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Are Water Signs good together?

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A relationship between Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) is fascinating. Both share water signs traits and this is where everything stems from. We can apply the metaphor of different water bodies and weather to their dynamic. 

There are times when they get along so well because they are both capable of a calm and peaceful demeanor. Their relationship is like a still lake. They have a deep emotional intelligence that goes beyond the surface. This is their greatest bond. 

But that can also change as when a sudden Tsunami might plague them. Their disagreements as a couple can turn into a water fight. It can be challenging for two water signs to find a resolution. Water signs are emotional manipulators in their shadow self.

The danger is when they try to out-manipulate the other. What they can do is to include rational thinking in their decision making. Water signs usually proceed with their intuition and emotional element. There is wisdom in that but when it comes to other areas in life like finances, logic should prevail. 

With these traits, water signs should be careful when choosing each other as a partner.

What does it mean to be a water sign?

Being a water sign means you are one of the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. It also means you share the water signs’ zodiac traits. 

There are four elements in the Zodiac that represent the four natural elements in this world. Earth, Water, Fire, and Air all work together in our physical reality for life to be harmonious. 

If you have dominant water placements, it means you are much influenced by water signs traits. Like water, a water sign is in constant movement. Water cannot be solid. It remains fluid. In an astrological perspective, water signs then have an unlimited emotional depth. They deal with their reality on an emotional level. This is the spiritual journey for a water sign’s lifetime.

They have the capacity not only to reflect on their emotions but also of others. This is also why water can mix with other elements. Water and fire combination create steam. When you combine water and earth, it becomes mud. Finally, water and air become rain. 

Water signs can isolate themselves from others. They love their emotional and dreamy world. The traits of water signs can be positive and negative. Water signs should learn how to balance their emotions to exist in a rational world. Like water, water signs provide life and sustenance to others by being themselves. Many people are incapable or are afraid of their emotional life. Water signs can teach others how to live with it.

Are all water signs Moody?

They derive from the same water element. This means that yes, they are all moody. They all share dominant water signs and zodiac traits. Each sign differs only in their operation because of their modalities.

There are three modalities for each Zodiac element.

Cancer is the cardinal water sign. They start the cycle of the season. They provide for and nurture their loved ones. They hold people and situations close to them in their claws like crabs. Cancer’s emotional life is very much affected by the things they care about. They go through ups and downs because of that.

Meanwhile, Scorpios are the passionate water sign. They are the fixed water signs. They are very intuitive aside from their intense nature. Their emotions run hot and high. They are very moody in that sense. If you betray them expect them to sting you back like a scorpion.

Pisces is the dreamiest water sign. After all, they are the mutable water sign. Their emotions change all the time. This makes it hard for them to decide. But when they commit to a feeling, they do so without holding back. They are fishes that can swim the current of life.

In conclusion, all water signs are moody. They all wrestle with their deep emotions. The water signs traits don’t differ as much as the way they go about them.

How to identify your water sign?

Water Sign and Other Natural Elements

You will know what water sign you have by looking into your date of birth and by the water signs traits that you see in yourself.

You are a Cancer if you are born from June 21 to July 22. Cancer is in the Fourth House which is the House of Moods and Emotions. The planet of the Fourth House is the Moon which enhances the emotional depth of Cancers. We should remember that the water element symbol of Cancer is the Crab. 

Since they are the first period of the season of the water signs, they take initiative. They face the outer world with self-motivation. Therefore, Cancers may look hard on the shell, like Crabs but are very soft inside. We discussed how they latch on to their loved ones and things that matter to them. 

You are a fixed sign Scorpio if you are born between October 23 to November 21. Since they are in the Eight House, they prefer deep and stable interconnections. They can be very intimidating like their Scorpion element symbol. This quality is even enhanced by Pluto, their planet. 

If you are born around February 19 to March 20, then you are a Pisces water sign. Pisces is in the 12th House. This is under an Interpersonal House meaning it is a water sign more directed to others than the self. 

Now Pisces is in the 12th House which is the final stage. So, Pisces concerns themselves with the completion of a phase in their lives. Their symbol is the Fish which also corresponds with their mutable quality. They can embrace change with grace more than most, like fishes on a stream.

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