Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning: Ultimate Tarot Guide!

wheel of fortune tarot card

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card represents all the turns and changes of life that make a difference in it. It is about the rhythms of the Universe and the cycles we all have to live by. The Wheel of Fortune tarot card can refer to things that we cannot control. Not until we learn the deepest lessons of our soul. It can mean a lot of things, whether you draw the card upright or reversed. Stick with us and explore the Wheel of Fortune tarot card meaning!

Did you draw this card in a recent tarot reading? Don’t worry, this handy Wheel of Fortune tarot card guide will help you understand what it means!

We’ll help you understand what drawing this card can mean for you and your future. This understanding is important for you to seize this chance for a better life!

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning 

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card shows a giant wheel on its face. Three figures are written on its outer edges. On the wheel’s face, four Hebrew letters are inscribed: YHVH. This is the unpronounceable name of God. The letters TORA are on the wheel too. It could refer to the Torah, a book of Hebrew law. The letters could also be rearranged to spell TAROT. They could also spell ROTA, the Latin word for “wheel.” In the middle of the wheel, alchemical symbols are written. Mercury, water, sulphur, and salt are written there. These are the alchemical building blocks of life and four elements. They represent formative power.

The Egyptian god Typhon descends on the outer side of the wheel. He is known by names like Typhon or Apep and is commonly known to be a serpentine god of evil. He represents life plunging into the material world. On another side of the wheel, the jackal god of the dead, Anubis rises. He welcomes souls into the Duat, the Egyptian underworld. The Sphinx sits atop the wheel. She represents knowledge and strength.

The Wheel of Fortune history is a colored design story. Its drawings and depictions varied greatly over time. Interpretations and sources vary too. Symbols were often uncommon on this card. The Wheel of Fortune tarot card depicted people falling or climbing the wheel in a constant loop. 

However, the card always featured human or half-human characters on it. It shows the essence of the Self. Each of the four corners of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card features a winged creature. The angel Aquarius and eagle Scorpio sit at the upper corners. Taurus the bull and Leo the lion occupy the lower corners. Wings are symbols of stability amid change.

What does the Upright Wheel of Fortune mean?

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is a reminder that the wheel of life is always turning. Life is in a state of constant change. It would be equally apt to say that life itself is change. Wheels will always turn and this is good news for you! Even if you are going through a difficult time now, the Wheel of Fortune foresees that it will be over soon. 

Of course, beware if your life is going quite well. Happy endings are not immune to change, after all. Cycles shown in the Wheel of Fortune emphasize how important it is to cherish blissful moments. Make the most of every moment in your life! Not every moment that follows is as good as the one you are having now.

Sometimes, the Wheel of Fortune is also known as the wheel of karma. What goes around will always come right back around. Choose kindness and love over being mean or nasty. Life may not always repay you in kind. Sometimes, bad people do get away with it. But remember that there is always a chance that life will repay you.

Good juju is never a bad thing to give out. That being said, bad juju is sometimes the only way someone toxic in your life will go away. Use it sparingly. You don’t want too much, if any, bad karma to come swinging back your way.

The Wheel of Fortune asks that you be patient. Be optimistic and faithful in the Universe. It will take care of your situation in the best way possible. Meditate and visualize if you can. It will reinforce your intentions to bring abundance and good fortune your way. If you are willing to grow and expand, your life is more likely to take a positive direction.

Upright Wheel of Fortune in Romance

upright wheel of fortune in romance

The turns of love always follow their natural order. It is no different with the Wheel of Fortune. Whims of fate always see change in relationships. For you, this might mean that a difficult time is coming for you and your romantic partner. But as is the nature of change, you and your partner can overcome this difficulty. 

Brace for that difficulty if you are experiencing a good time with your partner right now. Understand that love takes work and commitment to be fulfilling and worthwhile. This does not mean at all that you should stay even if your partner is being toxic! Leaving a toxic person is always going to be a welcome change that the Wheel of Fortune guides towards.

Your love for your partner and theirs for you is strong. It is motivating and encourages growth in both of you. When you feel that love, both of you can overcome anything for each other. Difficulties in finances and career will not stymie either of you. 

But if things turn out differently, then perhaps the Wheel of Fortune is bringing you to a better fate than one with your partner. It may be reminding you of patterns and family matters you have not resolved yet. Resolve them first. Learn to love yourself, particularly your highest Self. When a person loves themselves healthily, they are much more likely to project better energy and benefit themselves. That energy will always be reduced to the benefit of their partner and any other loved ones. 

