of care and concern. Virgo’s on the other hand will never mince their words. They will tell you the truth, even if others are afraid to do so. Both of you need to address this issue if you’re serious about it and truly are in it for the long haul.

Aries (March 21- April 20)


Aries and Virgo are both oozing with energy. Good old Aries physically, while Virgo mentally. But Virgo’s overthinking can really drive Aries crazy. Yes, Virgo makes sure everything is done. But it has to be well planned and executed properly.

Aries thinks otherwise. This sign doesn’t care how many shortcuts you need to take. If there’s a way to make life easier, achieve things faster, they will go for it. This does not sit well with Virgo. Something they need to settle before things get out of hand.

Aquarius (January 20- February 19)

Virgo and Aquarius are to be intellectuals. This is one of the reasons why they are so good together. But Aquarius can get confrontational when it comes to their belief. Whether it be political or religious in nature, for example.

Virgo on the other hand hates confrontations. Their main reason for pointing out a flaw is not to anger or provoke, but to help and improve a given situation. Aquarius thinks otherwise. They believe a verbal spat every now and then is challenging, even entertaining. Moreover, even good for the soul!

Libra (September 23- October 22)

Libra loves the magical world of romance. So much so like a Disney character. They see being in a relationship as one big bed of roses. Virgo of course never loses sight of all those thorns sticking out from beneath! Libra loves the grand gestures, the mouth-watering dishes, the fiery-hot sex, and the warm cuddles that follow.

But they don’t like cleaning the house. Or actually preparing a meal. Putting out the trash. Libra hates mundane things. Virgo knows of course that you can never escape all the mundane things life brings.

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

At first glance, Gemini and Virgo don’t seem like they could hit it off. Gemini is way too scattered and disorganized. Virgo will not tolerate this. However, they both have a gift of gab. There’s a problem though: Geminis are usually lost in their thoughts.

So many things go through their minds so quickly. Their mouths couldn’t keep up with their thoughts! So much so that when they start to babble on, even they couldn’t put two and two together. Not Virgo. This zodiac can go past the blabber and really analyze what Gemini is saying. They get it. Even when others don’t.

Pisces (February 20- March 20)


Pisces is Virgo’s exact opposite. Virgos are realistic and super practical. While Pisces creativity can sometimes lean towards dreamy and superficial. Losing all logic in the end. This doesn’t make sense to Virgo. Virgos believe in common sense. And that lack of it can put your life in peril.

There are times when Virgo will be the one to burst Pisces’ bubble. This may feel a bit too harsh for Pisces. Then again these two zodiacs are also the most caring, thoughtful, and devoted people on the planet. As long as they learn to strike the perfect balance and make room for each other’s idiosyncrasies, they’ll be just fine!

Scorpio (October 23- November 22)

Virgos cannot live without a routine. They will feel off balance and would not be able to have a productive day without it. Scorpio on the other hand, has great consistency. They are good, solid, and steady.

Virgo knows that they can count on them each and every time. This is the reason they work out pretty well. Virgo always thrives for excellence while Scorpio is a thorough and generous lover. You simply couldn’t ask for more!

Virgo (August 23- September 22)

Love your own! No one knows a Virgo better than another Virgo, right? Things are simply hot and fiery between these two. Being great communicators is one thing, but sharing all their other qualities takes love and laughter on a whole new level!

Getting to know each other is really fun and exciting. Knowing that they will be doing the things they love for the rest of their lives is really special. Sharing the same thoughts and outlook on a lot of things makes it even better! Truly, they are stronger together!

Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

Nobody loves excellence and competence better than Virgo and Capricorn. They are known to be some of the most capable and independent zodiacs. As a matter of fact, some Virgos firmly believe that a well-organized cupboard is better. Way better than an extravagantly arranged tulip bouquet.

On the other hand, Capricorn’s precision and efficiency are a big turn-on for Virgo! They work hard, but also play hard. Nothing gives them more pleasure knowing they are making their partner truly happy and satisfied. This is what keeps their love alive!

Taurus (April 21- May 20)


Virgos are selfless and will go the extra mile in the line of service. The same thing goes with their relationship. Virgos will love and pamper their better half, while Taurus will do everything to make sure you feel safe and secured.

Nothing is more protective towards their loved ones than a Taurus. Virgo love this feeling, although they seldom let it show. But when these two are alone, it’s nothing but sugar and spice and all things nice!

Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Finally, the winner on our bucket list. The best zodiac sign most compatible with Virgo- Cancer! Nobody can calm and soothe Virgo’s anxious soul better than Cancer. They share the love and devotion that could stand the test of time. When careers crash, money runs out, looks fade away and health deteriorates- their love for each other remains.

It is only when they are with each other can they truly be themselves. Without pretension. Or any form of inhibitions. Because they know they are loved and accepted for who and what they are. This is the kind of love that will last a lifetime. And beyond.

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