Zero In On Those Virgo Man Traits To Seize Your Perfect Love

virgo man traits

Understanding a Virgo man can be like going through a maze. You will get lost unless you are completely prepared. One way to do this is to master those Virgo man traits, regardless of whether you’re still crushing on them or already in a relationship. In this post, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know. From the basics to the weirdest nuances of the Virgo man traits and characteristics you have to deal with. You will also learn a thing or two about the following:

  • How to handle Virgo man personality traits
  • How to bring out the best personality traits of Virgo man
  • Dealing with the pros and cons of Virgo man character traits
  • Discovering if your partner is manifesting traits of a Virgo man in love
  • What the hidden qualities of a Virgo man are

Top 4 Matches for the Virgo Male

Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, and Scorpio

This is a great match for Virgo because you both respect the work ethic and bluntness of each other. You also appreciate quality. Consequently, they jive well with Capricorn as they value hard work and are totally ambitious.

Cancer is a water sign that’s also a good match for Virgo. Virgo takes care of the practical side of things. While Cancer being an emotional water sign creates this loving and intimate connection. You would make a great team together.

Scorpio is another water sign that would work best for Virgo. Both are deep thinkers who enjoy time being alone. They also have the same communication styles. These signs are also unbelievably reliable in digging needed info about anything and anyone at any given time.

Lastly, Virgos work great with their opposite sign as well- Pisces. They’re all about helping other people. Mystical Pisces could help analytical Virgo loosen up a little while Virgo keeps Pisces grounded.

Understanding A Virgo Man: An Overview

The first thing to remember when understanding a Virgo man is that he is so much more than his Sun sign. There are twelve houses, nine planets, twelve signs, sun, moon, and rising. These are all in the birth chart along with the aspect conjunction degrees and all these things. So one must never take a single aspect of their Astro chart and automatically deem it as being everything about them because it’s not.

Virgo is the sixth sign amongst the zodiacs. It’s right smack there in the middle, carrying everybody’s load. Virgo, the sixth house is the house of service. The house of daily routine and health. It is the polar opposite of Pisces zodiac sign. Pisces are known to be Gods’ ultimate service. Consequently, Virgos are man’s ultimate servers.

Virgo’s sign is mutable so they tend to go with the flow. They are the type of sign who can easily make it with anyone and anytime in a relationship. This is because they don’t really have their own identity. More often than not, they just adapt to everything and everyone. Things are going on around them and they simply take part. Simply become what they have to become. Other mutable signs are Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, the same planet which rules Gemini. Gemini acquired the communication part of Mercury. While Virgos are more communicative with their better half. People who are extremely close to them. Moreover, Virgo takes Mercury’s analytical side, while Gemini takes the communicative side. But both share traits since they are ruled by this same planet. So let’s get it on and see what you need to know about the Virgo man.

Mr. Clean


First on the list of Virgo man traits is cleanliness. This man loves to be with a woman who takes daily baths and is very clean. Bear in mind that they rule the sixth house, which is the house of service. The house of help, health, hygiene, which are all interrelated. So if you are planning to hook up with a Virgo man, you should be willing to keep the house clean, but more importantly, your body.

Detail Oriented

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Virgo man traits is their being detail-oriented. If your hair is all over the place, they will let you know. They are so particular that you want to make sure when you’re prepping to go out, putting your make-up on, etc.- you’re as precise as you can be. Because he cannot help himself. He will call you out on it.

Skilled Communicator

This is another tricky part of the Virgo man traits. Virgo men tend to be a bit awkward. Most earth signs for that matter generally feel awkward when socialization time comes. With Mercury ruling Virgo, these folks enjoy talking and opening up themselves a lot. But only with their significant others, not with other people. Yes, they’re capable of being social with other people, but if given a choice, they’d rather do it with their loved ones. So if you’re trying to impress a Virgo, or already are with one, just start talking! He loves talking, but not so much on the mundane stuff. Try something that will steer his interest, something enjoyable and informative for both of you.

Loves Compliments

Don’t forget this is you’re taking notes about your Virgo man traits. Again, he rules the house of service. He’s serving other people continuously most of the time. Therefore, choosing to be in a relationship with him means agreeing to serve him as well. Be generous and sincere with your compliments. LIke how fine he looks, how good he smells, etc. If you enjoyed eating that beef brisket he painstakingly tried to learn to cook for you- better let him know!