Upright Wheel of Fortune in Finance and Career

The Wheel of Fortune card in a career reading is just the one you want to see! This is particularly true of someone ready for a big change in their career. Maybe a new job? The granting of a raise or promotion? A shiny new office? The sky’s the limit! Change is coming for your benefit and it will help you grow into a better person. 

However, pay attention to long-term commitments you have made in your work. You should finish them before moving on to another. Loose ends are never a good thing to leave lying around. Your emotion and motivation are important factors in your next step. So is your time. Calculate the results your next step will bring and be rational. But be careful not to be too rational! Sometimes, it pays for you to follow your heart rather than your head.

Try not to take change so hard when it comes to your finances or career. Often, if you take change too hard, it will hurt your chances of things getting better. If the change the Wheel of Fortune brings is that you are being laid off, do not panic and paralyze yourself. This is not just a bad situation where you now have to find a new job or starve. 

That is much too reductive and fails to see the opportunity. Without that job, you now have a chance to look for a new job that you can stay at and will pay you well. It is possible that it will even pay you better! You may even find that it is your real passion! Do not fear change. It is a wild and wonderful thing that may yet bring you true happiness in your career and the money will follow.

What does the Reversed Wheel of Fortune mean?

Wheel of Fortune reversed - negative forces

The Wheel of Fortune reversed is a sign to beware! Your luck and fortune may yet take a turn for the worst. The changes coming your way may leave you feeling helpless. They may be brought about by negative forces that enact changes harmful to you. As always, this will leave you with two choices: do nothing or something. You can stay still and do nothing, hoping it will get better. Or you can act to improve your situation and stop the harm coming to you. This incoming change is a chance for you to take control of your fate. It could be a chance for you to get your life back on track.

No matter what situation you are in now, the first step is accepting responsibility. It is entirely possible that you are responsible for the situation you are in now. How did your actions or inactions play into your present circumstances?

Do not let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that everything is beyond your control. There is always something you could have done differently. Even something you could have chosen not to do at all. What can you learn from your past actions that will better inform your future decisions?

It can also reflect resistance to change. You likely fear change in general or the consequences it brings. This fear is magnified if you feel that the change in question was forced on you. Change has become a significant source of stress in your life. 

You are probably doing everything you can to stop change and restore some semblance of stability. This action could be done by you consciously or unconsciously. Regardless, change is inevitable and going with the flow is a much healthier response to it.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune in Romance

The reversed Wheel of Fortune in a love reading can be a sign you are resisting change. Maybe your relationship is not doing very well right now but you are fighting to the death to keep it alive. Your partner may already have signaled that they want to end the relationship. However, you begged and cried for them to give your relationship a chance. To keep trying. 

Your love is certainly admirable. But sometimes, that is simply not enough. And sometimes, the loss of romance with a person is something we cannot avoid. Many people cling to dead romances because they are afraid of the change the breakup will bring. However, the good and positive changes the Universe can give you will never arrive if you stay unchanging in that relationship.

Do not resist change in romance. Being able to roll with the punches with your partner is such an important thing. But not being able to roll with the punches without them is not a good sign of your health or theirs. That leads to codependency and that is toxic to both of you. It will end up hurting others around you too as either of you do anything to keep the relationship alive. Try not to see the breakup as the death of love forever in your life. 

The Wheel of Fortune always brings you back around. A breakup can be a positive thing for you as a negative cycle stops. After a period of introspection and self-discovery, you can open up again. Let people in again and love again. Life and love just change all the time. It is futile for you to try to always force stability in it. So live and love happily in a beautiful sea of change. 

Reversed Wheel of Fortune in Finance and Career

A career change is inevitable and you may feel helpless in its face. But if there is anything the Wheel of Fortune has taught us, it is that life is change. The loss of a job is not your death. It is merely a transition in your life. Do not look at the loss of your job or your office as the loss of your identity or life. 

Try to see the opportunity behind it, especially if your actions caused the loss in the first place. Maybe you were not truly happy at that job? Take the chance that the change gives you to introspect and reflect on what you really want in your career. There are no really wrong answers short of illegal activities. Some people work for money. Others only work for passion. We all really want to work for both. But whichever you decide you want, roll with the changes! Believe that the Universe will lead you right where you are meant to be.

This is not to say that you can blame the Universe for where you are! Take responsibility for your actions and do things to bring about the change you want to see in your life. The reversed Wheel of Fortune is a sign for you to take action in your life and stop waiting for life to drop the next big change in your lap. 

If you want a new career in a different field, learn the skills for it! If you do not like the changes the Universe is bringing your life, you are always free to try to change your life. You were never forbidden from changing the terms on which your life changes. In fact, you are encouraged to be the ultimate determiner of that change!

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