Deals With Anxiety

When Mercury is very strong, especially in the first six houses, people here can have a lot of nervous tension. They could also get overly excited about some things or overwhelmed pretty quickly. So if you’re really digging that Virgo dude, or in a relationship with one, be his peace, don’t add to his stress! You have to be the primary caretaker of his mental health.

There may be times when you see him fidgeting around, or getting headaches more often than usual. Then most likely he’s dealing with some anxiety or mental stress. Mercury moves very fast. This planet doesn’t really know what to do a lot of times, but it’s also very smart and analytical. Then again, it overthinks and over moves. So in human forms, it is our mind overthinking, overworking, over moving. This causes stress in the body and takes a toll on one’s mental health. So remember to keep an eye on him.

Brutal Honesty


Virgo men can be brutally honest. He is not for the faint of heart, those who aren’t thick-skinned. So if you go and ask him if you look fat in a dress, brace yourself. Because he will definitely say yes if you do look fat in that dress. He’s not going to pretend that you look good to spare your feelings. Again, he rules the house of service. So this is his way of telling you the truth, he’s doing a favor. This way you can go back and change to an outfit that does not make you look fat. Even if he ends up hurting your feelings, in his mind, he is actually helping you.

Craving Stability

He is an earth sign, so naturally, he does! Earth signs essentially need stability. But it’s kind of tricky, though. They have a stable mind, stable thought process. Virgos are pretty practical and logical. However, they find it difficult to reach for that place of stability when dealing with home, finances, and other things of that nature. This is the reason why they need a woman who has their stuff together. Someone that is stable and can hold him down if necessary. Therefore, if you’re not that woman and you’re searching for a man who can hold YOU down, perhaps this man is not the one for you.

Gifted Hands

Virgo men are really good with their hands. They’re basically good with their hands. These guys love to give mind-blowing massages. So when they’re in the mood to give you a full-body massage, dive in! It’s going to be the best massage you will ever have in your entire life! These dudes have strong hands. Even if Virgo is a feminine sign, they’re extremely muscular with their hands.

Tricky Sex Life

There are various ways a Virgo man can love their significant other. If his Venus is in Cancer, expect him to be very nurturing in the bedroom. He’s going to want to do it at home most of the time. If his Venus is in Leo, expect things to get fiery because you have one passionate love-making ahead of you. Fireworks are present and it’s going to be really good. However, if your man’s Venus is in Virgo, oh well. It gets pretty boring and you have to do something about it. Because it is an earth sign and they are going to use logic and practicality in the bedroom. This naturally goes in the boring category.

If his Venus is in Libra, you might end up with a similar dilemma. Yes, you may have good physical chemistry and all. Then again, Libra is an air sign, while Virgo is an earth sign. Air signs are shallow, earth signs are solid. Put them together, this could get boring.

If your man’s Venus is in Scorpio, you can be sure heaven is smiling down on you. Your lovemaking is very passionate and intense. This is because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars. Mars is a fiery planet. So you get both fire and water. Fire is the feeler and the passion, while the water loves the connection. There’s a lot of soul activity going on here so naturally, you have intense lovemaking to look forward to.

Beautiful Mind

amazing aspect of virgo man

Virgos are innately intelligent creatures. They are Mercury’s very analytical side, while Gemini is on the communicative side. These people have the tendency to dissect things to the core. Afterward they just build them back up to what they need to be. They do not need an instruction manual because they know how to take things apart and assemble them back again. So if you’re already with a Virgo man who currently does not have a 9-5 type of job, don’t worry. He’ll never run out of jobs around the community simply because he’s great at fixing things. They’re really good with their hands, and that’s a really amazing aspect of Virgo.

Big Fat Liars

This is especially true for Leo Virgos. Those who are on the cusps of Virgo and Leo. They tend to be big liars because they are so intent on creating the perfect picture. Leo basks in the spotlight and perceives themselves as King. So lots of times they lie so they could exaggerate a particular situation, or make it look perfect.

Therefore, if you have a Virgo telling lies, know that they do this to create a good image for themselves, and for you as well. This is not an excuse, of course, and clearly must be addressed. But understand that they are trying to protect your heart and mind. Even if they are brutally honest when giving feedback about you, they’re not so honest when it comes to the truth about themselves. So that is the difference.

With all these Virgo man traits put out in the open, it’s time to make a decision. Hopefully, these things will help you understand your man. Or help you prepare your heart and mind to be in a relationship with one. So you have everything to look forward to in your future relationship. Best of luck!

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